Izuku didnt know where he was. All he knew was that there was a villain with a teleporting quirk. And that he was now cained to a.. slab?

Then he saw it. It had a giant eye but there was no eye instead just an empty hole where the eye should be it had baggy pale but pink skin. All he knew was this was danger not a villain just danger.

On instinct he broke through a chain and slammed the beasts head onto the slab! Breaking its skull!

Instantly Izuku felt a wave of guilt wash over him. He just killed something. Harmfull or not he regreted it… until there was another one...trying to kill him. He then saw a pistol. He grabed it and shot the beast twice! Killing it! There was more and they where trying to kill him! That would not work.

9 months later

all might the symbol of peace and hope the one who decreased crime rates just by being in the area the villains worst fear. Clutches a wound as he curses himself for letting all for one his arch enemy survive. Cursing himself for letting midoriya fall into that damn portal. Suddenly a giant portal was smack dab in the middle of the fight and what came out of it he would never forget. A horde of demonic beings crawled out most looked different. Some large some small. Some had horns others had no eyes. Though they all seemed too have one thing in common. They wanted blood. At first he thought that these where villains though all for one was scared too why would be scared of something he planned? Its because he didnt plan this. The demonic forces ripped through the hero's and villains. They didnt care about sides they cared about blood. But then they just…..stopped abruptly. the ones that had eyes looked like they just shit their pants out of fear. The ones that didnt wrinkled their foreheads in shock. Then he noticed a single bolder with carvings on it right in the middle of where the portal was. And it glowed "they are rage brutal without mercy. But him? He will be worse. rip and tear until it is done." there where feral screams coming from the demons. they where meaningless though. Because when he appeared? He was like they said.

In a glimmer of fire and rage he looked at them all of them the demons looked back. Because too them this is their demon. He made no haste in attacking the demons after one that was braver was turned into a pile of blood bone and guts "and those who tasted the bite of his sword named him…..the doom slayer" green lightning danced around the slayer as he pulled the ribcage from a demon and used one of the ribs to stab another demon in the head! A braver bull like demon charged at the slayer trying to crush him. but that didnt happen. The slayer took the beast by the horns and launched him at another demon the resulting crash killing both and injuring another a small humanoid demon that could launch fireballs at him attacked though no power could save you from his wrath he rushed at the fire-weilder while the lightning surrounding him increased in numbers and brightness he grabbed the demons skull and well...CRUSH it didnt go so well for the demon

1 hour

all this happened while all for one looked at the slayer with interest as he stomped on the head of the last demon'I know what to do' "nomu..attack" a hoard of nomu came out from the buildings looking at the slayer who did the same this is what a.f.o expected what he did not expect was the nomu to look at him with….fear

so yeah I did a rewrite ya like it?