Hey guys! Guess what? I'm back at this series! It's been a while since I last touched it. Are you surprised that I'm rebooting this series from the very beginning?

Okay, let's review the basics. This is a crossover between Sonic and My Little Pony with elements of Super Sentai/Power Rangers sprinkled within it. All the characters from both franchises are humanized versions of their canon counterparts, except for those who are canonically human. As this is a reboot, expect to see some changes from the original version.

With those things out of the way, let the series start from the very beginning.

Season 1, Episode 1

"The Start of an Era"

There are many things that lay hidden in the wilderness. The forest is so vast that it's near impossible to keep track of the exact locations of anything. This is the perfect place to hide things. Built into a cliff is a cave. It is built quite recently. It is not a shrine. It is not a temple. it is not the resting place of some long gone famous person. No, this is the sealing grounds for two of the most infamous villains from another world.

It was built in this place because whoever built this thought that no one would find this place ever again. It's so far into the forest that finding it is impossible. Even if the hint was "it is found in a cliff", the exact location of this place is hard to pin down. Only a select few knew about this place. Only those who can be trusted with this information know the exact location of this place. Only those who promise not to awaken the monsters that sleep within are allowed to know about this place. With these strict criteria, people are very sure that these two will never be awaken by some malicious person ever again.

They were wrong.

A large, round man wrapped in a cloak walked up to this place embedded into the cliffs. He approached it and entered the cavern. There, he found two closed jars sitting on top of pedestals. He grinned at his discovery, brushing his fingers along his large mustache. He reached into his cloaked...and pulled out a blaster.

The man fired his blaster, sending laser bolts into the jars and breaking them instantly. Apparently, whoever created this sealing place was so arrogant that no one would discover this again that nobody figured to make these jars resistant to breaking. The jars shattered, spilling their contents into the air. Two clouds of smoke came pouring out, settling on the ground and creating two beings. One is a witch in a brown cloak and a hat with two large horns. The other is a man wearing a black suit covered in crosses.

"Ah!" the witch screamed after seeing light for the first time in years. "The light! I have not seen the light for so long, it burns!"

"Finally, I'm out of this fragile prison," the armored man said. "Now I can unleash my fury once again! Wait, who dares to wake me up? Who dares to be foolish enough to awaken me?"

The round man grinned at the sight of these two. "So, you're the infamous Pandora, and you're...what's your name again?"

"Ah, yes, that's my name," Pandora said. "Why yes, my name is Pandora, Rita Pandora!"

"Um, yes, about my name," the armored man said. "I've been in existence for so long that my original name is long forgotten. Many call be the Black Cross King, Black King, if you like."

"Now that I'm free, it's time for me to unleash my revenge on those who stuffed me into that jar!" Pandora said. "But...I've lost most of my forces. I will need to rebuild them from scratch."

"That's okay," the cloaked man said, still grinning. "I can help you with that. That is, if you decide to help me along with my goal."

Unbeknownst to any of them, an informant is hiding in the foliage eavesdropping on them. He had just saw who had been released.

"I knew it..." he said. "He was going after these two. That's why he's searching this area. I'd better warn my boss." He then ran away.

The cloaked man heard some footsteps. He turned his head around. "Who goes there?" he asked. He saw no one. He can only assume that someone is listening to him. "Oh well, it doesn't matter who overhears this." He then leans closer to Pandora and the Black King, close enough for them to see his large mustache. "We're going to take over Columbia."

Months later...

Welcome to Canterlot City. This is a coastal city with a river going through it, with the city itself being split across multiple landmasses. Just west off the coast of the city is a large island with its own cities. To the north and east are mountains. To the south are vast plains between the sea and the mountain. Err, it's more like between the bay and the mountains, but next to nobody cares. It is the second most populated city in Columbia.

The most famous school in Canterlot City is the famous Canterlot High School. Located just outside the downtown area, this urban school is where several famous people used to study before moving on to higher education. Despite being famous, it doesn't see a lot of visitors even outside of school hours. Conveniently, it is near a train station, although its not close enough to where passing trains disrupt the learning environment.

The first day of school dawns on the students. New students have just came in, while returning students greet the new students as they come in.

One of these students is the legendary Rainbow Dash. She's the daughter of two legendary heroes. As indicated by her name, she has long, rainbow hair in six colors. She has rose-colored eyes and fair skin. She is coming into the school wearing a sky blue shirt with a tricolor lightning bolt, a blue jacket with yellow lines, two tricolor wristbands, a pink shorts with white vertical lines, black leggings with a rainbow gradient design, and blue sports shoes with yellow accents. Trained to be a professional athlete, Rainbow has participated in many sports and has succeeded in almost all of them. She consistently performs well, to the point where she is almost always the team captain. She's so good, she no longer participates in school sports. Now she's training students how to become good athletes.

Still, Rainbow has a lot to learn if she wants to become a coach. That's why her father, Bow, is joining her in Canterlot High. Bow is a former professional athlete who has become a coach in order to make the next generation of athletes into professionals. He's Rainbow's mentor back in middle school, and now he's Rainbow's mentor now, but in a different way.

The father and daughter duo make their way into Canterlot High.

"So, you're planning to become a coach when you grow up, right?" Bow asked his daughter.

"You don't need to ask," Rainbow said. "I've won so much that its getting boring. I have to admit, I didn't want to share my knowledge and skills to others, but then you taught me how fun it is and I got around to enjoy it. Though, I sometimes worry that my own students will outshine me, just like how I outshine you."

"There's no need to worry," Bow assured. "There's no one in the world who can match my awesome daughter. Well, except the son of my old friend, but there's no one who can come close to the two of you."

"Yeah," Rainbow replied as she laughed it out. "So, dad? When will we visit him? You've always talked about him as if he's my rival or something, but I really want to meet him in person."

"Relax, my daughter," Bow said. "You can visit him if you want. There's a train that'll take you all the way to Emerald High. That's where you'll find him."

Rainbow took out her Columbia Rails Membership card, available only to Columbia citizens. She got this card on her birthday months ago, and she rarely traveled beyond Canterlot City using this. She puts it back into her pocket.

"Come on, Rainbow," Bow said. "Don't be shy. Just take the train and go there. You can spend the night at his place if you want. Just remember to be back by tomorrow morning."

