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All things come to an end for it is the way of all things.

From time immortal reality began with the end and birth.

From order of nothing came chaos.

From chaos order was birthed to the world.

To the Chinese philosophy it was the cycle of Yin and Yang.

The Hindu and Buddhism, the wheel of fate ever turning.

The Norse with Ragnarok with the end of the old order by chaos to be born new order.

The Aztecs with the changing of the age with the setting sun.

The branches of faiths of Abraham whom worshiped only one lord which say all will end in darkness.

A new dream will begin in the dreamtime in the Land down under.

It is the way of the world for all things to end and begin.

Perhaps it is human nature to see the world with beginning and ends. For is it not that an end will come for us all by the steady march of time and the reaper's scythe? Even the world we know began by human estimates some 14 billion years ago and will end in a few trillion years.

But is not only mankind that ends. For even gods can fall to the end of the ages... For when a son kills his father and his son him, there can be only one fate that ends even him...

Tired of this father's rule Ares, son of the thunder god Zerus and born of Hera goddess of family, took his blade and struck down his father one night. Using the entrails of the bane of mt. Olympics and his allies of Titans, giants, monsters, gods and demigods, over threw the world order.

An age was born then. An age of blood as his influence over war affected all the morals of the age of iron by the ideas of the greeks of old. His conquest of the mountain of Olympus did not stop there. For he knew that one day even his rule would end...

For his sisers Artemis, goddess of the moon and hunt, and Athena, goddess of wisdom and war, escaped the fall. Though the sacrifice of the original Olympian they escaped his trap to kill the gods who did not bow. Now Ares, ruler of a new age sat on his throne, waiting for the day that he himself would be challenged.

All the while two goddesses hid and looked for a way to end their brother's reign...

Uzumaki Naruto was never one to give up. He wasn't about to roll over and die in the streets of Konoha after being kicked out of the orphanage by the old hag. Digging through the trash he hoped he could end something, anything to eat or perhaps survive the coming winter. Coughing from whatever discomfort was irritating his lungs he finally gave up his search after coming up with not even a scrap of useful goods.

The rats had once again found the food before him. Shivering from the cold the young boy pulled the tarp tighter around himself. Sitting down he made sure that the bindings around his feet were secure and then headed out of the alleyway know to the inhabitants of Konoha as the heap. It was where trash was built up around until s genin squad cleaned it once a month or so.

'At least this trip wasn't for nothing.' He thought as he lifted his bag of things. Some broken weapons that he could use for making crude spears to hunt, some strings, a metal pipe he could use as a hammer or club. Several old worn pieces of paper with some words on it and also some scraps of cloth he can use to repair his makeshift clothes.

To those that had family or had wealth it was worthless. To him it was worth all the gold and silver in the world. No one cared for those that had no one to look out for them. He avoided the older kids who lived in the streets or the gangs of children who stole from the adults. If they were lucky they entered the academy and at least then had a better lot inside then here on the streets. The ones that didn't were lucky to die in their sleep. Naruto had see men and women in mask round up children before and take them away, never to be seen again.

Naruto was one of the lucky ones. He had been on the streets for two years now, most children survived only until winter where the cold did them in, if not for the violence between factions did.

As for himself? He was a loner. A survivor.

Using the means of a rainpipe gutter he made it to the rooftop of the building across the street from the heap. Dawn was approaching and they came out. He knew it was risky going through their territory but he had to risk it. The streets weren't a place where risks could be avoided by choice. Moving was tricky as the rooftops weren't stable after something that happened around the time if his birth.

A chill went up his spine as another figure approached heading towards him from his left. Ducking into a box he claimed himself and relaxed his breathing. Effective breaths or quivering would get him caught and he still bore the memory of when he was lucky to survive that lesson. Peering through a gap in the corner of the box he watched as the lone figure approached.

