Raven within the Maelstrom

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Naruto x Ikaruga (Fairy Tail), Fem. Kyuubi (mom-figure)

Hello readers, I wanted to write a story using a character from Fairy Tail that is rarely seen, other than her fight with Erza during the Tower of Heaven Arc and later when Erza fights the ghosts of her past. Plus, I think she is more beautiful than Naruto's crush, Sakura. I hope you like it. I am not the greatest in writing, but I will do my best to write a good story I imagined.


"Biju/Summon talk"

Ninja Techniques/Spells

Chapter 1: The Fateful Summoning

In the village of Konoha, children are playing in the park with parents. However, sitting on a lonely swing sat a small malnourished 13-year-old boy with short spiky blonde hair, deep blue eyes that hold much light but also a deep abyss of pain, and his most distinguished features being his three lined whisker marks on each cheek giving him a feral look of either a cat or a fox. This orphan's name is Naruto Uzumaki.

Naruto had only known his name to hint on whether he had a family, but the caretakers of the orphanage hated him for reasons beyond his control. So, they kicked him out at the age of 6 to wander the streets of Konoha, scavenging for food wherever he could find it. Only to later be attacked by mobs of villagers and shinobi alike, especially on his birthday October 10th. The day of the Kyuubi Festival where the village would celebrate the defeat of the Nine-Tailed Fox Biju, Kyuubi, because of the sacrifice of their beloved leader the Fourth Hokage.

The Third Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi, took up the mantle village leader after the Fourth's sacrifice and on occasion looked after the young orphan, even by giving him an apartment to live in after spending a year living in the streets. The grandfather like figure tried to ease the hatred of the villagers to Naruto, but to no avail. All he could do was stop the attacks after the mobs got their pounds of flesh. Even after entering the Shinobi Academy, the mobs continued their torture and attacks on the boy, even when the Third made a law that prohibited the villagers from killing him or speaking the name of Kyuubi under the sentence of death, they still referred to him as the 'Demon Brat' of Konoha.

Although it wasn't spoken, Naruto knew why they village hated him specifically.

Flashback (6 years ago, Oct. 10)

Naruto opened his eyes to see that he was no longer in a back alley being stabbed and kicked by the mob and calling his unknown mother a whore and that she never could have loved a demon child like him. He slowly got up to see that he was in a dark sewer, and that there was a sound coming down the dark hallway rising and falling like something was alive down there.

"Oh great, first they beat me and then they dump me in the sewer. I hope Jiji finds me soon. I want to show I can take their hate so when I become Hokage, they will never have to look down on me again. Maybe I can ask him again about my parents. I know he knows something. Just saying that he doesn't know, means that he can't tell me a thing." He said while trudging through the dark tunnel with the cold water covering the whole floor that it stood just halfway between his legs and knees.

He reaches the end of the hallway and entered a vast room the size of Konoha Stadium. The room was poorly lit and half of it was separated by a large barred gate with a paper tag seal on top of the lock with the other side being pitch dark. The sound Naruto was hearing was coming from the other side of the gate. Fortunately, Naruto was small enough to squeeze through the bars to find the source of the strange wind blowing on and off like a rhythm.

After awkwardly squeezing through a set of bars, Naruto silently walked to the strange mass that became clearer the closer he got to it. The large mass seemed to rise and fall matching the rhythm of the sounds the curious boy was hearing. When Naruto finally reached it, he saw that the giant thing was covered with dark orange fur. Extending his hand out to touch it, it feels hard yet soft when he strokes it. Naruto, with the excitement of a child he rarely shows to others, brightens up and gives a big smile when he hugs onto the big fur ball, moving his face and arms around to feel the amazing warm, comfortable touch of the orange fur.

