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Real quick. Kansai Dialect/Accent: (I'll do my best to shortly explain what I think I understand about it)

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It's hard to get it across in writing and even more so since I'm writing in english. It does sound pretty distinctly different from 'standard' Japanese speech when you listen to it though. I've been referencing the english translated speech of characters that are canonically from Osaka and have an accent to work out Izumi's dialogue.

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Chapter 2: Beatings, Meetings, and Greetings

*Izumi POV*

(4 Months later)

-1 Week until the U.A entrance exam-

It had only taken Izumi about 3 months to hold true to her promise of restoring Dagobah Beach. However, now she had a much more difficult task to accomplish. Wielding One For All.

"YOUR CONTROL SLIPPED AGAIN YOUNG MIDORIYA." All Might had let her know while she laid on the gym floor exhausted. He had gotten them access to one of U.A's gyms with only Nezu and Recovery Girl being aware of their training.

"Ugggh, dammit how many times does tha make?" She grumbled in displeasure.

"HAHAHA I STOPPED COUNTING AFTER A DOZEN MY GIRL!" All Might laughed, probably enjoying his payback for how many times she played a surprise trick on him.

When All Might first passed his quirk to Izumi a couple weeks ago they found that she could already use 50% of One For All safely, more than that started becoming painful but All Might had been impressed regardless. The other thing the two found out was that Izumi was almost a natural with the quirk. After using it at full blast once, she broke her arm, then finding her limit she quickly decided to wrap the quirk around her entire body. She used her full body when she threw punches so why wouldn't she try to do the same with her quirk.

All Might had her move around with her 'Full Cowl' active to get her used to using it subconsciously which she took to just fine, but when they sparred was when the issue arouse. Izumi darted at him and after a few punches, which much to her annoyance All Might dodged or deflected with ease, they had found a problem.

Previously being quirkless, alongside her own fighting style and personality, had made it difficult for Izumi to hold back and now she was instinctively using a powerful quirk at the max percent that she could. She already hit hard enough to drop decently tough people, if she did that while using 50% of One For All...well, she didn't want that to happen. So currently, learning to hold back was the priority.

As it stood, she could use One For All for anything except fighting. In a fight, Izumi had to concentrate hard to use much lower outputs of the quirk but in the heat of things either her control tended to slip or it slowed down her reaction time. In fact she had to be careful even punching at 15%. Her natural punch plus 15% of One For All was still enough to potentially do some serious damage. So at the current time, if she was going to fight anyone else she would use Full Cowl to move around and then deactivate it when she was throwing punches.

The short of the matter was that Izumi hadn't been able to fully utilize One For All for a very simple reason. She hit too hard.

All Might handed her a water bottle, which she gratefully took, before speaking, "I THINK THAT'S GOOD ENOUGH FOR TODAY YOUNG MIDORIYA."

Izumi nodded in response, still heavily breathing from their spar.


"Wha? Ya wish that was tha reason!" Izumi defended.

"HUH? WHAT ELSE COULD IT BE?" He questioned while deflating back to his civilian form. Izumi groaned, was the #1 hero seriously pouting?

"I am a fan of ya All Might, but I already told ya that my great great gramps is my inspiration." She explained, stretching her tired limbs. "His sunday punch was called tha Smash."

"Really? What was it" her trainer asked curiously.

"It's a punch between a hook and a upper. It's off a tha lead hand and ya open yerself up by droppin' tha hand ta load it up an then spring up using yer legs." Izumi told him, trying to keep the description relatively straight forward.

"Sounds like quite the risky move."

"Definitely, but tha power was somethin' else." she agreed.

"Hm, by the way young Midoriya, have you managed to find an apartment to rent." Yagi-sensei wondered.

"Yeah, 'm lookin' at a few places round Chiba right now." Izumi answered. She was hoping to find a cheap place to rent and found a few in Chiba and given it's decent proximity to Tokyo Izumi figured she'd bite.

Yagi-sensei had hummed in thought before going on, "I doubt I need to ask after seeing your abilities but are you ready for the entrance exam?"

Izumi grinned at him, "Of course, I'll do my best!" she had complete confidence in all her training so she wasn't too bothered about whether or not she would pass. Didn't mean she would drop her guard though.

After having said goodbye to her trainer, Izumi began her long trip back home to Osaka. She was almost at the starting line to her dream.

-Day of the entrance exam-

With the written exam finished, Izumi took in the sight of the buildings and the many hero hopefuls as they filed inside. She was almost there, now all she had to do was pass the practical. Following the flow of the crowd Izumi took a seat inside of the large auditorium. Once the large group settled, Izumi saw, and tried not to freak out over, Present Mic taking the stage.

