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I've been wanting to do a Star Wars fanfic since FOREVER and I was finally able to finish this first chapter in what promises to be a LONK fic (at least I hope XD)

So basically this takes place in the Clone Wars era, beginning alongside Episode II (Attack of the Clones). I'm in a quandary because I had this awesome AU idea but I kinda want to do Order 66 still so I'm not sure how to finish this out, but by the time I actually get there I'm sure I'll have an answer. And, of course, your inputs are always appreciated!

This is listed as a D&D crossover because there are some minimal Elvish themes and the main character is in fact an Elf herself (lol). I was thinking that an Elf would make an exceptional Jedi because their cultures are so similar and that idea just started bothering me one day and here we are. Hope you enjoy.

Also OC's are awesome don't hate if you wanted a non-OC centered fanfic then why u clicked

ALSO also everyone always puts a "disclaimer i no own star wars" at the start of their fics and I mean OBVIOUSLY. If you did your fic would be a new movie. And, this is FANFICTION (key word "fan") so if you're writing on this site it's implied you don't own the thing you are writing about.


Anyways, enjoy the story! :D

An Unlikely Knight


I exit the chamber, a smile wide on my face. Having passed the Trials, I breathe in a gasp of air, my first outside the council chamber as a Jedi Knight. I look at the other Jedi wandering about the hall, and I finally can approach them as equals and not a padawan. Of course, I don't want to let the rank get to my head; I've never been a very prideful person and I don't plan on starting now. As Master Fisto walks to enter the council chamber, I try to confidently greet him as a knight would, but all I manage is a meager "Hello Master Fisto" and my usual duck of the head.

"Ah! I heard you were to become a Jedi Knight today!" he says with a kind smile. "How do you feel?"

"Great!" I say with a little more enthusiasm. Of all the Jedi masters, Kit Fisto is definitely one of my more favorites.

He gives me a reassuring pat on the shoulder and begins to walk into the chamber. "I have to gather a few of the other masters; we have to speak to the Supreme Chancellor."

"Is anything wrong?" I ask.

"There was an attack on the landing platforms; someone has bombed the ship of the Senator of Naboo," he answers.

"That's awful! Is she alright?"

"The senator has survived, but she is understandably shaken. The Chancellor wants us to greet her in his office."

"Well, May the Force be with you," I tell him.

"And may the Force be with you as well," he says, disappearing into the council chamber.

Slightly disgruntled, I head for the Archives and figure that I'll say hi to Madame Jocasta on my way out of the temple. Unsure of what to do, I decide that I'll go study and perhaps meditate a while. I feel like I should do something special because of my reward, and especially in my case I think I should celebrate the fact that the council even let me become a knight in the first place. Even now, as I walk through the halls, I get a few surprised, envious, and even irritated looks.

Part of it is my age, part of it is my race, but most of it is my status. Not my new rank of Knight, but because of the sabers I wield. Once I'm in my chamber, I take my primary saber from my belt and switch it on. In the darkened room, it's brilliant burnt orange light casts shadows in the corners of the compartment and fills the rest with a soft glow.

Seriously, it's just a color. But by the way some of the Jedi, padawans, and even younglings look at me, you'd think I'd sprout horns and start spitting Sith lightning any minute. My master, Carlin Farthawe, told me to ignore them. The crystals chose what they thought was best, and he would always remind me that to a degree, the color was accurate. While I may not be a Sith, I'm certainly less Jedi then perhaps the Jedi order would like me to be. I've never seen anything wrong with attachments, I've never been afraid to kill in a skirmish, and when we were sent on a peaceful assignment Carlin would always leave me to guard the ship because he knew I would start spewing profanities at the syndicate leaders the moment we entered the negotiations chamber.

Which is ironic, really, considering I'm such a shy person. Well, I don't know about shy, but I don't do well with most sentients. In crowds, I usually just draw up my hood even if it's a hundred degrees and keep my eyes locked on my destination. When I'm spoken to, if I don't know the person well, I'll just answer with simple phrases and stick to yes or no questions. However, I'm easily angered and usually not very quiet when I feel strongly on a topic. Part of this is probably my heritage.

You see, it's not easy being a foreigner in a place that already accepts so many. While there are a menagerie of races in this galaxy, there is only one planet that holds my people of Elves, Arvandor. And since it's located in the unknown regions, to see an elf in the primary systems of the galaxy is a rarity. I'm not usually pushed around, but I get a lot of stares and I don't like it. However, with the Jedi, I'm most often envied for my racial traits. Already naturally agile, most training exercises are a breeze. And since Elves trance instead of sleep, it's no wonder I'm already a knight even though I'm only 16. I'm not even legally an adult yet on Coruscant. You see, an Elvish trance gives an elf all of the benefits of sleep in half the time, and by doing so you reenter memories and review them, picking up useful bits of information. So, every lightsaber duel I've done, every force power I've learned; they're all readily accessible once my master calls "lights out". It cut my training time in half, since while all the other Jedi would sleep I would be slicing battle droids and using mind tricks in my memories. Even before my master died, he was constantly going to the Jedi order, asking what more he could teach me. When he was killed by a separatist assassin during a stealth mission to Naboo, the council decided it was time for me to take the trials. He died just four weeks ago.