Suddenly, the sound stops, and a giant slit red eye slowly opens. It turns to see the small boy playing with its fur like a small kit rolling in a field of long grass. As the eye draws closer to the oblivious child, the young malnourished boy stops playing as he feels something is watching him. His body still attached to the fur, Naruto slowly turns his head to the left, only to have his small eyes widen at the giant red monster eye.

He freaks out and stumbles backwards and splashes onto the wet cold floor crawling backwards frantically to the barred gate, but his efforts are halted by a large furry hand, with sharp black claws at each fingertip, that has blocked his path. Naruto cries frantically and starts spewing words out, "OH Kami, I'm going to die! I'm sorry big Furry Monster for feeling your super cool comfy fur. I didn't know you were living in this sewer. Those stupid villagers dumped me here and I was trying to- "

"SILENCE, Brat!" The beast said, stifling Naruto's voice as huge row of sharp teeth gleamed in the dim light. "I don't know how you got here, but now I can finally have my revenge by eating you and escaping this dreary jail!" The beast's deep voice bellowed with its teeth giving a wicked smile as it opens its mouth ready to devour the boy.

Naruto closes his eyes, waiting for it to end. Hoping that when he dies, he can finally see his mom and dad.

A few moments have passed, and nothing happens. Naruto slowly opens his eyes and sees that the big furry monster is not trying to eat him but is looking at him strangely.

"Why are you not crying, begging for mercy or anything. Do you want to live?" the giant fox asked in confusion.

Naruto slowly got up and said, "I-I do want to live, but I also want to be with my mom and dad. I never knew them, and I wanted to see them whether in this life or in the afterlife. I just don't want to be alone anymore, dattebayo. The villagers hate me and call me the 'Demon brat'. Jiji wants me to forgive them, so I try to be strong so that I can become Hokage so that they will never look down on me again. I also want to become strong, so I can protect people who are and may become precious to me, which sadly is a very few people. But it seems that's not going to happen since I'm going to die."

The fox's eye widens and then slowly softens as she gazes at the poor kit in front of her. Closing her eyes, a red wind surrounds the monster which gradually becomes smaller and smaller. When the wind dissipates, replacing the towering furred monster stands a 6-foot-tall beautiful woman. Her skin is dark like the color of chocolate, eyes are red with slits, her hair is wild orange but beautifully long reaching down to her lower back, and she wore a red kimono with golden foxes adorning it. (A:N Think Mila Rose from Bleach, only her hair is dark orange her eyes are red) Naruto stared in awe at her beauty, which then he started to blush at her voluptuous figure and turned his eyes away hoping that this lady won't hit him like the ladies in the village do.

He stiffens when he feels the goddess in human form hug him. Her breasts pressed against his back as he feels her giving him a strong yet soft hug. "You are not going to die ningen. I won't allow it. For if you were to die, I would die too. If you want, I could be your friend 'and maybe even more', that way we won't have to be lonely anymore."

Naruto turned his head as tears began to form. He then hugs his new best friend and savior as he cries in her kimono. The lady continues to hug him as he lets out all his feelings that have been bottled for so long. She strokes his spiky golden locks with her hand as she whispers soothingly and embraces him comfortably.

After he finishes crying, Naruto looks at the pretty lady and gives his famous foxy smile. "Thank you Lady-chan! I promise to be your friend and protect you, as you are my new precious someone, Dattebayo! But first I want to know your name. I'm Naruto Uzumaki, Dattebayo!"

The vixen smirks at her little friend's enthusiasm. "Pleased to meet you Naru-kun." Naruto blushes at his nickname. "My name is Kurama, but I'm also called the Kyuubi." She smiles as nine long orange fox tails flow behind her and two orange fox ears with black tips pop out of her hair.

Flashback end

The Kyuubi, Kurama, told Naruto somewhat how she got sealed into him and why, but she explained to him that she would tell him more and who his parents were if he promised that he would graduate and become Genin before she could tell. Naruto gladly accepted and strived to work hard in graduating from the Ninja Academy. However, even with Kurama's lessons and pointers when utilizing his chakra, he failed to pass three times because he had too much chakra when struggling to do the Clone Jutsu. Plus, some of his teachers crippled his learning to make him the dead last.