Taking front and center the voice hero greeted them all, "WELCOME! WELCOME EVERYBODY! CAN I GET A HEEEEYYYY?!'

"HEEEEYYYY!" Izumi shouted in response, too giddy to realize that she was the only one who responded.


"YEAHHH!" Once again Izumi responded in kind, pumping her fist like the blonde hero. She did notice this time that she was the only one to shout out. The heck was with that? Sure they were probably nervous but they were gonna leave Present Mic out in the cold. Maybe Osakans were just more fun than Tokyo folk.

"WHAT A GREAT RESPONSE!" Present Mic complimented before going on to explain the details of the exam. The man had almost gotten to the end of the rules before he was interrupted by a tall blue haired boy with glasses. Izumi didn't really pay attention to whatever he was complaining about, a bit annoyed that he cut off Present Mic.

"...and you with the green hair who was shouting earlier!" The boy called out, directing all the attention at Izumi. What was his deal?

"If you're just here to be a distraction then leave at once!" He accused. Oops, well she was really annoyed now.

"How bout ya take yer own advice ya hypocrite!" Izumi yelled back, stunning the boy. "Let Present Mic finish telling us tha deal before ya go interruptin' him!" The glasses clad boy sputtered a bit at her outburst and snickers ran through the crowd.

"NOW, NOW LET'S ALL CALM IT DOWN." Present Mic said waving both of his hands down. Having explained the arena hazard villain, Present Mic sent them on their way to their exam locations.

Arriving at the testing location, Izumi bounced on her toes trying to get herself ready to go and adjusted a pair of finger less MMA gloves. The gloves were just so she didn't bloody up her knuckles and they had to be finger less so she could grip onto things if needed. She figured she wouldn't have to hold back too much so her best bet was to go at full from the start and reach the villains first so she wouldn't have to worry about collateral. Off to her left she saw a boy with purple hair that looked a little overwhelmed and anxious but was trying to hide it. Figuring she'd help him out a little she started off towards him before she felt a hand on her shoulder.

"He looks like he's trying to concentrate, are you going to distract him? What exactly are you here to do?" The boy who tried to scold her earlier questioned.

Izumi's hoping the exam gets going soon cause she needs to do something with this stress. "First off, get yer hand off a me. Who taught ya to just touch people outta nowhere?" The boy balked a little and the surrounding testers snickered once more. "Second, 's a hero exam whatcha think I'm here fer?" She brushed him off and jogged to the purple headed boy.

"Yer lookin' nervous, quirk not suited for tha test?" The boy jolted a little and looked at her tiredly.

"Yeah something like that." He drawled cautiously.

"Not a physical one?"

"No." Wow he was a talkative one. Izumi also thought that he looked, well, a bit scrawny.

"Hold on." Izumi swiftly jogged off to one of the buildings, and ripped a pipe off of it before returning. "Take this then, ya can probably stab tha robots in tha neck or joints. There's probably other points too." she informed him, while he continued to stare at her, this time in shock.

"Umm thanks, and what do you mean other points?" He questioned, wide eyed.

"I don' know how many robots are around but tha scoring seems kinda low." It was true, with so many people testing, point values that capped at 3 seemed low. She could be wrong though.

"Maybe they're rescue points then?" The boy supplied, unsure.

"Hmm yeah tha's a good guess." Izumi nodded.

Before they could continue talking, Present Mic had called for the exam's start leaving everyone briefly stunned.

Izumi gave the tired looking boy a smile, "I hope ya pass!" She told him before taking off at 10%. Having already made some good distance from everyone she upped her power, 20%, 25%, 30%. Time to let her knuckles do the work.

*All Might POV*

-Observation Room-

Toshinori had no doubt that his successor would do well but as always she surpassed his expectations. He, alongside the other observing staff, had witnessed her talk with the purple haired boy. The two had got it on the head with their assumption of rescue points and once the exam started his pupil took off with her usual vigor.

She bowled into a group of villain bots, her 'Full Cowl' sparking its brilliant green, before she dispatched them in a series of straights and uppers all to the head. Toshinori sighs when he sees her slightly crazed grin, young Midoriya certainly enjoyed fighting unrestrained. His successor dashed off to find another group while picking off stranglers and one unfortunate 3 pointer was the subject of a flurry of jabs, each crumpling its metal body before a right straight took the head clean off. She was leaving a trail of carnage behind her, scraps of metal being tossed around by the pressurized wind she kicked up. She really needed to obtain more fine tuned control.

