Infernal Invasion Prologue.

Thank you for checking out my story. This is just a prelude to a big story I want to make. A couple characters from the Monotype Tournament will appear. Such as Dr. Terris,Joshua, Sandy Donna, and an alternative version of Jack Scratch.

Time 8 hours before Rins kidnaping

"The first turn is mine Rin darling.", Said the girls opponent. A strange Top man had made an offer with the owner of the orphanage Rin and Yugo lived just ten minutes prior. Having offered to have his chefs cook up a Kings feast for the orphans, should one of their number defeat him in a duel of course. The man looked like an ordinary dapper Top. Fancy pants,red waistcoat and high quality shoes. Though his face was slightly rat like, with a whisker like mustache. He had introduced himself as Jeremiah. No last name given. His D-Wheel resembled a tree in it's design. With roots circling the tires and the leaves providing the windshield and covering. It was also top quality,as it easily outpaced Rin and Yugos. The rat like man staying atleast 2 meters ahead.

"I'll start with the field spell *vroooom* Paradise!" Jeremiah revved his engine as he played. Seemingly censoring the cards name. A second after it was played,a bright flash blinded Rin. Causing her to shut her eyes for a second or two. But when she opened them,she couldn't believe her eyes.

The field no longer looked like a Riding Duel track,it looked like they were on a road in paradise. The air was clean and smelled of beautiful flowers. The sun was shining warmly. Grass grew along the side of the road. If Rin didn't know any better,she'd think the duo were transported to the fabled Garden of Eden. The sight of such a beautiful place caused Rin to lose focus for second. Her opponent playing a continuous spell. A second later,a tree filled with apple blossoms seemed to appear beside the track. Which was soon bursting with fruit.

Bountiful Tree of False Paradise : 5 Fruit Counters.

"Next I'll Summon Succulent Boar of *Vroooom* Paradise!" Soon a large fattened boar ran onto Jeremiah's field. It's mid section, between it's front and back legs, suddenly sliced itself cleanly into five pieces. The boar didn't seem to notice it's mutilation. "I set one card and end my turn Rin darling." "My turn,I draw." "Before you do anything, would you an apple? My Bountiful Tree has five." Jeremiah spoke,as a light breeze blew and carried the tantalizingly sweet scent of the apples to Rin. Her head and stomach began arguing, until her stomach won out. Plucking an apple, and biting into-

The most delicious thing she had ever tasted. Just the right amount of sweetness and crispiness. Perfect toughness so it was both satisfying to crunch and easy to chew. Before Rin knew it,she had finished the delicious fruit. Curiosity if the fruit was actual Solid Vision spraing up in the back of her mind. But it was soon pushed aside as she ate another apple. Then another. Finishing all five with minutes.

Rin : 4000 + 500+400+300+200+100= 5500

Bountiful Tree of False Paradise : 0 Fruit Counters

"How about some boar to compliment the apples Rin darling?" Jeremiah smiled and said. The boar slowing so it was besides Rin as well.

Gently taking hold of a piece,Rin pulled it up, the meat literally sliding off the bone. Exposing the boars last two vertebrae. Though their was absolutely no blood or anything on the meat. The boar didn't even seem to mind. Biting into the pork,Rin was in heaven.

Juicy, but not too much. Tender enough to melt in her mouth. Each bite another slice of heaven. Pulling out more as she ate. Revealing the boars ribs as well. Though it seemed to lack organs or anything. Moving back towards it's master as Rin finished up the piece. Pork juice on her chin.

Rin : 5500 + 500+400+300+200+100= 7000

Succulent Boar of False Paradise : 0 Feast Counters.

"Alright. Time to start my turn properly! I activate Chime of the Bell! I reveal Windwitch - Ice Bell in my hand to Summon a second copy from the deck! Along with Normal Summoning the monster I just revealed!" Two purple haired witches appeared on Ruris field. Large purple boots on their feet. Along with wearing white body suits. "because of my witches Effects, they can inflict 500 points damage when their Summoned." Two ice cold wind blasts were conjured by the witches. Only to have the boar intercept them when they were launched. Two more slices regenerating on it's body. "sorry Rin darling, but my boar keeps me from taking Effect damage. It does gain 2 Feast Counters though."

"I can still Attack you!""my field spell stops my boar from. being destroyed. Also,I activate the Trap *Vroooom* Paradise Tummy Ache." Jeremiah's trap depicted a women sitting a feast table, clutching her stomach." Since you removed 5 Feast Counters this turn, you cannot Attack." The rat like duelist smirked as Rin grunted in frustration. "I Special Summon Windwitch - Snow Bell due to having two Windwitchs on the field." A large blue and gold Bell appeared on the field. A crown with wings on the top.