Rainbow stopped and realized the implications. "Dad!" she shouted.

Bow burst into laughter. "Oh, Rainbow, you're so curious about this boy, yet you're too afraid to talk to him."

"I'm not afraid!" Rainbow said as her cheeks go red. "It's just...my schedule is so busy..."

Bow patted Rainbow on the back. "Okay, calm down," he said. "Let's focus on going to school."

Rainbow and her father arrived at Canterlot High School in the hours before school starts.

Canterlot High School is a large high school, with around 2,500 students attending it every year. The building itself is symmetrical, mostly rectangular in shape with two protrusions sticking out at the front. There are three floors to the building, each having several general and specialized classrooms for various subjects. To the right is the gym and behind the building are various sports fields. The tall buildings of the downtown area can be seen off in the distance. At the front of the building is a statue of a horse, its rider being the founder of this school.

At the front entrance of the building, Rainbow found her two friends. They waved at her. She waved back.

"Hey, Thunderlane!" Rainbow said. "Hey, Fluttershy!"

"Good morning, Rainbow!" Thunderlane greeted.

Thunderlane, who his friends typically call Thunder, is a boy with dark skin and gold-colored eyes. His hair is electric blue and blue-white, styled in a mess of spiky hair. He is typically seen in a gold shirt, black jacket with electric designs, gray pants, and electric blue shoes. He's a bit of a nice guy, although he can get competitive sometimes. He and Rainbow once had a rivalry going on between them on which of the two is better at sports, but when it became clear that he stood no chance of winning against Rainbow, he gave up and decided to be friends with her. Rainbow agreed, and these two are friends ever since.

Fluttershy is the second of Rainbow's friends. Well, she's actually Rainbow's first friend. She has pain hair, blue-green eyes, and light skin. Despite her big...chest...she typically wears an undershirt under her green dress that goes all the way down to her knees, going a bit higher at the front. It's usually not visible, but she is also wearing short pants under that dress. Her shoes are pink with a butterfly design on it. As her name suggests, Fluttershy is...well...painfully shy. She interacts quite a lot around animals, and that's what made people make fun of her. Rainbow disagrees, and shoved those bullies away. Rainbow offers some help to Fluttershy. Although she hesitated at first, Fluttershy agreed to this. They were friends since elementary school.

The two are quite glad to see Rainbow here.

"So, you're going to be the coach in training?" Thunder asked. "As in, you're a student and a coach at the same time?"

"It's not like that," Rainbow replied. "I'm just so good at sports! It'll be much better off if I teach my own skills to others."

"Huh, that's interesting," Thunder said. "So, are you planning to join any teams in the future?"

"I don't know," Rainbow replied. "Sure, Canterlot High would be helped quite a lot if I joined one of their teams, but the thing is, I'm so good at sports. I'm afraid that everyone would rely on me to carry out the team and slack off as a result. I know everyone on my old team did that."

Bow patted Rainbow on the back. "Then encourage them to put in their best effort!" he suggested. "A carrier can only carry their own team so far. If the carrier is doing all the work, then the team is not an effective one. Teams work best if everyone is putting in their effort towards a common goal. Since nearly everyone looks up to you, tell and encourage everyone to put effort into what they're doing and not slack off. This is a team effort, after all."

"I'll see about that," Rainbow replied.

Bow laughed in response. "Okay, the day is about to begin," he said. "Time to head inside!"

The four of them entered the building of Canterlot High School, ready to start their day. Unbeknownst to any of them, however, there's a figure standing on one of the houses, watching them. Nobody is noticing this.

Rainbow, Thunderlane, and Fluttershy all went into their classes to get a feel for what they are. This is the events that happened in the morning.

Rainbow entered her first period classroom, which is World History. There, she found someone that she did not expect to see working here.

"A.K. Yearling?" Rainbow gasped. "No way...it's really you!"

This caught the attention of the students that are here, alone with the woman named A.K. Yearling. "Oh dear..." she sighed. "Not another fan. When will they learn to calm down?"

A.K. Yearling, full name Amy Keating Yearling, is both a writer and a teacher at Canterlot High. She teaches World History. She's a woman with grayscale hair in six colors, tied up in a bun. Her outfit is pretty standard for a teacher, just a suit and long skirt, as well as red glasses. For someone so famous for her books, she dresses as if she's trying to not stand out. Perhaps she was tired from all the unwanted fan attention?

"You must be Rainbow M. Dash, is that correct?" A.K. Yearling asked. "I've heard of you before. You're the best young athlete I've ever seen. Almost as famous as me."

Rainbow was practically stuttering. "Um...yes, that's me!" she confirmed. "Though, please leave out my middle name next time. Even if it's only an initial, I don't like it when anyone brings up my middle name..."

"Your middle name is Miriam!" a student shouted from the back.

"Hey!" Rainbow shouted angrily to the student who said it.

"You there!" A.K. Yearling said. "We just agreed to never bring up Rainbow's middle name." She then sighed as she turned her attention back to Rainbow. "Look, Dash, I know you're excited to see me here. I'm your favorite author, and I know it. I've met you several times before and personally signed every book I've wrote up to when we last met. But please, treat me like any other teacher in this environment. I won't want you distracting the entire class."

"Of course!" Rainbow agreed. "I promise, Miss Yearling!"

A.K. Yearling smiled back. "Okay," she said. "Now, Rainbow, I believe your seat is right over there...right in front of my desk. Who's in charge of the seating placement? Celestia, did you do this?"

Rainbow ignored this and proceeded to her desk, where she sat there and waited for the rest of the class period.

Once class is over, everyone got up from their desks and headed off to their next class. Rainbow was about to leave, but was stopped before she could exit the door.

"Oh, and Rainbow?" A.K. Yearling said.

Rainbow stopped in front of the door and turned around. "Huh?" she said. "What is it?"

"Come here," A.K. Yearling requested. "I wanted to leave you with a quick reminder. See me here after school ends. I want a quick talk with you. There's something...bothering me."

Rainbow isn't sure why her teacher and favorite author wanted to have a chat with her after school today. She was hoping that she would get a sneak peek at her next book, but it was clear that this wasn't the case. Still, Rainbow is curious. She left the classroom in search of her next one.

