It has been years since the day Lincoln was welcomed into the home of Lex Luthor as his adoptive son and I went by the name Lincoln Luthor. Ten exact year have went by and do you say that Lincoln had a normal childhood was an understatement.

Lex Luthor made absolutely sure that Lincoln got the best education so he sent them to one of the most prestigious private schools in all of America. There Lincoln used his natural charisma and charm twin over his fellow classmates and teachers. Lincoln wasn't dumb, not at all but he knew he had to uphold the Luthor name, so he quickly became a top-ranking student at the school, ranking number one on every major exam.

It wasn't just academics that Lincoln had to work hard in, there was also the arts. While at the private school Lincoln learn to play every classical instrument that would one have to learn in an orchestra and soon became the front seat of the school's orchestra.

Lincoln also excelled at sports as he was the captain of the schools basketball team, lacrosse team, soccer team, wrestling team, boxing team, and fencing team. To many of his teachers and coaches they thought Lincoln was going to reach the Olympics with his skill level as many would put it in Lincoln was a natural child prodigy.

But Lincoln didn't stop there and Lex made sure of that. To strengthen Lincoln's body and mind Lex Luthor add Link in trouble abroad for at least three years studying under various martial arts Masters and very famous scholars.

Lincoln spent a year in Japan learning karate, aikido, Jiu-Jitsu, and judo. While Lincoln was there his master taught him the Bushido code so that Lincoln would be humble with his skills and not over confident and cocky like many many. To balance linkage mine Lincoln learned poetry an art as well as kenjutsu, archery, horseback riding, and various other skills the Samurai warriors of the days of old would have to mastered.

With time Lincoln learn to be extremely humble with a skills and became skilled an unarmed and armed combat, being able to use various weapons of Japanese origin like the katana, naginata, kusarigama, nunchucks, and various other weapons.

After his stay Japan Lincoln went to China and studied under famous Grand masters in martial arts and did extremely intense training. Everyday wicked how to walk down the hill and collect water with several buckets of water and walk up the hill with the without spilling a drop,as if he did he have to start over all over again.

It was in China that Lincoln worked hard on his various skills and honed his body until one could say that his muscles were like steel. As there was very little fat on him by the time he was done.

Next Lincoln went to some of the best technical colleges the world has to offer and learned a lot about science and technology. Where Lincoln quickly excelled at was robotics, as Lincoln was very interested in the subject he studied harder than anyone even his own classmates in the field, especially in the field where robotics to be used to strengthen the human body.

Once Lincoln did short stent at Lexcorp's science division,where he quickly became friends with one of the head researchers of the division Henry Irons, who became somewhat of a mentor to as unlike his boss Lex Luthor,Henry trusted Lincoln and taught him everything he knew about robotics and science.

Years past and Lincoln barely saw his adopted father Lex Luthor at all even when he was back home in Metropolis. Lincoln quickly came to the understanding that his father did not love him, not at all I was all he was as is pet project and prodigy.

But Lincoln did not mind at all as why would he, if it wasn't for Lex he would most likely have been dead by now living on the streets without any idea who he was. Lincoln quickly understood that in his father's eyes he meant nothing to him but that didn't stop Lincoln from caring about Lex, as he considered him his savior.

Lincoln also came to believe Lex Luthor's ways of thinking,but there was one thing he definitely disagreed on when it came to his adopted father... Superman.

Unlike Lex, Lincoln did not see Superman as a menace to society, he saw him as a hero. To Lincoln Superman was what he wanted to be, a perfect human being despite the fact that he knew full well that there was no such thing as perfection. Lincoln honestly could not understand why is adoptive father was so against Superman, even if Superman was a near indestructible being of alien origin,he was still a living being like everyone else he needed to eat, sleep and breathe like anyone else.

As the years went by Lincoln was one of the few people who knew of his adoptive father's true face. Lincoln knew all to well that Lex Luthor and Superman were mortal enemies who despise one another, and that Lex what do almost anything... scratch that anything to take down Superman.

Over the years have been living with his father he saw him come home upset remembered a day that he saw a conversation between his adoptive father and the Man of Steel himself.

Lincoln could still recall that day like it was yesterday as he began recalling the day it happened


Lincoln was about fifteen years old at the time as got up from his bedroom to get a glass of water at the kitchen when he noticed that his father's study was slightly open and he heard someone speaking to his father with a voice he did not recognize.

Letting his curiosity got the better of him, Lincoln quickly snuck over to the office to listen in to who his father was talking to and what they were talking about. What he saw next amazed him.

Flying directly outside the window of his father study was the Man of Steel himself, and by all appearances the conversation was civil.

"I don't understand Luthor? Your a father yourself yet you can act so cruel to someone else who has just lost something so precious to them that they will never get back no matter how long they wait."said Superman in a slightly upset tone as he was speaking to his arch nemesis.

Luthor nearly grinned as he sent that and turned around to face the Man of Steel.

