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Chapter 4

"Why do you have paperwork for a TOY company?" Brittany asked again looking over the delicious amount of first edition, leather back, and signed books. It was times like this that her curiosity was split between knowledge of the Little Lord and these wonderful, amazing books.

Ciel looked up once again in annoyance and opened his mouth before closing it, tilting his head in sign of aggravation. This was the 18th time she had asked the question in the last hour. It was certainly driving him mad.

Sebastian on the other hand with muted motions of cleaning in the master's work area. He often thought the same but did not feel the need to ask. If his Master could not figure out a better way for this to work, then who was he to not point it out. The part that kept his attention was the slight twitch that Brittany's hands have developed in the past 30 minutes. Every little tick and quirk of hers would be something that he could use against her, but it was starting to get annoying.

Ciel's head snapped up when he heard Sebastian chuckle quietly. He glared at the demon for disturbing his work. All said demon did was point to the bookcase. Ciel swiveled around only to gape in shock at what he saw.

Brittany calm as can be, was pulling multiple classical books of the shelving while muttering to herself, "Trash. Can't write to save his life. What would he know about demons? Idiots. Who reads a page on a single word? Now this is a joke, masturbation leads to bigger boobs. If that where the case I would need two-wheel burrows. Junk." The stack that seemed in her mind that kept getting larger and larger as the seconds passed, was all trash. There however, was a smaller pile of books right in front of her feet.

Ciel felt himself getting angry, then embarrassed by Brittany's mutterings. A slight shift of his lone eye spotted Sebastian laughing silently at Ciel's situation. "BRITTANY!"

Brittany's sense of relaxation vanished with her spine straightening and her shoulders tense as she turned to Ciel, "What?"

Even Sebastian looked at Ciel, waiting, "What are you doing besides taking time away from me, so I do not have time to complete my work?"

Sebastian raised an eyebrow as Brittany let out a laugh, "Honey, if you think that is work just wait for the real world."

Ciel's teeth clenched, why did he agree to house her again? "What. Are. You. Doing?"

Sebastian could practically taste the anger from Ciel, it sure tasted good, as he licked his lips. "Finding something to read, slow-poke."

Sebastian tilted his head at that for a moment. Ciel and Sebastian looked at each other questioning. Sebastian wanted to see what Brittany would do so asked the question. "Can you even read?"

Brittany froze from bringing the smaller pile of books to the table. She visibly shook herself and placed the books down in front of the couch and looked at the two beings in front of her. Her heart calmed down so much so that Sebastian, if not watching her, would have sworn she fell asleep. Her fists clenched as her jaw jutted outwards and took three steps forward.

"I am a fully capable woman. Women here might be lazy, disgraceful pieces of flesh who only think about clothes and helping their men but where I come from that is disrespectful. Women have jobs, read and write, play music, have children, farm, work, go to school, and interact with men. They fight, drink, cuss, and sing. I am one of these women you dumb demon. If something does not work, I fix it, if something is wrong, I handle it, and if you ask me a demeaning and stupid question again, I will show you exactly how far a woman can go."

Ciel leaned back in his chair as a shiver of fear or anxiety went down his spine. Brittany not once in her anger raised her voice. Instead, it got lower and had a slight growling tone to it that reminded Ciel a little too much of a predator waiting for its kill to die. The other aspect was that there was no fear, no pinching or blown wide eyes nor the backstep to turn if something, Sebastian, lashed out. Ciel did not need to be closer to know that she might be directing her anger at Sebastian, but he was too also know, if the corner of her eyes glancing his way is any indication.

Sebastian's body stayed impassive as the female approached him. The only indication that something was off with him was the fact that he no longer held human eyes, his catlike eyes were on full display. Brittany glanced deeply into Sebastian's eyes without cringing or recoiling, and that had Sebastian moving one step after another until Brittany was looking at him as his breath blew across her face.

"All you had to do was ask, B-r-i-t-t-a-n-y," Sebastian purred out, softly and cooingly. He reached his gloved hand up to her face. Ciel watched feeling slightly numb at the turn of events. Brittany in a flash that was faster than Sebastian expected and quicker than Ciel could see slapped Sebastian's hand away and with the other hand punched him in the face.

Smack, Sebastian reeled back with a few steps as his fangs peaked out from under the top of his lip. He looked at Brittany as she stood strong over the slightly bent demon. "Learn or die laddies, the world changes with each new day," Brittany stated as she clearly turned her back on Sebastian.

Ciel's eye was blown wide in astonishment, that was a dismissal of Sebastian, a demon, being a threat to her. Ciel watched as Brittany took a breath as she sat down and started reading the first book on her pile. Sebastian allowed her to walk away from him, Ciel thought, before glancing at Sebastian whom, had straightened himself out. Maybe it was not the end, Ciel looked closely at Sebastian noting the anger and no sound nor movement from him. This surely was not the end of this war, but Brittany obviously won the first battle, as Sebastian narrowed his eyes at the suddenly calm and quiet woman reading away with no worries in the world.