Every so often young Midoriya would rack up the odd rescue point but she was usually too far from the other testers to be of any help. On the other hand, the boy she gave assistance to at the start had 3 villain points and 8 rescue points. While still a low score, he had more total points than if he only tried to defeat the bots.

"My my what a promising crop of students!" Nezu cheered off to Toshinori's side. The staff members' voices responded in agreement and multiple screens were zoomed in on to showcase some of the testers.

An orange haired girl used her enlarged hands to guard another from falling rubble.

A boy with scythe like hands slashed through two 1 pointers.

A blonde who tore into the fake villains with explosions.

Finally, a screen showing Toshinori's successor while she viciously punched a 2 pointer straight into a pair of 1 pointers thus destroying all three.

"I do however, believe that it's time for the main event." Nezu exclaimed, paw hovering over a red button before he brought it down.

The arenas rumbled and the 0 pointers made their entrances across the different locations. Those in the observing room sat straighter ready to judge for points even closer. Toshinori drifted his eyes back to Midoriya, she was already quite far from the faux villain's spawn point but apparently she saw something and rushed to its direction. Following her path, Toshinori saw what she was going for.

"Well, take a look over here." Toshinori called out, pointing to the screen in question. The purple haired boy was trying to use his pipe to lift some rubble off of a trapped brown haired girl. Both were currently situated in the 0 pointer's path.

The boy had managed to leverage the largest piece of concrete off of the trapped girl but the effort wasn't going fast enough. However, Midoriya quickly appeared at their side and removed the remaining rubble while the boy freed the brown haired girl. Swiftly snatching the two up, Midoriya took off with one of them slung over each shoulder. She was moving considerably slower most likely to not shake them too much since both the purple haired boy and brown haired girl looked a bit nauseous. Looking over at the point values, Toshinori smiles to himself when he sees Midoriya's name on top.

-3 months later-

A week after the entrance exam, Izumi had received her letter with All Might himself telling her that she had passed, and first place on the practical to boot! Excited for her future, the time passed by quickly and Izumi had graduated from Junior High. After that and since it had been confirmed that she was going to U.A, Izumi made arrangements to move closer to Tokyo shortly before her new school life would start. Her mom had cried a ton but she promised she would visit, Izumi was always gonna love her home.

She'd found a decent apartment in Chiba Prefecture and moved in pretty quickly. She didn't have much in her place, not that she needed much, but it was a cozy space to call her own. Now, she was walking around just trying to become used to the area. Sure she got lost a few times but who cared, Izumi was adventuring!

Walking about aimlessly, she noted down places she wanted to check out later as well as spots that might be good running paths. She had been so concentrated on what she was doing that when she looked up she found that she was once again unfamiliar with the surrounding area. Izumi peered about, honestly completely lost, before she heaved a sigh and made for the nearest building to find out where she had walked.

The building appeared to be some kinda of mix between a gym and a dojo. Upon entering, Izumi noticed the large matted floor, some workout areas and even an old practice ring. Before she could look around more, Izumi saw a door at the back open up.

*Itsuka POV*

Itsuka sighed, she had hoped to get some sparring done at her aunt's gym but she had been saddled with watching the place instead when her aunt got a call from Itsuka's grandparents. Her school life at U.A was going to start in less than a week and she wanted to sharpen up a little before then. It was almost time to close up anyways so she figured she'd just wait in the main area.

Itsuka opened the door and immediately noticed the green haired girl at the entrance. She was about Itsuka's height with a mop of dark green hair pulled into a ponytail, a freckled face, and shining green eyes.

"Hey there, did you need some help? We're gonna close up in about 20 minutes..." She trailed off.

"Ah, I'm just a lil lost 's all." The girl answered, "Kinda new ta tha area." the greenette continued, her Kansai accent plain for Itsuka to hear. While she spoke, Itsuka had briefly sized up the girl. It was hard to tell with the tracksuit on but she knew the girl was pretty tough. The girl also took the time to give her a once over and Itsuka decided that maybe this girl could help her.

"I don't mind helping you out, but is it cool if you help me with a little something first." Itsuka eyed the girl who paused for the moment before nodding, her eyes sharpening.

"This is my aunt's place and I came to spar with her but something came up so I'm here holding down the fort. Do you mind helping me practice for a bit." Itsuka asked a bit excited, her instincts told her that the girl was strong and as a martial artist it appealed to her to fight someone like this.

"Sure, I didn' get ta go fer my roadwork anyway." The girl agreed, shrugging off her track jacket. Shit those were some muscular arms Itsuka noted.

"Great! Let's get started!" Itsuka cheered.


