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A young man with spiky blonde hair, blue eyes, and four whisker marks on his face watched the sky in awe as glowing green cards rained down from the sky. Catching one in his hands, the glow faded to reveal that the card seems to be made of metal and has strange markings on it. Nothing he's ever seen before.

My whole life changed after I crossed through the veil when, one day, all these random cards started raining down everywhere. At first they seemed harmless enough, so a bunch of us kids invented this cool new game.

Later on, two marbles of different colorations rolled onto a card and popped open. One marble was brown with orange markings, the other a very light gray, almost white, with gold markings. In flashes of orange and gold light they both transformed into mighty creatures! One of them was a falcon with a humanoid body, the other was a humanoid with monstrously large hands and claws. But this isn't isolated to just them. There was a large blue turtle, a green flying creature, and a red serpent doing battle with a black scorpion creature.

But that's when we realized that these cards weren't so harmless after all! They were packed with incredible powers from another world!

People around the blonde boy's age, about fifteen to sixteen years old, started appearing in various poses as they were each placed into headshots on the screen. Starting with a young man with messy brown hair, red eyes, and white skin that's lightly tanned. He's wearing an ensemble that consists of a short red overcoat with black pockets over a bright yellow sleeveless shirt. He wears hexagonal shaped goggles in his hair above his eyes. He wears long red trousers with black stripes just below his knees, the ends of which are neatly tucked into his blue-tongued black sneakers. He keeps his Bakugan Gear on his belt. Lastly, he wore blue fingerless gloves. The left glove was longer and he wore an orange BakuPod on his left wrist.

Meet Dan Kuso, and together with our friends, Runo Misaki…

Runo's outfit is a yellow midriff shirt and a white skirt with a pink belt. She has maroon fingerless wrist gloves. She also has orange and white striped knee socks and brown shoes. Her cyan blue hair is tied in two long pigtails.

...Marucho Marukura…

Next to be shown is a boy who appears to be the youngest of the group. He has blonde hair that's a bit more on the platinum blonde side of the color spectrum rather than golden blonde, and blue eyes. He wears a simply white T-shirt with blue trim on the neck and sleeves, a pair of blue cargo shorts, as well as a pair of sneakers. He also seems to have trouble with his eyesight as he wears eyeglasses with red rims.

...Julie Makimoto…

The second girl of the group wears a sleeveless pink shirt that shows off her midriff, pink shorts that stop above her knees, and white boots and gloves. Her skin is brown, either naturally or from living in a warmer environment, and her naturally silver hair is done up in a long ponytail.

Not to mention Mister Hot Shot himself, Shun Kazami…

Shun's outfit is a blue shirt, covered with a thin purple shirt with a triangular-backed ending. He has black pants with brown zipper like designs around them. His black hair consists of two layers. The first layer of hair is the front all one his forehead, and his second layer is the straight hair tied up in a ponytail. His light brown eyes are in an upset mood.

...And Alice Gehabich…

Alice's attire is a yellow dress with white shorts, a green blouse, and small boots colored white and green. Her hair is ginger orange and she has hazel eyes. As a natural beauty, she frequently attracts the attention of boys.

...Along with myself, Boruto… We are… The Bakugan Battle Brawlers!

Bakugan! One goal, two worlds!

The Bakugan Battle Brawlers In…

Leaving the Hidden Leaf!

All was calm and quiet in the Hidden Leaf Village, or Konohagakure no Sato, as night had fallen over Hi no Kuni, the Land of Fire. Almost everyone was asleep in their homes as the Chunin Exams and a recent invasion by members of Kaguya's clan, the Otsutsuki, had come to an end. The only ones still awake are the Hokage, his Anbu agents who are currently patrolling the village for any signs of danger, and the Hokage's son.

Although, he really doesn't consider himself the Hokage's son. Not anymore, at least.

Alone in his room is the eldest child of the Hokage, Uzumaki Boruto. Like his father he has spiky blonde hair although the spikes are smaller in number and much thicker, blue eyes, but he has his mother's skin color. Like his dad, he has a set of whisker birthmarks on his face. Two on each side for a grand total of four. He's currently wearing a black and dark red tracksuit similar to the one that his father used to wear. Although this similarity in his choice in clothing is not intentional.

Setting down a pen on a piece of paper, Boruto reached into his pocket and pulled out something that he'd managed to swipe from the Hokage during the invasion. The Leaf Headband that his father had taken from him during the Chunin exams for cheating by using a device that basically allowed the user to spam A-Rank and higher Jutsu without the need to use up so much chakra. But the man hadn't bothered to take the time to listen to Boruto's side of the story and simply stated that he wasn't worthy of the Leaf Headband.

The boy growled as he glared at the leaf symbol engraved into the metal plate on the blue cloth. So much hate and rage began bubbling to the surface like bad memories. The Hokage, Uzumaki Naruto, never really treated him as a father should after he became Hokage. Sure he always tries to be a father for Boruto's younger sister, Himawari, but whenever it's Boruto that's around the man just acts like a Hokage and not a father. All of these actions and his lack of presence in the boy's life as a father has caused the boy to harbor feelings of deep resentment, not just for Naruto, but for all positions of power in the world. Daimyo, Kage, Shogun, all of them.