Perhaps it's the fresh loss of him that's making me feel edgy. Or maybe it's the hopelessness I saw in the eyes of the Jedi masters when they tried to decide whether or not to let me take the Trials. Either way, I realize that I can no longer sit in this stuffy room and the shadows seem to be caving in on me, so I quickly switch off the lightsaber and reattach it to my belt, getting up. I feel a sudden sick feeling, and when I try to place it I realize I'm mad at the Jedi for having so little faith in me. The stares as I walked out of the council room are fresh in my mind: there are some detriments to my race's obsession with memory. I start by erupting out into the hall, but my slow walk turns into a run as I feel a sudden urge to leave the temple and take a break from these people.

It's Mace Windu's expression that comforts me as I make my way towards the exit of the campus. When the council was awarding me the rank, I saw every possible emotion on their faces. Only a couple of them, like Master Mundi, actually showed happiness. But none of them showed sympathy, except for Master Windu. He of all people must have known what it felt like. After all, purple is just as dangerous of a color as orange in their eyes. However, it's also a step closer to the values of the order than mine is. To them, purple is just a sign of aggression. Which, of course, Master Windu undoubtedly has. But orange is too similar to the crimson blades of the Sith for them to look on me with any favor. At least someone's on my side.

Exiting the temple, I pass a few guards who at first seem to display some qualms about letting me leave, but it takes only a moment for their helmeted heads to remember that I'm now a knight.

Same as you, I think. At least a few of them. Taking the steps down to the cabs, I hail a speeder and direct them to go to the lower city. I get a surprised look from the driver but after I pay, he complies.

I waste about the whole day doing absolutely nothing, which suits me just fine. I wander this way and that, taking a drink from this bar and eating something random at the next cantina. Spur of the moment, I buy some necklace from a random vendor and I don't even look at it until I get another cab to take me home. It's a pretty thing; a simple silver chain that features a few burnt orange and aqua blue gems on one part. Affixing it to my neck, I admire how it matches my robes. My signature colors.

This day of doing nothing isn't entirely out of the ordinary. That's all I've been doing since my master died. Wandering, occasionally reading some random thing in the Archives, and spending my trancing hours reviewing for the trials. Now, until I get an assignment from the order, I really have nothing planned.

Is this what being a Jedi is like? Because if so, I really don't see why it's all cracked up to being hard. I mean, sitting around meditating and waiting for your next shipment of assignments to roll in doesn't sound like a bad life. I'm sure what I'm thinking is blasphemous but I really don't care. Right now, I just wish I could be in battle again, mowing down battle droids and catching bounty hunters. For now, however, it seems I'll have to wait.

I return to my chamber once I arrive back at the temple and I enter a Trance almost immediately. I spend most of the time remembering battles, which feels exhilarating and satisfies me when I "wake".

In the morning, I hear rumors of an attack against Senator Amidala. At first I think of the hangar but then someone tells me that it happened last night. "A bounty hunter," he says. "Tried to slip Kouhun into her room. Master Kenobi and his padawan were able to track down the hunter, but the buyer escaped. The council's worried."

Master Kenobi; I've crossed him a few times. Nice enough, and his padawan was definitely more my style. From our brief conversation, it seems like he's a rebel too. Good. The order needs more people like that.

The fact that an adventure happened right underneath my nose is slightly irritating, but then I see Kenobi and his padawan walking down the halls as I'm heading for the Archives. Eager to hear more, I approach them and greet them with a meek "good morning".

"Hello there!" responds Master Kenobi. "Miss Morningcrest! I heard you were appointed a knight!" Like Master Fisto, I could see him being one of my favorite Jedi.

"Already?" says his padawan; Anakin, I think his name is. "You're younger than me aren't you?"

"Jealous?" I tease with a smirk.

"Jedi don't feel jealousy," he responds with equal verve.

"Everyone feels jealousy. But Jedi choose not to act on it," responds Master Kenobi.

"It's a miracle I qualify." To any other Jedi, my remark would earn an eyebrow raise. With these two, I just get a chuckle and nod.

"I wanted to ask about the attack on the senator," I ask, keeping the conversation going.

"Yes; I've been asked by the council to track the bounty hunter that initiated this. Anakin is to escort the senator back to her home planet of Naboo."