It was a lone girl with lavender hair caked with mud and grime. Her clothes were caked with things as well but ti Naruto's eyes it was only recently been dirtied by the streets, maybe only a few hours old at most.

'A fodder?' He wondered at the girl who tripped from the roof and fell next to him near the box. She was visibly scared and frightened by something as she tried to enter the shadows to hide. A low growl was heard by the two children, one who was shivering in terror while the other watched. 'Shit shit shit. Don't move girl don't make a sound.'

By some small miracle the girl stopped moving and grew quiet. A minute, then another, then a total of five minutes nothing happened. Seeing that perhaps she was safe the girl moved out out her hiding space much to the horror of Naruto.

It was a stupid thing. One that Naruto should have not done. He had lived on the streets for years and new the dangers. He should have turned his back and left it there. He did not know this girl that appeared, he had nothing to risk if he abandoned her ti her fate. He could have.

But he didn't.

"Look out!' He yelled as he stood from his spot. Surprised the girl flinched and quickly turned around, avoiding the maw of the shadow hound that was hurting her.

Screaming in terror the girl slipped and fell into the ally below where the beast was waiting. Shadow hounds were a rare sight here on the streets away from the large population of Konoha. Usally they were found outside the walls but every once in a while they would enter the streets.

Growling the beast approach the girl. Naruto could see that the beats was starving, possibly why it went after the girl. She was too raw to be from the streets like the usally inhabitants. Possibly she was separated from the big people of her family and was seen as an easy meal by the beast.

Gripping his pipe he jumped down and smashed it's head, stunning the shadow hound fir a few moments. Gripping the girl's hand he pulled her away from the shadow hound but deeper into their turf. They did not scrapers like him go though their pickings off the street. But even they might be willing to kill the hound, if only because of the threat it was.

Thar or they would watch as he and the girl died. A fitting end to those who went into their territory. They weren't know for their kindness but kindness was a luxury on the streets. He knew that they were the one of the top groups on the street and kept order within and on the fringes of their claim. The ruckus would attract attention to the girl and him, thereby they would come.

"Come on this way!" He said ti the girl who was stumbling about after him. Cursing his luck he thew his bag into the face of the hound that was catching up to them. It yelped in surprise when the bag strike, spilling all its contents, but quickly returned to the chase.

The two children raced though the maze that was home to Naruto and all the child6of the streets. The cold wind nipped at their faces as the hound nioed thier heels. Once, twice, three times the hound's jaws came close to finding it's mark. Only to be stopped because of a quick turn, a well placed throw of Naruto's pipe, or because of the luck.

With all the noise Naruto was suprises that none of them had appeared. On a normal day he would have thanked his stars but now he wished that they would appear. He knew that their luck would run out if the chase kept on. The girl was panting hard now, fear of death had giving her a boost of adrenaline to keep moving but she was running on fumes. He knew that he should just trip her and let the beast have its prize and get away but Naruto knew that it was no longer possible.

Once a shadow hound knew there was easy picking it would bring in its buddies to hunt the streets for a meal. As they hunted they would get bolder and then strike in more densely populated sections of Konoha. That would bring heat on the streets and make it harder to survive with more ninja patrolling and stopping the kids from getting food or whatever they needed to survive the big people would force them iff the streets and into programs that rumors said were ment to 'civilize the barbarians.'

Ankimaro was the only one to escape from a program and died soon after. From what the rumors said the organization that took in the kids was cruel and made sure to make the children forget about their friends and so called families of the streets. How to be a proper citizen of the land of Fire the big people called it. More like the destruction of their culture, if one could call the interaction between children who lived on the street for years a culture they said.

Naruto could hear the growls of the beast change. It knew that the chase was nearly over and it would have its meal. The girl stumbled with a cry of terror and fell and Naruto, because he was holding her hand still, fell with her.

It was over.

