It's been a month since the events of iParty with Victorious and it's been 4 weeks since iStill Psycho and 2 weeks since iBattle Chip

Sam: Carly we're very sorry Steven cheated on you and Tori.

Carly: It's fine Sam.

Freddie: You guys did the right thing exposing him on iCarly.

Gibby: I wonder what he's been up to since.

Sam: Who cares.

We now cut to Steven Carson who has recently joined forces with Nora Dershlit, Nevel Papperman, Chuck, and Chip. AKA the iCarly Haters

Nora: You really dated Carly?

Steven: Yes. She and I did kiss.

Nevel: What was it like?

Chip: Don't be a creep.

Chuck: We need a plan to get revenge on the iCarlies.

Steven: I can trick them by sending the iCarly crew to Los Angles and fake an apology to Carly and Tori. Then I'll have them meet me at my house in LA. Of course their friends will come with. And once they get inside, we trap them.

Nevel: I like that.

Nora: That sounds brilliant.

Chip: Those punks are going to get what they deserve.

Chuck: Especially Spencer.

We now cut to Hollywood Arts

Sikowitz: So Tori how's Steven been?

Tori: I don't wanna talk about that jerk.

Sikowitz: What happened?

Jade: Steven cheated on Tori with Carly Shay from the webshow iCarly.

Beck: Really?

Jade: I'm sorry. I had to.

André: Tori cheer up. Steven was a jerk face.

Robbie: Yeah. He got what he deserved.

Cat: There'll be other people one day.

Rex: Yeah. Maybe you and I can start dating.

Tori: Oh hush Rex.

School Bell Rings

Back with the iCarly crew

Spencer: How was school?

Carly: Mr. Howard teased me about Steven cheating on me.

Freddie: So Sam thew water balloons at his car and got suspended.

Sam: Hey I was standing up for her.

Spencer: I still can't believe he cheated on you for that girl.

Freddie: I still think she's Shelby Marx.

Gibby: No way. Shelby is an MMA fighter and that girl has perfect cheekbones.

Sam: You don't think he's going to get revenge on us do you?

Carly: Nah. He's probably at home all depressed.

Carly gets a message from Steven saying he's sorry and was wondering he she and her friends would like to come to LA at his house

Carly: Okay this is weird.

Spencer: What?

Carly: Steven texted me saying he's sorry and was wondering if we would like to go to his house in LA.

Freddie: Is he out of his mind?

Gibby: I'm sure he's very sorry.

Carly: I guess we'll go.

Sam: I'm bringing the butter sock with me.

Back in LA, the gang is at Nozu when Tori gets the same message from Steven

Tori: Okay what?

Cat: Who texted.

Tori: Steven.

Trina: What did that cheater say?

Tori: He claims to be sorry and was wondering if we would like to go to his house after school.

Jade: I guess he wants to get back together with you.

Beck: This seems suspicious.

André: Yeah why would a cheater say to be sorry?

Cat: That makes no scene.

Rex: Most of the words you say make no scene.

Robbie: Rex!

Trina: Are we going to go?

Tori: Well if he claims to be sorry then I guess we'll go.

Cat: Yay! Road trip!

Back with the iCarly haters, they're at Steven's house in LA

Nevel: Did you send the text?

Steven: Yep soon Carly, Tori and their friends will be here and that's when we use this trapdoor to send them to the basement.

Maurice clucks

Nora: That's right Maurice.

Chuck: I feel sorry that your best friend is a chicken.

Chip: Chicken? That's clearly a rooster.

Nora: No this is a chicken.

Steven: Are we really going to argue whether or not that's a chicken or a rooster?

Chuck: No.

Back with the iCarly gang, they're riding in Socko's RV

Carly: Thanks for asking Socko to borrow his RV.

Spencer: No problem.

Sam: I think it's hard to believe that Steven would be sorry for cheating on you.

Freddie: Yeah what if it's a trap?