"I tune my 3 witches to make Windwitch Winter Bell!" The Bell rang a little before morphing into a green ring. The two witches turned into stars in the portal as a pillar of light came out. Winter Bell resembled a sleek blue semi humanoid with a blue ball with a white grid pattern acting as a waist. "I'll set a card and end my turn."

"My turn. I-"

Meanwhile,in the Fusion Dimension


Julian Picariso life points:4000

Controls Artesque Painting The Scream/Fusion/

Artesque Painting Mona Lisa/Fusion/

Artesque Painting Girl With Pearl Earring/Fusion)/

Controls no S/Ts

Battle Beast life points 500

Controls Gladiator Beast Andabata/Fusion/

Gladiator Beast Gyzarus

Controls 1 Set card

Instructor Sanders couldn't believe his eyes. Some nobody Slifer Red was dueling circles around his Battle Beast! His greatest achievement trounced with seemly little effort! Julian, the white haired boy dueling his Battle Beast used Monsters he had never heard of or seen before. Resembling horrible,twisted parodies of famous paintings. The Scream looked lacerated and shackled in stocks. Like he was screaming in agony. The Girl With Pearl Earring had a horrible Lamprey face ringed with demonic eyes. Worst of all was the Mona Lisa. A hideous, fanged Demon with jaundiced skin, rotting tusks and eyeless sockets crying black ink.

"I cannot bear the sight of such HIDEOUS creatures anymore! Their Ugly! UGLY! UGLY! UGLY!"" Julian's voice was soon merged with, and replaced by,one of a much older man's. Thick and harsh. With a slight demonic distortion as well. "I activate Abyss Portal!" The card looked like a normal spell, but it's symbol showed a ring of teeth. "I use Effect 1 to fuse my 3 Artesque Paintings!" A gaping teeth lined hole mouth appeared with the Fusion Portal inside. Hideous paintings of nightmarish creations! Merge together and form the greatest dark artist of all! I Abyss Fusion Summon! Sander,Demon Lord of the Artesque!" The hole clamped shut once the 3 paintings were inside. Collapsing in onto itself and creating a gaping hole in reality. Out of the tear came something that terrified even Sanders.

A pale,nine foot tall man wearing a garish pink and black suit. Splatters of inch in many places on it. On his face was a bronze,split Comedy Tragedy mask. One half the smiling Comedy mask, the other the frowning Tragedy mask. In his hand was a large barber razor with a paintbrush for a handle. Whatever it was,it was making the BBs monsters go crazy! Grabbing the duelist and running away from the strange creature. Though they didn't have much time before Andabata was tackled. Grabbing the beast, the Demon Sander shoved his knife up Andabata. Nearly bisecting him, leaving his head intact. When the ordeal was over, the Gladiator Beast was now somehow a marble statue. Gyzarus had the blade flung into his back. Causing him to petrify a few seconds later.

Gladiator Beast Andabata

Changed to

Artesque Masterpiece Andabata.

Gladiator Beast Gyzarus

Changed to

Artesque Masterpiece Gyzarus.

The petrified Gladiators Attacked a few seconds later. Going towards their former master and attempting to slash at him.


Instructor Sanders 4000-2000=2000

"I don't know what you are! But you'll have to go through me first!" Instructor Sanders said, whatever he was facing shrugged as if saying "Fine by me."

Meanwhile back in Synchro

Jeremiah life points 6000

Controls Succulent Boar of False Paradise/Monster/, Fattened Bull of False Paradise/Monster and Lean Deer of False Paradise/Monster

Controls False Paradise/spell/field, Bountiful Tree of False Paradise/spell/continuous, False Paradise Tummy Ache/trap/continuous and Fragrant Breeze of False Paradise/spell/continuous and 1 Set Card

Rin life points 2000

Controls Windwitch Winter Bell/Monster/Synchro

Controls Mourning Chimes/Trap/continuous

Rin had definitely underestimated Jeremiah. The rat like man definitely knew what he was doing. His Fragrant Breeze spell allowed two of his False Paradise (Rin had finally looked at the cards using her D-Wheels screen.) To Attack directly,at the cost of their Feast Counters. Due to the effect of Tummy ache(and the delicious taste of the food from them) she couldn't attack. Breeze also left the Monsters it let attack directly with in Defense position afterwards.

Rins Mourning Chimes would have allowed her to destroy his Monsters,had the field spell not stopped that too. It was like Jeremiah's deck was created to counter hers. Stoping all her usual strategies. As she drew her next card,a gnawing ache in her stomach grew stronger. Till she couldn't resist munching on the delicious apples. Only to curse herself since Tummy Aches Effect was activated leaving her stuck for another turn, unless...

"I Summon Windwitch - Glass Bell!"a witch riding a hand bell flew onto the field. Looking like a more cutsey version of Rin. A big pink bow on her chest. The little witch giggled as he was summoned. "I tune lvl 4 ice Bell with lvl 7 Winter Bell!" "A lvl 11 Synchro! Marvelous!" Rin ignored the Tops compliment as her Monsters Synchronized. "freezing witch of bells, combine with the essence of frost to create an even stronger cold! I Synchro Summon Windwitch Blizzard bell!"

