a/n: So... First off, let me just say that I got this idea after watching the trailer for Melody of Memory, and had the thought "Hey, what would the RWBY version of this look like?" and then I got the idea "Hey, what if I replaced Destiny Islands with Remnant?" and this happened. I've been working on this whenever I got the chance, and now this is where it's led me. Kudos to whoever gets the reference.

Prologue: Dive to the Heart

Weiss stared down the Arma Gigas. She readied Myrtenaster, rotating the Dust Chambers to prepare an Ice Glyph to ensnare and shatter the armored Grimm. Except she was out of Ice Dust. Perhaps she could melt the armor? She was out of Fire Dust. Create a barrier to deflect it's next attack and disarm it? Out of Hard Light Dust. Perhaps a Gravity Glyph to trap the sword and propel it through the Armor? Out of Gravity Dust. Weiss' breath became more and more frenzied as she realized that all of the Dust Chambers were empty. That's when she noticed the Arma Gigas raising its sword to strike. She moved Myrtenaster to parry, only to realize she was no longer holding the weapon. She jumped back right as the sword dropped, the room shattering to reveal a dark void. The Schnee heiress screamed as she plummeted into the darkness.

Weiss pushed herself to her feet, noticing very quickly that she was in the middle of a featureless dark expanse, a bright light shining above but failing to illuminate anything.

"Just one normal day, it's all I ask," she grumbled as she processed the impossibility of her current scenario. She took a step forward, and a flock of birds flew out of the darkness beneath the heiress' feet. Weiss shrieked and jumped to try and avoid the birds flying out of the ground, until they cleared away to reveal that she was now standing on top of a green and yellow stained glass platform. It depicted a pale-skinned woman in a blue and yellow dress, seven faces surrounding her in circles, the outer ring depicting woodland animals and an older woman.

So much to do, so little time, a voice announced, Take your time. Don't be afraid.

"Who are you? What do you want?" Weiss asked.

The door is still shut, the voice replied, Now step forward. Can you do it?

Weiss rolled her eyes and walked into the center of the platform, prompting three podiums to rise out of the ground.

Power sleeps within you. A shield materialized on one.

If you give it form… A staff materialized on another.

… It will give you strength. A sword materialized on the last.

Choose carefully, the voice concluded.

"Choose carefully?" Weiss questioned, "Why can't I just have Myrtenaster back?"

The voice didn't respond.

"Oh well, I guess I'll just have to make do," the heiress sighed as she walked to the staff.

The power of the mystic, the voice commented, Inner strength. A staff of wonder and ruin. Is this the power you seek?

I'll probably only be able to take one, Weiss thought, "Let me check the others first!" She dashed over to the sword.

The power of the warrior, the voice commented, Invincible courage. A sword of terrible destruction. Is this the power you seek?

If the staff focused on inner strength, then it would probably work best with my Semblance, Weiss thought, But the sword would work best for my normal combat techniques. She walked over to the shield.

The power of the guardian, the voice commented, Kindness to aid friends. A shield to repel all. Is this the power you seek?

And this would be more suited for Yang, Weiss mused, My fighting style works best when I'm fighting with a group, but I should never try to draw fire unless I'm the only one with unlocked Aura. And when I am on the defensive, blocking hasn't exactly been the smartest move.


The heiress glanced between the staff and the sword from the center of the room.

"My Semblance complements my fighting style very well, and I would not have gotten this far without it," Weiss admitted, "But I am not as dependent on it as my sister." She turned towards the sword. "At the end of the day, I'm moving reliant on my weapon for attacking, and simply use my Semblance to enhance those attacks."


The power of the warrior. Weiss walked towards the sword.

Invincible courage. The heiress stepped up to the pillar.

A sword of terrible destruction. Her left hand reached for the hilt

Is this the power you seek?

"Yes," Weiss answered with a swing of her blade.

Your path is set, the voice replied, Now, what will you give up in exchange?

Weiss glanced between the staff and the shield, then sighed as she made her choice.


