It was a normal day in the city of Metropolis, a city famous for its beautiful scenery and famous sites. But without a doubt the most popular attraction to the city that brings in millions of tourists every year is the infamous hero Superman, who calls Metropolis is home and the fans the city with all of his strength and power.

Currently in Metropolis an expensive-looking limousine was driving down a part of metropolis that was once a run-down part of metropolis known as the suicide slum. Inside that limousine was a middle-aged man wearing an expensive-looking business suit,but the most distinctive feature about the man with the fact that his head was completely without hair as there was not a speck of hair anywhere on his dome. This was no ordinary man as this man was none other than the most powerful man in all of Metropolis, Alexander Joseph Luthor, or better known by his nickname Lex Luthor.

Lex Luthor is the president and CEO of Lexcorp, the most powerful company and all of metropolis and perhaps the East coast. He was also the secret main arch nemesis of Superman, but because of his money and power and careful planning it was very rare if ever he was caught for any of his crimes.

Currently Lex Luthor was staring out the window as he was observing everything that was going on around the neighborhood that was once known as suicide slum. The reason he was in this neighborhood was to go down memory lane as he grew up in this neighborhood long ago as a child.

Lex grew up and is very neighborhood with his abusive parents, and even at that age displayed genius way above his age level. Lex still recalls the day that is parents died in an "car accident." Although the reality is he mess with their car brakes the day they died.

Lex Luthor could still recall that day very well and even to this day he had no regret of doing what he did as it was because of that event that led to his rise to the top of metropolis.

After his parents deaths he use the money from their life insurance to get out of the suicide slum and really have a chance at life. With the money on his genius intellect at his disposal Lex Luthor went on to become a great man.

With his skill and natural charisma and less than legal means he eventually founded Lexcorp. With time Lex bought off every media outlet in Metropolis as well as most of the companies and businesses that help Metropolis thrive. Even the police were not immune to his influence as Lex Luthor was their main source of income through his generous donations.

Yes it was safe to say that Lex Luthor had an iron tight grip on the city of metropolis and it look like no one could question his rule.

But all of that changed the day Superman appeared in the city and started fighting for truth and justice. Lex did not like Superman because he believed that if humanity became reliant on a super-powered being like Superman, the human race would become less of a species.

With his very being despising the Man of steel,it didn't take long for Lex Luthor to become Superman's nemesis. Though convoluted plans and various schemes he tried to take down Superman again and again, each time ending in failure.

Superman himself try to expose Lex the criminal mastermind he was but unfortunately Lex was a slippery fox who seem to get away with everything almost every time.

"Darn that Superman,always getting in the way of my plans and always getting in the way of my ambitions. Doesn't the human race understand that if we become too reliant on this alien menace, we will become less of a species."grumbled Lex as he looked out the window to look at the streets he used to call home when he was a child.

'Even no it's been years since I lived on these streets I can still recall my horrible childhood like it was yesterday. I'm basically the American dream as I rose to the very top with nothing but my wits and intelligence. But lately I've been falling out of favor with the public because of Superman. Now what can get me back in the public's good side. Hmmm... that's it a child! If I adopt some raggedy desperate orphan that will surely get me back on the public's good side. Now where do I find a desperate child?...!' thought Lex when suddenly the limo stopped in its tracks almost causing him to fall off his seat.

"You fool! Why did you stop when I clearly did not order you to!"Yelled Lex Luthor at his limo driver.

"Sorry Mr. Luthor some kid with white hair right in front of the limo and I just hit the brakes completely by instinct."said the limo driver as he pointed his finger to the front windshield.

As the limo driver said in front of the vehicle was a child about Eleven years old. What was most distinctive about the child was his white hair which by all appearances look completely natural. Another noticeable aspect of the child was the fact that he was wearing a dirty orange Polo shirt, dirty torn blue jeans, and dirty white sneakers that appeared like they were had been through a lot.

As soon as Lex Luthor spotted a child he was angry, in fact a smile formed on his face as he readjusted himself. After checking in the mirror if it's ty was tied right he did something completely unexpected...He exited the limo.

"Mr. Luthor what are you doing?"asked the limo driver as he was wondering what his boss was doing walking out into the danger street especially at this time as it was almost sunset and despite the massive cleanup project in suicide slum, they were still a high crime rate despite the fact that Superman made this city his home.

Meanwhile Lex Luthor walked in front of the limo to get a better look at the child who had run in front of his limousine.

"Please... don't hurt me mister I didn't mean to run in front of your limousine... I was just distracted that's all."said the child as Lex notice that he was holding a moldy piece of bread.

Lex looked at it with a bit of disgust but quickly realize that the child was most likely planning to eat it because by all appearances the child in front of him appeared to be homeless.

"Don't worry young man I will not hurt you. Now why don't you tell me what your name is."said Lex in a calm tone as he stared at the child in front of him.

" name is Lincoln mister."responded and now identified child who's name was Lincoln.