Now Naruto sat idly on his swing, thinking how much of a failure he was. 'Don't feel bad Naru-kun, it's not your fault that you have bigger chakra reserves than others. It's just your Uzumaki blood showing how much potential you have hidden inside you, plus me.' Said Kurama in order to cheer him up. She created a mind link between the two of them, so they could talk to each other mentally without having to speak out loud for others to hear. Naruto even was able to redesign his mindscape that it looked like a great forest with the Hokage mountain and a large lake in the clearing so that Kurama could live in better quarters until they figured out how to get her out without killing each other. The seal was turned into a necklace that Kurama wore around her neck. Naruto tried to make it into a bracelet or a ring, but the mocha-skinned vixen was adamant in having it on her neck to show who she belongs to.

'Thanks, Kura-chan. I thought I finally figured it out.' He said to his secret friend. 'Let's go and get some ramen dattebayo'. Naruto was taught by Kurama on how to hunt in the Forest of Death and garden to help grow vegetables and plant beautiful flowers when the shops in the village continued to raise the prices on him. Hunting helped him in finding food and sharpening his senses and skills in becoming a ninja, while gardening helped release his stress and enjoy the beauty of his flowers. He loved eating ramen, but he ate it sparingly because of his tenant's tutoring.

The cooks at Ichiraku Ramen, Teuchi and his daughter Ayame, were one of Naruto's precious people as they offered him free ramen when he had nothing to pay them. He was their number one customer as he ate through more than ten bowls of ramen every time he visited them. They also viewed them as their surrogate-son/little brother as he continued to endure being the village's pariah.

An hour later

After eating his fill and walking back to his rundown apartment, he was stopped by one of his Chunin teachers at the academy, Mizuki.

"Hey Naruto. Can we talk for a moment? I'm sorry you failed on your third try in the graduation exam. But I know how you can pass by taking this make-up test I have for you."

"Really, what do you need me to do, Dattebayo!" replied Naruto putting on his dumb happy mask. Naruto knew that Mizuki was up to something because while he was in the academy Naruto could sense the negative emotions that Mizuki subtly radiated whenever the second Chunin passed by Naruto. Kyu-chan trained Naruto to utilize her negative empathic ability he unlocked after spending time talking with her within the mindscape.

Scene Change

Sitting under the designated tree, Naruto took out his "make-up exam" scroll or more precisely the Konoha Scroll of Sealings. Mizuki explained that Naruto needed to steal the Scroll hidden in the Hokage Tower and learn one of the many jutsu within the parchment, so he can earn his Shinobi headband. The young boy left swiftly and stealthily as he entered the Tower after he "distracted" the Third Hokage with his Sexy Henge Jutsu.

Now, Naruto opened the scroll to see what super jutsu he would learn. He already guessed that Mizuki was setting him up, but now he had a great excuse to learn a forbidden jutsu and then he would blame Mizuki for his deception.

First jutsu that caught his eye was the Shadow-Clone Jutsu. He skimmed through it and had Kyu-chan memorize it for later. As he searched through the seals, his eyes were drawn to a rare summoning jutsu that could theoretically summon his Destined One called the Destined Summoning Technique. While Naruto once had sights for his classmate Sakura Haruno, her over the top 'Baka-Banishing' beatings and his tenant's teachings on how a kunoichi should act crushed the love he once had for her. Also, he never saw Kyu-chan as a future lover, but a beautiful mother-like figure and close friend/companion.

Testing his resolve, Naruto went through the hand signs for the technique and exuded his chakra into his right palm then slammed it into the ground. Summoning glyphs and seals formed on the grass creating a unique circle as wide as Naruto was tall. The black ring slowly started to glow an ethereal blue as Naruto continued to put more of his chakra into the technique. A connection began to form as Naruto felt that his special someone was trying to answer his call, but he felt that his destined one was so far, and their signature felt weak. Worried that he might lose them and not wanting to be alone with just Kurama-chan, Naruto called upon all the chakra he could muster within his small frame.