The power of the guardian. Kindness to aid friends. A shield to repel all, the voice repeated, Do you want to give up this power?

"If I must," Weiss answered.

The shield vanished.

You've chosen the power of the warrior. You've given up the power of the guardian, the voice observed, Is this the form you choose?

"Yes," Weiss answered. The platform shook and cracked, causing the pillars to sink into the seams. Before Weiss had time to question this, the platform shattered beneath her feet, and the Huntress-in-training plummeted into the abyss.

The second Weiss had her bearings, she summoned a Glyph beneath her feet to serve as a platform, and noticed that another stained-glass platform was now visible further down. This one was blue and purple, depicting a blue and white woman with portraits depicting castles, a horse, and a carriage surrounding her head, with one more image depicting a crown behind her. The edge of the platform was decorated with the images of a dancing couple, with the Eastern, Southern, and Western most points instead showing a glass slipper.

"... I feel like I'm missing some context here," Weiss muttered as she materialized more Glyphs to serve as stepping stones until she could safely hope down to the platform itself.

You've gained the power to fight, the voice started.

"I've been training to fight for most of my life," Weiss replied, before falling into a familiar stance. She slashed her sword, then delivered two quick jabs to an imaginary foe, "I'm more than meets the eye!"

All right, you got it!

"What did I just say?"

Use this power to defend yourself and others, the voice instructed.

"Are you even listening to me?" Weiss asked, before feeling a familiar chill. She whirled around to face a dark blotch that had suddenly formed on the glass, a shadow with no source, and watched as it peeled itself off the ground. It had a large, round head, two twitchy antenna, humanoid hands, a tiny body, and two golden eyes that emitted an eerie glow. "Is that some kind of Grimm?"

There will be times you have to fight, the voice explained as two more rose from the ground, Keep your light burning strong.

The first of the three lunged forwards. Weiss jabbed it in what she assumed was the gut, slashed across what she assumed was the chest, and watched as it evaporated while the remaining two sank back into the ground and disappeared.

"Nowhere near as tough as a Beowolf," Weiss remarked.

Behind you!

Weiss heeded the voice's warning and whirled around, bisecting the creature that had lunged at her from behind. She glanced around nervously as both halves of the Grimm-like creature evaporated.

"But you're twice as smart as one to make up for it," she sighed as more creatures rose from the ground around her, "Of course…" She raised a Glyph to block a pounce, then stabbed through the Glyph to impale the creature before it could slide off. One scratched her heel, so she chopped off its antenna and stabbed it between the eyes. The heiress dashed towards the creatures, hacking and slashing through them, sending bits and pieces of the creatures flying into the air as they evaporated. Eventually, she stood alone in the center of the platform, the three remaining creatures sinking back into their shadow forms. But instead of moving to a more tactical position, the shadows blackened and spread, engulfing much of the platform. When the floor beneath Weiss' own feet was engulfed, she swiftly sank into it even as she tried to pull herself free, until the heiress herself was swallowed by the shadows.

Weiss bolted awake on a primarily pink platform, depicting three hearts. Each one held the blue silhouette of a feminine figure. One appeared to be wrapped in a cape, another wore a dress, while the last appeared to be wearing poofy pants and a top with equally poofy sleeves. Weiss stood north of the topmost heart, the one with the caped woman, while a door stood opposite of her, between the bottom two hearts, illuminated by a beam of light from above.

"... If this is a prank, I'm stabbing the responsible party," Weiss declared as she walked towards the door. When she got close, she noticed the door was translucent, and her hand passed through the handle. "Oh for the love of-" a chest materialized where she had been standing before. Weiss marched over to the chest, and tried to open it. It was empty, and faded from existence as soon as she had opened it. "... Stabbing might be too merciful," she decided as she turned around. There was now a large crate between her and the door. Weiss growled, walked up to the crate, and started kicking it. "Oh I bet you think you're SO funny! 'Let's kidnap Weiss in her sleep and lock her in a room full of stained glass and potentially deadly monsters! That'll be comedy gold!' Well I'm! Not! Laughing!" The sword she picked out earlier materialized in her left hand, and rather than question how that worked, Weiss got to work hacking at the crate with it, slashing through the wood by using her sword as a makeshift ax, until nothing but woodchips and splinters remained. "Now if you don't let me out of here this second, I'm going to fight my way out of here and do that to your FACE!" Weiss was not in a good mood, needless to say. Even as the frame of the door turned opaque, and the remnants of the crate rearranged themselves into a barrel.

