Harry Potter x Tru Confessions

1: My Hand Is Here

The Walker family was having one of their fun family dinners on a nice summer day as officially, Tru and Eddie, the two children were going to be seniors in high school and graduate within a year and be moving onto college.

Tru would be doing movie directing and editing classes as well as english and film classes.

Eddie, as he grew would be working towards teaching as well as one of his favorites, science.

Eddie has been more and more independent over the years, Tru feels like she hasn't gotten much time to herself as she has to be looking over his shoulder the whole time. How she wishes someone else could do it for a change.

"Oh. I forgot. I have a long time friend coming over this summer, she and her daughter are to stay with us for a month or two." Their father said.

"What?" Both children asked.

"Oh how nice. I'm sure Tru and her will get along perfectly."

"I'd say." Their dad mumbled.

"Honey. Is there something wrong?" Their mother asked.

Bob, their dad, cleared his throat. He didn't want to have to explain this, but he just might have to.

"You two pay attention to what I'm saying. Hear me Eddie and Tru?" They both nodded.

"Angie. She's saying her daughter hasn't been quite right over the last three years. She goes to a different school, and there was an accident. She lost her boyfriend four years ago and she tried to move on within a year. But then she did something stupid, and...what she tells me, she hasn't even been talking to her friends. She's disconnected herself from everyone." Their father explains.

"Oh dear. The poor thing. Losing someone you love. That can be hard."

Tru held Eddie's hand seeing tears in his eyes. It's not easy hearing such news about anyone. Weather you know them or not.

"So, Angie Chang, she's asked to stay here with her daughter, while she's working to start new. You know her husband died last year. Cancer is terrible. So, she's wanting to become a doctor, and has asked me for tips and helpful advise. It's only temporary. Till the end of summer. But, she has asked me before, if her daughter could stay with us. She's already finished with school so she could help with your homework or around the house." He explained.

"We should. If the poor girl is hurting this badly, then all we can do is offer her a fresh sight and view of life. She's living in the past, she needs new things to bring her to her present." Judy, their mother said.

"Have you gone through this before?" Eddie was the one to ask. But Tru added to it. "You do seem more informative about it."

Their mother sighed. "I never told you this, but I did have a younger brother once. He was still a baby, but he didn't make it. I held his hand as they brought him to me, my mother was crying. I didn't know what happened till I realized he wasn't crying. I knew from that, he wasn't going to be around for long. I held him in my arms for a long time. I named his too. Henry was going to be a sweet boy. But after that, my mother couldn't bare the sight of the city. So we moved out. Away from everything we knew. And one day I came back, and who do I meet, your father in college." She explained.

"So, you changed scenery to try and keep yourself from being consumed by the past?" Tru asked.

"Yes dear. But it was my mother who did it. I always thought about what she said, and that is what she told me everytime I asked her why we moved away. Sometimes it's not the answer, as I felt more hurt being away from him, but it's what some do to cope. Loss of a loved one can hurt more then you know." She said.

"I would hurt, if I lost any of you." Eddie said.

Tru hugged him. "Same here."

"Well, she will be here tomorrow, so, I'll have the guest room set up for them tonight. You two be warm and welcoming." He said to Eddie and Tru.

"Yes sir." They said. "What is Angie's daughter's name?" Tru asked.

"Cho I think. It's been a while. But that should be right." He told her.

"Cho Chang. I'll remember that." Tru said.

"Another video?" Eddie asked.

"Maybe. But not one for all to see Eddie." Tru said.

"Please don't." Their dad said.

They finished dinner and Eddie and Tru were in her room talking. "Cho Chang. Welcome to our home, the home of the Walkers. I hope you have a wonderful time here." Tru spoke into her camera. "Yes. Hope you have wonderful time together." Eddie added.

"Great." Tru said closing her camera. "I'm sure this will be good for her to see. She isn't staying long, so a little diary video for her is a good idea."

"She'll be happy right?"

"Sure Eddie, we'll hold her hand, and help her heart mend. Cause that's what we do." Tru said smiling.

Her and Eddie were tag teaming to help Cho Chang with her life.

By the next day, They came.

As the door opened. A tall beautiful woman walked in. And a teenage girl, holding a Jane Austin book, blue tattoo and short hair in a bun walked in.

Tru didn't know what was going to happen, till she saw the look on Eddie's face. She saw a shocked look he'd never made before.

This might be the moment, he'd discover his own heart. And what love feels like.