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Also, Arvandor is not a planet but rather a location in the Feywild that is held sacred to the Elves, but for sake of crossovers I decided to make it my Star Wars elf planet. Eh, I thought it was fun.

But anyways enough chatter let's get to the story! Here's chapter two in My Allegiance is to the Republic: The General.

The General


First, there was nothing. Then, suddenly, a bright light.

I remember very little of my first few years. All of a sudden, I went from non-existence to being thrown into training sessions. Our masters, the Kaminoans, would give us very simple lists to repeat in our heads. It cleared almost everything up pretty quickly.

I am CT-7640. I am being trained as a soldier in the Grand Army of the Republic. The Jedi Order has mandated our creation for battling the Separatists' droid forces. My allegiance is to the Republic. I am to obey all orders with efficiency and precision…

As we got older, the list would get shorter depending on how well we did on the tests. Once we reached the right age, we would be put into our squads and begin practical training. How to handle, dismantle, and rebuild a blaster. Hand to hand combat. Some hacking skills for if a transmitter was ever fried. Piloting. But most importantly, how to follow orders.

Of course, creativity was never discouraged. But unwillingness to comply always has been, and I'm sure always will be. As a first generation clone, I've been alive for almost 10 years. Preparing for a war that is certain to come. It was only recently that I was announced Commander of the 473rd legion. I was honored, of course, but I can't say surprised. All of my fellow soldiers in my squad always looked to me to lead them. Not that I asked; I don't think I'm the best at leading. But I suppose I'll have a general to help me when the war starts.

By the sound of the chatter, the war is going to start soon. A Jedi was here just yesterday, or so the others tell me. Apparently he was inspecting the army and informing the Jedi Order on our progress. Already, so many armies are ready and waiting to fight.

The training process was long and tedious. I had fun in the exercises, I suppose, but they had a tinge of some morbid feeling attached to them. At least for me. Because I knew that all the training exercises were designed to prepare us for a slaughter that was descending on us as fast as the storm clouds over the planet would every night.

Most of the clones never questioned it. The reality that the only reason we were created was to die. We all know the truth, that we are made to be expendable in place of the Jedi, but almost no one dwells on the topic. And if anyone does, no one says anything. Because that's treasonous. And what a shame it would be to be captured and executed before the war even began.

I have mixed feelings about this whole deal, but particularly about the Jedi. In the academy, we were taught that the Jedi order was powerful but too small to fight the forces of the Separatists. They were good fighters but too few in number and too essential for the galaxy to be wasted. So some Jedi genius decided to waste us for them. Apparently to the Republic, we clones are just that: false imprints. Easy to make, easy to lose.

I keep all of these thoughts closed in my head, because I know they're wrong. The Jedi aren't evil. But they certainly aren't as moral as they're cracked up to be. Whatever happens, I only hope that I get a kind general who doesn't just sit back on a pad all day and make us feed them rations while we get blasted to bits on some desert planet. Because I will undyingly follow my general, but if they don't fight themselves or respect us they're getting reported. I don't care the cost. My men will be treated fairly, and that's an order.

The next few days of the week are filled with extra training and extra studying. Apparently, the first visit wasn't the last. Over time, I hear from the Kaminoans that the Republic has officially been notified and that Master Yoda wants to inspect us himself. In the courses, we learned a little bit about the Jedi ranking system and how Yoda is basically on top of it all. To get a visit from him will be a treat, and we all must be on our best behavior.

At the end of the week, I settle into my cot and close my eyes. I try to sleep, but it doesn't come for a few hours. When I finally do fall asleep, it seems only a moment before a blaring noise wakes me up.

"All clones, assemble in the main hangar. All clones, assemble in the main hangar," comes the Kaminoan voice over the loudspeaker. Surprised, I realize that I should be one of the first ones there. I get up almost instantly and head for the hangar bay.

When I arrive, a Kaminoan directs me to stand at attention at the head of the 473rd legion and I obey. Suddenly, I hear murmurs and I direct my men to stay in formation. But I can't help but raise my eyebrows when I see what they're muttering about.