Right after Rainbow had left, A.K. Yearling opened up a drawer in her desk. There, there are six round devices inside. She stared at the devices, wondering when they'll ever get a use. She has a feeling that she's going to give these away soon, hopefully to someone she trusts. Before anyone else could spot her doing this, she closed the drawer. However, she is starting to feel nervous. She has a bad feeling that something terrible will happen soon, and she needs to be prepared for it.

Cooking is Thunder's next class for the day, and he found it quickly. He entered this class to meet his teacher and his new classmates. It looked like a typical class introduction until...

"Baking soda?" a girl with pink, curly hair blurted out. "I didn't know you can bake soda!"

The other students and the teacher aren't so pleased by this statement.

"Seriously, Pinkie?" a blonde girl with a cowboy hat said. "You thought baking soda is a food? It's not! It's an agent!"

"An agent?" the girl named Pinkie. "Are you implying that baked soda is working for some agency?"

The girl with the cowgirl hat covered her face and shook her head. "Ugh...why do I still have you as a classmate?" she questioned. "You're so literal-minded, Pinkie..."

Thunder took notice of these two girls. He wondered who both of them are.

The class period passed, and everyone got up and headed off to their next class. Before the two girls could leave, however, Thunder walked up to them.

"Hey, excuse me?" Thunder asked. "Can we talk for a moment?"

The girl with the cowboy hat stopped for a moment. "What do you want?" she asked. She has a distinct southern accent.

"I'm just curious," Thunder said. "Who are you?"

The girl with the cowboy hat let out a sigh. "I'll make this brief so I can get to my next class on time," she said. "Name's Applejack. Some of my fellas shorten my name to AJ, but I prefer that you do not just that name. They're not my initials. Understand?"

"Of course," Thunder replied. Then he introduced himself. "By the way, I'm Thunderlane. You can call me Thunder. I'm your new classmate. Nice to meet you."

Applejack sighed. "Yes, I know," she said. "I noticed that. Y'all new here."

"I understand that," Thunder replied. "This is the first day of school."

Suddenly, the pink girl who got confused for a moment appeared. According to the others in his class, her name is Pinkie Pie, though it's a shortened version of her actual name. She seems to be interested in Thunder's hair.

"Ooh, nice hairdo!" Pinkie said, admiring Thunder's hair. "How'd you make it that way?" She then began rubbing on his hair. "Ooh, nice style."

"Hey! Cut it out!" Thunder shouted as he pushed Pinkie's hands away from his hair. "Keep your hands off my hair. It took me a long time to get my hair this way. I don't want anyone ruining it."

"Pinkie, stop fooling around with our new classmate," Applejack said. "Honestly, do you have any sense of personal space?"

"What's personal space?" Pinkie asked, much to the annoyance of Thunder and Applejack.

"Ugh...well, I better get to my next class," Applejack said. "I don't want to talk for too long. See ya around." She then left.

Pinkie, meanwhile, continued to stare at Thunder. "You're an interesting guy," she said. "Hey, why don't we hang out someday? I'll meet you after school. Ciao!" She then left, running down the hallways toward her next class.

Thunder decided to ignore the girls that he just met and continued on to his next class.

Physical Education was always Rainbow's favorite and best class. That's not surprising, considering that she's an athlete herself. Her father is also a former professional athlete, who now spends his days teaching his skills to others.

Because Rainbow is so good at sports, she doesn't need to learn like her peers, as she has already learned what they're about to learn. As a result, she gets special treatment and is assigned to be the teacher's assistant for this class. Well, considering that the teacher of this class is her father, is more like a parent training their child to be their successor.

"Now, I know how much you like to test your skills against the ultimate athlete that is my own daughter," Bow said to his students, "but, unfortunately, she will likely not be playing any games with any of you. She will attend the fitness tests, sure, but anything competitive with her is out of the question. I'm sure she'll demolish you if you tried."

"Come on, dad," Rainbow replied. "I can hold my full strength back when I'm in a match against them. I'm tired of winning when it doesn't matter. I just want to give my peers some fun time."

"Rainbow, we are focused on training these kids to be good at sports," Bow said, "not discourage them from trying out sports by putting an insurmountable obstacle along the path. Although, if we do have a sports tournament, I will totally let you play as part of a bonus round, if we have time."

Rainbow and her father shard some laughs with each other.

A student then raised their hand. "Hey, when will we start having normal gym sessions?" he asked.

"Now hold on to your patience," Bow said. "Once you get your uniforms and lockers, we can start having normal gym sessions. We'll have regular drills, fitness tests, sport events, and more. Now, lets go over the overview of Physical Education, or P.E. if you want."

Before Bow can get to the overview, there was an announcement over the intercom.

"Attention all students," Principal Celestia alerted. "There has been an incident reported nearby. Students are advised to remain on campus until the problem has been resolved. Thank you, and please be safe."

A murmur was heard among the students.

"What? An incident?" one of them said.

"On the first day of school?" another complained.

"Can we just stop with the incidents near a school?" a third groaned.

Bow decided to get up and lock the outside doors. "Now, now," he said. "Settle down. You're going to be safe."

"What are you doing?" a student asked. "This isn't a lockdown! The principal hasn't announced it as such!"

Bow locked one of the doors that goes outside. He then made sure that it is locked. "Hey, it's not like it's something serious," he said. "Besides, the incident reported is probably just some minor crime. Still, it's better to be safe than-"

Suddenly, the door Bow was standing next to was forced open, breaking the lock. The force from the opening was so strong, it knocked Bow off his feet and sent him crashing on the floor. His body slid for a moment on the floor. The entire class was shocked by this. They couldn't believe it. Their school was being attacked.

"Dad!" Rainbow cried as she ran up to Bow. "Dad, are you alright? Please! Answer me!"

Bow opened his eyes for a brief moment. "Rainbow...my daughter..." he coughed. "I'm...going to be...fine..."

"Well, well, well," a voice said from outside. "Isn't that the daughter of one of the legendary heroes of this country?"

Rainbow looked outside, beyond the broken doors. As the smoked cleared, she can make out a figure. It's a humanoid figure with..tentacles? What? What is that thing?"

"W-Who are you?" Rainbow shouted. "And what are you doing here?"

"I am Tentacle Titan!" the figure proclaimed. "Now, legendary hero. It's time to say goodbye to your daughter. She's going to be gone for a very long time."