If anything, the girl, Midoriya, was at least durable. She had decent form as well but her movements were stiff, as if she was forcing herself to copy what Itsuka did. Honestly, Itsuka was kind of kicking her ass.

"Ya know 'm a lil tired of gettin' tossed 'round." Midoriya ground out while Itsuka had her pinned to the floor.

"Well, I'm clearly better than you as a martial artist." Itsuka said a little smugly. Really she was hoping for more. "You're a little weak." she teased.

"Can't be helped, don' wanna take yer head off." Izumi huffed, sitting up once Itsuka got off her back.

"Big talk from someone who just got their ass handed to them." Itsuka laughed.

Izumi had an angry pout on her face before glaring at Itsuka, "Yeah yeah, bite me. Get in tha ring an see if ya can still talk yerself up."

So she was a boxer. Well Itsuka wasn't exactly new to it so she figured she'd go for the double victory over Midoriya. "Alrighty, gear up then."

Midoriya had a grin plastered onto her face. Oh well, this would be fun Itsuka thought.


It wasn't fun. The first thing Itsuka knew, the spar was starting and then the next thing she knew, she was staring at the ceiling. Trying to stand, Itsuka ended up right back on her ass and Midoriya had an irritating grin on her face.

"Held back enough so ya didn't die!" Midoriya laughed.

"Held back? I don't even know what the hell happened!" Itsuka yelled back, her head throbbing and legs still not listening.

Midoriya rolled her eyes, "Yer the one who agreed to get in tha ring."

"That was before I knew I was fighting some kind of professional." Itsuka grumbled.

"I thought we both liked fightin' strong people." Izumi retorted.

"Sure, but I don't like losing." Itsuka admitted, annoyed that she'd been so utterly crushed.

"Hey, ya had yer time in the hot seat so we're even." Izumi replied, removing her headgear and gloves and tossing them to the orange haired girl.

"Doesn't mean I like losing." Itsuka whined a little, removing her own gear.

"Neither do I." was the blank retort.

"Yeah I did kinda kick your ass huh?" Itsuka teased, watching the green haired girl's face go red.

"W-well I flattened ya in one punch!" Midoriya argued back, and this time it was Itsuka who was flush with embarrassment.

"W-whatever, just get out of here alright." She yelped. Did she really get floored by one hit? Ugghh.

"Yeah, yeah I'm leavin'. See ya." Midoriya said while exiting out the front.

Getting up on shaky feet, Itsuka groaned and went to put back the gear but Midoriya popped her head back into the gym. A dark blush on her face.

"How tha hell do I get home?"

"You're kinda annoying huh?" Itsuka deadpanned.

"Sh-shut it!"

Long end notes. I did so much manic researching for this chapter you have no clue.

First off, Izumi's a natural and that's actually kinda bad for once. I mean she's in real good shape so it's not strange that she can use a higher output of OFA, so now her issue is shifting down while still being able to fight like herself. I mean All Might could practically use 100% from the get go so I think 50% is fine since yeah the quirk is stronger.

If you wanna see what a 'Smash' looks like I definitely recommend looking up either 'Razor Ruddock Smash' (he invented the punch) or 'HNI Sendou Smash'

Entrance exams in Japan are usually in January, graduation is in mid-late March, and new school terms start in April. That means between the entrance exam and the new term there's about 3 months. (I hope I got this right, I looked it up)

Izumi got an apartment in Chiba Prefecture. Specifically Makuharihongo, Hanamigawa Ward, Chiba Prefecture. It was about 1 hour from Tokyo by transit when I checked (the number fluctuates cause of the pandemic so don't fact check me on google maps). Also I checked and they have student apartments for rent in that area.

If you find it weird that Izumi didn't go for Shiketsu which is very likely much closer since she lives in Osaka (3+ hours from Tokyo by transit), well Kamakiri Togaru, the mantis guy from 1-B, is from Nagasaki Prefecture (8 hours away from Tokyo by transit)

Itsuka is canonically from Chiba Prefecture and I went ahead and placed her in Makuharicho, Hanamigawa Ward, Chiba Prefecture. She's about a 15 minute walk from Izumi's apartment.

Lastly, I really wanted to play with Izumi and Itsuka's relationship. There's no guarantee that you get along with everyone or that you'll interact in the same way as you do with everyone else, so with Izumi's change in character and -SLIGHT SPOILERS FOR ANIME WATCHERS- a slightly dialed up version of what we learn about Itsuka's personality when she declares a challenge to Momo during the joint training you get a more bicker-y relationship.

Anyways enjoy and look forward to more updates from me!