About a squad of Jedi Knights and Masters have just entered, led by Grand Master Yoda. I suppose today's his special visit. The Jedi speak briefly with the Prime Minister, then Master Yoda gives us a very short speech on how we are to immediately go to the planet of Geonosis, per orders of the Supreme Chancellor himself, and participate in a battle against a new united Separatist army. It takes a lot of willpower for all of us to stop from cheering. Finally, a battle! After ten years, perhaps the war is going to begin after all. Master Yoda then tells us that most of the legions will only be assigned a general when we actually get there, but the Jedi that are here will be assigned right now.

It takes a moment for Master Yoda to place all of us, and he skims over a lot of the troops, disappointing many. When rejected, clone legions are sent to the cruisers immediately. Then, accompanied by the last few Jedi that haven't gotten troops, he stops by us.

"Hm. A good group, this is," commends Yoda. Then he looks at me, and back at another Jedi with him. "Match you, this commander's colors do. 473rd legion, here is your general: Kwintessa Morningcrest."

Whispers travel through the crowd. For many of these troops, it's the first time they've seen a female that wasn't Kaminoan. And I have to say, I'm a little stunned myself. She's slightly shorter than I am, and she's very slim but muscular. She stands with confidence, and she wears traditional Jedi robes that seem to be a little more form-fitting and maneuverable. They're made of mostly burnt orange-colored cloth with some different-shaded brown accents, and her sleeves are colored an aqua blue. Her skin is a light olive, and her long dark hair is braided down the back with wisps hanging down her face. And her eyes, oh her eyes are the most beautiful shade of blue I have ever seen. They match the blue on my armor, and the blue gems that hang beside the orange ones on her necklace.

Then, as we salute, I notice the ears. Since her hair is braided, they aren't hidden. Sleek and pointed. Combined with her unusual eye color, I realize she's an elf. They didn't teach us much about them, since the race is apparently so rare, but I know enough to recognize her as one. She steps forward with what I take to be confidence and returns our salute.

"At ease," she commands. We obey, dropping our hands and relaxing our positions. How she knew the right words I do not know.

"As much as I would love to chat, we really don't have the time. Jedi are in danger on Geonosis, and we have to get there as quickly as possible. So let's board the…" she pauses for half a moment, glancing over at the star destroyers.

Desperate to make sure she takes no heat from my men, I fill in. "The star destroyers, sir?"

"Yes," she responds with a twitch of the eye that I assume to be gratitude. "We'll board the Star Destroyers and leave immediately."

"You heard her, men! Go!" I shout. My troops run to our designated 473rd legion star destroyer and I run that way as well. The general keeps pace with me, and I start to slow as we approach the ship. She does too, and she holds out a hand.

"Thanks," she says as I shake it. "Do you have a name? Or should I make one?"

I smile. I guess not all Jedi are completely dogmatic. At first I had my reservations, and I'm obviously still concerned with whether or not she'll be a good leader, but she seems nice enough and definitely looks like she can hold her own. "I'm CT-7640, but you can call me Aris," I respond.

"Commander Aris." She says quietly. "That's a good name."

As I glance over, I see recognition flash in her eyes. "Does it mean something to you, sir?" I ask respectfully, curious.

"In my native language, it means 'Light'," she responds as we reach the ramp. "Let's hope you can provide me with some." I give her a reassuring smile, realizing that she probably has next to zero battle experience besides lightsaber duels, which she was probably alone in. She smiles back, and we ascend the ramp.

As we head for the bridge, I notice that her face keeps up a perpetual expression of wonder. Whether it's because of the amount of men under her control or the size and make of some of the ships, or just being here in the first place, I don't know. It's hard to place her emotions beyond that. We make pretty good timing to the bridge and by the time we get there the craft has taken off and we are leaving the Kamino atmosphere. I take a look outside the window and down at the place I called "home" for so long. I search for some feeling of longing, but instead the only thing I can come up with is, oddly, relief.

We stand around the holotable, and I realize that we don't have an admiral yet. Oh well. I'm sure we'll do just fine without. General Morningcrest activates the table, and we get a map of the planet Geonosis. She studies it a moment, then zooms in on a section of the planet and points to what seems to be an open space.