At this point, Principal Celestia made another announcement. "Attention, all students," she announced. "We are under attack. Emergency protocols have been indicated. All teachers, lock the doors immediately. Security, intervene that intruder!"

"Now, now," Tentacle Titan said as she stepped closer to Rainbow. "I'm going to take you to a place far, far away. Don't worry. It's going to be painless."

Bow coughed out to Rainbow. "Rainbow..." he began. "You can fight back! Just...remember the lessons I taught you. Save yourself...save this school!"

Rainbow grew a determined look on her face as she clutched her fist. Ready to fight back, she charged forward at Tentacle Titan with a battle cry.

"What?!" Tentacle Titan gasped before she was rammed by Rainbow and out the building.

Outside at the field, Rainbow fought against Tentacle Titan. She threw a few punches that were lightning fast. Some manged to impact Tentacle Titan. However, despite the amount of power Rainbow has out behind each punch, it doesn't faze Tentacle Titan.

"Were those supposed to be powerful punches?" Tentacle Titan asked. "You make me laugh sometime. Those are pathetic. I do not feel a thing behind your punches." She then whipped her arm and a tentacle slapped against Rainbow's face, sending her off to the side.

"Ow..." Rainbow groaned as she got up from the ground. She covered her cheek that is in pain. "Just who are you?" she asked, demanding an answer. "This...power...I have never been hit with this much power before..."

"Ahahahaha!" Tentacle Titan laughed. "So you're supposed to be the greatest athlete of all time, yet your punches are just pathetic. It's sad to see all that power deal little damage to me."

Rainbow slowly lifted herself up. Her legs are shaking. They look like they could collapse at any minute. "I'm...supposed to be the greatest...for my age..." she said while in pain.

"Too bad!" Tentacle Titan said. "Looks like you've fallen from grace. Now, time to say goodbye to this world!" She lifted one of her arms high up and brought it down on Rainbow.

Rainbow rolled out of the way of the tentacle that's about to crush her. After that, she went back into standing on her feet. She checked her legs. They're stable for now, but additional hits will be cripple her in seconds. She looked forward and saw that another tentacle was about to slam on her. She jumped out of the way of the second slam, then began to ran away.

"Hey, is this how the most talented athlete fights?" Tentacle Titan asked. "By running away from problems? You coward! I will not let you get away with this!" She then chased after Rainbow.

Rainbow might be injured, but she is still able to run all the way to the front courtyard of the school. Trailing just behind her is Tentacle Titan.

"You're not getting away!" Tentacle Titan shouted as she swung her tentacles down like a whip.

The tips of the tentacles slammed down on the ground just behind Rainbow. Rainbow nearly avoided getting hit, but the force from those slams were enough to cause her to trip and fall.

"Ow..." Rainbow groaned as she got up.

"Ha! So much for a professional athlete," Tentacle Titan said as she walked up to the downed Rainbow. "Not even your skills are enough to save you. Now, say goodbye to your school forever!" She raised her arm up, getting ready to slam it down on Rainbow.

Rainbow would become crippled if she ever were to get hit. Seeing the tentacle about to slam down on her, Rainbow braced herself for the worst. She expected to feel the impact of the tentacle on her head when...

"Rainbow Dash!" a familiar voice called out.

Tentacle Titan stopped herself as soon as she heard the new voice. "Huh? Who said that?" she asked as she looked around. Then she looked at the entrance, where she saw someone there. "Hey! You there!"

Rainbow looked off to the entrance. There, she saw someone she wouldn't expect to see in a situation like this. It was her teacher, A.K. Yearling. She seems to be holding something in her hand.

"A.K.?" Rainbow asked.

"Here!" A.K. shouted. "Grab this!" She threw the strange device at Rainbow.

Rainbow grabbed the device and took a look at it. As she inspected the device, she backed out away from Tentacle Titan, making sure she isn't in range of her attacks.

Tentacle Titan was distracted by the newcomer for a moment. "What are you dong here?" she asked. "Do you want to be destroyed like this girl?"

A.K. Yearling ignored Tentacle Titan and instead focused on Rainbow. "Rainbow! Activate the device now! It'll save you and this school!" She then retreated back into the building.

"What device?" Tentacle Titan asked, demanding answers now. "What is that thing you threw at the girl?"

Rainbow opened up the device. It opened up like a clamshell. Inside was a red gem that shone in her eyes. She then closed the device and looked at the top side. There's a single colored button on it. What could this be? Curious, Rainbow pressed her finger on the device.

"Hey, what's that sound?" Tentacle Titan asked. Then she looked at where Rainbow is standing, and Rainbow is glowing. "What?"

Rainbow watched as pieces of armor get placed on her. It's a red suit with pieces of armor covering various spots, mainly her chest. A belt formed around her waist, with a single grip hanging off it. A red helmet with a rose tinted visor formed on her head, protecting her face. As the suit formed itself around Rainbow, a surge of energy filled her body, revering the damaged she sustained before.

And with that, Rainbow has put on her combat suit.

"What the-?" Tentacle Titan gasped. "No way...are you...a Ranger?"

Rainbow looked at herself and her new suit. "Whoa! What's this new suit?" she asked. She checked all around herself. "I feel so powerful right now. What's with this?"

Tentacle Titan then reconsidered the current threat level. "Well, no matter," she said. "Even if you are a Ranger, you're still a lone one. Finishing you off will be of no effort to me. Now, begone!" She then swung her tentacle at Rainbow, hitting her right on the face.

Rainbow was hit by the tentacle as stumbled back from the recoil. Despite how painful that looked, Rainbow didn't fall. She touched her cheek to see how bad the injuries are. They were only minor injuries. "Heh..." she said. "Looks like the tides have turned in my favor. This suit is awesome!"

"What?!" Tentacle Titan gasped. "But...I hurt you so badly last time! How...? The suit...it must be the suit! I'll crush you within that suit!" She lifted her arm up, ready to slam her tentacle down. Then, she brought her arm down, taking the tentacle down with it.

Right before she was hit, Rainbow jumped to the right, narrowly avoiding the hit. As she was about to land, she moved her right hand and grabbed the grip. As she swung it, it emitted hard light from the top and sides, forming the blade of a sword. The sword then cut across the tentacle, creating a large gash on it.

"Gaaah!" Tentacle Titan screamed. She looked at the gash. It looked nasty. She was angered by it. "You! I thought this was going to be an easy job, but you...you proved me wrong!"

