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There was nothing but darkness in front of me. Like night, but way way darker. There were no stars around me, only an inky black darkness, with me floating right in the middle of it.

Of course, that was only if it had any boundaries.

For a second, I was sure that it was the result of overdosing on a cocktail of drugs before passing out, a drug fueled acid trip mixed with a dream. But those usually weren't lucid. I pinch myself to make sure that it wasn't a dream.


The pain was definitely real.

For a moment, I sit there and just watch, trying to make out some patterns in the swirling mist like darkness. And then I remember something.

I liked chocolate fudge.

And then slowly, but surely, I remember bits and pieces of memories. They were little innocuous things that one didn't even think about, like being left-handed, or hating the buzz cut that you had to get due to the skin infection you get afterwards.

Much like building a jigsaw puzzle, the memories that were at the corners were the first to come. I remembered some stuff, mostly the miscellaneous things about the person who I must once have been, but nothing big.

I couldn't remember my name. Nor my parent's name. And don't even get me started on finding out whether I got laid or not.

It seems I forgot everything identity related and only remember experiences and knowledge.

I admit, I panicked a bit but I tried to calm down which did help but my mind was still in turmoil, what was I? Who am I? Do I even have an identity anymore?

I floated, lost in the vast space, in this mysterious black fog which seemed to start taking the few memories I still had.

And then, there was light. With a flash that made me wince reflexively by its sheer brightness a screen appeared in front of me, blowing away the fog that had crept over me. I stare at it in confusion, a small translucent square that had popped out in the middle of a huge white void.

[Hey, you. You're finally awake]

The words, they sounded familiar. As if I had heard them throughout my entire life. I pause for a few seconds, and then groan.

Fucking Skyrim. This is such a goddamn mess.

[Hey! It's not nice to insult the one who is going to be your greatest ally!

I have researched your culture and have found that the most annoying way to greet you was with a classic line from the Elder Scrolls!]

Inaccurate, the real way to be truly annoying would be to tap someone on the shoulder, vibe check him, stuck him into a rattling cart and then say the classic I suppose the dawning realization of a shitty situation like this and the horrible greeting did its job… but the Elder Scrolls? Really?

The letters turned to mist as it rearranged itself once more before my very eyes, my fingers pinching my thigh reaffirming I am not asleep. High? Possibly, if I was a druggy.

[As I said I tried my best to annoy you!

But anyways welcome to the 'Game' is what I think you call it.]

And there it was, the most bullshit power in the whole omega superverse or whatever… But regardless, there is seemingly no rhyme or reason for this. Why me?

"How did I get here and why… Please, could you tell me?" Being polite is always something that might help so why not.

The letters dispersed but were seemingly stuck, I'd suppose this was something akin to being dazed?

[Wait wait! don't tell me you got brain damage when I got you here!

I thought I went through the procedure perfectly!

What did I do wrong now!? For #"!# sake!]

My mind blanked as I processed what was just said, and hot fury rose from the depths of my soul as my blood started pumping.

"YOU FUCKING SHIT STAIN WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO TO ME YOU INBRED SON OF A FURRY!" I panted, not realizing I had just insulted an entity strong enough to level galaxies as anger had blinded me.

[Ah thank me I guess everything is ok!

So anyway, why you are here..? Honestly even I don't know but the most you will get out of me is that I was bored and that's it.]

Trying to calm down but only forcing myself to put on a facade of it I thought back, long and hard on how it possibly happened. I bared my teeth as I realized I do not know what happened, at most I could say that I died but how is another matter.

So, this is it then? I'm just a play thing for this being of unimaginable power and only due to its mercy was I still in a somewhat living state!

[So, it's fine and all but we need to get going because I have stuff to do.

Short explanation: you got a 'awesome' system that allows you to grow without limits and you get stronger by killing or doing certain tasks and all that stuff.

So, all you got to do is just survive and travel other worlds and give me entertainment easy right?

It's not all that bad for you too you know. You have a chance to be something in your life aren't you glad?

You get your own 'Menu' like from the games!]

No calm down...

It's all coming back now, blurry it may be… I got shot? In the head maybe? I can't really remember as this event damaged my memories or is this a weird coping mechanism?

Flashes of memories living in the streets scavenging for scraps of food, begging passerbys for money. Men offering me a chance, me taking it.

Being introduced to the underworld as the group that took me in trained me. Used as an informant at first before being trained how to fight, my prodigious talent and will to survive causing me to become pig-headed from picking fights, winning and a lot of times without a scratch. Becoming a noted individual with a bounty on his head. A sniper possibly.