"According to Master Windu, the arena that our Jedi are being held at are here," she says. "And the droid control ships are just beyond it there. So we're either going to be fighting some droids or rescuing the Jedi."

"I hope it's the former," I say, then realize maybe I shouldn't have.

However, the General just smiles and nods. "So do I." Then, as if she's having the same thought I was, she ducks her head and bites her lip sheepishly. It only takes a moment for her to recover and realize that it's just us and other clones.

"Shall we prepare the gunships?" I ask.

She nods. "Yes, that would be smart."

I send an order down to the troops in the hangar to prepare for a landing. It's not going to be long before we arrive.

Suddenly, the doors open and in walks Heilian. He's our main medic, and his only altered trait is streaks of gold in his short brown hair. "General, this is Heilian, our medic," I tell her as he approaches the table. He salutes briefly.

"Heilian, nice to meet you," she says. "You'll come with us to the surface."

"Yessir," he says.

"Sir, we're approaching Geonosis," says a clone at the controls of the ship.

Sure enough, we exit hyperspace and I get a glimpse of my first new planet. Its sandy and looks hot; I don't think we could have picked a polar opposite planet to Kamino if we tried.

"To the Gunships," orders the General. She exits the room, instructing the pilots of the star destroyer to remain close. We head for the hangar after her and she strides confidently into a ring of waiting troops.

"We're about to leave for Geonosis," she begins. "This is our first battle and I certainly don't think it'll be the last. So let's start this off as strong as possible, right?"

"Yes Sir!" they cry.

"Get on the ships; take off after me," she commands. We separate, with Heilian and I following her to a random ship in the front of the lineup. We hang on to the supports as the doors close and the ship takes off, whirring into the void of space and heading down to the planet.

General Morningcrest's com buzzes, and she answers, revealing Master Yoda. From what I can tell, he's in a gunship as well.

"Pick up the Jedi, my men and I will. Prevent the control ships from leaving, you must," he instructs. She acknowledges him and shuts off the com.

"Approaching battle zone," says the pilot. Apparently the fighting's already started.

"Thanks," she says. Then her face goes hard and she looks intently at the door, grabbing two shafts from her belt. From what I'm told, these must be her lightsabers.

"Everyone ready? Cause if not, now's your chance to get off," she jokes. Right after, she spins her hilts and holds them in a backhanded style, igniting them. All of the men gasp; some because of the vibrant, stunning orange color, and others because the tips of her blades got dangerously close to touching their armor. She seems self-conscious about their reaction, however, and scowls.

"Anything wrong, sir?" I ask.

She shoots me an unsure look. "What were you told about lightsaber colors, Commander?"

I try to think. Mostly just which ones were good and which ones to watch out for. Then something else surfaces. "We had a rhyme we said in the academy about lightsaber colors."


"Yeah. 'Green you're good, red you're dead.'"

She laughs. It's a pretty, calming sound, and it almost makes me laugh. Putting on my helmet, I fail to repress a smile.

"Prepare to land!" says the pilot.

Our troops release the supports and grasp their rifles tightly. I take out my handguns and spin them a few times for good measure. I can't quite tell because she's turned away, but I think General Morningcrest smirks.

The doors slide open, and the gunship hovers in mid-air for a moment. I prepare to jump out, but before I can order my men to exit, the General's already on the ground, deflecting blasts with her sabers, one forehanded and another backhanded. She directs us to a small barricade set up by some of the other clones, and we sprint towards it and crash behind it.

"What's our play?" I ask her in a loud voice, having to contend with the sounds of battle.

She looks over one of the crates that makes up the barricade, and almost immediately has to whip back behind cause a few rounds fire right where her head was. "The control ships haven't taken off yet; if we can take out their ground supports then our gunships should be able to fire on the energy cells that allow them to take off," she yells back.

It's a good idea. "How about we draw out the fire and you can…"

"Cover me," she interrupts, looking back over the barricade.


"Cover me!" She rolls out from behind our defense and throws herself into battle.

To the everlasting credit of the Jedi, I have never seen anyone fight with as much skill of passion as she has. And I've overseen a LOT of training. As soon as she's without protection, she throws herself right into the advancing line of droids and slashes through them with surprising ease. I am temporarily lost in watching her that Heilian has to remind me to order the troops to their positions.

