Surprise surprise it's another Fem!Izuku story from me as well as an Izumi x Itsuka one.

This idea has been in my head for a while and I wanted to try writing a more comedic story.

I'd say this doesn't really count as a crossover, I'm only mentioning a few characters from a different series in passing and using their styles to inspire Izumi's. Idk it kinda counts and kinda doesn't. I'm not gonna list it as a crossover though.

Disclaimer: I don't own BNHA or the referenced characters.

Chapter 1: Out of Towner

*All Might POV*

Toshinori Yagi's day had taken a weird turn.

He had done some grocery shopping, captured and turned in a villain made of slime, and was now watching a strange scene unfold.

A purse snatcher was running on the other side of the street and before Toshinori could do anything a girl had blitzed into action at a breakneck speed. She had a sharp, wild look in her eyes as she neared the thief. In a second, she had overtaken the petty criminal and turned to face him before she drilled a left hook into his side. Toshinori winced, his old wound tingling, as the thief dropped to his knees.

It didn't end there though. The thief was still on his knees but had regained enough of his bearings to look up at the girl and said girl promptly began to lecture him. Toshinori couldn't make out everything the girl was saying, her accent wasn't exactly helping either, but he had caught bits and pieces.

"...Ya can still make something of yerself!"

"...Yer a real dumbass if ya'think yer life's over!"

"...Now come on! I'll go with ya ta 'pologize. Then we'll get this squared with the police."

"...Course ya gotta face the consequences of yer actions!"

The woman who had been robbed had finally caught up to the thief and the girl and had her belongings returned to her while the robber apologized on hands and knees. The woman bowed once more to the girl and left while the other two took off in the other direction. The man had his head hung low and the girl gave him a pat on the back as she lead him off to the police station.

Toshinori is more than a little stunned at what he just witnessed. Stopping a thief was impressive enough since most of the time it was a hero that did so, but then to assist the man back onto the right path immediately afterwards? He's seen heroes who would never do such a thing. Toshinori is curious if he'd see that heroic girl again.

He does see her again, and much sooner than he'd thought.

He had continued his walk, the sky turning orange as the sun began drooping, and Toshinori had neared Dagobah Beach. Toshinori sighed as he got closer, what had once been a beautiful beach had become a trash heap that only accumulated more and more discarded items as time went on.

"The heck's with this!"

Toshinori jumped a little, startled by the sudden yelling, and quickly swung his head towards the direction of the noise.

Standing in front of a large pile of trash was the girl from earlier. Bright green eyes and freckles. Dark green hair pulled into a high pony tail. A black track suit with orange and yellow accents down the sleeves and pants and finally, blindingly red sneakers. She had a shocked expression as she stared at the massive piles of garbage. The shocked look on her face quickly morphed into angry annoyance.

"Tha's it! I'm cleanin this up right now!" Having declared so, the greenette started hauling things from the pile in front of her.

Curious about her earlier actions and her declaration to clean the beach, Toshinori decided to approach her.

"Ah, excuse me young lady?" Toshinori started in an attempt to get her attention. The girl swerved her head at the sound of his voice, her eyes seemingly giving him a brief once over before she smiled and gave a friendly wave.

"Hey there, didn' realize anyone else was here." She beamed, setting down the junk she was carrying.

Toshinori chuckled, "I was just passing but I noticed you cleaning the beach," pausing momentarily, he pointed towards a small lot a short ways away. "If you bring the garbage over there I can arrange for a truck to come pick it up."

The girl's eyes lit up, "Ya mean it! Nice! Yer a pretty good guy Mr. uhhh..." She trailed off, looking at him expectantly.

He chuckled once again, the girl had quite the Kansai accent, "My name is Yagi Toshinori, and yes. I work at a hero agency so getting the garbage hauled off should be no problem."

"Great!" the girl cheered once more. "Ah, I'm Midoriya Izumi by the way, pleasure ta meet ya!" She exclaimed, a wide smile on her face.

"A pleasure to meet you as well young Midoriya!" Toshinori laughed, matching her enthusiasm. Refocusing himself, he continued on, "Out of curiousity, why have you decided to clean the beach young Midoriya?"

The girl in question crossed her arms and tilted her head down a little in a bit of a classic thinking pose. "It just..." she began, waving her hands infront of her a little. "It sucks ya know? I bet this place used ta look real awesome but now..." Izumi trailed off.

