Young Wolford Becomes a Dragon Slayer

"Man, I still can't believe I killed my first demon and that was three weeks ago." A young boy recalled exciting.

The young boy is about ten years old with short purple hair and violet-red eyes. This boy is named Shin Wolford, a boy with incredible magic powers.

"I know, it was a successfully kill too, but Melinda wasn't quite happy about her going hunting a demon on your first day." The old man said.

He has white hair and a long silver beard that overreach his neck and brown eyes. He wears a brown robe and black boots. This old man is Merlin Wolford, Shin's adopted grandfather and a master magician.

"Yeah, she sure gave us an earful." Shin chuckled and look up at the blue sky as he and his grandfather are sitting on the roof of their wooden house together.

"Hey grandpa, have you ever wonder what the whole world is like outside of our kingdom?" Shin asked curious.

"Well, there were times when I thought about traveling the world meeting new people, seeing the new lands, and experiencing new things too, but I never got the chance to do them when I was doing other things that kept me in the kingdom." Merlin answered.

"I bet there are lots of fun things to see and do, and I'm sure you would have made lots of new friends." Shin believed.

"Maybe, but I'm old now and I don't feel like going out much. On the other hand, you could try traveling the world if that's what you want." Merlin said.

"Hmm, I'll think about it." Shin nodded and the two decided to go for a walk through the woods.

They've been walking for three hours enjoying the relaxing through the peaceful scenes of the forest while not encountering any demons in sight, for most of their life they knew the big forest like the back of their hands but then Shin started to notices something odd about their surrounding area.

"Uh, grandpa… are we still in our usual forest?" Shin asked.

"Hmm, now that you mention it, this doesn't feel like our area anymore. Perhaps we've been walking so much that we ended up in unknown territory." Merlin guessed.

"Weird, we should've notice something odd from just walking in the forest." Shin pointed out then he feels something in his head like a sharp instant thought suddenly appearing in his head.

Shin looks around for a few seconds until he stops staring at one direction through the woods.

"Shin, is something wrong?" Merlin asked.

"I don't know, it feels like something is calling out to me." Shin said and walk toward the unknown feeling as it gets stronger little by little.

"Shin, wait!" Merlin worried as he follows his grandson.

Two full minutes of walking later and Shin stop in front of a tall cliff side seeing a large marking of several dragons with other markings of different creatures, and a red crystal in the middle.

"My word, I have never seen anything like this before." Merlin said, seeing the amazing marking and the fact that it was here the whole time.

Shin look at the red crystal on the wall as the strange in his head is stronger.

"(This crystal, this was the one calling out to me.)" Shin thought as he reaches out for the red crystal.

"Wait, Shin! We don't know if it's dangerous or not!" Merlin warned.

But Shin didn't listen and grab the crystal which causes a suddenly gasp from his mouth then he started seeing visions of dragons all different shapes as they roar fiercely along with other beings, the markings on the stone wall shines brightly in rainbow colors including some dark colors nearly blinding Merlin as he cover his eyes with his arms. The shining lights went down for only a second before they glow brightly again as numerous small orbs of colors shout out of the stone wall going in different directions, a few seconds later the lights finally stop as everything seems calm again.

"Whoa, what was that?" Shin wondered and he notices the red crystal is not there anymore.

"Shin, are you alright?" Merlin asked worry.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm okay, grandpa." Shin nodded.

Merlin let out a sigh of relief that he's okay and saw something at the bottom where the red crystal use to be, he swipes away the dirt seeing two words engrave in the wall.

"Slayer Magic. Wait a minute, this couldn't be… could it?" Merlin shocked upon realizing something about this wall.

"Umm, what is it?" Shin wondered what his adopted grandfather is worry about.

"Shin, I think I know what this wall is and the magic power we felt." Merlin said.

"Really?" Shin surprised.

"Yes, if I remember my history correct: this wall must have been a symbol to the Lost Magic that has not been seen in over two hundred years." Merlin said with a serious expression.

"Lost Magic? As in magic that no one has use since who-knows-how-long?" Shin asked.

"That's right, and the markings here shows what type of Lost Magic it is. Shin, I believe we have stumble upon the Slayer Magic." Merlin revealed shocking Shin.

"Slayer Magic were known to defeating certain powerful creature that it was design to kill. The one that were most known than others were the Dragon Slayers." Merlin explained, and then realize something else.

Before he could speak to Shin, a demon white tiger burst out of the woods roaring loud.