A world corrupted, where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, one of the unlucky street rats probably a son of a whore unlucky enough to get pregnant and no cash to get me aborted. A world teeming with red tape and the stench of greedy businessmen. A world I prospered in and promptly put down during an unlucky day where I was relaxing, reading up on technology tinkering with it, and boom! Just like that.

Fury bubbled up in me but I pushed it down, my rage quelled for now. If only by the off chance with this god given opportunity, I could crush that world beneath my foot. I breathed out, my blurry memories becoming once more barely comprehensible as I thought about the life I've lived.

The screen started flashing brightly drawing my attention to it, and I just realized I was lost in my thoughts.

[You're starting to annoy me if you are going to go off on your tangents so I'm ending this as fast as I can.

You get a gamer style system and your objective is to get stronger and the reason for that is as I said for my amusement so let's get this customization over with.]

[Choose your gender]


A brief consideration for female popped up until I shook my head, being a male is more advantageous in possible worlds I'll go to if it is anything like mine and the books I've read. I will not question the 3rd option as that is a landmine waiting to blow.

Choose your name

"So, I guess I write my name here? Where do I write with?"

A shiny blue futuristic hologram keyboard appears before me.

Oh, it has a QWERTY layout interesting.

Choose your name


Even if I'm an atheist I have read the bible in my spare time trying to understand the inner workings of it. I chose this name because of my interesting past I think. Thanks to some stuff I got titled as a Prophet due to my knowledge and it kinda stuck with me.

Choose your class

Warrior Mage Rogue

Hmm. A smart person would pick Mage, for you can learn to fight better and sneak around, but how would you get started on commanding the forces of nature? But then again fantasy Warriors and Rogues have something they can do that no mage can ever accomplish, and possibly a better choice if I'm starting out…

"Can I ask which world I'm going to atleast and if I know of it?"

[Yes and No]

[Yes, the world you are going to exists as media in your world.

No cause that's all the part of the fun and I don't want to give you hints anyway.]

A quick fuse sparked but it quickly died down …maybe arguing with a being that gave me my second chance has no benefits as I stand to lose everything from one mistake.

So, I take a gamble, either a magic class where it is a possibly a technologically advanced world and should I be discovered I'd be hunted down and experimented on as it is just like from the fairy tales. Or become a Warrior or Rogue with them being more up close and personal, though hopefully the latter having at least some mid ranged abilities on top of the added sneak… and sneak damage.

"Will the classes be permanent or will I be able to change it to something else later?"

[Ok I will give you this one! No, the classes won't be permanent and you will be able to master classes to advanced ones or pick another class and you will be able to pick a sub-class which work the same way, master it then pick a new one or continue. It includes some auxiliary classes and some crafting ones as well.]

A sigh of relief made its way out of my mouth as I then decided the pros and cons. Obviously, I'm probably going to change to a Mage class soon enough but not now...

The benefits of a Rogue are probably better earlier on if I want to maximize my survival chances… On the off chance I am sent to a world where magic is everything and soldiers and assassins are a joke I'd be boned. But hopefully I can just scavenge loot and grow stronger.

Clicking the Rogue The list expands into other classes.


[Assassin] [Thief] [Archer]

Just what I was looking for thankfully...


Gain mastery over the bow, how to use it and some auxiliary skills.

You gain 2 DEX and 1 STR per level for this class.

[So, you picked your class I see. Well I guess you do you… So now you can design your body!

Isn't that just fabulous you can design to be a handsome prick like you are or an ogre if you really wanted to!

And I'm going to mention this now that this body will be your 'default' one. If you choose to build a homunculi and try to possess it you will always be able to revert back to your 'default' body.]

I see... this'll be a template essentially should I inhabit another body such as a homunculi it would shift my soul for its perquisite so I can inhabit it and if I want to get to my 'default' state I can get out and inhabit my 'original' body without any consequences… and Homunculi huh? Sounds like a way to get loyal minions and soldiers. A possible option then, though it would need a mage class… Alchemist maybe? Possibly even absurd stat requirements if this is a stat check type of game…

A mannequin like figure suddenly appeared before me and with the power of my mind it seems to shape according to my desires...So a human figure and one that hopefully doesn't stand out too much, modestly attractive maybe? Looser lips and better opinion upon sight, so something that isn't too soft and pretty looking but not enough to become too intimidating...

An hour quickly passed, possibly more if my internal clock is messed up but worth it as I admired the figure with a grin and my narcissism popping up within me. This is a little too eye catching but I can't quite bring myself to change it.