"Do you have any idea who you're facing?" Rainbow asked. "I am the daughter of two legendary heroes. I won't go down without a fight." Her face then changed into a more serous expression. "I will not forgive you for ruining my day. I will never forgive you for attacking my school!" She then ran up to Tentacle Titan with her sword ready.

Rainbow aggressively swung her sword at Tentacle Titan, hitting her chest. In retaliation, Tentacle Titan lifted her other arm up, the whose tentacle does not have the huge gash. She was going to use it to slam it down on Rainbow. But Rainbow was having none of that. She noticed that she was going to be hit hard, and so, she swung her sword at it, creating another huge gasp.

"Gaaah!" Tentacle Titan screamed again. "That was my other tentacle! How could you! Now, I can't use either of them without them tearing themselves apart!"

"Oh, you want your tentacles gone, right?" Rainbow asked, now sporting a less serious face. "Well then, my pleasure!" She then slashed at where the gashes are on the tentacles, tearing them apart completely. Now, there are only stumps remaining on Tentacle Titan's arms.

"Noooo!" Tentacle Titan screamed. "My main form of attack! How could you?"

"Alright!" Rainbow said. "Time for the big one!" She swept her leg at Tentacle Titan's legs, causing her to trip and fall down. Then, Rainbow leapt high into the air, holding her sword above her head.

"No! Don't! Tentacle Titan begged as Rainbow launched herself into the air. "Please! Spare me!"

"I won't forgive anyone who hurts my dad!" Rainbow shouted. She then plunged her sword into Tentacle Titan's chest, finally finishing her off.

Tentacle Titan laid on the ground dying. She let out her last breaths as her life faded away. "I-Impressive," she said. "You...manged to defeat me. How...fitting. Y-you are the successor...of those l-legendary heroes. H-however, mark my w-words. I-I will not...be...the...last." She closed her eyes for the last time.

Rainbow retracted her sword and took a few steps back as she watched Tentacle Titan faded into the air. Well, it's less "disintegrating slowly" and more like "exploded into a puff of smoke". She then reverted back into her civilian form.

Rainbow then stared at her hand, wondering what in the world just happened and what in the world has she done.

"I...I did it..." she said. Normally, she would be happy about a victory, but this victory made her confused. "I've never taken a life before. Is this right? Well, it's not like that monster had a life. But still...where did she come from?"

Rainbow then looked toward the entrance of Canterlot High, where her two friends, and several other faces that she didn't recognize, are there waiting for her.

"Rainbow Dash!" Thunder said. "You're okay!"

"Ooh! That looks fun!" Pinkie. "Do it again! Do it again! Do it again!"

Fluttershy didn't say anything. She just smiled in relief.

"What the hay are you thinkin'?" Applejack shouted. "That's a serious threat you just faced. What are you trying to do?"

"I-I was trying to defend this school, you know," Rainbow explained. "What do you expect me to do? Do nothing? That's the kind of thinking that gets people hurt."

"My, my! What an interesting costume you've got there!" a new girl that Rainbow didn't recognize said. She then walked up to Rainbow and began inspecting her. "Say, where is that costume? I think that looks really good on you! How'd you get it?"

"Uh, I have no idea what happened," Rainbow said. "Wait, who are you?"

Before the new girl could introduce herself, someone began shouting from the entrance.

"Rainbow Miriam Dash!" Principal Celestia shouted.

Rainbow frowned at her name being called. She doesn't like it when people included her middle name.

"Meet me at my office!" Principal Celestia ordered. "We're going to have an important talk. Everyone else, get back to class. This incident is over. We are safe...for now."

Rainbow has a bad feeling about this...

That evening...

"Are you there?" Ms. Yearling began her phone call. "Yes, this is A.K. Yearling. My school was just attacked this afternoon. You suspect that your school is going to be attacked soon? Gosh, this is the start of something awful. Is there anyone that has caught your interest? Okay, so that boy in white...make sure he gets the devices to him before the attack. If your school gets attacked, then we know that someone, out there, is up to something. Keep an eye on any threats and stay safe out there. Good luck." A.K. Yearling then ended her phone call with someone else.

The following day...

Welcome to Emerald City, the most populated city in Columbia. This is a coastal city sandwiched between two bodies of water. To the west is the sea that leads out into the ocean. To the east is a lake. Going through the middle of the city is a river connecting the two bodies of water. To the north and south are vast, hilly plains between the sea and the mountains.

Emerald High School is the most famous school in the city. It is where many famous people studied at before moving on to higher education. Due to its close proximity to major Emerald City landmarks, it frequently receives visitors even during school hours. It also doesn't help that there's a nearby train station. For this reason, the building is built with soundproof walls and a policy is enforced that locked the campus doors during school hours. It also doesn't help that it is an urban school.

It's the second day of the school year. The events at Canterlot High School has just reached the students of Emerald High School.

One of the new students that attend this school is the legendary Sonic Rush. He's the son of two of the legendary heroes of Columbia. He has cobalt blue hair in several large spikes, emerald green eyes, and peach skin. He can be typically seen wearing a white shirt, a red jacket with short white sleeves, a pair of white gloves, a blue shorts with horizontal white bands, a pair of leg compressors, white socks, and red and white shoes. He's the top athlete of his previous school, consistently performing well in all types of sports. It gets to the point where he is bored of participating in most competitive sports. Now he spends his days passing on his vast and valuable knowledge of sports to others who ask for them.

He's walking to school with several of his friends. He's known them for a long time, ever since they were children.

One of those friends is Knuckles. He has red hair in dreadlocks, purple eyes, and dark skin that's tinted slightly red. He's one of the last direct descendants of the original people that once dominated Columbia. As he's a year older than the rest of them, he's a full school year ahead of them, and thus, for a brief moment, they are unable to attend school together. Now that they're together, he has more time to hang out with his friends, though there is some rivalry between him and Sonic. He is typically seen wearing a red shirt with a white swoosh at the front, brown pants, and red and green shoes.