Gibby: Well Sam did bring her butter sock.

Freddie: True.

Carly: Sam if this is a trick, rip his head off his body.

Sam: You don't got to tell me twice.

Spencer: How close are we?

Carly: Right there. That's his house in LA.

Freddie: How do you know?

Carly: Tori showed pics to me.

Freddie: Ahh.

They walk in but as they do, they fall through the trapdoor and they land in the basement

Gibby: What just happened?

Spencer: I think we just fell through a trapdoor.

The iCarly haters walk down

Steven: Well isn't this interesting.

Carly: Steven let us out!

Nora: Never.

Sam: Nora how did you get out of jail?

Nevel: We bailed her out.

Freddie: Nevel?!

Spencer: CHUCK?!

Chuck: Oh shut up you gank.

Chip: Yeah.

Steven: You punks are going to pay for what you did.

Sam: That was your own fault!

Gibby: Yeah if you didn't cheat on her, they wouldn't have exposed you.

Nora: Enough talk!

Nevel: Have fun down there.

They walk upstairs and lock all the doors and windows

Sam: I knew this was suspicious.

Spencer: Now we're trapped down here.

Tori and the gang has arrived

Tori: We're here.

Jade: Great.

Trina: I have to pee.

Tori: I told you to pee before we left.

Trina: Well I didn't have to go then.

Robbie: Nice house.

Cat: Let's go in.

They go in but they also fall through the trapdoor

Carly: Tori?

Tori: Carly?

Sam: What are you guys doing here?

André: Tori got a message from Steven saying he was sorry.

Freddie: It was a trap.

Cat: How do you know?

Gibby: He send one to Carly.

The iCarly haters walk back down

Steven: Well isn't this great.

Nora: We got everyone down here.


Steven: No!

Nevel: We will never let you out.

Chuck: Have fun being trap you punks!

They walk away

Beck: We know who that Nevel and Nora guy are but who are the others?

Spencer: Chuck and Chip.

Carly: They're our main enemies.

Trina: Why?

Sam: Nevel hates Carly because he surprised kissed her and she smudged tapenade in his face.

Spencer: Chuck hates me because I snitched on him to his dad and his brother hates us since I send Chuck to military school.

Freddie: They're insane.

Cat: Trina don't you still have to pee?

Trina: Not anymore.

Jade: Did you wet yourself when we fell through the trapdoor?

Trina remains silence

André: I think she did.

Tori: I should have had my dad arrest Steven.

Gibby: Why?

Rex: Her dad's a cop.

Spencer: Okay how does that puppet talk without you moving her lips?

Robbie: He doesn't like to be called a puppet.

Rex: No it's fine Rob.

Freddie: Hey I found a bathroom in here.

Carly: Is there a window?

Freddie: Yeah but they locked it.

Sam: Damn it!

Trina: Well at least I can change clothes.

Cat: Wait don't we have our phones?

Jade: Cat you're right.

Beck: We can grab our phones and call the cops.

They look for their phones and notice they're gone

Gibby: Where are they?

Spencer: I can't find my phone.

Carly: They must have fallen out when we fell threw the trapdoor.

Tori: Man I just bought a new phone.

Jade: That phone was old anyways.

Trina: How are we supposed to get out now?

Sam: Freddie don't you have that chip in you?

Freddie: Yeah but my mom's not going to come to LA.

Spencer: We went to Japan with her.

André: How are we suppose to short it out?

Jade: I got it. I'll use this.

Jade pulls out a taser

Tori: Hey my dad's been looking for that.

Trina: How did you get that?

Jade: I stole it from him when he wasn't looking.

Sam: I like you.

Cat: You think you can short it out?

Jade: Cat you can short anything out with a taser. Where's this chip?

Freddie points to where the chip is

Freddie: Right here.

Jade tasers the chip sending an SOS message

Carly: I hope she gets here soon. Wow never thought I'd say that.