A tall figure that looked to be a young adult with an age of 17-20 with sharp features and a lean but muscular build akin to a swimmer athlete. Light skin because that is seen as more noble and a sign of good breeding in a lot of worlds… Tall at around 6'3 with straight spiky black hair with violet highlight streaks on the front of my bangs. And exotic eyes a base of purple with flecks of pink within. Overall a figure that would attract second glances…

Fuck it.

[So, you finally finished your customization, now let's go through some information about your system.]


[Level – 1]

[Archer – 1/100]

HP – 500

MP – 100

AP- 100

STR – 5

VIT – 5

INT – 5

WIS – 5

DEX – 5

AGI – 5

CHA – 5

LCK – 5

Points: 5

HP (Hit points) – This is your health indicator that shows you how much 'damage' you can take until you die. To recover HP, it is possible to use recovery items and skills to gain back lost HP or you can do so by resting. Warning! If you are resting and you have lower than 5% HP then your body will go into hibernation and outside interferences may kill you if you are in a dangerous zone. HP regen is set to 5% per minute by default.

MP (Mana points) – MP measures the amount of magic you have. The more MP you have the more 'magic' you are able to cast, use certain skills and use 'magical imbued items'. When MP is depleted to 0 the host will enter a temporary 'dizziness' state until MP is regenerated to 10%. MP regen is set to 5% per minute by default.

AP (Action points) – AP measures how many skills you are able to dish out. The more AP you have the more skills you can cast off in a succession. This only applies to skills that do not use magic(MP). But it is possible to mix AP with MP to make a skill. AP regen is set to 5% per minute by default.

STR (Strength) – STR determines how physically strong you are. The more strength you have the more force you are able to dish out and wield heavier objects. AP regen is dependent on this.

AGI (Agility) – AGI determines how fast you are. This affects your speed and reflexes on what you can do. The more agility you have the faster you are able to run away from problems.

VIT (Vitality) – VIT determines how tough your body is, stamina capability and how much damage you can take. This affects your HP and resistance to outside interferences for example as poisons and extreme weathers. AP pool is dependent on this.

DEX (Dexterity) – DEX determines your body coordination and reflexes. This affects how well you are able to coordinate your body better and how fast you are able to react to sudden events. DEX also determines how nimble are you with your fingers so it's very important for crafting classes and other classes that require handling a tool.

INT (Intelligence) – INT determines how well you can think. This affects your thinking capabilities, how fast you can think of a solution and how big your MP pool is. 'Magic' is mostly dependent on the INT status.

WIS (Wisdom) – WIS determines how well you utilize your knowledge. This affects your comprehension, intuition and perception. MP regeneration is dependent on WIS status.

CHA (Charisma) – CHA determines how well you can sweet talk people and how others see you. This affects how people perceive you and how easily approachable you are and people are more inclined to trust you.

LCK (Luck) – LCK determines how lucky you are. This affects your drops quality, its drop chance, critical strikes chance and your encounters be it bad or good.

The stats were well within my expectations, now I looked over the stats and its descriptions once more and decided I need charisma because information is key, and a charismatic person in general has a lot more options available.

The next status of importance would be DEX because of my class, despite the natural growth it wouldn't hurt to bump more points into that as well as the reflexes I suppose. AGI pairs well and is something I'd be looking to dump some points on.

LCK in general is bullshit and while I'd rather not rely on it, I will put the occasional points on that stat. The rest can be grown through some hard work maybe.

[So now that you understand more about yourself now it's time for skills! Some skills from your past are on it!]



Adrenaline Rush 9/100

Marked for Death 12/100


Gunman 34/100

Programming 45/100

Persuasion 15/100

CQC (Close Quarter Combat) 22/100

Fast reading 12/100

Language 35/100

Bow Mastery 1/100

Eagle Eye 1/100



Interesting… and Bow Mastery and Eagle Eye just popped up? Now that I think about it… I knew jack shit about bows and now I have a bit of knowledge especially proper handling… Hmm I wonder…

Tapping a skill provided further information it seems.

-Adrenaline Rush (Active)9/100-

Cost- 20AP Duration – 10 minutes

When in dire situations your body helps you and buffs your DEX, AGI and STR status.

When Adrenaline Rush is active gain 9% AGI, DEX and 4% to STR.

-Marked for Death (Active) 35/100-

Cost – 50AP Duration 1 Hour

You can mark a target that will give you its position and the target takes extra damage.

When Marked for Death is used on a target deal 17,5% more damage and gain his position in a 70m radius.

-Gunman (Passive) 34/100-

This skill shows your mastery over guns how well you wield them and their inner workings.