The second of Sonic's friends is Amy Rose. A self-proclaimed girlfriend of Sonic, she's spent a lot of time trying to make advances towards him, to which Sonic consistently declines. That still doesn't stop her, though. She has pink hair, green eyes, and pale skin. She is typically seen wearing a red dress, gold bracelets, and red shoes. Ever since they've met, Amy has fallen in love with Sonic, and that love grew as Sonic advanced into legendary sports status. Sonic keeps declining her as a romantic partner. He sees Amy as more of a friend than a lover. To this day, Amy is still convinced that Sonic secretly loves her.

The third of Sonic's friends is actually his own brother. Well, actually, Sonic is convinced that this guy isn't his real brother, as he looks nothing like the rest of his family. His name is Manic, and as his name suggest, he is perhaps the most eccentric person Sonic ever met. He has grass green hair that's grown all over the place, vermilion eyes, and peach skin. He wears a green shirt, a ripped orange jacket, blue pants, and vermilion shoes. Manic is known to get crazy sometimes. He can get super crazy and energetic, or he can get miserably sluggish. Most of the time, he's mildly energetic. According to his and Sonic's mother, there was a mix-up at the hospital he was born in, and they haven't figured out who his real parents are. So they just raised him as if he's their son.

The fourth of Sonic's friends currently present is Espio, a Japanese ninja in training. He has purple hair with a yellow lock, gold eyes, and light peach skin. He is typically seen wearing a purple scarf, a purple coat, dark purple pants, and purple and black shoes. He used to be part of a detective agency called The Chaotix, but it was barely successful. When its founder, Vector, tried to branch out into the music industry, it didn't go very well and the small group dissolved. He has a no-nonsense attitude, which causes conflicts between him and Manic sometimes. He likes being in the background, not very visible to most eyes.

Sonic has many more friends beyond this circle of friends, but they do not attend Emerald High as of now. For now, this group of five friends will have to wait until after school to talk with their younger friends.

Sonic is looking at his phone watching the local news. The big news cover the events that happened over at Canterlot High.

"We like to speak with the brave young woman who defended her school from harm," a news reporter said. "Now tell me, Ms. Rainbow Dash. What are you thoughts about fighting that monster?"

"I feel...confused," Rainbow replied. "I don't really know where that monster came from. It appeared all of a sudden. I have to fight back."

"Your father is seriously injured in that attack," the reporter continued. "It looks like you will be replacing him as your class' coach for the time being. The teachers have excused you out of schoolwork until your father recovers. What are your thoughts on it?"

"Well, I should be happy about having less schoolwork," Rainbow replied. "But...I feel lonely without my father around. I'm expected to handle all my responsibilities all of a sudden. I don't know how long I can handle this. I hope mom comes back. It feels lonely coming into an empty house every day..."

Sonic's friends are also watching the news with him.

"Man, that girl's father works at a coach at the school she attends?" Manic remarked. "She should be jealous. We have a principal as a mother!"

"Zip it," Espio responded. "That's insensitive."

Sonic turned his phone off and put it back in his pocket. "I feel kind of bad for her," he said. "I mean, I bet she's on par with me. I wish to challenge her someday, but not when she's like this."

"Well, it did happen to her school," Amy said. "I wouldn't be surprised if someone got hurt. Hey, do you have a crush on that girl?"

Sonic stared back at Amy with a disapproving look on his face. "No," he bluntly said. "Stop being so jealous, Amy."

"What? Is she your rival?" Amy asked.

"I never had a match with that girl," Sonic said. "Unofficial or official matches, we never challenged each other to a match, no matter how many of our fans wish that it did happen."

"Match as in...you're having a crush on her?" Amy asked. "Come on, tell me!"

"Just cut it out, please..." Espio said.

"It's not like that!" Sonic shouted. "Gosh, maybe I'm not the right type for you. Just be friends, okay? And focus on getting to school. I don't want to talk about this any longer."

Sonic and his friends then continued onward to school.

Emerald High School is a large, urban school, with a total of 2,500 students attending it every year. Located at the heart of Emerald City, this school lies in the shadows of its famous landmarks. A wall and gate surrounds this school to keep people outside of it. It'll be rude if people were to come in and visit while the students are studying or taking a test. The building itself has four floors, each containing several classrooms of various purposes. To the east is a standard sports playing field with a track, field, and bleachers.

As Sonic and his friends approach the entrance of Emerald High, Manic decided to make a comment.

"Well, I sure hope that we don't get attacked like what happened yesterday," Manic said.

Right after Manic said that, a large sphere fell out of the sky, narrowly avoiding the nearby students as it fell. The sphere fell right in front of Sonic and his friends, who stumbled back as soon as the sphere appeared.

"What the-?" Sonic gasped.

Knuckles then slapped Manic. "You just had to say it!" he said.

"You just had to open your mouth..." Espio groaned.

"Hey, it wasn't my fault!" Manic said. "It's just a coincidence, I swear!"

"Wait, are we under attack?" Amy gasped. "Oh no...not us too!"

The other students seemed to have stopped as soon as the sphere appeared. They stared at it for a moment, wondering what it is and why it came here. Then the sphere turned on. It's actually a robot! The spherical robot rises up and hovers over the air.

"Um...what's going on?" Sonic asked as he stared at the robot.

The robot then opened up a hatch at its bottom, dropping a large ball that hanged from it with a chain. It's name is Wreck Bot, and it's here to cause havoc. It moves around in the air, swinging it around along the way. The nearby students run out of the way of the ball in order to not get hit.

"A wrecking ball?" Manic said, reacting to the new robot.

"What's a wrecking ball doing here?" Amy asked.

"More importantly, are we under attack?" Espio asked.

"Relax!" Sonic assured. "It's not like it's going for the school to try and demolish it or anything. As long as it keeps its distance from any building, we should be-" He then then smacked in the chest by the swinging ball, launching him backwards for a few meters. Sonic's friend reacted to this and immediately ran away once they realize how dangerous this newcomer is. The surrounding students also make a run for their lives.

"AHH!" Amy screamed.

"BROTHER!" Manic cried.

"We are under attack!" Knuckles declared. "RUN!"

"It's going for us now!" Espio said. "Everyone, get out of the way!"

The front courtyard is now mostly empty, with most of the students retreating to some form of cover. Some of them peeked behind their cover, keeping an eye on Wreck Bot. However, it seems that Wreck Bot is not going for the other students. Its focus is solely on Sonic.