The hound lunged forward, maw wide with its burning ember eyes glistening in the early light. There was nothing left to worry about its prey. It know they weren't going to get up anytime soon. It savored the chance to feed its fill after being chased by the stronger and more numerous packs. Perhaps it would start it's own once it had its fill here. There was plenty of food and shelter from the winter storms here.

A large club made of wood and metal smashed into it's backside, sending it flying. Another blow killed the shadow hound, bursting into golden dust. In its place as several teeth and a large fur coat. The figure reached down and put on the coat and discarded the teeth before turning to Naruto whi has quickly pocketed the teeth.

A single eye stared at Naruto and the lavender haired girl. "Why in turf Uzumaki? Me thought you got message last time, no scrapers allowed here. Else me smash."

Naruto scrambled to his knees and bowed before their savior. "I'm sorry Bruce, if you would hear me or at least take me to your boss then thus will all make sense."

Bruce grunted as he placed his weapon on his shoulder. At five foot nine he towered over Naruto and the girl who was unconscious on the dirty muddy ground of the alleyway. "Me no like you speak. Me not get tricked by scraper 'gain. Boss girl choose."

"Thanks Bruce." Naruto said as he got up. Bruce grunted before reaching with one hand and picking up the girl. "Be careful Bruce, she's not dead."

"Me know. Me also know you shouldn't help cleanies. You did wrong Uzu. Boss no like it when cleanies come."

"I know Bruce but we all know that the last time a cleanie came the masks came and took away the guys off the north side." Naruto saw the slow thinking of Bruce and pressed on. "If she does in your turf then they will come."

"Masks come for Bruce? For turf?" He asked slowly.

"Yes." Well Naruto hoped that Bruce would think so. Often cleanies would be abandoned by the large people. None of the scrapers, sewerings, tribes, packs or teens that did not enter the ninja academy knew why. Those that adapted to life on the street did not speak of it and usually made it into the academy. Those that didn't adapt died, not able to escape from the fate of the forgiving nature of life here. "She was being chased by the hound."

Bruce nodded hid head and moved past Naruto. "Follow."

Naruto chuckled. "Well Bruce you see I have a prior thing to do..."

"Follow Uzu. Else me get to smash you finally."

"...I guess I got time." Getting up Naruto followed the lumbering form of Bruce. Looking to the sky with all the countless stars he wondered if he would survive long enough to escape the street. The light of the moon glowed dimly as it set over the horizon. The world was a dangerous place, some wished that they could make a difference to the stars. Naruto could not understand why people prayed to the stars for help.

Jumping over a creek that formed from the broken cobblestones Naruto recalled a time he over heard a big person called a monk praying to someone called Kami to help the children of Konoha's so called uninhibited zone. Naruto did not understand why the man just prayed for them. Why not help them with food or water? Why not help by cleaning up the mess that the big people left to rot?

Naruto wasn't religious, few of the kids on the street were. Why should they stop and pray for beings that didn't care for them? The only thing that mattered in the world was surviving. Let the cleanies with thier big person families or clans pray for their luck in the world. Here was the trash, the forgotten, the ones who did not need fancy clothes or a bath.

They were the children of Konoha's unwanted. And they weren't going to roll over and die.

Bruce placed the girl down once they reached their destination. The entrance to the sewers loomed in from of the trio. "Girl needs to be wake. Me no seen carrying."

Naruto nodded, there was no need to get Bruce to carry here anymore. It would only be a liability as the sewers weren't a safe place unless you had a sewering with you or a guide who new the way. "We're taking this entrance?"

"Pack raiding has increased with the comings of colder." Bruce said as he punched the metal gate open slowly. Naruto expected to hear a screaming of metal against metal but to his hidden surprise the door opened with barely a sound. "Grease good. Bruce allows good with hands."

"You are." Burcecwas pleased with Naruto's comment and stood next to the gate waiting to close it. Griping the shoulder of the girl he shook her. "Hey, wake up."