While using guns deal 34% more damage.

-Programming (Passive) 45/100-

Your skill with programming allows you to make programs and macros for your convenience.

All the programs made from scratch and macros are possible to save in the system.

While programming gain 45% DEX and 22,5% INT

-Persuasion (Passive) 15/100-

You with your silver tongue are able to persuade people more easily.

While talking with someone 7,5% increased chance to persuade the target.

-CQC (Passive) 22/100-

You learned some CQC to battle and to defend.

-Fast Reading (Passive) 12/100-

Reading many books, you learned how to read it more efficiently and faster.

While reading a book 12% faster reading rate.

-Language (Passive) 35/100-

Learning many languages through studying then becoming a polyglot you can speak with people with many languages. The percentage shows your mastery over the language.

Languages learned:

English – 99%

Russian – 79%

German – 69%

Chinese – 66%

Japanese – 65%

Latin – 45%

-Bow Mastery (Passive) 1/100-

This skill shows you your mastery over the bow and its techniques.

While using a bow deal 1% more damage.

-Eagle Eye (Passive) 1/100-

Training with a bow you trained your eyesight so you could see your targets better.

Gain clear vision up to 100m away.

Well this is nice as I can see some lifesaving skills here that will help me out… And the cheeky one percent that I'm missing for English probably grammar or something as I do not know. The programming skill is pretty interesting though? Does it mean I can run the programs in the system or just save the code…?

Ugh questions and more questions… I guess if I get a modern world, I will try to experiment with it a little bit.

[Now that you familiarized with your skills you get to choose if you want to gain a flaw in turn to get a blessing it's your choice.]

That sounds tempting, the promise of blessings especially if considering my weakness as I'm not even a peak human I'm guessing. Though with the percentages of my skills I should be a little above hopefully? But flaws…

"How drastic are the flaws? Can it be removed?"

[It's completely up to chance! It is variable but at worst it will make you a sociopath and someone that always wants to kill!

And yes! You can totally remove your flaws when you do some random quests or pay a nifty price at your level! But the conditions to remove them are extremely pricey or very tedious if your luck is good.]

The possible benefits far outweigh the risks… Fuck it! I'll live with it and get rid of it later if I need to.

"Hit me with it!"

[I swing for the other team and I'm not into SM I'm sorry.]

I felt a hit against me but before I could retort I gazed at my flaw and let loose a shriek.

Flaw Gained:


You have a weak and impaired body.

Lose 50% of your STR, AGI, DEX, VIT

Blessing Gained:

Blessings of the forest

Blessed by mother Gaia and thanks to that you feel like you are loved by the forest. Forest animals and its inhabitants are more inclined to be friendly with you and help you.

Increased reputation with forest animals and animals

Gain 'Forest Navigation' skill at max

Gain 'The Forest Whisperer' skill

The forest is alive and will try to help you


SHIT. No calm the fuck down Eli, Animals? That's broad, it could range to somewhat helpful, to godly depending on the world. and what's with the last part? Possible buffs in a forest? Shit I need to try for a more decent all times blessing.

Flaw Gained:


You are a crowd pleaser that always seeks for applause and admiration.

You are uncontrollably flamboyant that you always seek for any kind of attention. That includes enemies as well.

Blessing Gained:

Deaths favor

You earned the favor of death and you gained her boon.

Once per month you are able to revive from any circumstance.

A weird sound escaped my throat before I slumped. On one hand I became a clown and one that might endanger himself… on the other hand a revive once a month? Fuck it. This is useful, but… One more.

Flaw Gained:

Sin of Sloth

You are always lazy.

Blessings Gained:

Dragons body

You have gained a body of a humanoid dragon.

Gain 5 to STR and 7 to VIT per level.

Gain 'draconian bloodline'

YES AND NO! FUCK! A WARRIOR CLASS WOULD BENEFIT MORE. No think. You are an idiot but not that bad, survivability is always a must and you can get an auxiliary sub-class that supports a warrior class if need be to utilize the strength, and who knows too low of a STR may limit the power of a bow I'd be able to use or not be able to use. The bloodline is also fairly mysterious but dragons are basically top tier existences everywhere so that's a plus. The downside is how much would the Sin of Sloth affect me?

So stat check. Get rid of the 50% reduction as soon as possible, Passive tank-iness granted by the dragons' body. Draconian bloodline possibly fire related things. Next.

Flaw Gained:

Sin of Greed

It is never enough.

Blessing Gained:

Rabbits Foot

You gain the luck of the rabbits foot.

Get a 75% LCK modifier.