Seeing her kit overly exert himself, Kurama added a bit of her reserves to complete the jutsu. As the light faded and the smoke cleared, Naruto slowly opened his eyes to see a young woman with her long pink hair with two long bangs disheveled and her white kimono shredded, especially along her torso where a deep cut could be seen still stained slightly bleeding. The young Uzumaki worked fast putting his extended knowledge of First Aid, after experiencing multiple riots and attacks from his own person and with his surrogate mom's secret lessons in chakra control and tending of wounds the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki brought out alcohol antiseptic and a gauze from his med-kit pouch.

Scene Change 15 minutes later

"There you are Naruto. It's all over." said the Chunin teacher Iruka as he stepped out from behind the tree that Naruto hid himself in. Iruka was the only teacher that tried to work with him since he saw that Naruto was not the Nine-Tailed Fox that killed his parents after watching Naruto's pranks and progress.

"Found you Iruka!" Naruto smiled, pointing his finger at his sensei.

"You IDIOT, I found YOU!" Iruka exclaimed showing his Big Head Jutsu.

"Naruto, why did you steal the Forbidden Scroll? Don't you know the trouble you put yourself in by doing this? I don't think the Hokage can spare you for what you have done." The Chunin Sensei tried to convey to his favorite student, when he turned his gaze to see a strange wounded woman that Naruto was taking care of.

"But sensei, Mizuki told me that for me to pass the make-up exam so I can graduate, I needed to learn a technique from the Scroll and I actually learned two. The first one was The Destined Summoning Jutsu, which summoned this pretty lady who seems to have come from a battle with only her life and a broken sword hilt. The second one I wanted to surprise you and Mizuki-sensei to prove to both of you that I am ready to become a ninja." Naruto explained to Iruka as the Chunin sensei studied the strange woman while the Chunin's mind was spinning as to why Mizuki would lie to Naruto about this make-up exam.

His questions were answered when he grabbed Naruto and the unconscious warrior and jumped to the side as a flurry of kunai embedded into the tree that they previously stood by. The brown-haired scar-faced teacher peered into the other trees to find his fellow Chunin, the white haired Mizuki wearing a black bandana atop his head carrying large four bladed shuriken on his back.

"Naruto give me the Scroll!" Mizuki cried extending his right arm out. "Don't you want to pass and become a shinobi?"

"Don't give Mizuki the scroll Naruto!" Iruka commanded his student. "He lied to you in order to obtain the scroll for himself. He's a traitor to the Leaf village."

Mizuki scoffed at that remark. "Ha, you and the rest of the village are bigger liars than I am, Iruka. Hey Naruto, do you want to know a secret that only you were never told because of the Third Hokage's law concerning you?"

"NO, Don't! You can't! It is forbidden!" Iruka yelled as he jumped to apprehend the traitor, only to be countered and kicked into another tree with kunai embedding into his left arm and right leg.

Mizuki jumped down and slowly strode towards Naruto, whom was holding his pink-haired patient for dear life. "Thirteen years ago, the Kyuubi no Kitsune attacked Konoha. But the demon wasn't destroyed, it was sealed into a baby at the expense of the Fourth's life. That child was you Naruto."

"Stop!" Iruka cried.

"You are the Nine-tailed Fox that nearly destroyed Konoha!" Mizuki proclaimed and then pulled out his giant shuriken and threw it at the boy and his comatose patient. Iruka at the last moment, after removing the kunai from his arm and leg, shielded Naruto from the projectile as it struck the back of his vest.