Blizzard Bell resembled a more bird like version of Winter Bell. Though much bigger and with a more streamlined body. "when Blizzard Bell is Summoned,I can return a number of opponents Monsters to the hand equal to the number of Windwitchs in my Graveyard! So say goodbye to all your Monsters! A giant cold blizzard blew the boar,a large bull with similar mutilations to the boar and deer similar to the other two. "now I activate the second effect of Mourning Chimes! Letting me Special summon back Winter Bell!" A mournful chime sang through the battle field. Causing Winter Bell to re appear. "Since you control no False Paradise Monsters, the effect of Tummy Ache negates itself! now blizzard Bell! Attack!" If her attacks fully go through, Jeremiah's life points will drop to 0!

As the giant Bell blasted a blizzard towards Jeremiah,he merely smiled and pressed a button on his duel disk. "I'm afraid I can't let that attack go through Rin darling. I activate Dimensional Wall." The trap depicted Warrior Dai Grepher about to strike D.D Warrior Lady,only to have his attack go through a dimension hole, making it look like he was about to hit himself inside. "this little trap makes you take the battle damage instead of me. Sorry!" A hole in space right behind Rin appeared,her Monsters attack going through it and hitting her right in the back.

Rin 2000-3500=0(Lose)

Rin was beyond angry at her lose. While Jeremiah just smirked and went back to the orphanage. "I apologise children, but dear Rin has lost. But! For putting a good fight I will still grant you the feast! In exchange, Rin, Yugo, please step forward." Rin had arrived just a few seconds after he asked. "take my hand children." Yugo was definitely thinking more with his stomach when he took the Tops hand. Rin took it more hesitatingly."I offer you and your fellows food and drink in exchange, for 1 favor. Do you solemnly swear when the time comes you will perform the favor without question?" Rin was definitely suspecious, but Jeremiah's smile subconsciously told her it would not be anything bad. "I accept." "Heck yeah I accept! I can taste the food now..." Yugo was drooling a bit as he spoke. "good children." Jeremiah patted the children on the head after releasing their hands.

3 hours after Rins kidnaping

Everything was going according to plan. Jeremiah's win against Rin was mostly a ruse. The feast would help gain the children's trust. Making them more pliable when they become useful. Heading down to basement stairs, hidden behind a false door that looked to the rest of the world like a wall. The basement looked more like a wine cellar. Except for the full body mirror on the southernmost wall. The rat like man assumed his true appearance once he was safely down the stairs. His form creating a puff of smoke like a magicians trick. That of an actual rat man. Still wearing his waistcoat and other high class clothes. His height not changed a bit as well. Pure red eyes semi closed as he walked. Tail whipping a small bit around. Pink toes sticking out of his fancy shoes. Grabbing a wine bottle and glass, Jeremiah poured a glass and sat on the fancy red chair infront of the mirror.

"Begin meeting." The rat said,his voice now having a devilish distortion to it. Further proof of his inhumanity. A three way split screen formed on the mirror like a video call. The upper half split into two screens, while the lower half got it all to itself. "isberaliea,how are things in Fusion?" "Not so good my Lord, Sander has taken someone as a Vessel. He's defeated both the Battle Beast and instructor Sanders." The woman speaking would only be described as humanoid but not human. The parts of her exposed by her large ball gown were completely grey and hairless. Her face was completely featureless except for a pair of blue eyed. Her voice was very feminine, with the accent a noblewoman might have. "Try and subvert any more hooks he tries to get. The four Dimensions will be OURS. No Demonic taint shall be tolerated." Jeremiah declared, taking a sip of his wine.

"Amphibos,how are things in Standard?""excellent Boss. Iganious is gonna be in the Junior League Tournament! only dey knew he was far older than any of the people he was competing against~." The speaker resembled a large cross between catfish and frog. Wearing a similar outfit to his superior. Speaking in a devilishly distorted Cajun accent. Licking his mouth with a giant tongue when he finished speaking. "Is the Duel school doing well?" "You betcha! Gluttontoad Academys doing so good,LDS wants to take it! Their CEO wants ta Duel me to see ma skills~. Never ate D/D/D before~." The giant creature laughed a croaky laugh. Smirking all the while.

"Cain,how's the Xyz Dimension?""IN RUINS. SHAY OBSIDIAN HAS SIGNED A CONTRACT." This speakers voice was both in a frozen monotone and dripping with cold fury. Resembling a knight in frozen blue armor,his helmet resembled a boars head. Razor sharp tusks glistening. "excellent. He'll use the power we give him when the time is right. For now, meeting adjourned." A second later, the mirror went black. Jeremiah steepled his fingers happily. Everything was going according to plan.