Two sins in a fucking row…

I have more reason to invest in the LCK stat now, a better base stat makes it so I get more bang for the modifier… Fuck. No, I need to take my chances. Sins aren't that bad; I've always been a sinful man anyways.

Flaw Gained:

Monsters favorite dish

You have a certain kind of enticing smell that makes monsters be aware of your position and attack you at any given chance.

Monsters around the area are actively trying to hunt you down.

Blessing Gained:

Blessings of Aphrodite

You have gained an interest from the Goddess of love, beauty and passion. You gain her blessings.

Get a 75% CHA modifier and gain 5 cha per level.

Fuck, the flaw can be said to be a double-edged sword, easier grinding but what's to say a strong monster doesn't swoop in out of nowhere. While not a DEX modifier or growth perk this fits in nicely and the passive growth possibly frees up the stats I would've otherwise sunk into CHA and I could just sink that into DEX.

"What's next."

[Well there are other menus and settings which you can customize but you are a big boy and you will handle it yourself.

That's it! Now let's get you ready for your first world jump!]

[Now I'm going to make you lose your consciousness so you don't move around. Last time someone flailed around got his soul into itty bitty pieces.]

[Pre-selected world chosen]

[Be ready for transfer]

I prayed to every god I knew of and hoped the LCK modifier comes in helpful and doesn't screw me over with 40K or Worm.

I mentally prepared myself as best as I could and with a deep sigh, I nodded slightly giving my confirmation.

[Good luck!]

I smirked wryly and before I knew it, I was out like a light.

Sluggishly opening my eyes, I am greeted by a comfy bed at my back with a gray and dull ceiling above me. Looking around me I see that I'm in a bedroom with a desk and chair with a uniform on it, a plasma TV on the wall and some shelves with some books in it, a medium-sized closet nearby with some clothes hanging and near the bed I'm on has a bed table with a phone on it… Man, the system went all out didn't it?

"How nice of it to give me a house to work in… I guess it isn't such a douchebag after all."

Smiling wryly, even if it's an omnipotent being that is watching my every move I make I guess it isn't that cold-hearted…

In before it gives me something really stupid to deal with.


A screen at the center of my vision suddenly appears and gives me a bit of a heart attack and cursing under my breath.

Quest added:

Description: Attend Fujimi Academy

Timeframe: 25th of February

Objective: Attend the school called Fujimi Academy duh.

Rewards: 100 EXP; Plot progression

Penalties: Status degradation; Forced plot progression

So that's that I guess… Wait what's the date today? Hopefully, not a day before everything starts.

Picking up the smartphone I see it's an early model of iPhone... Oh god don't tell me I will have to live with this phone!? I mean wasn't there a better alternative than Apple? When I have the chance, I'm scrapping this piece of 3.5'' phone and getting a new one. At least better than this junk.

So, unlocking the phone I see it's all in Japanese… Uhm ok sure, I guess… I have some knowledge of the Japanese hiragana katakana, some sparse kanjis and a few characters of romaji. I'm not the best but I guess I can hold a conversation well enough but if it gets into nitty-gritty stuff I will most likely pause for a while.

Ugh, so I'm in Japan? I already guessed by the quest but still, I kind of hoped to be in Europe or the Middle East where the English language is quite well spread and commonly spoken… I don't want to be the one who's the gaijin so hooray for the spartan like training for the languages I got… I mean I did work for intelligence and I had to learn some languages so I have more sources… That was an annoying experience but it seems it all paid off huh.

Tapping on the phone and checking the date and seeing it's the 11th of February 2013 and the time is midday. I make a relieved sigh… Neat so I have 2 weeks to prepare for school and the plot… I hope this is not a world with a heavy fantasy setting… I picked the 'Archer' class so please be kind… And I have to deal with my 'Weakness' flaw somehow.

Changing the language on my phone to English and leaving the phone on the bed table. Not wanting to do anything but I know I have things to do so I gingerly stand up from my bed only to notice that I am naked… Looking down I see my customized body… Fuck this is going to make me narcissistic if I stare too much… At least my customized member is like I left it.

Looking for some clothes in the closet I choose a light blue shirt, white pants, white socks, white underwear, and a white jacket… I usually wear black attire. What's going on with me? Oh, fuck don't tell me that the 'Jester' flaw is up and kicking… I feel like I want to cry…

I try to put the clothes back but something is screaming at me and making me uncomfortable… God fuck what did I do to deserve this humiliation. Dying a little inside I give in and take the clothes.

