Mirror Tulip (or M.T for short), Jesse Cosay, and the deer were going to the next car, Jesse excited to see what's next.

"I'm excited! Who do you think we're gonna meet?! An epic guy who can do cool things?!" Jesse asked.

"Look, I don't know! I just want to relax!" M.T said, clearly grumpy.

Jesse opened the car door, and showed a abandoned pizzeria. The deer instantly was walking inside, looking around.

"Hey look! Alan Dracula likes this place!" Jesse said.

"Oh great, he likes this place! Just great! Fantastic!" M.T groaned.

They were walking when the lights shut off, and they couldn't see.

"Ah! who turned off the lights?!" Jesse shouted.

"Calm down, Jesse. It's probably Alan Dracula eating the wires again. Alan Dracula!" M.T called.

Jesse pulled out his flashlight, and looked around. He then saw three animatronics on the stage in front of him. One was a brown bear with a black tophat and bowtie, and he was clutching onto a microphone. The one to the left of the bear was a bluish purple bunny, with a red and white arrow guitar and a red bowtie. The one to the right of the bear was a yellow chicken, with a baby bib that said "Let's Party!", and she was holding onto a pink cupcake. Jesse panicked as he felt like he was being watched.

"W-who's there?!" Jesse shouted.

"I don't was recognize you, you are new. I remember this... scenario..." a creepy voice said.

Jesse turned to see a clown face, and he went to scream, but she shushed him by covering his mouth.

"Shh... they will hear you..." the clown said.

Jesse got a better look at this clown. She had a red crop top and skirt on, and she has white skin. She also had rosy red cheeks and a clown nose. But the had lines going across her face, and her emerald green eyes stared right into Jesse's soul.

Jesse removed her hand, which was super cold as metal. "Alright, I'll be quiet! Wh-what's going on?" he whispered.

"There waiting for their killer to come back. But will he? You will die here, and no one will remember you..." the clown said.

"W-wait, what?!" Jesse screamed.

And just like that, the animatronics behind him woke up, and stared right at Jesse. He looked back at the clown, which was gone. He saw them moving their feet, sparks and wires coming off of their feet as they went against their placement. Jesse panicked and ran to a nearby room, hoping to escape the animatronics. He ran into a wall with boards on it. He quickly peeled off one of the boards and crawled into the room, hoping the animatronics weren't small enough to fit into there. Once he was through he could see an eye look at him, and he breathed heavily. He crawled back until he bumped into something. He looked as he saw a green, decaying bunny suit that had eyes staring at him. He panicked as it began to get up, and stare him down. Jesse panicked as it grabbed the front of his shirt and lifted him up, bringing Jesse right to its face.

"What brings you to the sealed off room?" the bunny asked.

M.T had found Alan Dracula, and was now looking for Jesse. He was just in this room, with the tables and chairs all messed up. She looked at she saw a bluish purple bunny staring at her, and she panicked.

"H-hey, Mr. Bunny! How are you?" M.T chuckled.

The bunny charged for M.T, and she panicked. She dived out of the way, hoping the bunny won't see her. Unfortunately it did, and M.T had to run.

"JESSE?!" M.T called as she ran.

Jesse could be heard screaming, and M.T ran for it to where she thought she heard Jesse, but when she got there, she saw a boarded off room. She saw one board removed, and she panicked.

"JESSE, ARE YOU IN THERE?!" M.T screamed, banging on the boards.

"HEEEELP!" Jesse screamed from the other side.

M.T began to bang on the door with her shoulder, and since she's chrome (or whatever she is), it didn't hurt. She kept on banging until the board finally gave way and made her fall to the ground, seeing some sort of rotting bunny suit. She saw Jesse cowering in the corner, clearly fearing this bunny.

"HEY, DOOFUS! COME HERE!" M.T shouted.

The rotting bunny looked at M.T, and it tilted his head.

"What on earth are you?" it asked.

M.T scoffed. "That doesn't matter! Come kill me instead!" M.T said, not liking how she worded that.

The rotting animatronic charged for M.T, and she leaped out of the way, jumping onto it and armlocking it around the neck. It struggled as it tried to throw her off, it hitting walls. M.T moved as it hit itself from hitting the walls, and once it took one final blow, it wobbled, and fell down. M.T got off of it and headed up to Jesse.

"You alright?" M.T asked.

Jesse nodded and got up, seeming very worried.

"Hey, its okay!" M.T said.

"Lets get out of here before that gets up!" Jesse said, pointing to the bunny.

"Yea! I wonder where Alan Dracula is?" M.T said, going out of the boarded room.

When M.T stepped out she saw lights, and the animatronics were gone.

"Huh?" M.T was confused.

The area was all cleaned up, and there were people here?! This place has killer animatronics! M.T slowly walked past the set up tables and chairs, and past the kids. They reached the other car door, and left the area, relieved to be out of there.

Jesse sighed. "Thank goodness we got out!" he said.

"Yea! I hope that will never have to happen again." M.T said as Alan Dracula went to go to the next car.

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