That planet name has a sour taste in my mouth, but the feeling leaves when I notice Anakin's sudden interest in his shoes. "If anyone can protect her, I can," he says with confidence.

"I'm sure," I say, containing a grin. "Well, best of luck, and may the Force be with you."

"And same to you," says Master Kenobi. The two continue down the hall.

Unsure of how to take this, I go to the Archives and decide to read some planetary-climate nonsense. The rest of the week follow a similar schedule: wake up, eat and gather rumors, wander the city, visit the Archives, back to trance, repeat. For a few days, everything seems peaceful considering the double attacks we had at the start of the week. It's when Master Kenobi's transmission comes in, one detailing the creation of some clone army, that the order starts to get nervous. Master Yoda assures us that the army, if ever put into effect, would be on our side, but for me this seems irrelevant. Any army of any sort would only be good for one thing: a war. And that's not something that I think our galaxy, or more importantly, the Jedi would be prepared for. However, when approached about it by Master Windu, I realize that I would be prepared for it. Isn't that what I've always loved about going out and about with my late master? Battle?

"I think you would excel as a general," compliments Master Windu.

"Thanks, but I'm not really a team player."

"Exactly why it would be good for you," he responds. "Learn something new."

I don't argue because, of course, he's right.

A day or so after that, an announcement is made. Masters Yoda and Windu attend an emergency senate meeting, in which it is declared that the Supreme Chancellor has been granted emergency powers and "authorizes" the creation of the clone army. I personally feel like this is ironic and a poor choice of words for a speaker to use. I mean, the army was already created. He could have said the "operation" of a clone army and left it at that. Since Master Kenobi is proclaimed to be trapped on Geonosis and in need of immediate rescue from a new Separatist alliance, it seems that this army is going to be operational very soon. And thus, why announce the "creation" of one if it's going to be put to use within the day? Doesn't seem like the kind of statement that avoids questions. However, I don't question it out loud. If he has the power and means to persuade all these people, who am I to argue?

I realize I detest the Chancellor. Don't respect him. My master always taught me that words are too powerful to flaunt around, which is basically this dude's job. My master's warning was, in part, the reason why I talk so little. The other part is that I simply have no words to say. I never talk to strangers because whatever I say won't feel sincere if I might need to slice them with a lightsaber a few minutes after.

I meet Master Yoda and Master Windu outside the senate chamber along with a few other masters and knights.

"Obi-Wan Kenobi is trapped at a droid factory on Geonosis, as many of you know," informs Windu. "I will lead a force of Jedi there to rescue him and apprehend Dooku." We board a speeder cab heading for the Temple.

"Take care of Obi-Wan, Master Windu will," starts Yoda. "Check the Clone Army and bring them to Geonosis, my task is. Come with me, a handful of Jedi will." He gets a few immediate volunteers, and he says he's satisfied. Then his eyes land on me.

"Kwintessa? Not going, are you?"

I get a sudden burning feeling on my neck. It must be the sun. "I don't think it'd be smart to go."

"A great fighter you are. Refuse to go into battle, why do you?"

Because no one wants a chick who's a step away from being a Redblade next to them in a fight. But because Master Windu is looking at me quizzically, I decide to leave it at a shrug.

"Come with me to the clones, you will. Trust you, they shall," says Yoda kindly. "Matter to them, color and status do not."

"Thank you," I answer. "I think."

We arrive at the temple. Master Windu goes to get more Jedi, while Master Yoda takes the few of us that were with him to a Jedi Shuttle. We immediately take off and head for the skies. Yoda tells one of the Masters to set coordinates for Kamino.

Out of boredom, I think I've checked every planet in the Archives this week and never do I remember a Kamino. "Where's that?"

"The Unknown Regions. Erased from the Archives, it was," says Yoda.


"Find out, we shall."

I decide that's as close to an answer as I'm going to get, so I drop it and settle in a chair.

It takes a good amount of time for us to arrive. When we do, the surface of the planet is entirely covered in water. The skies are stormy as soon as we enter the atmosphere. To me, this is unsettling. Even though I remember next to nothing about my home planet of Arvandor, I know it's green and lush and full of sunshine and light. Not like this dark, gloomy wasteland. Or would it be wastewater? Wastesea? I decide to concentrate on more important matters and I look down on the landing pad that we've just hit. It is inexplicably pristine white, but I guess if there's no dirt on the planet and it's constantly getting doused by water, it's bound to be a bit shiny.

We get out, and we enter the Kaminoan facility. Almost instantly these strange people that I guess to be the natives guide us through the facility, and Master Yoda does all the talking, which I'm grateful for. Not that I'd be asked to talk anyway. I pick up bits of their conversation, but I'm more focused on how oddly long their pale bluish-white necks are and I start to wonder if this affects their talking in any way. Suddenly, I'm struck by the thought that our army would be made of clones of these people, and I'm worried but then I look out of a glass window we've just approached and I realize that I'm wrong.