"Ow..." Sonic groaned as he got up. 'That really hurts..." He then faced Wreck Bot, who then continued to swing its ball at Sonic. Knowing what happened last time, Sonic paid attention to its swing and jumped out of the way, This continued for several times. "Alright, buddy. What are you doing here?" Sonic then began asking. "I don't know about you, but you don't belong here. Now, if you can please get outta here without harming anything, I won't have to take action against you."

Wreck Bot, being a robot, decides against leaving this place and proceeded to continue swinging its ball at Sonic, who then dodged the ball.

"Alright, that's it!" Sonic declared. "If you don't play nice, I'll have to take away your main form of attack!" He then jumped at the ball of Wreck Bot in an attempt to grab onto it and hopefully make the chain break. Instead, Wreck Bot simply moved out of the way of Sonic, causing him to crash against the ground.

"Ow...not again..." Sonic groaned. He lifted himself back on his feet. "Grr..how can I fight against you? This is going to take a long time..."

At this point, Sonic heard a voice coming from behind him.

"Hey! You there!"

Sonic looked behind him. He saw a boy, looking like his age, in white. He has light copper colored skin, gold eyes, and silver hair. His hair looks spiky, looking like a leaf when viewed from the front. His attire suggests that he's from a high-class family. He has something in his hands.

"Who are you?" Sonic asked.

"No time to explain!" the boy said. "For now, catch!" He then threw the device at Sonic.

Sonic caught the device and took the time to inspect it. At the top is a ring shaped gap with a raised section in the middle. There are a few buttons, with a large one at the center of it. A red ring is already placed in the gap. On the underside, there is a claw that looks large enough for a wrist to fit in.

"What's this?" Sonic asked. The mysterious boy didn't bother to answer. Instead, Sonic has to figure this one out by himself. "Hmm...looks like it's meant to be placed on the wrist..." He placed the device on the wrist. The device clamped itself on Sonic's wrist. "Okay, now what do I do next?" He looked up just in time to see that Wreck Bot is going after him again. He jumped out of the way before the ball could collide with his face. After that, Sonic then resumed in trying to figure out that this device does. "Phew, that was close. Hmm...that button looks big, and important. I wonder..." As soon as Sonic pressed the large button, the red ring began glowing.

The glow caught Sonic's eyes. He's still unsure of what to do next. However, looking at the device gives one final clue. The ring is exposed on one of the sides other than the top. Sonic wondered what to do. He decided to place his thumb on the ring, and then spin the ring around.

As soon as Sonic did that, his body began glowing. The nearby students had their eyes widen as Sonic undergoes a transformation. Wreck Bot was about to attack Sonic, but was stopped as soon as it saw the glow.

The red ring turned into a larger ring that hovered above Sonic. It then slowly descended down on him. Pieces of armor began to form around Sonic. As it does, Sonic felt a surge of energy and power coursing through his body. When the ring reached his feet, it disappeared and his body stopped glowing. He soon found himself in a red suit and a red helmet with a green visor. A belt was found at his waist, holding a single grip.

Sonic then began inspecting his new suit. Meanwhile, the surrounding students gasped in awe at his new form.

"No way..." one of them said.

"It's just like what happened to that girl we saw on the news!" another said.

"Is he part of the same team as her?" a third asked.

"Well, this is certainly interesting," Sonic commented on his new suit. "It's just like that girl yesterday. Could this be..."

"Watch out!" Sonic heard Espio warned.

"Huh?" Sonic said. Then he turned around and introduced his face once again to the ball of Wreck Bot, slamming his face against it. This time, he only stumbled backwards for a moment instead of being flung backwards and landing on his back. This came across as a surprise to the surrounding students.

"What?" one of them said in disbelief. "He took the hit?"

"He's more durable with that suit on," Knuckles commented.

"It's just like that girl we saw on the news!" Amy said. "Gosh, now I feel so jealous right now..."

"Would you please quit it?" Espio asked.

Sonic then grew confident at his newfound powers. "Well, this just got more interesting," he said. He then reached out to his belt and pulled out a grip. It looked like the same one that he saw earlier. He pressed a button and a sword made of hard light came out. "And it looks like it's time to say goodbye to that chain! Come here!"

Sonic then leapt at Wreck Bot and swung his sword at the chain. His sword lodged itself into the chain, crating a small cut. Even though it's small, it looks like the job can be done in only a few hits. Sonic yanked his sword out of the chain and landed on the ground.

"So you're not going down without a fight," Sonic remarked. "Very well. I like my opponents to put up a fight. However, this won't last long!"

Sonic continued to dodge Wreck Bot and jumped at the chain to cut it just a little further. The second cut went just as well as the first. So does the third and fourth cut. After the fourth cut, Wreck Bot began to attack more aggressively. It moved faster and it swings its ball more frequently. Sonic continued to dodge these attacks by constantly running away from the path of the swinging ball. He even rolled under the ball to push his limits! Seriously, Wreck Bot? You couldn't bother to go down a little more? What, are you afraid of dragging your ball on the ground? Anyways, Sonic couldn't exactly jump at the chain to cut it. The chain is moving a bit too fast for him to keep up. So instead, he opted to hold onto the ball and never let go. This move surprised everyone, even Wreck Bot.

"Surprised?" Sonic asked as he kept holding on to the chain. "You never expected me to just grab onto the chain, didn't you? Well, that wrecking ball you've been carrying around isn't that big. I could squeeze my body into a space as large as that! Well, time to end this! I have a school to go to."

Sonic then swing his sword at the weakened part of the chain, hit it four more times before the chain broke completely. The ball dropped onto the ground, and Wreck Bot found itself defenseless.

Sonic slid off the ball and looked up at Wreck Bot. "Ha! You see that?" he said. "You think you could defeat me with a wrecking ball? Silly you! That's beginner levels of attacking someone. I don't have time to talk. Time to end this!"

Sonic then jumped onto the ball that Wreck Bot once held and then jumped off it, leaving it rolling behind him. He leapt towards Wreck Bot as it stared at him, panicking as he approached. He then brought his sword down onto Wreck Bot, cutting through its metal armor and bringing it down with him. Wreck Bot was slammed into the ground by Sonic, where it broke. It was unable to move. Wreck Bot was defeated.

The students cheered at Sonic's victory. Sonic's friends ran up to him as he transformed back into his civilian form.

"You did it, Sonic!" Amy said. "Now I have one more reason to love you!"