First things first I want to take a shower… Even if I feel like I'm clean I feel uncomfortable not washing with this new body…

Taking the clothes, I navigate through the 'house' to find a bathroom… Opening the door I get into a hallway with 3 more doors and see a railing… I guess I'm on the 2nd floor and… there are the stairs right there… so the bathroom is usually at the end of the hall so I walk naked and unashamed to the farthest door and open it and lucky me! I found the bathroom, put my clothes on the washing machine and ran the warm water to fill the bathtub.

Looking around the bathroom I see a mirror peeking on the side of my vision so I check it out and man oh man. I think I'm seriously going to get a narcissism trait so I just try my best to ignore it and look at my features. As customized black straight spiky hair with violet highlight streaks around my bangs on my right side. Mesmerizing eyes are akin to a purple spinel gemstone with pink blended in. Sharp but friendly features and a kind smile. Huh, I was smiling?

Prying myself from the mirror from my self-admiration I check if the bathtub is filled and guess what it seems that I took a longer time admiring myself than I needed to and it was almost full.

So, soaping my body then rinsing myself off I get into the bathtub.

Giving a soft moan of pleasure I relax and enjoy the feeling of the bath.

After a while, I clear my head and start thinking.

If I remember correctly the system said something about a 'menu' so that's the first thing to check out.


A screen popped in front of me unsurprisingly… I was ready this time.







So, I got an inventory and a shop ready to be used but I'm curious about the 'Settings' tab.

Clicking the 'Settings' the screen changed only to show me new options.


Map – On/Off

Health and Mana GUI – On/Off

Notification sounds – On/Off

Pop ups – On/Off

Time widget – On/Off

Warning at 50% Health or Mana – On/Off

Warning at 15% Health or Mana – On/Off

Auto Pickup Loot – On/Off

EXP information – On/Off

EXP bar – On/Off

Voice activation – On/Off

I'm turning the notifications and pop-ups off because they seriously give me a jumpscare every time and disabling the 'Voice activation' because I don't want to scream 'Status' in public.


Map – On/Off

Health and Mana GUI – On/Off

Notification sounds – On/Off

Pop ups – On/Off

Time widget – On/Off

Warning at 50% Health or Mana – On/Off

Warning at 15% Health or Mana – On/Off

Auto Pickup Loot – On/Off

EXP information – On/Off

EXP bar – On/Off

Voice activation – On/Off

Seeing the extra 'Map' and 'Time widget' that doesn't obscure my vision by much I got glad to see everything working.

Being done with that I choose the 'Shop' this time.

Opening the 'Shop' a screen with assorted items lay before me.

There are some featured skill books which are quite useful but they cost 'Tokens' which I have none of, some assorted weapons which range from gauntlets to blades and surprisingly everyday stuff like cups and beddings and some electronics.

Checking the 'Shop' a bit and browsing through it I see some potentially cheap items that would be useful for me. While I did find some, I don't have any tokens for them so this is window shopping. There is an option to wishlist an item and get notifications if it gets a discount. I wishlist the items and close it.

Now the moment of truth, do I get an op 'Inventory' with infinite storage or I get a nerfed one with limited storage… Fingers crossed for it being with infinite storage. I open 'Inventory' and see it is sorted by categories I choose 'All' and see I got some items already inside.

Regular recurve wood bow

A regular wooden bow that an archer uses.

Deal 20-100 damage

Durability 100/100

Arrows (50x)

Standard issue hunting arrows for bows.

Deal extra 20-50 damage

Yen (50'000 ¥)

Currency of Japan

Nice! I don't see a limit anywhere so it is possibly unlimited storage! I have some universally useful money and a bow with some arrows for my class… but thanks to my flaw I don't think I can even draw the bow a single centimeter… fuck I'm screwed, aren't I?

Wait how bad is my status? I know that my base is all 5 but thanks to that flaw…

Wincing a little bit, I close the 'Inventory' and muster the courage to say…



[Level – 1]

[EXP – 0/100]

[Archer 1/100]

HP – 500

MP – 100

AP- 100

STR – 5 (2)

VIT – 5 (2)

INT – 5 (5)

WIS – 5 (5)

DEX – 5 (2)

AGI – 5 (2)

CHA – 5 (9)

LCK – 5 (9)

Points: 5

Well isn't that peachy… I feel like I'm going to have a breakdown but I try to force it down… trying at least. I'm weaker than a teenager if the status with 5 is average then I'm boned. Hard. Ugh, I need to get rid of the weakness flaw ASAP.

Seeing something blinking in the corner of my vision I concentrate on it and I see a notification box and in it saw that I got a new quest.

Quest added:

Description: Stop being a Lil' bitch and start to do something. The first one will be 50x easier than the rest.