"Naruto, you are not the Kyuubi! I may have hated the fox for what it did to my parents, but I have watched you train hard in the Academy, and I know that you are not the demon sealed inside you. You are my student and it's the duty of the sensei to protect his students and realize their great potential. I'm sorry I couldn't show that to you during the Academy, but the Council tied my hands and I couldn't show favoritism in your class." Iruka said in sincerity before standing up and pulled shuriken from his back. The weapon didn't even pierce his spine, so he wasn't as harmed as Naruto thought.

Turning to face the traitor Mizuki, Iruka Umino pulled out a kunai from his leg pouch and battled the traitor. But due to the many wounds Mizuki inflicted upon Umino, the white haired Chunin easily overcame him and punched Iruka to the side.

"Now, time to get the Scroll of Sealings for Lord Orochimaru." Said Mizuki, only to have Naruto standing firm with the scroll held in his right hand.

"If you want it, then you'll have to come take it. And if you do, I will kill you!" Said Naruto with his eyes narrowed and releasing a little killer intent.

Mizuki laughed at the demon brat's bravado. "Oh really. And what can a dead-last comedian like you do to a fully qualified Chunin like me?"

Putting his hands into a cross shaped hand sign, Naruto smirked as Iruka and the slowly awakening woman watched from the sidelines.

"Shadow-Clone Jutsu!", in a burst of smoke dozens of flawless looking clones of Naruto surrounded the bewildered Chunin.

10 minutes later

Mizuki was out cold after Naruto and his clones beat him to a pulp. Naruto opened his eyes after Iruka-sensei managed to walk up to him and told him to close them for a few seconds. Naruto notices that Iruka is no longer wearing his Konoha headband. Feeling something strange on his head, the Uzumaki puts his hand on the object and realizes what it is as he looks at his Sensei in awe and confusion.

"Congratulations Naruto! For stopping the would-be traitor Mizuki and creating many perfect clones using a jutsu, you are now a Genin ninja of Konoha Village!" Iruka Umino smirks, proud of the success Naruto finally had earned through his hard work. Naruto couldn't stop the water works from exploding from his eyes as he jumped Iruka sensei and hugged him with all his strength. Unfortunately, it was causing some of his sensei's earlier wounds to reopen and having the scarred man fall backwards to the ground.

Naruto quickly jumped back and continued to apologize for his carelessness only to hear a feminine chuckle coming from the woman that he miraculously summoned from another world.

"Lady-san, you're awake! Um, what seems to be so funny?" asked Naruto.

The woman haughtily snorted at this child's optimism and assumed innocence before answering. "Life is a hatchling, wanting to soar to great heights, only to fall low(A:N This was an accidental Haiku, but it works)… Don't try to fly until you have learned to use those wings of yours and know that the world is more dangerous then what you dream in your childish mind."

Naruto was mystified by the way her voice spoke her pragmatic haiku. But his life has mostly been a series of falls, only to have Kyu-chan and his precious people help him get back and push forward in his life. Naruto was interrupted by his trail of thinking when Kurama made a remark in his head. 'Oh, I like her style. You got yourself a fine future mate for yourself, Naru-kun.'

Naruto hides his blush just as Anbu appear around him, Iruka, and his destined lady. The Anbu take Iruka to the hospital, while Naruto is escorted with the lady in tow to the Hokage's office. Naruto hopes that things will start looking up, wondering how he's gonna explain the lady, who he still hasn't got her name.

"Apologies, Lady-san. But I forgot to ask for your name. I'm Naruto Uzumaki! Dattebayo!" said Naruto as they walk with the Anbu escorting them.

She smiles at the boy's introduction. "Well met Naruto. I am Ikaruga."

Sorry for the wait. I've been exhausted with work this week. I hope you like the start of this story. I got distracted with another story idea using Naruto, Pirates of the Caribbean series, and the arcade game called 'The Ocean Hunter'. I hope to get back to my other stories but I need to let my mind and body to rest for a little.

Stay Healthy and Safe.