"My son knows his position in this world, my world. My son has excelled in everything he has tried in, not because he is the smartest or even the strongest, it's because he tries harder than anyone else because he knows that I expect that of him. Now by this time he's a smart enough boy to have come to realize that I truly do not care for him that he is merely a tool to me, and he accepts that. Don't try to use my position as a father to try to get me to get all emotional Superman,after all being a father is just one of the many masks I wear."said Luthor can I cold calculative tone.

"Hah... I worry about that kid of yours Luthor, because what a father like you I can only imagine how he'll turn out one day."

"Well we'll just have to see and find out."

Lincoln heard everything and like his father said he had to learn and come to accept long ago that he was never truly loved so he just walked away and went to the kitchen to get some water and went back to bed like nothing had happened.

[Flashback End]

Lincoln knew better than anyone how far his father's hatred for the Man of Steel went. Luthor was so obsessed with taking down the Man of Steel and making sure they keep him at Bay he actually wore a ring of made out of kryptonite on his finger.

Even when he learned that it was radioactive he didn't care as it kept Superman at Bay and it wasn't until he found out that he had cancer that he had no choice but to take it off.

Over the years Superman and his father had clash with one another at each other's throats, and Lincoln wondered how Superman managed to hold on to his morals as anyone else would have killed his father long ago.

There endless struggle good and evil look like it was never going to end until one day it happened.

During one of their most intense battles with Superman using everything he had and his father Lex using his war suit, both battled through the nightly streets of metropolis until they reach the bottom floors of Lexcorp.

It was there and their intense struggle that they activated some kind of machine that caused a large explosion. Now the explosion was than anything too big but when the dust settled what people saw the next surprise them... as there was nothing there.

No Superman, no Lex Luthor, it was as if they had never existed in the first place as there was literally no trace of them at all.

It has been about two weeks since the two mortal enemies that were once Lex Luthor and Superman disappeared from the face of the Earth without a trace. There was much panic in the streets of metropolis as Not only was their savior and protector gone, but also the man who brought Metropolis into its golden age was gone as well.

As for Lincoln he had to learn the news second hand on the news as he had barely come home from his long stay overseas. While clearly upset that his father was now gone and he was not truly alone Lincoln was more upset that the Man of Steel was gone. Lincoln knew all too well without the last son of Krypton who would protect Metropolis from its various super powered villains and criminal masterminds.

"The world needs a Superman as a pillar of Hope, dreams, and belief in a better tomorrow."said Lincoln as he walked through the hallways of his empty mansion.

Lincoln learned a few days ago that in his will if anything should ever happen to him Lex Luthor named Lincoln his soul heir to his over a billion fortune he had at his disposal as well as everything Lexcorp had at its disposal.

While just news was appealing to Lincoln he honestly did not care for it as all he wanted was Lex m and Superman back, as they were basically the two people who molded him into his current being.

"What am I going to do? Without Superman Metropolis is at the mercy of every villain has ever faced before and now that he's no longer here there is nothing to stop them from destroying the city...unless...!"said Lincoln who quickly went into his father's study.

Once he was in there he used his skills to override his father's laptop by typing in the security code and password that he knew four years as his father had told had about it in case something ever happened to him.

Once Lincoln put in a security code and password a hidden elevator opened up and Lincoln quickly went inside. Once Lincoln was inside the elevator right quickly closed up and began going to go down.

About a minute of two later the elevator door open to reveal a secret laboratory hidden directly underneath Luthor Mansion. While Lex had Lexcorp at his disposal. it was in the secret laboratory where all the real gadgets he used against Superman were made.

It was in this very laboratory where the warsuit that his father usually worn his battles with Superman was kept but it was also hear that another suit of armor was kept secret and was near completion.

After looking around for a few seconds Lincoln spotted the armor in question. In a high-tech case was a suit of armor that was more streamlined then the original war suit. This armor was known as the Superman armor as it basically had all the abilities as Superman.

Lincoln knew about it because he always looked at his father's schematics every time he left home and knew that is suit could you everything Superman could do... now all it needed was a wielder.

"Metropolis isn't going to protect itself... people need a symbol of Hope and it looks like it's going to have to be me... even if it's against everything my father believed in I will become the next Superman."said Lincoln as he pressed a few buttons and open the case holding the suit of armor.

"But first I'm going to make a few alterations."said Lincoln as he went to work improving the suit.

[A few hours later]

In the secret laboratory there stood at all and will muscular figure wearing the mechanical Superman suit. With a red cape just as majestic as the originals and a nearby high-tech helmet to hide his identity Lincoln quickly put on the helmet and open the secret hatch to the laboratory to let himself out.

"Watch out Metropolis, because there's a new Superman in town."said Lincoln as he began to propel himself outside laboratory made his way outside flying through the air and looking over the skies in Metropolis as he planned to become the next Superman, protector of Metropolis.