"Whoa, a demon tiger!" Shin shocked.

"It must have come here because of the sudden burst of magic from the wall." Merlin theorized.

"Get back! I won't let it hurt you!" Shin stood in front of his grandfather protectively and emits sapphire blue flaming aura as his teeth becomes sharper.

"Sapphire Fire Dragon Roar" Shin unleashed a powerful stream of blue flame from his mouth as it engulfs the demon tiger disintegrating its body.

When Shin stop, he looks to huge trail of burning crate about one mile long and some of the trees that were there got burned away too.

"Did… did I do that?" Shin asked himself, feeling his magic power is different now.

"Shin!" Merlin cheered as he lifts Shin up spinning around a bit.

"I can't believe it! Never thought I would see the day that my grandson would become a Dragon Slayer!" Merlin laughed.

"Whoa, grandpa, calm down. You're going to give yourself a heart attack if you keep this up." Shin warned with a little laugh.

Shin: And that was the day I became a Dragon Slayer with the power of Lost Magic that was never use in over two centuries, and now I'm the first one. We went back home though we haven't told anyone who comes to visit us about what happened until I'm older, and since then I've been practicing a lot.

(Five Years Later)

Shin has turned 15 years old today and in this world that is consider adulthood as everyone he knew came to celebrate like his Granny Melinda Uncle Dis, big bro Sieg, big sis Christ, Uncle Michel, and the family friend Tom Hagg. At the party, everyone was shock that Shin doesn't know anything about the common things he has been doing combat and magic practice for most of his life, and Merlin completely forgot to teach him those things.

Now we see everyone on the magic training ground using Shin's Gate magic.

"Amazing! How'd we come so far in the blink of an eye?" Diseum gasped.

"Did we teleport?" Sieg asked.

"Yes, Shin made the spell himself." Merlin said.

"A spell like that could transport the world's supply chains, communication, even the way people think." Tom stated.

"As if it wasn't amazing enough, he mastered all the magic Merlin and I taught him." Melinda sighed.

"I'm enjoying the long walk and all, but is there some reason you brought us out here?" Michel asked.

"Yes, for safety I thought it would be best to here without much around." Merlin answered.

"Safety?" Melinda wondered what he meant.

"Trust, you're about to witness something that has not been seen in two hundred years." Merlin smirked, making everyone a little confuse.

"Alright Shin, the time has finally come to show them your Dragon Slayer Magic." Merlin said shocking.

"What Merlin, did you say… Dragon Slayer?" Melinda asked.

Merlin didn't answer as he chuckles, Shin starts emitting his sapphire blue aura around his body and increasing his magic power.

"(First, visualize the flames, then create a spark. As long as there's oxygen, this creates a small flame that dragons would do first when preparing their fire breath.)" Shin thought breathing in.

"No way… his power, it feels like a dragon is right in front of us!" Sieg shocked as everyone's the same reaction.

"(Isolate more oxygen and hydrogen. Encase the mixture sealing it from surrounding air and ignite it from the flashpoint of impact!)" Shin opened his eyes ready to unleash his attack.

"Sapphire Fire Dragon Roar" Shin fired his attack that created a HUGE explosion.

"Yeah, one of my favorite attacks. So, what did you think?" Shin asked, looking at everyone being all pale.

"MERLIN?! I can't believe you taught the boy all manner of magic and you never told us that Shin can use Lost Magic, one of the most powerful forms of magic, and you never even bothered to tell us!" Melinda yelled at Merlin as she shakes him.

"It was a sudden for us too when he got that power, we thought we wait for the right moment to tell you and he's been practicing his dragon magic as I help him a little. I just wanted to see what my grandson could do, is that so wrong?" Merlin asked and being scared of Melinda's rage.

"Why don't you ask the crater he left in the countryside?!" Melinda yelled more.

"Please, calm down, Granny. It's not good for your heart to get this worked up." Shin tried to reason with her.

"And whose fault it that 'm this worked up?!" Melinda asked, yelling at Shin now.

"I'M SORRY?!" Shin apologized.

A lot has happen during this day, like Shin has finally found out that everyone save for Tom are important people like Diseum being the king of the Earlshide Kingdom with his full name being Diseum von Earlshide. Christina, a member of the Royal Order, and Sieg, one of the court magicians, and they're both the king's escort. Michel used to be commander of the knights too. All those things that no one has ever told him, and it is all Merlin's fault.