"A lil bit of community service never really hurt anybody. Plus maybe it'll be good trainin or sumthing." She took a breath before going on, "Didn' heroes used ta do stuff like this all tha time? No one else's doin it so why not me I guess."

Toshinori had been surprised. Most kids didn't really think about heroes doing something as simple as community service for no recognition. Not only that but for Midoriya to just...go for it, had impressed him. He cleared his throat, "You're right young Midoriya. Back in the day, heroes would do simple acts of kindness or community service just because."

Toshinori gained a thoughtful expression, still thinking about what Midoriya had said. "Considering you mentioned heroes and training, would it be right to assume that you're aiming for a Hero School?" He asked curiously.

Midoriya had perked up at that. "Yeah, fer sure! I'm hopin ta go ta U.A next year!"

Toshinori remembered her heroic act from earlier. "Aiming high eh? Well I'm sure you'll make it young Midoriya!"

"Truthfully I believe I saw you earlier." He paused, watching Izumi raise an eyebrow questioningly. "You stopped a purse snatcher." He stated simply.

Midoriya had kind of a sheepish look and rubbed the back of her head. "Ah, ya saw tha did ya? It's a lil embarrassin' cause I got too worked up an went off on tha poor guy."

Toshinori gave a small laugh, "I beg to differ. I was actually very impressed with how you handled the situation," he stated truthfully, "especially since not many people would have helped that man after he was stopped."

"He was a just a lil off track was all." Midoriya had replied. "He looked real down bout the whole thing too and sometimes everyone just needs a lil bit a help."

"That is certainly true young Midoriya." Toshinori says wistfully. "I have no doubt that with that heroic spirit of yours you'll make it to U.A." He smiled. "Plus! Your speed quirk was quite the sight." He praised, remembering how absurdly fast she had sped into action and caught the thief.

"Speed quirk?" Midoriya repeated back, confused, and Toshinori arched an eyebrow at her reaction.

"...Yes? Did I perhaps get your quirk wrong young Midoriya?" He asked, now confused as well.

"Uhh yeah," she responds, "thing is I don' have one."

"What?" Toshinori manages to squeak out.

"I'm quirkless." Midoriya states. Almost cautiously he thinks.

Toshinori again recalls Midoriya's heroic deed and her answers about the beach before he feels a spark tingle inside of him. It may confuse her but Toshinori feels that he has to know. "Hypothetically, If you could have a quirk...then would you even want one?" He already knows she could be a good successor but he didn't want to undermine all of her hard work by jumping ahead and offering her his quirk. The speed and strength she had displayed definitely wasn't gained easily.

Midoriya stares at him, a slightly guarded look in her eyes before she sighs. "I would want a quirk," she mutters, "Cause it's frustrating."

"Frustrating?" Toshinori questions.

The look in her eyes is hard and she holds his gaze. "I put in a lotta work ta do what I can. I learned ta analyze quirks on tha fly. Ran more than I ever thought was possible. Pummeled sandbags till my knuckles would bleed. I know I can make it as a hero. I can save people." She states proudly. "But..." her voice gets lower, "how many people would I miss?"

He watches her clench her fists in obvious frustration and Toshinori knows he's making the right decision. His heart beats in excitement and One for All surges within him. He's found his successor.

*Izumi POV*

Izumi had freaked when Mr. Yagi had transformed into All Might of all people but her head began to spin when he explained and offered her his quirk, One for All.


"I accept sir!" Receiving All Might's quirk and being trained by him? She would have had to have been out of it to decline.

All Might let out his signature laugh, "A GOOD ANSWER MY GIRL AND EVEN MORE FORTUNATELY WE HAVE A PERFECT PLACE TO TRAIN." He exclaimed, his hand making a sweeping motion to gesture to the piles of trash.

She had already decided to clean up the beach so it really did work out perfectly in her opinion. "Do we start now sir?" Izumi asked, a wide grin making it's way onto her face.

With a grin ever present on his face All Might casually sat on the fridge she was planning to move earlier. "A FINE IDEA YOUNG MIDORIYA, BY ALL MEANS LET US DO SO."