"Hmm... now tell me what is your last name Lincoln."said Lex as he noticed that Lincoln had quite a gash on his head.

"Umm... honestly mr. I don't know what my last name is... or even where I am. I just woke up near the canal of this city one day and I've been living on the streets for the past several weeks."responded Lincoln as he held the gash on his head, which by all appearances appeared to be infected.

'Hmmm...just as I suspected with a gash on this kid's head he is most likely suffering from amnesia. But he still appears to retain full cognitive ability and basic understanding of the world...By all of appearances that gash is extremely infected I'd be surprised if this kid survives a day maybe two more on these streets without treatment.' thought Lex when suddenly a devious smile formed on his face.

'This child is the one! Look add him so young without a family suffering from amnesia and with such a gash on his head, There is almost literally no one on earth who wouldn't feel sympathy for this kid. He's absolutely perfect. If I adopt him and treat his gash with my vast fortune and connections with the hospitals my reputation in this city will surely get out of the gutter and become the once pristine reputation at once was.' thought Lex as he took a knee to look at Lincoln more at an eye level.

"Lincoln do you love living on these streets?"asked Lex Luthor, even though he already knew the answer.

"Honestly mister I don't like living on the streets. Every night I'm attacked by violent homeless people who think I'm trying to muscle into their turf, I have to sleep with newspapers to keep me warm, and everytime I try to ask for change on the street people ignore me like I don't even exist."said Lincoln as he held the gash on his head once more and by all appearances on his face he was clearly in pain.

"Well that is clearly not acceptable. Now how about I get you to a hospital so doctors can look at that gash of yours. It's clearly infected and it needs to be treated right away."

"Really?! Yes thanks Mister I would really appreciate that."said Lincoln as he was happy that the pain from his gash would finally go away.

"Oh and by the way my name is Alexander Luthor, but I'm better known as Lex."said Lex as he got up from the pavement and waved his hand in a motion to show Lincoln to his limousine.

Lincoln was honestly skeptical but at this point he was extremely hungry and tired and all he wanted was to go to the hospital. So without any further questions Lincoln got into the limousine at a few seconds later Lex got into the limousine as well.

"Driver, take us to Metropolis memorial hospital pronto!"ordered Lex in a calm but stern voice.

The driver do you know what his boss was up to but knowing how powerful Lex Luthor is he decided not to question and do what he was told. So without saying anyting the limo driver turned on the ignition once more and began to drive the limousine to Metropolis memorial hospital.


A feudal days later a press conference was held directly in front of Lexcorp main building, which was in the center of metropolis and was the largest building in the whole city.

"This is Lois Lane of The daily planet reporting in at Lexcorp. Earlier this morning Lex Luthor stunned the public when he announced that he was adopting a child from the streets of suicide slum, where Mr. Luthor grew up himself as a child until the tragic death of his parents. This move stuns the public as up until now Lex Luthor was an infamous bachelor."reported Lois Lane although on the inside she had a bad feeling about this.

'Oh please everyone is acting like he's doing this out of mercy for the child. If anything this is a PR stunt to boost his image. I highly doubt he cares about the child at all, but knowing Lex, he'll most likely give this kid the best education. After all what would Lex be if he wasn't flamboyant.' thought Lois Lane, who although she wanted to knew she could not voice are real opinion because as with many of the other newspaper outlets in Metropolis, they were secretly control by Lexcorp.

Soon the reporters spotted Lex coming out of the Lexcorp building with Lincoln close to his side. instead of his raggedy clothes he was wearing a few days earlier Lincoln was not wearing a fine suit and tie. Also another noticeable expect was a huge scar on his head where is infected cash was once.

"Hello people of metropolis I like to introduce you to my adopted son Lincoln Luthor, I found this boy on the streets a few days earlier eating moldy bread on the streets I used to call home as a child. After hearing that he does not remember anything about his past I felt it was my obligation to give the boy the best life you could possibly have. So without a moment of hesitation I decided to adopt this child as my son and my future heir of my legacy and fast fortune."said Lex to the reporters and other spectators causing them to clap upon hearing this.

"Now Lincoln would you like to say a few words?"

"Yes father."said Lincoln as Lex got out of the way and allow Lincoln to take the podium.

"As my father has specified my name is Lincoln Luthor. I am truly grateful for my father for taking me in even though I am just a simple kid who doesn't remember who he is at all. Because of this chance my father has given me I promise to the best of my abilities to work hard to keep the Luthor name and high priority and to never tarnish it in any way."said Lincoln in a calm voice causing many reporters to start asking him a million questions.

But Lincoln did not listen as he and his adoptive father starting to walk away back into Lexcorp, all the while Lex was smiling because now he had a pet project to personally groom into his perfect son.

Lincoln meanwhile calmly walk with his adopted father with a warm smile on his face, not caring what was in store for him as he was just happy to be off the streets, even though he was still wondering one thing in his mind.

"Who am I?"