It has been several days since the Loud family learned the news that Lincoln Luthor, the heir to the Luthor billion dollar Fortune was in fact the long-lost son/brother of their family.

Currently everyone was taking the news differently and trying the best to live their day-to-day lives as they waited for their plan trip to Metropolis to meet him once more.

Currently Luna was having band practice with her friends as they were in the band club. As they were jamming one of them noticed that Luna wasn't as into it as she normally was.

That person was Sam Sharp, Luna's crush and close friend. Sam and Luna have known each other for a while so Sam could tell when something was bothering Luna.

"Okay take five guys that was a good jam session."said Sam as she wanted to talk to Luna alone."Not you Luna I need to talk to you about something."

The other two bandmates were curious as to what they were about to talk about but seeing as how it was lunchtime their stomach started rumbling so they decided to head off to the cafeteria to get some lunch while Luna and Sam had their little chit chat.

"So... what do you need Sam?"Asked Luna as she noticed that Sam was giving her a look that Sam has never given her before.

"Luna what is going on with you, I noticed that you are not jamming as you would usually do, so what's up?"Asked Sam as she placed her hands on her hips and looked at Luna with a stern look on her face.

"Ummm..."said Luna as she didn't know what to say.

"Come on Luna I'm your friend so you can tell me if something is bothering you."exclaimed Sam who knew that Luna needed to get whatever was bothering her off her chest otherwise it would continue to mess up her musical scales.

"Okay...Have you ever heard the name Lincoln Luthor?"Asked Luna as she was mentally preparing herself to tell Sam everything. On the inside she really did not want to tell anything but she could not lie to Sam as she loved her too much to ever lie to her.

"You mean that rich kid who is the son of Lex Luthor, the head of Lexcorp. Yeah I've heard that name before after all Lexcorp is one of the most powerful companies in the world so everyone has heard about Lex Luthor and his son at least once. Especially considering all the bad publicity about the dad. So why did you ask me?"

"It's because Lincoln Luthor is really Lincoln Loud, my long lost older brother."admitted Luna and to say that Sam was shocked was an understatement.

Sam couldn't believe it she has heard a lot about Lex Luthor and a bit about her his son from magazines an article she reads but to hear that Lincoln Luthor was in fact Luna's long lost older brother was something she did not expect.

Sam still remembers when Lincoln disappeared she was a little girl but it was Major news all throughout Royal Woods. The News ran non-stop with pictures of Lincoln but there was no sign of him. Weeks turn into months and the police had to inform the family that the investigation had officially ran cold. Now Sam was hearing that one of the richest man on the planet was in fact Luna's long lost older brother. This sounded like a story straight out of a suspense novel.

"Your kidding right?"

"No Sam it's the truth. I saw the photo of myself and I would never mistake my big bro for anyone else. Even though it's been ten years I would never mistake that face or that white hair for anyone else's."said Luna as she sat down in a nearby chair with tears starting to form down her face.

"Luna are you okay?!"Yelled Sam as she ran over to Luna to see if she was all right, which she clearly wasn't.

Luna wiped away her tears before responding."It's just that I don't know how to feel Sam. Half of me is happy to know that he is alive and doing well but the other half is angry that he ditched us to become some billionaire's son."

Sam give Luna hug before responding."Now you know that doesn't sound like the Lincoln Loud you have told me about through your stories. If I recall correctly you said he was a loving big brother that would do anything to protect his little sisters. And I also remember you telling me that you were extremely close to him."

"I was close! Back when I was a kid I would follow him, he was my rock, my foundation for my being. But when he disappeared I was lost and it wasn't until I found rock and roll did I truly feel like myself again. And now I learned that he's alive and has been in Metropolis all this time. I just don't know what to do Sam I feel so confused."

"Well if I were you I would go to Metropolis and get some answers out of the man himself. I'm sure he had his reasons Luna, who knows maybe after you talk to him again in person you will feel completely whole again."

"Thanks Sam, you really are the best."said Luna as she and Sam began to hug.


While this was going on Lori was in the cafeteria looking at her phone when her friend Carol came running up to her.

"Lori is it true?!"Exclaimed Carol at the top of her lungs.

"Is what true Carol?!"Asked Lori was slightly surprised by her friend coming out of nowhere and asking her a question she did not understand.

"Is it true that Lincoln Luthor, famous bachelor and billionaire your long-lost big brother!"said Carol with clear excitement in her voice.

"How did you...Leni!"Yelled Lori as the only way Carol would have known that was if Leni had spilled the beans.

"Sorry Lori! They trick me to tell them about big brother!"Said Leni in an apologetic tone a few seats away from Lori.

"So is it true?"

"...Yeah it's no good big brother isn't that Lex Luthor's adoptive son Lincoln Luthor!"said Lori with clear venom in her voice as she was not happy.

"Hmm... I would think you would be happy because since he's literally a billionaire your family will now be living the good life when you reconnect with him."said Carol as she was a little jealous that Lori will soon have billions of dollars at her disposal thanks to her big brother.

"Yeah... while I admit that sounds nice I really I'm not happy about this."said Lori who wouldn't admit that she wanted to meet Lincoln again even if it was under awkward circumstances.

"So are you going to tell Bobby about this if I remember correctly Lincoln and that big sister of Bobby's were really close"

This caused Lori to flinch a little. It's all true after all. Bobby's older sister Ronnie Anne Santiago and Lincoln were really close back in the day and were considered the best of friends along with Lincoln's other friend Clyde McBride. The three were extremely tight until Ronnie Anne had to move to Great Lake City with her extended family. if Lori remembers correctly Ronnie Anne and Lincoln promise to meet again, but sadly that didn't happen as shortly after Lincoln disappeared. To say that Ronnie Anne was devastated was an understatement.

From what Lori heard from second parties was that both Ronnie Anne and Clyde shut down for a while after Lincoln disappeared. Lori do you know how to feel as she was devastated she can only imagine how devastated they were as the three were extremely close, almost like siblings.

"I... I need to go Carol I'll talk to you later."said Lori as she got up from her seat and walked out of the cafeteria.


Meanwhile elsewhere in the schools theater room, Luan was being counseled by her friend/crush Benny.

"Wow Luan it's really hard to believe that Lincoln Luthor is your long-lost big brother. I mean I was really young when it happened but I still remember it was a major news story."said Benny as Luan laid her head on his shoulder.

"I just don't know how to feel Benny. on one hand I'm really happy that he's alive and well but on the other hand I feel angry. Why did he disappear on us? What was his reason for leaving?" I'm just so confused and I don't know what to think."

"Well I'm sure there's a logical explanation as to why he has not contacted any of you over the last ten years. I mean from what you've told me he was a really good big brother."


"All I can say Luann is that you should go to Metropolis yourself with your family to confront him. Only then will you get the answers you need.

"Thanks Benny."said Luan as the two of them hugged.

Meanwhile Lori was outside the school leaning against a nearby wall holding her phone next to her ear. By the sounds of things she was calling someone and waiting for them to pick up. Finally after a few rings someone picked up.

"Bobby we need to's about Lincoln."