The Soul of Innocence Chapter 1: Out of Time

The wind rushed through the hair of the iconic Team RWBY as they fell. Fell deeper into the darkness that consumed their sight, they called out to each other, but only faint whispers responded. Believing that such whispers were one another, they held onto life. To hope. An expansive mist covered all they could see and then a cold wave washed over them like a cleansing fire.

Ruby's silver eyes snapped open to see the dark stone beneath them and a cold wave of air flows over her, forcing the young girl to sit up. Blake, Weiss and Yang were all wide awake and standing with understandably confused expressions. Lilac eyes moved to Ruby's moving form and crouched next to her with a concerned frown set upon her.

"H-Hey Ruby… how're you feeling?" The blonde placed a hand on her sister's shoulder and rubs it gently

"I'm… fine? I just feel kind of really weird." Ruby answers honestly, standing up and scratching her head

The 17-year-old brunette then took in her surroundings and then her jaw dropped.

The sky was an expansive fire orange, the clouds could be on fire if someone were to stretch their imagination far enough. And one thing that baffled all of them equally… was the moon. It was whole and far too big. Not to mention… it leered at them, making the sky beautiful yet hard to gaze for too long. The teen tore her eyes away from the scenery and tuned in to what the white-haired Heiress was saying

"... cannot be possible! How on Remnant did we end up in… this place?!" Weiss paced back and forth frantically.

"Look… wherever we are, we should go and see what's ahead. Maybe there's someone who could help us out?" The raven-coloured girl spoke her mind and held her hands together, tight and shaking nervously.

Ruby turns around to see a small lamp and kneels by it, about to touch the cold metal but her action was cut short.

"We tried touching it, nothing happened. It… feels inviting, doesn't it?" Yang informed the redhead. Ruby stood up and away from it.

The team walked down the stone path before seeing a horde of people carrying torches. They decided to come back and formulate a plan to try and escape back to Remnant, for it was obviously clear they weren't there anymore. Yang peered down the ladder and saw one person roaming and two seemingly asleep at the bottom. They… looked like Faunus yet all one species and too deformed to be called such.

Yang slid down the ladder to attempt to greet the man, only to be met with blind fury of an axe. She deftly dodged the blow, the axe clanging against the ground and a growl escaping from his mouth. She knocked the man onto his back before climbing back up. As she did, a maddening screech sounded off, the team being sent off the deep end of nervousness, coming to a stable point of fear.

"O-okay, whatever… that was, i-it certainly wasn't good" Ruby managed to stammer out her words before taking a few deep breaths and sorting herself out for the most part. "I… see a building over there, looks fairly important. M-maybe we should check it out? It's just down the road next to the… D-dead horse and the carriage."

Team RWBY accepted it, giving various kinds of ways of agreeing before all of them sliding down the ladder and quickly evading the man without him noticing and without the use of their semblances. The gate to the entrance was already open, alongside the door slightly further up. The four girls heard an occasional growl from down there and investigated with caution.

Blake smelled blood, foul breath and rotting flesh long before the others and when they came down the stairs, all crouched down to decrease the amount of noise coming from them, an unusually large wolf snapped its head towards the girls, smelling it's prey before its body moved with it. Blood and entrails hanged from its mouth as it lunged towards them, straight through the doorway. Yang rolled back and clocked it right in the jaw, the attack stopped the beast in its path but did, to her and the teams surprise, next to no damage. The wolf snapped its jaws at Yang, but she dodged it barely due to the enclosed space.

The team ran out in an attempt to gain the advantage. Blake and Ruby hid next to the wall as Yang goaded it out into the open, Weiss behind her for protection due to the white-haired girl's lack of unarmed combat experience

Blake jumped atop the beast and tried her best to dish out some kind of damage. It flung her to the ground and bit hard on her arm, causing copious amounts of blood to spill from the wound as she screamed out in pain. The bipedal wolf let go as a flurry of punches hit its neck, the beast choking due to the speed of the attacks. It turned towards Yang but Weiss shoved a sharp wooden plank into its thigh. It roared out in pain as it used the anger to fuel its attack, lunging and slashing Weiss across the chest multiple times in quick succession.

