Kyoya woke up in the middle of the night and carefully got out of Haruhi's embrace so as to not wake her. The darkness was comforting to his racing mind, and he sat on the floor and ran his fingers over the tatami mat. It was then that he realized that there were bandages wrapped around the palms of his hands. The cuts I made with my figernails must have been pretty deep. I probably cut my hands even more when I broke a lot of my things as well. Funny how that is the least of my worries. Now that he could think clearly, he considered his options.

He heard her stir. "Kyoya?" He made out her silhouette sitting up the bed.

"Just thinking about things…I fell asleep, but when I woke up my mind wouldn't turn off, so I decided to sit here and think," Kyoya answered.

Haruhi sat down next to him. Now that she was closer, he could make out more of her in the dark. She was looking at his face, noting how tired and stressed he looked. "Kyoya…what are you worried about? I mean what exactly is bothering you?" She leaned into his shoulder before giving him a hug.

Kyoya smiled at her, it was just like her to know that he was stressed over something. He twisted in her embrace to face her. "My mind is more clear now, and I'm processing what has happened. While I have no regrets, things are different now. The power my name once held won't be there anymore…I'll have to to make my own name in business now..."

"Do you want to talk about it?" she asked carefully as she released her hug and went back to resting her head on his shoulder. "You didn't tell me yet about how you really feel about being disowned." Looking back at the last chapter, he supposed that she was not wrong.

He gave a shrug. "What is there to really say? I can't say that I am not relieved, even if it causes problems for me in the short term. I think in the long run, this might actually help me with my plans."

"I agree...Your fa — no, that's not right — Ootori-san just doesn't understand how awfully controlling he is," she said, patting his shoulder. "I don't think he forced you to do anything out of malice until today." She paused as if what she had said had been somewhat distasteful. "Even so, he often forgot to think about how it was affecting you, making him hateful and his actions not okay. Just because he was your father doesn't mean you should let him continue using you as his puppet." How very naive and insightful of her. Yes, I was a puppet. Nothing but another high-ranking member of the Ootori Group. Or at least that is how Yoshio treated me and my brothers. As for whether he had meant well by being so stern and urging me to succeed...that's much harder to say, but I do believe that he did in a way. Kyoya smiled. "I'm actually kind of glad that you are free from his clutches," she added with her trademark sweet smile.

"Is that so?" He paused. "Now, if something else happens and I need a lawyer, are you going to help me?" he asked lightly, his voice sounding surprisingly happy. He found it amusing that he could make a joke despite the fact that he was decidedly not in such a mood.

She laughed and nodded. "I haven't studied law in school yet, but you can be sure that I will do my best!"

He sighed as his temporary, faked joy left him. "Haruhi, have you ever read The Girl Who Lost Her Wings?" Tamaki had gifted him the book on his birthday last year. It was about a girl who gave her wings up for finding happiness, only realizing afterwards that she had been happy the way she was. Her happiness, her wings, had given her the freedom to fly and see the world. The message of the book was clear: one who runs after happiness will run past it.

The story was rather cheesy, but Kyoya could relate to the character, because he, too, once gave up his happiness for obtaining happiness that had never been his own. Haruhi knew that he used to chase his happiness and went way too far after empty sparkles. When he first read the book, he almost anxiously wondered if the girl would ever get her wings back and if he would ever get his own happiness back… Now he was free, even if it was not under the most desirable circumstances, and he was with Haruhi, which made him undeniably happy, but his wings were faded. He was sure that they had been on the brink of being lost until the Host Club had come into his life.

"I read it, yes." Haruhi took his bandaged hand in hers.

"Do you think I have lost my wings?" his voice was serious.

She looked up at him and her eyes widened at the sadness in his eyes. "I..." she stammered.

Kyoya gave her hand a squeeze and looked into her eyes, "If I ever happen to give up my wings," he said, "don't let me..."

She nodded, looking unsure as to how to respond to such an unusual exchange. "With your determination to make a new name for yourself, I don't think that is going to happen anytime soon. You just have to continue believing in yourself, even if the Ootoris do not."

Kyoya had fallen silent. There wasn't anything to say. He knew Haruhi didn't expect him to say anything. Instead, they both went back to bed, and she nuzzled up to him. While he was not a fan of physical contact, he enjoyed having her next to him and cuddling with her. It felt right, in a way, in a world full of wrongs. It was hard to believe that less than a week before, he and Haruhi had not been dating. They had gotten so close so quickly. Maybe because we have known each other for so long and had developed a mutual respect for our abilities.