"... Professor Goodwitch, did you do that?" Weiss asked.

She didn't get an answer.

"... I'll never complain about Ruby's incessant chatter again," Weiss declared as she walked over to inspect the barrel. She poked it with her sword, tried to push it over, then finally attempted lifting it. "Hey, this is lighter than it-" she toppled over under the weight of the barrel, which smashed against the glass and faded from existence, "... Maybe Yang was onto something when she commented on my 'noodle arms'." Weiss sighed, before noticing that the strange door was finally completely opaque. "I wonder if that's important," she pondered as she walked over to the door. The second she reached for the handle, it cracked open, and a blinding light poured out.

Weiss blinked her eyes until she could see, at which point she realized she was in the middle of Beacon's cafeteria. Beacon's suspiciously empty cafeteria. The heiress voiced her most immediate and important concern.

"... How much of the school saw my psychotic episode?"

She very clearly had her priorities straight.

The door won't open just yet, the disembodied voice commented.

"That doesn't answer my question!"

First, tell me more about yourself, the voice continued. It was then that Weiss noticed a familiar face.

"Yang!" she shouted as she ran over to the blond brawler, "You would not believe the day I've just had!"

"What do you want out of life?" Yang asked.

The heiress paused.

"... I'm sorry, what?"

"What do you want out of life?" Yang repeated.

"... To be strong," Weiss answered.

"To be strong, huh?" Yang remarked.

Weiss backed away slowly, and bumped into Blake.

"Oh! Sorry Blake, I didn't see you there!" Weiss said to the Faunus, "I think Yang hit her head, she's acting very weird."

"What are you afraid of?" Blake asked.

"... Oh great," Weiss remarked, "It's contagious."

"What are you afraid of?" Blake repeated. Weiss considered the question.

"Being indecisive," the heiress confessed, thinking of all the ways she could make things worse if she wasn't careful with what she did after inheriting the SDC.

"Is being indecisive really that scary?" Blake asked.

"... Said the girl who trembles before a corgi," Weiss grumbled as she turned away from the Faunus and came face to face with her partner and leader, Ruby Rose.

"What's most important to you?" Ruby asked.

"Friendship," Weiss answered without a moment's hesitation.

"Is friendship really that important?" Ruby asked.

"... Is there something you want to tell me, Ruby?" Weiss asked.

You value friendship, you want to be strong, and you're afraid of being indecisive, the voice summarized, Your adventure begins in the dead of night. Your road won't be easy, but a rising sun awaits your journey's end.

"... Oookay…"

The day you will open the door is both far off and very near, the voice remarked as the cafeteria was engulfed in light.


When the light cleared, Weiss was standing on a mostly orange platform depicting a sleeping woman in a purple dress, holding a rose to her chest Her sleeping form was surrounded by thorns, roses decorating the inner edge, and three fairies were depicted in the circles above her head. A beam of light shone down on the face of the woman.