Hinata Hyuga eyes fluttered open slowly as she felt a hand shake her softly. Blinking she came face to face with the boy who helped her agaisnt the feral ninja shadow hound. The morning light streamed though his dirty sun kissed hair, his light blue eyes gleamed against the contrasting dust and mud caked face. On one cheek she could see three lines like whiskers set in place like birthmarks.

He was different than the usual children from the clans or civilian born that she interacted with. He look more feral... no that wasn't it. Feral perhaps? Rugged that was what she was looking for. He look rugged. Her mother had told her about the children who inhabited the zone before, how while they made the best ninja in terms of basic ability they also lack a family. She felt pity for him and she realised that in order to help her he had thrown away his things.

'Oh no he's speaking to me,x she thought in horror. 'What do I say?'


"Um, hello." Naruto blinked at the basic greetings from the girl. He was expected something like terror or fear. Not a calm from uncertainty. "Um, can you please move?"

"What?" He asked in confusion. The girl blinked her eyes. Naruto had never seen eyes like hers. He would if presses say that her eyes where pale pink, also grey.

"Hand Uzu. Help her up and let us go." Said Bruce who was inpatient. Every second led ti the chance a pack member would spot them, if not then if the the genin squad that come by and do so called cleaning.

"Go? Go where?" The girl asked as she got ti her feet. "Aren't we going to go to the authorities?"

"What's an author tree?" Naruto said in confusion. "No go there now. Packs are out."

"Packs?" She asked as she followed the blonde boy. The bald one eyed boy closed the gate behind them to her sight discomfort.

Bruce answered her once he was done. "Packs are bad. Thieves. Thugs. Make life harder for all tribes ot scrapers and sewerings."

"What's a scraper or a sewering? I don't know those words."

"I'm a scraper." Naruto said as Bruce went past him. "I stay on the streets looking for scraps while Bruce here is a sewering."

"Sewers have lots of fish." Bruce said simply. In the dim light he could see far better than the other two. "Follow me. The salamanders aren't ti be messed with."

"Salamanders? What's so dangerous about them?" The girl asked as she stumbled along the path in the dark.

"Their acidic bite and camouflaging scales make them the most dangerous." Bruce said as he shivered. Naruto heard the horror stories about how they would ambush children in the sewers. Bruce went on, "was ambushed once. Still have scars from it."

The girl was silent now as they sent deeper into the pipes. Gripping Naruto's hand Naruto's asked, "What's your name?"


Hinata felt her face flush. "I-I-I'm Hinata. It's nice to met you."

"Its nice to met you clea- Hinata." Naruto said as he turned a corner. In front of him, ahead of Bruce, was an opening full of light. There was the tribe belonging to them. They weren't going to be happy to see him. The twins never were pleased with him, then again they weren't ever happy unless they were bulling other kids.

Entering the chamber Naruto blinked in the light that shone from above. Around was all the members of the tribe that answered to them. In front if the stairs that curves around it was a statue of a man. Naruto was never comfortable around it, Hinata less so. Bruce ignored it and marched up the stairs. Hinata and Naruto lingered for a moment to start at it.

It was a man who held a trident in on hand and a helmet with a skull encased within. Foreign armor he wore as he sat on his throne, a shield with a V on it rested against the armrest on the right. His face was covered in small scars and sneering down at them.

"Who is that?" Ask Hinata as she looked away.

"Ares, lord of war and king of the gods, titans and giants." Naruto said as he led her away. "The twins say that he is their father."

"The twins?"

"The tribe is ruled by them. If it wasn't for the twins then this tribe would be a third of the size it is now." Naruto was not going to enjoy this meeting. The scapers and sewerings of the tribe moved out of Bruce's way but stared at Naruto and Hinata. He knew that it was because of her being a cleanie but for himself...

"Why are they staring at you?" Hissed Hinata, clenching his tarp made long shirt.

"Long story short I pissed of the bosses of this tribe and was told never to show my face around their turf." Naruto said. Before she could ask he went on to elaborate. "I kinda... gave the statue of theirs a little artistic license with some rather smelly trash and rotting fish. Nearly lost my hand fir that insult."