"Oh," I gasp.

There are rows and rows of identical humans with olive skin and dark hair. At least, most of them have dark hair. Apparently the Kaminoans have dye on demand because I see a menagerie of other colors as well. But most of them are a standard dark color and they all stand perfectly still, save the few legions that are still marching into formation.

"We've arranged a gathering for you to greet them, and all of the ships are ready to take off," says the Kaminoan that is leading us. By his particular style of robes, I'd guess he's a leader of some sort.

"Grateful, the Jedi order is," compliments Yoda. "Speak now, we will."

The leader takes us through a series of passages, and I keep wishing I could tell him to hurry up because we could be losing Jedi as we speak. But I recognise that it's probably not a good idea to mouth off to the people that are providing us with a whole army of the Republic, and I keep myself quiet.

We arrive eventually, and I become overwhelmed by the sheer number of clones that they have made. Someone throws out a number in the millions, and I wonder if they're all present. There's a sea of them, surely, but this room doesn't seem like it'd be able to hold a million clone troopers. Even though the room is sky-high and a huge circle. I guess that some must be on the giant ships off to the side in a hangar. From my view up top, they seemed so small. But now, there are so many. Surely we won't need them all.

Master Yoda talks to the clones in a loud and powerful voice, telling them of the imminent war and the new authorization by the Supreme Chancellor. Then he tells them that most legions are to go to Coruscant and others are coming with us to Geonosis, where we must assist other Jedi Masters in a battle against the Separatist force. Then he momentarily reminds them (more for our benefit) that a Jedi General will be assigned to a legion, and he asks us to step forward. He then begins briefly inspecting legions and determining which ones will come to Geonosis, and which will get a Jedi assigned to them right now. He is able to get through quite a few quickly, and then it's down to me and a couple other Jedi and I start to get nervous. Master Yoda seems to notice this as we come up on one particular legion. They have standard armor, but the Commander has a blue and orange stripe down each arm and leg, and a dash of the colors on his helmet, which he holds respectfully at his side.

"Hm. A good group, this is," commends Yoda. Then he looks at the commander, and back at me. "Match you, this commander's colors do. 473rd legion, here is your general: Kwintessa Morningcrest."

A sudden wave of uncertainty hits me, but the clones just salute and look on respectfully. I do the same, and as I step forward I notice the commander. Like all the clones, I'm assuming, he has a sharp jaw, the same olive skin and dark hair, and warm, amber eyes. His only concession to self-alteration seems to be a longer hair-length than most, and it falls neatly in light waves on his forehead.

"At ease," I say experimentally, not quite sure what else to say. However, instead of feeling uneasy, I find my confidence building up and realizing that what Master Yoda said was true. They know absolutely nothing about me, and yet they trust and obey me.

"But power is never something you should flaunt; be kind to others, and you will earn their respect in return." The words of my master ring in my head as I cross my hands behind my back, ready to lead.

"As much as I would love to chat, we really don't have the time. Jedi are in danger on Geonosis, and we have to get there as quickly as possible. So let's board theā€¦" I stammer for a moment on my words, realizing I have no idea what the massive ships are called.

I only struggle a very short moment before my commander comes to my aid. "The star destroyers, sir?" he asks in a accented voice.

"Yes," I respond, grateful. "We'll board the Star Destroyers and leave immediately."

"You heard her, men! Go!" instruct the commander. The clones run to a star destroyer that must be ours and I begin to head that way as well, falling in step with the commander. When we approach the craft, we slow down, and I hold out a hand.

"Thanks," I start as we shake. "Do you have a name? Or should I make one?"

He cracks a smile. Guess they aren't completely business. They are human, after all. "I'm CT-7640, but you can call me Aris."

"Commander Aris." I smile. "That's a good name."

"Does it mean something to you, sir?" he asks.

"In my native language, it means 'Light'," I respond as we reach the ramp. "Let's hope you can provide me with some." He smiles, and I smile back. We ascend the ramp and head into the star destroyer, ready to make a first move in this new war.


Next chapter we gonna get a lot more clone exposition cause it's from Aris' POV. I'm so excited to start this journey with all yall

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So here be a little author note because of my use of lightsaber color: I know that technically the Orange color isn't really bad but I started thinking, would Jedi be prone to have a sort of almost "racial tension" depending on the color of someone's lightsaber? What if the people with, say, Green lightsabers would be more respected than others, and if that's true, it follows that a color that has relations to something more sinister would be looked down upon? Anyways, that's my train of thought for her. But, of course, Kwintessa don't care what they think :D

Also it hasn't been confirmed but it would make sense that Yoda would bring some generals with him before Geonosis right? Just so that he doesn't have to command them all himself? Let me know what you think of that.


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