"Hold the line; you three, come with me!" I direct a few of my troops to help me guard the general, not that she needs it. But we follow her anyways, and as we leave the barricade I realize that there's nothing I could do to guard her.

It's like watching a tornado, except that it's too beautiful and more like a dance to be described by something so chaotic. All I see are flashes of orange light that are occasionally guided by a streak of blue. Within seconds the droid line in front of the first energy cell has been demolished, going from fully operational to falling to pieces within moments. As the tanks surrounding the cell realize that she's the real target and not the clones that are firing on the remaining droids that she happened to miss, it's too late. She slices off the front of their barrels and takes out the turrets before they can fire another round.

All of us clones seem to connect the same thought. It's like General Morningcrest's energy is giving us a bit of life as well, and as she charges for the final few tanks I wave the gunships forward with confidence and an unexplainable feeling of joy. Maybe we did get a good general. I certainly can see that she's not going to leave all the work up to us.

"Forward!" she calls. We advance our lines towards the second of four energy cells, and without needing any breaks we jump right into the conflict.

As the General continues to wipe out the enemy forces, more and more of our men become more determined. Instead of firing from behind the barricades, they actually expose themselves and seem to forget about danger temporarily. With good cause, too. Even though she seems temporarily preoccupied with clearing a path for us, it seems no harm can befall us either. Whenever a bolt is about to hit one of us, she manages a backflip from her current position and deflects the shot with her lightsabers. She has not only victory in mind but our safety as well. As the gunships fire on the second energy cell, she's already onto the third and we're close behind.

I somehow manage to get to her side as she rounds on a few super battle droids. "I'd love to assist you, but it seems you don't need any help in the defense department," I tell her.

"On the contrary: I need all the help I can get," she responds. Suddenly, I notice a droid in her blind spot and I shoot it down before she realizes it's there. "Guess you just proved yourself wrong," she grins.

"Guess I just did." Even though I'm wearing a helmet, I'm sure she can sense my smile.

Even though I know she could move farther ahead, she makes an effort to stay with me from then on. We take down the clankers together, and she lets me assist on exploding a few tanks. It takes us only a matter of minutes to finish destroying the last two energy cells.

As the command ship begins to collapse in on itself, I order our gunships to pick us up. When they arrive, I do a quick headcount on the clones in our few squads. Of all the men that came with us, I can only count one missing and two injuries. Two injuries! That's the sort of luck that only a Jedi could bring, I suppose. Either that or it's this particular Jedi. I suspect the latter.

As the final blast emits from the control ship, the General flips into my gunship and we fly away.

"Do we have any other assignments, sir?" I ask.

"Just to keep the control ships from launching," she answers. "Think you can go another round?"

"It'd be my pleasure."

Together, our combined force is able to destroy two more control ships and plenty of droids. Within the hour, we get news that Dooku has fled and the planet has been taken. Our first battle is won.

As we head for our star destroyer, I take off my helmet and shake General Morningcrest's hand. "You fought very well, General."

"So did you," she responds. "But please, call me Kwintessa."

She smiles, and I can't help but smile too.

"We're approaching the star destroyer, sir," says the pilot.

"We have to come up with a name for it; I can't keep calling it that," says Kwintessa. She looks thoughtful for a moment. "What's the name of your squad, Commander?"

"Uh, Raven Squad," I answer.

"Raven." Her look of thoughtfulness slowly turns into one of glee. "Our ship will be called The Korvanest."

"Which means…"

"It's Elvish for 'Raven's Home.'"

She grins, and I tell her that it's a good name. Which, of course, I think it is.

The gunships land on the Korvanest, and as soon as we're off we go to the bridge. A transmission comes in from Master Yoda, who directs us to head to Coruscant.

"Figure out a plan, we must," he says.

"I suppose," answers Kwintessa, of whom it is clear does not really plan at all ever.

As soon as he's left, she turns to me. "You did excellently today Commander Aris. You should get some rest."

"So should you, sir," I tell her. She smiles and nods, and we leave the ship in the capable hands of the pilots.

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