Boruto has given his father numerous chances to straighten himself out and put family first, JUST ONCE IN HIS LIFE, but every single time he chose to put the village first all while giving some half-assed excuse as to why he couldn't be there for the family. So with a loud slam, Boruto put the headband on his desk with the letter and bolted out the window of his room. He's got a mission of his own to accomplish and he's not failing this one.

Little does he know that when he slammed his headband on his desk, the noise attracted the attention of his mother, Uzumaki-Hyuga Hinata.

"Boruto, are you okay, sweetie?" she asked as she entered his room.

Even after being put on the reserved roster rather than being an active ninja, Hinata has really kept herself fighting fit. But what do you expect from a ninja who was, at one time, going to be the head of her entire clan? Like all Hyugas, Hinata has the trademark white eyes of the Byakugan bloodline limit, although hers have a touch of lavender in them. Her indigo blue hair was cut short to being about shoulder length unlike when she was still an active kunoichi and her hair went down to the small of her back.

She looked around her son's room and saw no sign of him. She saw that her son's room was a disaster area! Now, she knows that not every child has the upbringing from being in a noble clan, and a child's room is not normally very clean, but her son's room looked like a tornado hit the place! Clothes had been scattered everywhere, his computer was leaning dangerously on the edge of his desk, the wallpaper had been torn off at random parts of the room, and it also looks like someone punched a spider web of cracks into one of the walls. Hinata couldn't help but wonder what had happened to put the room in such a state of disarray. Though in the back of her mind, she knows the exact reason.

She walked into Boruto's room, being careful of the sharper debris as she tried to walk around. Which is not easy, especially considering that her eldest left his ninja tools scattered about. Meaning sharp, bladed weapons such as kunai and shuriken, but also scatter mines that are made to puncture an enemy's feet and slow them down by scattering them along the ground. Very effective as she remembers.

She had the unfortunate accident of stepping on some when she was just starting out as a ninja.

Her eyes wandered around the messed up room before landing on something on her son's desk. The Leaf Ninja Headband and a neatly folded piece of paper that she recognized as a note. She was inwardly groaning at having to read it, mostly because even after his lessons in the shinobi academy Boruto has the handwriting of a drunk monkey on a sugar high. She breathed a sigh of relief after unfolding it, though. For it would seem that instead of writing the note by hand, he typed it.

But this relief quickly vanished as she proceeded to read the contents of the letter, and it was replaced even quicker by a sense of fear and motherly worry.

"To whomever it may concern,"

"By the time you read this, I will be away from the village like everyone wants me to be. I've seen the look in everyone's eyes at the Chunin Exams stadium when Hokage-Sama (I refuse to call him my father after what happened) revealed that weapon that I had no choice but to use. Yeah, you heard me. I had no choice whatsoever! Hokage-Sama didn't even let me give my side of the story before he just stripped away my status as a ninja right there in front of everybody, but the scientist who put the weapon on me told me that if I didn't use the weapon, or in his words 'test' it, it would immediately redirect all of my chakra back towards my core and cause me to quite literally self destruct, taking out a huge chunk of the village and countless lives with me! And with how dense my chakra is because of Hokage-Sama, that explosion wouldn't be a small one either!"

"I can't very well stay in this village anymore knowing that I'll just be treated by everyone as a pariah because of my actions. I already heard the whispers from lots of villagers before the invasion happened, and even more after it was over. They're blaming what happened on me and my actions. If you and Himawari are reading this, Mom, I'm sorry that it's come to this. I know that you both must be so disappointed by what I did, and my leaving the village, but try to understand why I did. I'll miss you both. Along with Hiashi-Jii-Chan and Hanabi-Obasan. I'll try to write letters to you all every chance I get, but for now I have to leave."

"Goodbye forever"

"-Uzumaki Boruto, the 'Hokage's Greatest Failure'."

"P.S., If I survive on my own out there long enough, I'll send back a souvenir for Himawari."

Hinata's tears had already fallen onto the letter and began to soak through the paper as she finished reading. Her son, her baby boy, had to endure all of that because of a mad scientist? No doubt this scientist was linked to Orochimaru somehow. With how quickly technology is beginning to advance these days, there's no doubt that this is something he would come up with.

But more importantly, her son is leaving the village for good!

She bolted out the same window that Boruto no doubt left from. This is no time for her to be crying. She's got to get to the Hokage Tower! Alert her husband! And more importantly, she has to hurry and set things right, before it's too late!

With determination in her eyes not seen since the Fourth Great Shinobi World War, Hinata bolted at full speed as she bypassed even the sensor type Anbu with pure speed alone.

'I will not lose my son!' she thought as she ran.

***To Be Continued…***

Ohhh, doggie! Does Hinata still have a chance at keeping her family from being broken forever? What awaits Boruto as he eventually traverses past the veil and into a more technologically advanced world full of plastic marbles that become giant monsters? Will the Hokage finally shape up and start thinking more like a father and less like a village leader? Or will baby fall down and go boom? Find out on the next exciting chapter of Bakugan Battle Brawlers: Beyond the Veil!

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