Kyoya woke up to the overly loud and obnoxious ringtone that signaled that Tamaki was calling him. Only one emotion filled him now: anger. His hand groped around for his phone until he finally got a hold of it. I was this close, THIS CLOSE to getting a decent amount of sleep and waking up this morning in a relatively good mood.

"Tamaki? What is he doing up so early?" Haruhi said sleepily as she woke up as well. "He has no common sense." Blunt as usual.

"He does have a death wish, apparently," he replied before answering the phone. "What do you want, Tamaki? It's freaking 5:30 in the morning. I want to sleep some more. In case you didn't know, I didn't exactly have the best day yesterday."

"I know Kyoya, but you HAVE to come to school RIGHT NOW!" Tamaki was practically shouting into the phone with excitement. Kyoya pried the phone from his ears out of a desire to keep his hearing intact.

"Tamaki, stop yelling and tell me what you want." The blond gasped dramatically.


"Because you are moronic and I'm tired of your shit, DADDY DEAREST!" The last thing I want to do is go to Ouran early so that people have more time to gossip about my disownment and offer me "pity." Tamaki gave a plaintive "eep" and hung up. Probably went to cry in a corner or something out of fear, rejection, and self pity. Haruhi seemed to melt into the walls.

He got up and got his new pair of glasses from his suitcase. "Okay. Haruhi. Let's get going. Better go and check what Tamaki has prepared for me before he grows a mushroom forest." She chuckled nervously as he sat back down on the bed.

"Umm, I still need to change. And you might want to change into a spare uniform and change your bandages. Your uniform is all wrinkled now." It hit him that he had not changed out of his uniform since the previous afternoon and that it had gotten all messed up while he had slept. The bandages were dirty and stained with his blood. Haruhi, meanwhile, was currently in her pajamas. Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.

"All right, then. We will change and then head to Ouran." Suddenly the doorbell rang, and Kyoya stood up. "I'll get it. You go get ready, Haruhi."

He did not know who he had been expecting to ring the doorbell at an ungodly hour of the morning, but his three bodyguards definitely were not on his list of potential suspects. He stood, frozen, as he stared at the three faces he thought he would never see again.

"Master Kyoya! We just left the Ootori mansion, and we are here to continue serving you as team Kyoya," Tachibana began. What? Seriously?

Hotta nodded, his black sunglasses complementing his stoic aura. "We did not want to leave you, sir."

"We can drive you around in our car, just like we did in France," Aijima finished. Thank god. I did not want to walk everywhere I had to go. What would I do without your service?

Kyoya grinned evilly, hiding his surprise and joy at seeing them again. "I see. Is there any reason why you guys came to say this so early in the morning?" The three sweatdropped, and Kyoya's smirk grew.

"We'll be in the car, then. Just come out and get in once you and Fujioka are ready." Kyoya nodded, and the three (somewhat relieved to not have to stay) men left.

Haruhi then stepped out of her room, finally fully dressed. "Kyoya, are you sure you want to go? I'm sure you don't want to deal with your classmates yet."

Kyoya sighed. "I don't. I have no idea what they might say or do about the fact that I have been...disowned." To make it more annoying, there will probably be some rumors that will spread as to why. She frowned as she put on her coat.

"Why don't you skip school today? Yesterday was fairly hectic for you, so you should take some time to relax and figure out what you want to do. You can stay here and search online for an available apartment or something. I'm sure Tamaki could get your schoolwork for you and share his notes with you. Knowing you, missing a day would hardly cause your grades to drop."

Kyoya smiled at her thoughtfulness. "Tamaki would be distraught, so I don't think that is happening. He has a surprise all ready for me. That's why we are both up so early in the first place." Sigh.

"Why don't you go see what dramatic surprise he has for you and then come back?"

Kyoya looked at his watch. Only one day off. It would not kill me to relax for just a day, would it? I'll meet with Hayoto Hitachiin another day as well. "Fine."

When he arrived at Ouran and stepped into the music room, he was half-expecting Tamaki to dramatically appear with a parade of baby elephants. Maybe even fully grown ones if the blond could manage to get them inside Ouran. Instead he found Tamaki dramatically yelling at the twins for who-knows-what.

"YOU SHADY TWINS! YOU TWO WILL NOT MESS IT UP FOR KYOYA!" The blond' face contorted with anger and his eyes seemed to burst into flames, making him look almost comical. Kyoya's eyes began to twitch, and Haruhi looked like she wanted nothing more than to go back home. He sympathized.

"We just wanted to have some fun," Hikaru replied in a callously annoyed voice. "A harmless prank won't hurt. It will cheer him up. Obviously you don't want him happy." Tamaki spluttered comically. Seems like Hikaru and Kaoru had a prank planned for me. How is that supposed to make me happy again?