Realizing what he had wanted her to do Izumi decided to surprise her new trainer. She took the rope that was wrapped around the fridge and turned so her back was to All Might and started to move slowly, faking a struggle.

"HAHA THIS THING IS QUITE COMF- HOLY SHIT!" Izumi heard him shout out as she started to drag both the fridge and by extension, All Might, with relative ease.

Izumi spared a look back at the shocked face of her now mentor. "Sumthing wrong sir?"

All Might continued to gape at her before he removed himself from the fridge. "O-OUT OF CURIOSITY, HOW STRONG ARE YOU MY GIRL?"

Getting a good, well mischievous, idea Izumi felt a wild smile on her lips. "Ya might wanna step back a tad All Might." She waited for him to comply before she turned back to the fridge. Taking off her track jacket, she quickly wrapped it around her left hand and took a fighting pose. She could feel All Might's stare on her but she focused herself. Deep breath, just the way you practiced it Izumi thought.

A strong step forward, her left foot digging in hard. Her left arm drooping low before rounding up to make contact with the fridge. She felt it crumple against her fist before it was thrown back. Hard.

The fridge was sent skidding and flipping nearly 3 meters back before it made its final turn. The old appliance stopped, the side she had punched facing them, crumpled and warped from her beastly upper. Izumi clicked her tongue, "Better but still not as strong as a want it ta be." She muttered before tossing her jacket back on. Izumi looked towards All Might who still hadn't said anything. Had she not met his expectations? She had been pretty confident that that was a good shot.

All Might had made eye contact with her, then looked back to the devastated fridge, and back to her once again. "HOLY SHIT." he muttered in awe.

It had been getting late so the two had stopped the training for the day. All Might had returned to his civilian form and he and Izumi spent the last of the time talking.

"So let me recap some things young Midoriya." Toshinori said, rubbing at his forehead.

"Right go fer it sir."

"Firstly, you live all the way in Osaka but want to go to U.A which is here in Tokyo. Secondly, you have an absurd training menu already which is why you also have absurd strength and speed. Finally, you're a trained boxer." Toshinori listed out tiredly. "First question, why? Second question, anything else I should know?"

Izumi thought about it and laughed at her mentor's plight. "Uhh, first answer, yeah I'm from and live in Osaka. U.A's considered tha best school and yeah while I coulda applied for Shiketsu I really wanted ta come ta Tokyo for two reasons. One, I gotta take my own path and go on my own adventures in life. Two, my great great gramps's rival was from Tokyo and he never beat that rival so I kinda wanna make a little impression there." Izumi admitted, a little bit embarrassed about her secondary reason for aiming for U'A.

"Training menu and boxing kinda go hand an hand. Great great gramps was a boxer and I loved, still love, watching his stuff. Had ta work out real hard ta both try and get ta my gramps's level and be a hero." She explained.

"Second question, when I get inta U.A I'm gonna find an apartment round here. Uhh, I kinda got a temper a bit and maybe I like fightin' a little more than normal." Izumi added just incase.

Izumi laughed when she heard Toshinori groan into his hands.

Alright, my long ass end notes

I really wanted to play around with Izumi's character to the more extreme ends. She still has her core aspects of course but I wanted to try to keep my stories varied with her character.

Izumi is a lot stronger and in better shape too. I mean plenty of the students and heroes with less physical quirks are capable of feats far beyond what humans can do irl so why not. I mean, they literally evolved so yeah.

Now, this Izumi is from Osaka so she's 3+ hours, by transit, away from Tokyo which U.A is located in/around and around 2 hours away from Shizuoka Station. Shizuoka being where Izuku, canonically, lives around. I had to google map this so some numbers are probably off. Uraraka rents an apartment if I'm not mistaken so Izumi is gonna do the same. They even both have kansai accents at least in this story.

That being said, she has no prior interaction with any of the rest of the characters. No Kacchan to be found in her childhood.

Also just gonna say that the other series I'm referencing from is Hajime no Ippo, with Sendou Takeshi being the mentioned great great gramps. I mean come on Sendou's got the Smash as his specialty punch, All Might and Izuku yell Smash, it writes itself.

Also I wrestled with the idea of Izumi remaining quirkless in this story but decided I had plans for her having OFA. I'm definitely gonna do some remaining quirkless stories for Izumi some time in the future.

Hope you enjoy this cause it's sure fun to write!