While this was occurring, Ruby was occupied with moving a whimpering Blake away from the creature when they both saw Weiss' wounds appear, staining her once-immaculate white dress. Their eyes all grew wide and Ruby stared forward, setting Blake down and launched forward, attempting to use her semblance but failing due to a sickly feeling upon trying. Her punch landed weakly but before the beast could think a long whip-like blade came crashing down on its neck and ripped out a chunk of flesh. A moment later, the blade extended and wrapped around the throat of the blood-soaked beast. The blade was tugged on hard as a squelch and a loud tear came from the wolf, the head slid off its body and fell to the ground with a sickening thump.

The blade rejoined its owner, connecting into a long saw-like blade. The owner was wearing a long black coat going across their right knee. There were numerous straps on the waist of the figure, wrapping around a slender body with the coat fitting tightly around the person's torso. The rest was tucked underneath a short cloak that covered both arms but revealed a definitely feminine figure. The part of the coat that covered her face and the hat were different, however. While both fit together well, it was clear they weren't made for the same outfit, the cap adorning a royal look with a singular grey feather in the top. Blake, Ruby and Yang stared at the woman with intrigue for a few seconds before hearing Weiss gasp out in pain.

The girls rushed over to her as she clutched her chest in pain, breathing heavily and coughing blood out of her mouth, Blake sprung into action, undoing her wraps on her arms and wrapping them over Weiss' wounds in an attempt to stop the bleeding. Ruby stared at the Heiress' writhing body while holding her hand tightly.

"Y-You're gonna be okay Weiss, B-Blake's g-gonna patch you up. You'll be fine!" Ruby smiled nervously as those words left her mouth, wanting to believe them but… the wounds were too deep, too big. A gloved hand gripped her and Blake's shoulders firmly, pulling them away from the white-haired girl's slowly bleeding form.

Blake growled and pushed back, her hands trying in vain to stop the bleeding along with the bandages but the blood kept seeping through the girl's pale fingers. She looked into the dying girl's eyes and took a shaky breath, tears falling down along with the rest of the team. The woman's gloved hand gripped firmer, pulling Blake to look at her in the eyes. They were pale blue with wisps of darker blue in them, giving off an ethereal look. The woman sighed and simply shook her head with an apologetic look in her eyes.

"She cannot be helped, unfortunately… if there were something I could do, I would do it immediately. The best thing to do… is to release her from the pain." The woman spoke her mind and stated it with conviction. The three girls erupted in a slew of outraged swears, curses and Yang cocked her fist back for a punch when a frail hand rose up to stop her

"... I-I'm… sorry, you guys. I w-was c-careless…" Weiss looked to the team, coughing harshly with a clump of blood coming out "I-it… hurts. L-let t-them do it… P-Promise me you'll… you'll guide my team out o-of this place."

"You three will want to look away. This will be quick, but not very nice to look at…" The woman pulled out a pistol and aimed it at Weiss' head. The girls turn away and Yang covers Ruby's ears and the redhead covers her own eyes.

The wait seemed like hours for all of them, but just when they began to look, an insanely loud crack snapped across the area, filling it with a flash…

Ten seconds…

Twenty seconds…

One minute…

Two minutes…

Five minutes…

No time seemed like the right time to speak so she may as well do it now.

"You aren't a Native of this accursed place… I can smell it on you all. You don't carry the same… cynicism about you."

"Wh… What the hell did you think we were gonna be like?!" Yang shouted out, eyes red with anger and sorrow "You think we're gonna be okay after all of this?! Y-You put the barrel right to her head, ya sick fuck!" the blonde went to punch the woman, but she simply dodged until Yang finally stopped, courtesy of Blake who, at the time, was comforting Ruby.

The woman did not try to stop Yang's punches, deflect them or even retaliate in any way… for she knew oh so well how that anger felt… it had been there since she had killed the fiery, stunning pale beauty of woman she came to learn so much about. But it was not the time for mourning, it was the time for swift vengeance in numbers that would fuel her fire one more time…

"Follow me, young children. Let the Hunt begin anew again… and before we go, you best learn this adage. 'We do not know why, nor should we… for the Eldritch Truth dooms us all, do not avoid the Truth… for it seeks us out' you'd better remember it"

The bells ring once more... And so our eyes have opened

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