Kaoru finally brought to the two idiots' attention that he and Haruhi were silently watching the mayhem. "Tono, Hikaru, Haruhi and Kyoya-senpai are here. Seems like we can't do the prank after all." Kyoya rolled his eyes. What a pity.

Tamaki and Hikaru froze and turned to face Kyoya. "HARUHI! Did Mommy terrorize you this morning? DON'T WORRY! DADDY WILL SAVE YOU!" The blond ran towards her and defensively hugged her from behind.

Haruhi, deadpanning, expertly wiggled out of his grip. "I think I am more frightened by that prospect than I was of Kyoya's irritability. Besides, if what you said about him being dangerous is true, doesn't that mean that you put me in danger this morning instead of saving me? You were the one who made him angry by waking him up so early."

Kyoya smirked as the twins gave identical evil grins. "Some father you are, putting your daughter in danger like that," the Hitachiins said in unison. Tamaki gave a strangled gasp and ran to the nearest corner to be emo in what was a performance worthy of a Japanese Academy Award.

Kyoya ignored the blond's display of dejection and turned to the twins. "So, what surprise did our brilliant president come up with?"

They shrugged their shoulders in sync. "He brought a present for you and we are going to watch a movie to cheer you up or something. That's why we are meeting so early in the morning. Milord wanted Honey-senpai and Mori-senpai to come as well, but they have classes so they can't." Hikaru explained. That is not overly extravagant at all. Did Tamaki actually think it through this time?

"Tamaki came up with such a normal idea?" Haruhi asked incredulously. "It's rather nice of him to think of what Kyoya would like instead of just going all out as usual." It is. Thank you, Tamaki. Even though you clearly could have done this after school at your house instead of so early in the morning.

"You really think so, daughter?" Tamaki cried with happiness as he ran to hug Haruhi again. And you ruined it, you idiot.

"I regret saying that now." The blond ignored this, pulling out a present badly wrapped in a decidedly garish looking wrapping paper decorated with bright, almost psychedelic colors.

"For Mommy, because he deserves the best after being so HEARLESSLY disowned! MON AMI! We are all sorry about what happened. I know that this will only lead to better things in the future, but it must be AWFUL!" I'm touched, but will you please learn how to wrap presents properly or at least have someone else do it for you? Kyoya gingerly took the gift and peeled off the wrapping paper. He unveiled a Pineapple laptop similar to his own, but it was sleeker and was lavender instead of gleaming silver. The top was decorated with a simple but elegant floral design done in black, grey, and a darker shade of purple. "Wait, why are your hands all bandaged?"

Kyoya did not answer the question. "So you actually did end up getting me a new laptop," he finally said, amused. "This is actually very nice."

The blond turned into an over-eager puppy, complete with enlarged eyes and "paws" dangling in front of him. "Isn't it? I was going to get you twenty of them, but Shima said no, so I just got you one."

What would I have done with twenty laptops? Seriously? "Does it have more RAM and a longer battery life than the one I currently have? Otherwise this isn't particularly useful." He knew the laptop did because he was familiar with the particular model, but he wanted to get his revenge for being woken up so early. Tamaki's face dropped.

"I don't know…" Kyoya adjusted his glasses, pushing it up the bridge of his nose with his index finger.

"Don't tell me you were so concerned about personalizing the appearance that you did not think about the actual functionality of the laptop." Tamaki went back to the corner, and Kyoya smiled innocently.

"It does have more RAM and a longer battery life, doesn't it?" Haruhi asked, deadpanning at Tamaki's drama. Kyoya shrugged nonchalantly and his smile grew.

"Tono, let's watch the movie, Kaoru reminded the blond.

"Oh, right. We are watching the Lion King. I watched it when we stayed in Boston for five months, and it is amazing!" The hafu went on to gush about how wonderful the movie was.

"Let's get on with it," Kyoya told him with a sigh, but then smiled. "I do appreciate all of this. Tamaki, you just wanted me to relax a bit, didn't you?"

The blond smiled in return. "Again, with all that happened, I thought you might need this. You did so much for me, between managing the Host Club and dealing with the Suoh scandal...I just thought I should do something for you."

Kyoya's gratitude towards Tamaki quickly evaporated when the blond started to cry hysterically during the movie. Haruhi, who had been resting her head on his shoulder, and he exchanged looks. That's the second time this morning that he has made me regret thinking of him as anything but an idiot. A kind idiot, but an idiot nevertheless. As soon as I am grateful, he reminds me of how stupid he is.

Still, Kyoya had to admit that was a wonderful morning, considering recent events.