Timeframe: 1 Week


Run 25km 0/25km

Do 500 Pull-ups 0/500

Do 500 Push-ups 0/500

Do 500 Curl-ups 0/500

Rewards: 500 EXP; The removal of the 'Weakness' flaw.

Penalties: You don't get the chance to remove the 'Weakness' flaw; You get boned early.

Fuck… I have a ticking death bomb over my head now goddammit! At least I have a chance to get rid of my glaring flaw but this is too sudden don't you think?

Getting out of the bathtub and drying myself with a towel I put the clothes in my inventory by touching them and thinking of 'Store Item' and it worked. What's the point of wearing them now if I got to work out now…

Getting to my bedroom I search the closet for some sportswear and it didn't let me down… sort of… the sportswear consists of black pants, white socks, a white shirt, and a black jacket… You know what I don't care anymore I guess I will try to get some information and see if I can get something about my school.

I can just dump all my clothes in the inventory… So, I just did that… It took awhile but I dumped the important stuff in my inventory including my iPhone. The 'Inventory' still doesn't show any limit or anything...

Wearing the clothes, I go down the stairs, I go to the entrance to find some sports sneakers and why am I not surprised… The sneakers are white as well and it appeases my 'Jester' flaw.

Looking back and quickly checking what's here I see a kitchen, a living room, a door that maybe leads to the toilet and another door I don't know what could be there…

There is a vase with some roses in it and my 'Jester' side immediately puts them in the inventory. No way in hell I'm just wearing or holding some roses while running. I would look like a fool if I did that…

Anyway, onto the important stuff. Putting the spare footwear in the inventory I wear the sneakers and get out.

It's sunny outside with no clouds but there is a comfortable breeze right now so it's not that hot outside. A perfect day but I would prefer cloudy or if it doesn't inconvenience me some rain.

Dumping all my points on VIT because I need that stamina to do my tasks and check if I got everything. Affirming I got everything I get ready…

Running along the sidewalk I noticed people staring at me. Females and males alike and with the 'Jester' flaw I was forced to smile kindly and wave at some of the females by my side when I ran. I think I saw some blushing cheeks on them but meh… Not that important for now… But what is important though…

"Excuse me, my dear lady, could I inconvenience you and gain a little bit of your time?"

Stopping a fairly young woman she widened her eyes a little as I did a polite short bow but still got her composure down and replied.

"Yes? How can I help you?"

"I'm looking for the Fujimi Academy. Could you please show me the directions to it?"

Smiling a little I ask.

"Ah! Yes, I do know where it is. Go straight until the next intersection go left and then straight."

Blushing a little she replied.

Don't tell me she got surprised only by my smile?

"Why thank you, kind lady."

Opening my jacket and reaching my hand inside I think of 'Inventory' and a rose then I feel my hand grasping something I take It out and present it to her.

"Here, a beautiful rose for a maiden such as yourself."

Forcing her to take the rose I run with the directions in mind.


Even without looking back, I knew the woman was blushing red as a tomato so I will be nice and not look back

Yes I was sweaty but seeing her dazed expression I think she didn't notice but maybe the onlookers did…

Following the directions which the woman gave me I'm greeted with a big building shaped like a big 'U' with some students roaming around. The girls wearing a sailor outfit and boys black blazers. Some of them even glanced at me or even outright stared at me. I try to ignore them but I'm forced to smile and wave at them… Fuck this is so annoying… I find a pair of girls talking outside of the gate and try to approach them.

"Hello, Ladies! Could I inconvenience you for a little bit of your time?"

Walking closer to them I catch their attention.

Unsurprisingly the girls were a little squeamish at first but one was kind enough to reply to me.

The girls were wearing the sailor uniform so they were students here. One girl was fit and gave out a sporty kind of vibe with short shoulder length brown hair while the other girl was meek with longer black hair that reached around her waist. She wore glasses and looked frail which made her cute with her meek expression.

"Yes! W-What do you need?"

Surprisingly the girl with glasses replied to me, fumbling her words and blushing a little she tried to reply with a solemn face.

"I was wondering if you could tell me something about this school and a few who are popular maybe? I'm new to this town and I'm going to attend this Academy on the 25th date. It wouldn't hurt to know more about this place right?"

She didn't reply for a second. I guess she was a little dazed?

I wave my hand in front of her and she snaps out of it.

"Y-yesh, shure I guess it couldn't be helped... "

I can't really understand this… Is it the anime logic that is making everyone so squeamish… This will be harder than I initially thought.

Giving her a minute to let her get herself together she replied.