"... I'm not aware of any Semblance with reality bending effects like that," Weiss muttered as she walked towards the illuminated part of the platform. The second she stepped into the light, ten of the Grimm-like creatures from before emerged from the ground to surround her. "Oh come on!" Weiss raised her sword to defend herself, only to get knocked off balance when one of the creatures hopped onto her back and clung to her. The heiress stumbled to try and throw off the creature clawing at her aura even as the others tried to trip her up by swiping at her heels. Eventually, Weiss summoned a completely vertical Glyph and slammed her back into it, dissolved the Glyph, then whirled around and decapitated the dazed creature. Another creature lunged at Weiss, and she held out her right hand to block it with a Glyph, before stabbing it through the Glyph, and whirling around to cut down the next three to jump at her. She glanced at the remaining five as they flattened into shadows. "Two can play at that game!" Weiss shouted as she jumped into the air, and then landed on a Glyph in midair. Three creatures emerged, and one slammed its face against the bottom of Weiss' Glyph. The heiress giggled, then jumped when she felt something brush against her heel. She whirled around and stabbed between the eyes of the creature that had managed to jump, cling, and climb onto her platform. As soon as it evaporated, the other three had jumped and clung to the edges. Weiss sliced through their heads and let them fade into vapors, as the creature beneath her slammed against her Glyph a second time. Rolling her eyes, Weiss repositioned herself, pointed her sword over the center of her Glyph, and let her makeshift platform fade away. The creature had already jumped up, only to get impaled on Weiss' blade as gravity did the rest.


The light shone down on the center of the platform, where a green Glyph formed. It looked very much like one of Weiss' Glyphs, but instead of a snowflake, this one depicted a flower that appeared to be encircled by vines. Weiss walked up to inspect the Glyph, and cautiously held her hand over it. A comforting warmth seemed to radiate from it. Weiss toed the edge of it, and felt her Aura flare to life on contact with it. The heiress jumped back in shock, but as soon as she realized that it had felt invigorating rather than painful, she stepped onto the strange Glyph. Suddenly, it was as if all of the previous battles had never happened. Her Aura had been completely revitalized, and Weiss felt like she could wrestle a Goliath. She quickly squashed that idea when the Glyph beneath her feet faded away, and the light above her head moved off the edge of the platform. Whenever it shined over the void, a small, stained-glass stepping stone materialized in the air, getting higher and higher until a floating staircase led between the platform she was currently on to the top of a pillar that she was 90% sure wasn't there a few minutes ago.

"Well, at least this time the journey will make sense," Weiss remarked as she walked towards the staircase. She didn't notice that the platform vanished as soon as she stepped onto the staircase, nor that each step also faded from existence as she ascended higher and higher.

The newest platform was mostly yellow, depicting a brown-haired woman in a yellow dress. The northernmost point above the woman's head depicted a rose in a glass case, and a strange animal seemed to be standing behind the woman. The rest of the images surrounding the woman's head seemed to be household objects with human faces, and the edges of the platform depicted animals and plants.

"That's strange," Weiss remarked as she walked into the light, her shadow stretching behind her.

The closer you get to the light, the greater your shadow becomes, the voice warned.

Weiss glanced over her shoulder, and took a step back as she noticed her now massive shadow peeling itself off the ground, detaching itself from her feet, and morphing into a strange monster. It was top heavy, had muscular arms, clawed fingertips, tentacle-like hair, unusually thin feet, and two piercing golden eyes on its otherwise featureless face.

But don't be afraid, the voice continued as Weiss backed away from the creature, And don't forget…

Weiss broke into a run to put as much space between herself and the creature as possible, only to skid to a halt as her brain caught up to her flight-or-fight response and realized that there was nowhere to run to. The heiress whirled around to face the giant as it swung back its left arm, energy gathering into its enclosed fist, and threw a punch at the ground. It opened a dark pool, and more of the Grimm-like pests from before emerged from the dark pool.

"Oh come on!" Weiss shouted as she charged forward, slicing through two of the creatures, before holding up her blade in front of her face when the third pounced and letting physics do the rest. She dashed towards the hand, hacking and slashing at the knuckles. The creature withdrew its hand, and the dark pool dissolved. The creature then dropped to its knees, wrapped its arm around itself, and gathered energy into the heart-shaped hole in its torso. Weiss charged the creature, only to be knocked off her feet when its arms suddenly came swinging and it threw its head back, unleashing dark projectiles from the heart-shaped hole in its torso. The heiress didn't notice the projectiles until all three hit their mark. Then it released the second wave, which bounced off a Glyph. The first shattered against the platform, the second flew into the void, and the third exploded in the creature's face, eliciting a roar of pain as it unleashed a barrage of seven. Weiss, realizing the creature's weakness, broke into a run, conjuring Glyphs to serve as platforms as she dodged the final barrage and the creature rose back to its feet. As soon as she was level with the creature's head, she propelled herself onto one final Glyph, leveled herself with its face, held her sword next to her head so the blade was pointed between the giant's eyes, and shot forward like a bullet out of a gun. Unfortunately for Weiss, her sword vanished midjump, leaving her completely caught off guard when the giant headbutted her out of the air. Weiss' Aura flashed both on the initial impact and when her body hit the ground. The heiress struggled to push herself off the ground, only to see the monster's titanic fist flying straight for her. Letting out a scream, the Huntress-in-training threw her hands out in front of her to conjure a Glyph. The strike shattered the Glyph and knocked the wind out of Weiss' lungs as her Aura flickered out, a pool of darkness forming under her body.