Shin also got to learn about Merlin and Melinda's fight against a strong Demonoid that nearly destroyed the kingdom and took Diseum's life had they not come just in time though Shin was a bit confuse when Diseum mentioned that Melinda was "Bewitching" and Merlin was called "Ferocious" as Merlin himself said that "we were full of youthful excess" as he put it. Since that day, Diseum has formed a friendship that would last a lifetime, and he would come visit them so can belly-ache about work.

But there was one more thing Shin has learned about Merlin and Melinda's connection to each other.

"Those two did a lot more than form a party. They used to be husband and wife." Christina revealed.

"FOR REEAAAALLL?!" Shin shouted in shock.

(Half a Month Later)

Now Shin is standing in front of a large house that is almost like a mansion which belonged to Merlin and Melinda granted to them by the previous king before Diseum, they were greeted by servants of the house that bothers the two elders as they remember why they never come visit here. Shin was also shock that the capital called Merlin "The Wise man" and Melinda "The Guru" and people are already fan screaming when they learn about Shin being their grandson and calling him master too.

"Now Shin, be sure to be back here by sunset." Melinda said.

"Got it!" Shin nodded.

Shin started walking around the capital seeing the different sights and even brought something with money for the first time like getting an apple, he saw some signs that had the picture of his grandparents when they were young as advertisements.

Shin has enjoy seeing the city for the first time where Uncle Dis rule over, but after a full hour of walking he started to realize something.

"I might be lost." Shin said as he has no idea where he is now or if he's too far from the house.

"Please, let us go!" A girl begged.

"Seriously, get away from us, you creeps!" Another girl said.

Shin turn to his left seeing three muscle-looking guys surrounding two young girls who are about his age and those guys are causing trouble for them.

"Oh, scary. Stop with the harsh words, the boys and I just wanna have a little fun with ya." One guy said smiling creepy.

"(These guys are walking clichés and they about to get burn.)" Shin thought angered as he walks to them.

"Hey, are these guys bothering you?" Shin asked, getting the three men's attention.

"They are! We're extremely frickin' bothered!" The red hair girl answered.

"Are you trying to start something?" One man with the blue hair asked.

"That… and ending it." Shin punched the man in the stomach knocking him out-cold.

"Bastard!" "You'll pay for that!" The two other guys charge at Shin who easily took out one guy seeing as their movements are slow compare to his.

The last guy pulls out a dagger to stab the boy, but Shin easily disarm him with a karate chop to the wrist and punch him to a wall knocking him unconscious.

The two girls are shock seeing the new guy defeating those men so easy by himself.

"You two okay? Hope they didn't hut you." Shin asked.

"We're fine, but what about you? That guy pulled a dagger!" The red hair girl worried.

"Yeah, but luckily for me, he didn't know how to use it." Shin said.

"Um, thank you so much for helping us. I'm really grateful." The other girl said.

Shin got a good look at the two girls and suddenly his heart skips a beat or two as his cheeks blushes a bit as they are both pretty cute.

The first girl with long red hair that reaches her waist, and she has big brown eyes. Breasts sizes: DD-cup.

The second girl is beauty and cute with waist-length blue hair, and blue eyes. Breasts sizes: G-cup.

"Are you sure you're okay?" The blue hair girl asked noticing his strange expression.

"(H-How are they so cute and why do I feel like I want them?)" Shin thought confused.

(Later, Main Street Café)

"That was a close call. Thanks for helping!" The red hair girl thanked.

"Anyway, my name is Maria von Messina. And this is…" Maria gestured toward her friend.

"I'm Sizilien von Claude, please call me Sizilien." Sicily said.

"Nice to meet you, my name is Shin." Shin introduced himself.

"Dirty scumbags like those guys are just one more reason I need to learn some attack spells." Maria grumbled.

"Spells? Are you a student at the Magic Academy?" Shin asked curious.

"I will be if I pass the entrance exam next month. Sizilien is taking it too." Maria answered.

"Gotcha, I'm also taking the exam." Shin said shocking the girls.

"Seriously, you're good at fighting and yet you're training to be a magician?" Maria said.

"Both of us assumed that you must be studying to become a kniht." Sizilien said.

"Nope, I'm on the same path as you two. Let's both do our best." Shin extended his hand to them.

Maria shakes it saying she'll be getting the top scare as Shin doesn't mind and Sizilien was nervous at first taking his hand, but she took it wishing for the best.

"(Just wait until I wild you girls up with my Dragon Slayer Magic.)" Shin excited.

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