anime cries to readers and says There is something wrong with me ok I admit it!!!! AND IM FINE WITH IT SO HAHAHA!

This story has been haunting me like the others have so Im gonna do it.

It was a normal day in the village hidden in the leaves also known as Konoha. Civilians where walking around and ninjas where seen jumping from buildings, but we are going to focus on one particular ninja, Ren Nakumara {heheheheheheh}. She was a beautiful red haired woman with amber eyes and almost pale skin. She was on her way to the academy for her new job per say. It would have been fun, if not for the three ANBU following her from behind. She sighed and muttered loud enough for them to her 'Kami guys this is ridiculous" and they as usual ignored her.

She did nothing wrong really, All she did was blow up a simple 50% of the moon[YOU CANT STOP ME!!] and she planned on doing that to the planet. But apparently that was wrong and she would have been killed by ANBU, but she asked the Hokage to let newbies try and kill her. I men it would be practise and ANBU couldn't kill her.!

When they got to the academy, she moved at Mach 20 to Iruka's class and said as soon as she entered "Hi kids!"

Everyone was frozen until Iruka coughed and said "This was the new sensei I was talking about everyone. This is Ren Nakumara. And she's the one that um.. she uhh"

"I blew up the moon." she interrupted stepping forward "And in a few months I'm gonna blow up the earth"

It was so quiet a soon as she said that until the ANBU that were chasing her entered. The one wth the hawk mask spoke up "Iruka take the students that you will be teaching" which made him nod and a couple of students leave with him. When only a few of the student were left, Hawk nodded to the other ANBU and they left in a cloud of smoke. Hawk then said in a loud voice. "In the time period of which Miss Ren will be teaching you, by the order of the Hokage, you are to try and kill her. In other words this will be an assasination, but it will be hard. Observe" He suddenly got out a couple of kunai and threw it at her but her hair sprung out and got them in mid hair. All the sudents gaped at her but she just chuckled "Nfufufufufu this is fun"

Hawk ignored her and said "She will be teaching math, history and other stuff while I will be teaching you physical education as well as ways to try and kill her"

Ren giggled and picked up a book with the attendance in it. "Now its time or attendance everyone. Now Shino Aburame?"

"Here" a boy with a high colored coat and sunglasses replied in a montone voice, but she could see he was scared.

"Choji Akimichi/?"

"Here" a big boned boy replied

"Saskura Haruno?"

"Here" a pink haired girl squeaked out making Ren chuckle. "Nfufufufufufu! a scared little mouse in my class. Are all of you scared litle mice as well?'

"Oh shut up ya weirdo!" a boy with a dog on top of his head and markings on his face exclaimed jumping up and glaring at her. "Now I will for sure kill you first got it!"

At the word kill Ren froze. To most people kill was something they hard to do, the ninjas. tO To civilians, it was something terrible. To her and a couple of others it is a magic word. Kill. kill kill, kill KILL!

Ren dropped the attendance book and lapped her hands. then faster than the others could see, flashed over to the boy and held him by his hair and had a kunai by his throat. Smirking at the way his was shivering and whispered "Got ya"

Then letting go of him she walked back to the front and said "I really hope you guys do kill me, before graduation that is" turing her head to look at the scared students. She picked up the book and said "Now lets continue cha?'