"Haaa… The school is called the Fujimi Academy if you haven't guessed already. We have many clubs that range from outdoor activities to crafts. The school follows the same system that is commonly used. There are 3 years in highschool first being sophmores second juniors and third seniors. And about popu-"

Her friend I'm guessing stopped her right there.

"I'm part of the kendo club and our club president is super awesome! She has won 3 straight national kendo tournaments every year! Tell me that, that isn't amazing!? And ofcourse she is beautiful as well… Many girls aspire to be like her and admire her while many guys try to get into her pants…"

Finishing with a frown at the end she realized she was just speaking out of nowhere.

"I-I'm sorry! I didn't notice that I was blabbering! Excuse me!"

With a blushing face she tried to run off to hide in a hole somewhere I'm guessing.

The girl who is still with me stared at her friends' retreating figure with a 'you betrayed me' face and then turned to me.

"Well… do you want me to continue?"

"If you could be so kind please and if you don't mind me asking who was she talking about?"

She stared at me a little bit before replying.

"Her name is Busujima Saeko. Her family have protected the throne of Japan in the past and they have a dojo overseas near Japan. As my friend stated… She is very skilled with the way of the sword… well a wooden sword in this case and everyone who learns kendo aspires to be her pretty much."

Opening my eyes wide by the information I curse under my breath. You want to tell me this is Highschool of the Dead? Fuck I don't want to deal with Takashis' and Reis' problems… Wait maybe this is a coincidence? I need to bait her into telling me some gossip… I remember they weren't quite 'secretive' of their relationship and everyone at the school basically knew.

"If I may ask are there any interesting 'stories' circulating around school?"

She grins and replies enthusiastically and points to herself.

"Yup! You are asking the right girl as I'm from the newspaper club but we call it 'Gossip central' between us. As for interesting stories I could tell you a heartbreaking love story between a delinquent boy and a fair lady."

FUCK FUCK FUCK. Please don't tell me… This shit sounds too familiar to my ears.

"The delinquent boy was a childhood sweetheart of the girl and they were happy with each other. The girl tried her best to display her affection for him, which I can tell you was bad, and the boy for the life of him did not notice."

She stopped to regain her breath and continued

"The two then started to have a falling out. The girl tried her 'best' to display her affection but the boy did not reciprocate to those feelings of hers. They both played 'Cat and Mouse ' with each other until the girl strayed further and further from the boy and the boy stubbornly followed her. She took this sign the wrong way and , get this , got herself a boyfriend! Which is his best friend!"

… Yup I'm gonna have a headache if I see that douchenozzle somewhere… I don't want to see his fugly mug nor hear him speak his edgy lines. Before the outbreak happened he was a walking gloom of a mess. He is angsty and edgy and I don't want to deal with that shit… I have little hope but lets confirm it anyway…

"Could you be so kind to tell me their names?"

She stared at me suspiciously.

"Why do you need to know their names?"

I did not expect her to be so inquisitive but I had an answer which might satisfy her.

"I'm curious to know if I'm going to have them in my class or not! I don't want to accidentally start touchy subjects with others. I try to be friendly as much as I possibly can."

Giving a wider smile to finish it off, it deals massive damage!

She realized what she just said is rude and nervously apologized.

"I-I'm s-sorry, I did not know you had such intentions… Even though we are the newspaper club we try not to disclose identities that may harm them…"

Stopping a little she regained her breath and spoke out.

"The delinquents name is Komuro Takashi while the girls name is Miyamoto Rei and her boyfriends name is Igou Hisashi, who is Komuro-sans best friend."

Still with my smile plastered on my face I reply.

"Why thank you for disclosing this with me. Don't worry I won't spread this around to what you told me. I know that it is rude to talk about peoples' past without their acknowledgment. May I know your name?"

She made a small sigh of relief and introduced herself.

"My name is Kaneshiro Shizue. A pleasure to meet you."

Giving her a short bow I introduce myself as well.

"A pleasure to meet you Shizue-san, my name is Elijah with no surname. Please take care of me."

Doing my signature move now, I pull my hand in the inside of my jacket and pull out a rose from 'Inventory'.

"A rose for a lady such as yourself with a beautiful name. A quiet girl that lays in her golden castle."

Giving her a rose and turning around before replying.

"May we meet again, Shizue-san"

Waving my hand without looking back I look at the map to check if there are any shops nearby my house… I need to stock up for the apocalypse… And get some gear to get ready but I will do that when I get rid of the ticking time bomb that is above my head currently.

Starting to jog back following the map I sigh.

"Well I guess it could be worse…"