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Chapter 1

Valentine knew he was losing the fight and needed to escape. Once again he was going to have to depend on his Stand's dimension hopping ability to get him out of there. Keeping in mind that D4C could only activate between two surfaces, he quickly threw a handful of sand in the air. This had been a split second decision; the only problem being that he hadn't had time to factor in which dimension to go to. This is how he had found himself in a small Japanese town whose name, he gathered, was Morioh.

Valentine's first instinct was to get as far away from his arrival position as possible, so he ran and continued running until he stopped to catch his breath near what appeared to be a derelict house.

He looked around and sensed that something was wrong. That was when he heard it; the tightening of a bowstring. For some reason, someone was trying to kill him, and with a bow and arrow, of all things!

Naturally wishing to avoid grave injury or death, Valentine reached for a sheet covering some construction material. He grasped it and waited.

Keicho had been watching this strange, pink trench-coated man since he had spotted him whilst walking home and had decided that the town needed another Stand-user. So, after the pink creature had stopped running, Keicho had crouched down and drawn back his bowstring, wondering what variety of Stand this man would develop, if indeed he developed one at all. He waited a couple of seconds to make sure the man hadn't spotted him, and released the arrow, perfectly straight and on target.

He had heard it – the twang of the arrow's release. The assassin had made his move, so Valentine must make his. With speed that even he didn't think possible, he summoned D4C, had it grab the tarp he was holding and trap the arrow between it and the wall which activated D4C's ability to send it elsewhere.

However, the second he'd done so he realised that once again he hadn't pre-determined its destination, but he highly doubted the eventuality that it would end up somewhere densely populated.

Having calmed down from the adrenaline rush, he suddenly heard what appeared to be the sound of marching and tanks. "No matter,'' thought Valentine, "they're most likely not here for me, and even if they are, they'll regret it"

Meanwhile, in the arrow's current dimension, Blake was taking a stroll through the forest for three reasons, the first being pure enjoyment; Blake had always been the team member who most enjoyed nature. The second reason was that she was practising orienteering and survival skills for an unsupervised team mission in four days' time. Having no teachers around meant that if they were to get lost with no-one to tell them the difference between poisonous and edible berries and other such important things, they wouldn't be making it back home. The third and most pressing reason was that she just needed a break from everyone's crap.

The last straw had been when Yang and Nora had got into a very petty fight over the last slice of pizza, during which it was a miracle the building hadn't collapsed – and to make it even more pointless, Ruby had arrived wondering what the fuss was about, taken the last slice of pizza and sat down to watch. Needless to say, the last thing Blake had seen was a shower of petals being pursued by fire and electricity. It was at this point that she had closed her book, stood up, announced that she was leaving, and did just that.

Blake suddenly heard a faint sound which pulled her from her thoughts; a sort of whistling, as if something were spinning and splitting the air apart. She attuned her ears to locate the source of the noise, and grabbing Gambol Shroud, she stood prepared for anything that could come her way, be it Grimm or The White Fang. However, as she snatched her weapon, she rested her arm's weight on it which caused the end to raise slightly.

This proved to be a mistake!


It felt as though she'd been punched in the back, suddenly and ferociously, causing her to drop her weapon. She instinctively bent to retrieve Gambol Shroud and it was then that she saw what had hit her . . . or rather impaled her, because sticking out of her chest was a blood-covered, golden headed arrow.

Her body reacted with a single, violent cough, producing a fine spray of blood which spattered the ground in front of her. She hardly had time to register surprise before her limbs began to lose strength and she felt herself collapse, first to the ground and then, more heavily, to the floor, which pushed the arrow back inside her.

As the blood loss continued, her brain began to drain of consciousness, as anguished questions rushed through her head:

Who did this?

Where are they?

Why? . . . . . . .

Blake would never get answers to these questions. She could never have foreseen or understood what the arrow was currently doing whilst bathed in her blood. "And what was it doing?" you ask.

Well, despite the arrow head's being made of sharp polished rock, it was dissolving! Meanwhile, its shaft was being expelled from her body.

As Blake woke up, she noticed that she was lying in something wet, and that she could taste blood. She made a move to kneel and realised just what she'd been lying in. The quantity of blood surrounding her freaked her out, especially since her memory was still fuzzy at this point.

As it began to clear, she remembered what had happened and instinctively put her hand to the place where the arrow had been protruding from her chest, and found . . . nothing. Not even a tear in her clothes. Understandably shaken by all this, she grabbed Gambol shroud and looked around to see whether her assailant was still around.

When she'd made sure that she wasn't in danger she sheathed Gambol Shroud and reached for her scroll to check how long she'd been out; it must have been several hours because it was now getting dark, and she needed to get back before everyone started to worry. Luckily, there was a lake nearby where she could wash off the blood, so she decided to visit that on the way back to Beacon.

As she took her first step, something snapped beneath her foot. She looked down and saw . . . the shaft of an arrow. But where was the head?

She gave this little thought as she hurried off to the lake and thence to Beacon.

However, if Blake had not been in such a rush, she may have noticed footsteps that were not her own. The maker of the footsteps approached the broken arrow shaft and stopped. It was wrapped in a black cloak which covered all but its head and its monster-like feet. The ends of the cloak were tattered. Its face, however, was its strangest aspect. It had bug-like pupil-less eyes which appeared to have loose stitches coming out of them. It had two yellow horns and a Mariachi-style hat. Its mouth, which was closed, had stitches at the sides like the ones in its eyes.

It reached out towards the broken shaft, revealing its hands, connected to its wrists by those ubiquitous stitches. Its purple fingers grasped the two halves of the arrow shaft, and opening his mouth to an inhuman extent, it shoved them in and started to eat them.

After this, it folded its hands back under its cloak and proceeded to follow Blake at a slow, purposeful pace.


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