"Great work, brother!" Manic said. "You took that robot down!"

"Using that robot's own means of attacking against itself," Espio commented. "I must say, that was an impressive move you've got there."

"Alright, that's my friend!" Knuckles said. "You did a great job over there!"

"Aw, thanks everyone," Sonic said back. "I appreciate it!" He then looked at the device on his wrist. "Though, I have several questions about this. One: What is this device?" He then looked at the gate where he saw the boy. "And who is that boy that tossed me this device?" He then stared at the defeated Wreck Bot. "And what is that robot doing here?"

As Sonic's friend began to ponder about these questions, the principal of Emerald High came to pay a visit.

To most of the students, Aleena is just a principal that cares deeply about her students. To Sonic and Manic, she's more than a principal. She's their mother. As a former war soldier who saved Columbia, she has always sought to keep Columbia a safe place for its people and her children. She has three children. Sonic is her son, while Sonia is her daughter. Sonia is currently studying overseas. Manic is a strange case. While she threats him like he's her son, she also knows that he's not her biological son. There appears to be a mistake at the hospital he's born in. Nevertheless, she still cares for him.

But for now, her eyes are only on her son.

"Sonic!" Aleena called.

Sonic turned to his mother as she called for him. "Mom?" he said.

"Oh! Hey mom!" Manic said. "How's it going so far?"

Aleena ignored Manic as she ran towards Sonic to give him her motherly hug, much to Manic's chagrin.

"Oh...Sonic," Aleena said. "I was so worried about you when I saw you being hit."

"It wasn't that bad," Sonic assured. "I even recovered from that hit. There's nothing to worry about."

Aleena then stopped hugging Sonic, but still held him by the shoulders. She stared at him with a stern look. "Look, we need to talk," she began. "Meet me at my office. We're going to have a serious talk. And no, you're not in trouble, at least, not just you."

"Not just Sonic?" Knuckles asked. "What do you mean not just Sonic?"

"This is private talk," Aleena said. "Sonic will tell you the details afterwards, but for now, only he will get to know what's going on. Now come, Sonic. And don't worry about skipping classes. I have notified your teachers that you will not be attending classes."

Aleena then left the rest of Sonic's friends behind as she took Sonic with her to her office.

In just two days, Columbia's two most famous high schools have been attacked in some form. For most, it's not much of a big deal. They're just minor incidents with not much injuries and not much damages.

But to others, these attacks are only the beginning.

Questions hang over Rainbow, Sonic, and their friends as they go about their school year. Just where are these monsters and robots coming from? Who's sending them? Why are they being attacked?

The answers will only reveal themselves as time goes on.

To be Continued...

Author's Notes

I can't believe it's been (exactly, at the time I'm publishing this) three years since I started on this project, and a long time since I abandoned it. I also can't believe that the original version is still getting views to this day. Thanks to everyone who is still visiting even after all this time. Sadly, I've left it on a cliffhanger with the potential for another season, but I never got around into doing it. I wasn't really satisfied by how the original went. Things were very messy back then.

So this time, I will be restarting things from the very beginning. Now that I have the writing experience, I can go do a full reboot of my first work here on this site. Things will be changed drastically from the original version, though some things will remain the same. Here's my list of changes.

1. The skin tones of all the characters will now be depicted in realistic human skin tones, appropriated for their background. While depicting the My Little Pony characters in human form is easy since they officially exist, it became awkward to depict Sonic characters in human forms this way. That's not to say that no one has tried, but it is clear that depicting anyone that doesn't come from a franchise with colored (I mean non-realistic skin tones) skin with colored skin is awkward. That's why I went for more realistic skin tones. They're a lot less awkward that way. Out of all the main characters, only Knuckles, Applejack, and Amy are the only characters who doesn't have their skin color changed in the reboot. Meanwhile, Miles/Tails, Scootaloo, and Sunset will receive minor changes.

2. All canon series entries will be merged under a single season. No more splitting the series up into several works. Everything related to this series will now be found in a single work. Don't ask why I used decided to do things this way.

3. The series will steer further from its Super Sentai/Power Ranger roots. The only things I'm bringing over/keeping from my first work is the two iconic villains (under different names), and many series staples. That means that Legacy Powers will not be used.

4. Changes to the overall story. I won't get into details because the story is complicated and I don't want to reveal spoilers (not that my current fans would care), but I'll just warn you that some story elements are going to changed. Also, a lot of the unimportant episodes will not be rewritten, so keep that in mind.

These are the changes that I will be implementing going forward. I've learned a lot about writing my own stories in my three years of writing fan stories. What I've learned is this. Have a plan for your story. It's going to help a lot. Don't get too ambitious for your first project. You might not be able to handle it. Study other works to get ideas. You'll learn what can make a good story, and what can make a bad story.

By the way, have you noticed how long this chapter is? That's probably because of exposition. A lot of the words in this episode are dedicated to exposition alone, which bumps the word count by a lot. Don't worry. Future chapters won't be this wordy.

Before I close off this chapter, I just wanted to thank you guys for continuing to support me even after I've not touched this series for a long time. I've recently gotten the spark to continue writing, and I'm not willing to let it die. Probably. My schedule is so inconsistent...


The full name of Rainbow's teacher, Amy Keating Yearling, is named after Amy Keating Rogers, a former writer for Friendship is Magic. She wrote for the series from the beginning until near the end of Season 5. It is confirmed by Rogers that A.K. Yearling is the character's real name, and not a pen name.

There was supposed to be a Power Rangers parody in the Archie Sonic comics that goes by the name of Sonic Man Heroes. It apparently humans in power suits that resemble major Sonic characters. However, since the Archie Comics are cancelled before the issue featuring them is published, no more material of this Power Rangers parody ever surfaced beyond a cover image and some concept sketches.

There was a Friendship is Magic episode that goes by the name, Power Ponies, which is a clear reference to Power Rangers. However, the episode itself feature the girls parodying other superhero comics instead of the Rangers themselves. Funnily enough, Hasbro gained the rights to Power Rangers as of this writing starting with Beast Morphers, which is an adaptation on Go-Busters.

Sonic's last name, Rush, came from the Sonic game that is the namesake of his name in this series: Sonic Rush. Hilariously, the plot of that game parallels closely with the pilot episode of Friendship is Magic.