But don't be afraid, the voice repeated as Weiss' broken body sank into the darkness, the giant raising its fist, For you hold the mightiest weapon of all.

Weiss struggled against the darkness as her arms and legs were pulled under.

So don't forget:

Weiss tried to scream for help as her torso disappeared into the pool of shadows, only for her mouth to soon follow.

You are the one who will open the door.

The last thing Weiss saw were the giant's yellow, piercing eyes, before the darkness fully claimed her.


And then, oblivion.



Weiss screamed and fell out of bed as Ruby giggled and pocketed her whistle.

"Rise and shine, sleepy head!" the caped girl announced as Weiss grumbled, "Time to wake up and wash up!"

"What the heck, Ruby?!" Weiss shouted as Zwei hopped off of Blake's bed to greet the girl who spoiled him rotten when his humans weren't watching.

"Professor Ozpin wanted to talk to us, remember?" Yang explained from the door as Weiss scratched the Rose/Xiao Long family corgi behind the ear, "He said he wanted to give us a more 'mundane' mission with Professor Port so we don't have 'unrealistic expectations' for what being a Huntress usually entails. Did you seriously forget that?"

"... Of course not," Weiss lied, recalling how she had been dead on her feet when the headmaster had spoken with them, "Where's Blake?"

"Up here," a voice announced, Weiss and Zwei both looked up to Yang's bed, and the black-haired Faunus yelped and ducked out of sight when she noticed the corgi had also seen her.

"... So you can handle Beowolves, but this cute wittle puppy is too much for you?" Weiss asked as she hugged the corgi to her chest.

"That's not a puppy, it's a hellhound!" Blake protested.

"Girls, focus!" Ruby cut in, "Professor Ozpin has a job for us, and we need to seriously get moving if we want to get to his office in time, now let's go!"

"I still need to get dressed!" Weiss protested.

"Then step on it princess! We've got a job to do!" Ruby ordered. Weiss pushed herself to her feet (much to Zwei's displeasure), and grabbed her uniform from her drawer before dashing for the bathroom for her shower.

"This is going to be a long day," Weiss muttered as she closed the bathroom door behind her.


As she went through her morning routine, however, Weiss couldn't help but notice that her strange dream wasn't fading from her memory.

It felt so real, Weiss thought as she put her hair into a side-ponytail, Why do I still remember it so clearly?

Those thoughts plagued her all the way to the headmaster's office, and little did she know, her nightmare was only beginning.


Golden-Eyed Eclipse

a/n: Weiss doesn't have time for your cryptic nonsense. Those of you who've actually played the Kingdom Hearts games are probably very scared right now, while those of you who haven't are probably in the same boat as Weiss at the moment. But don't worry, I have a plan. A cruel, twisted, evil plan that you should all be very afraid of.
Originally, I was going to pull a "Kingdom Hearts Timeline" and show some moments from "a fragmentary passage" as the prologue, but then I had a better idea, and did this instead. After all, replacing Destiny Islands with Remnant has a lot of interesting implications, and I wanna see your speculation. Now, I'm also curious what kind of audience this will get, and also if anyone is gonna be able to piece together my master plan.
I hope you enjoyed, and I'll see you next time in "Chapter 1: The Beginning of the End".