It was raining that day.

Xehanort remembers of seeing the grave of his former four friends that day due to desobeying their master orders and went into a suicidal mission. Hermod,Urd,Bragi and Vor had all perish that day because of his cockiness. Him and his best friend,Eraqus,were the only ones to return alive. Xehanort still remembers of the scary heartless monsters that even chased him in his nightmares. They were diffrent from the rest. Incredibly tall,long arms with claws,long legs,two demonic horns in their head,a lizard tail with spikes that went all the way up to their nape,a mouth with sharp theeths,red circle eyes and all of their bodies covered in darkness.

The moment he saw them,deep inside his heart,Xehanort knew that they shouldn't have come there,in a world were it was already being swallow by darkness. Despite that,he,Eraqus and the rest of their group tried to fight back. But once of those heartless killed one of them,Xehanort stood petrified and horrified such as the rest of his friends. Eraqus snap him out of his petrefication and started to run along with his best friend and the group. Still,those demonic heartless killed the rest of their friends. And Xehanort and Eraqus could only run in despair as they hear the death of each one. Before being their time of being killed,Master Odin came to the rescue by moving the giant heartless away.

When returning to Scala,Xehanort and Eraqus start crying in sadness and terror for seeing their friends vanish one by one. Even more Xehanort,for being his fault of going to a dangerous place that was not ment to students like them to go. The sun was going down in the horizon as long with the day. The unpopulated city of Scala,was filled with the cries of the two. After that,Xehanort had changed. On the next day,Xehanort had come to Master Odin,saying that he wasn't worthy of being a student nor become a Keyblade Master after that accident. Eraqus insisted that he shouldn't blame himself for that and he should stay and continue his studies.

However,Xehanort's mind was made up and walked to the exit of the Scala principal walking in the middle of the city,wondering what he should do with his life. Then a voice could be heard. Behind him was a figure in a black coat. It would be the first time that this two met. The figure started talking,saying how of a rough day he had. It surely make him depressed. The death of his friends was heavy in his conscious. "Maybe if you had be more stronger they wouldn't have died. I know what you are thinking: "I wished I had be stronger. I wished I could have saved them. I wished I wasn't cocky." That's to many wishes my guy. And you only can have one. What about the one of controling the darkness and be stronger,huh? That doesn't seem to bad." Xehanort thought for a second. That's what he desperatly wanted in that moment of weakness and fear. If he had those things,he and Eraqus wouldn't be mourning the death of their friends. With that,he would never see someone that he cared,dying in front of him. No,this time,Xehanort would protect his friends. "Since I don't expect you to give me the answer in such a short amount of time, I will give you a ye-" The figure was talking but it was cut by Xehanort's answer.

"Yes" "HUH!?" Exclaimed the figure in black coat surprised. "I accept that wish. If you can grant me that,please tell me how to achieve it." "Hehe. You are a quick thinker,aren't you?" The figure asked. "Well,I can make you that wish have to do it yourself." The figure pointed to Xehanort. "But how?" Xehanort asked in frustration,thinking that this men was kidding with him. "It's more or less simple. Let's just say you are going to do visits in many worlds each year. And world by world maybe you can learn more about the darkness and the human heart. It isn't that your dream? To see other worlds?" He was right. Xehanort dream was to go to other worlds and see the new things that had in them.

But in the end,it wasn't all rainbows and flowers. Every world was filled with the darkness and heartless,some more than others(like the world were the tragic accident occured). Still,he wanted to see other worlds because their was so many of them and Xehanort only started visiting them 5 months ago were he and the group first landed in Agrabah. Now,that was just a secondary motive. The principal one was to become stronger,so he could protect what matters to him. "Hermod...Urd...Bragi...Vor... Sorry for not having the strenght back there to save you,it was an mistake that I shall learn with it. Eraqus...I will not let the same thing happen to you." "So? Do we have an agreement?" Asked the figure extending his arm to Xehanort for a handshake. "Yes,we have." Xehanort gave him a smile and giving his arm to do the handshake with the figure.

"Good! It was nice to do business with you young man." The figure exclaimed happily while turning his back to Xehanort and going away. "Hey! You're name? What is your name?" Xehanort asked making the figure stop and turn his head to him. "I think it's very very soon to answer that question. After all,you shouldn't be very relaxed with strangers." The figure said with a calm and serious voice,the last part before disappearing. Xehanort was left with very mysterious questions about who that person was.


In the rain,here he was in Scala's graveyard to pay respect for his dead friends. He was older now. With 19 years old, Xehanort was putting flowers in each grave. The bad memories of that day doesn't make him cry anymore despite of still appearing in his sleep every once in a while. After the meeting with that men in black coat, Xehanort decided to continue to study under Master Odin, to Eraqus happiness. But the relation between the two started to get cold. Xehanort wouldn't laugh as much as he usually do. They still played chess toghether but the sarcastic comments against each other were not very common anymore. As if Xehanort had matured and Eraqus still continue to be a funny and nice person. And speaking of the devil, Eraqus calls for Xehanort appearing in the graveyard. He said to him that he changed and asked if it was because of that day. Xehanort knew that Eraqus knew the answer to that. He would be half-right. Yes,the death of his friends change him,but it was not only that.

During these 4 years Xehanort made travels to other worlds as the figure had promised to him. In that time,he saw the darkness of the people. He saw the most disgusting part of generous,honest and nice people. It didn't matter how good they were,darkness would be in everyone's heart,so as light. In the end, some would it to gain more power and dethrone the stronger. For Xehanort,it showed how rotten this world had become and how some abused of their dark and light powers,creating an imbalance and sense of justice in Xehanort's mind. This also changed him.

Before he leaved,Eraqus reminded him that the Mark of Mastery exam was coming nearby. Eraqus also told him how he missed his old friends,that with them,things were better. For last,he said that he and Xehanort had score to settle being at Eraqus side 117 wins 312 losses and 8 draws. Xehanort smiled correcting Eraqus,saying that it was actually 107 wins,323 losses and 7 draws. Eraqus smiled back as Xehanort went out of the graveyard. Today was the day that he was going to do his final "world tour" before taking the Mark of Mastery exam. For this final one, the figure in black coat gave him another black coat that was meant to ward off the darkness,during one of the meetings that he and him usually made after every "world tour."

Opening the portal, Xehanort was ready to do this thing one last time wearing the black coat. "Are you ready?" Asked the figure appearing behind him. "Yeah." And with that Xehanort entered the portal.