Gulping Hinata Hyuga no longer wanted ti ask any questions.

"We're here." Bruce said as he stood next to the tarp that acted as a door to the tent belonging to the twins. "Pray for mercy Uzu, maybe if you beg well maybe me will smash ya."

"Better than being thrown into the pit." With a deep breath, Naruto stepped through the entrance.

Glossary of terms and people

Shadow hound: basically another name for a hell hound

Ninja shadow hound: shadow hounds that are raised by ninjas as partners, usually by the inuzuka or Nara clans do to their dog like nature and abilities to transverse though shadows once reaching adulthood. Starter and more dangerous than their wild kin, few are ever found feral

Salamanders: large salamanders that reach uo to two meters in length. Ambush predators that hunt fish and the unlucky sewerings who drop their guard. Acidic bite and camouflaging scales make it dangerous for even the ninja that hunt them.

Scrapers: children who make a living by using the scraps they find. Usally go though trash or pick up items left around the zone to survive. Loners usually.

Sewerings: children who live in the underbelly of the zone in the sewers. Like scrapers they make a living in the waterway below the surface. Loners but also more willing to share a spot do to every changing water levels.

Tribes: a group of scrapers and/or sewerings that banded together to survive. Smallest tribes with less then ten in numbersare rare as resourcesare harder to find and defend with small numbers. Raids and confrontations between tribes are common but rarely fatal.

Packs: packs are similar to tribes but operate by attacking tribes or loners to take their resources. More aggressive then tribes, packs are known to kill just because they can. Packs roam the zone during daylight hours scouting for weakness in the defensive nature of the tribes.

Teens: those that fail in entering the academy or leave sometimes after entering reenter the zone. Teens are hungrier then anyone else and are more willing to fight for food and give chase if a scraper or sewering has food. Teens are rare because of the drain they cause in resources to feed everyone so are hunted down. Or they take command of a pack to survive.

Cleanies: children that grow up outside the zone. Called cleanies because of thier clean clothes and bodies. Few survive the zone if at all.

Big people: adults that aren't ninja. No one in the zone knows who coined the term but it stuck. Big people are feared as they are known to try to either 'save' the zone children or jill them. There is a habit of children being taken by them to be educated in proper culture as well. Big people are feared for taking children off the street. Many aren't seen again...

Uninhabited zone: called thus by the big people but known as the streets to those that live there, the zone was created after the events of the end of the second ninja war and a disaster that increased its size that happened eight years ago. Children who are not adopted or run away end up here and created thier own culture based.

Naruto Uzumaki: an eight year old scraper in the so called uninhibited zone of Konoha. A survivor of two winters, Naruto is one of the lucky ones in the zone for being so young. A fighter and a survivor, Naruto Hope's to one day enter the ninja academy, the dream for many on the street. Known for his luck, Naruto is know for finding food or things needed to survive more often the not.

Bruce: an enforcer for a tribe that Naruto has had dealings with in the past. Not to bright but is one of the strongest kids on the street. Loves to tinker with his hands and do smashing with his club. A sewering.

Hey everyone thank you for encouraging me to do a story based on I'm friends with the hunt and wisdom. I hope I can deliver a story worth of the one I loved. I know that many of you loved it as well and I truly hope that this will live up to the memory of one of my favorites.

This story is going to have a different tone then what I usally find for Percy Jackson Naruto crossovers or even Naruto fics to my knowledge. I will go into more details about events that have lead to the world of Naruto and how, yes I know you'll be asking, the fall of Zues and Ares rise to power. The story will explain though conversation and some flashbacks.

A shut out ti the following; Soul Rider 936, Hikari Nova, Jebest4781, Xethesis, XXX777, and KnowPein for encouraging me to do this. I hope that you read this fiction and will enjoy the story I have planned out.

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