Mrs. Benson walks into her apartment

Mrs. Benson: T-Bo I'm home.

T-Bo: How'd it go?

Mrs. Benson: The rash went away.

Alarm goes off

Mrs. Benson: Oh dear. Freddie's in trouble.

T-Bo: He's in LA.

Mrs. Benson: Why?

T-Bo: That Steven guy said he was sorry for cheating on Carly and they all went to Los Angeles.

Mrs. Benson: It must have been a trick. I got to go save them.

T-Bo: You need your fencing swords?

Mrs. Benson: Yes.

T-Bo hands her the sword

T-Bo: Good luck.

Back with the gang

Tori: So Freddie I saw on iCarly that you and Sam dated for awhile.

Freddie: Yeah we did.

Cat: Why did you guys break up?

Sam: We didn't like doing each other's things.

Freddie: Si. We decided to just be friends.

Trina: That sucks.

Gibby: When they were dating, Sam was mean to me.

Beck: Why?

Spencer: She claims she has to be mean to somebody.

Jade: Beck and I have broken up a few times then we got back together.

Rex: Robbie's never had a date.

Robbie: Rex?

Sam: Aren't you a little too old to be carrying that thing?

Robbie: No, no I'm not.

Trina: He never takes his hand off Rex.

Cat: One time Tori tried to kill Rex.

Tori: Cat?

Beck: It was an accident.

André: Yeah she didn't mean to kill him.

Jade: You should have let him die. Robbie is too old to be carrying around Rex.

Rex: Dang girl you're dark.

Robbie: I'm not too old.

Trina: You're 17.

Robbie: Cat carries around her stuffed giraffe.

Tori: Cat had a disability.

Cat: What's that supposed to mean?

Beck: It's where you act like a child while you're a teen.

Spencer: Don't feel bad kid. I act like a child too.

Gibby: It's true. He does.

Spencer: GIBBY?!

Sam: He's not wrong.

Carly: You set everything you sculpt on fire.

Freddie: Mom I hope you get here soon. Huh Carly's right. I never thought I'd be saying that.

Mrs. Benson has arrived in Los Angles and she arrives at the house

Mrs. Benson: I'm coming to save you Freddie.

The iCarly haters walk back down

Nora: So are you having fun in there?

Jade: LET US OUT?!

Steven: Never!

Chuck: We will never let you out!

Nevel: We're going to keep you trapped there as long as we want.

Chip: And you can't do a thing about it!

Mrs. Benson kicks down the door

Freddie: Mom?

Mrs. Benson: Freddie!

Steven: Who's the grunch?

Nora: Freddie's mom.

Nevel: Aw you here to save your little Freddie?

Mrs. Benson knocks out Nevel

Jade: Oh she knocked him out with one punch.


Mrs. Benson: Let my Freddie and hos friends go!

Nora: No!

Steven: Why don't we fight!

Tori: What?

Chuck: Yeah if you win, they all go free.

Mrs. Benson: Alright I'll fight you turds.

Chip: If we win. you're going in there with them.

Freddie: Be careful mom.

Nora: You ready to battle?

Mrs. Benson: Are you ready to bleed?

Steven: We're not going to bleed.

Nevel: We know what affects you the most.

Mrs. Benson: Well I hope you know how to fence!

Chuck: What?

Mrs. Benson starts fencing the iCarly haters

Trina: She's a good fencer.

Tori: We should ask our parents to sign us up for fencing class.

Mrs. Benson: Yeah come get a taste of the Fencin' Bensons!

Mrs. Benson successfully takes down the iCarly haters

Spencer: Alright Mrs. B!

Carly: Way to go!

Gibby: You were awesome.

Mrs. Benson lets them out

Mrs. Benson: Are you okay?

Freddie: Yeah.

Sam: Hey here's our phones.

André: Tori quick call the cops.

Tori: Already on it.

Mrs. Benson: That the guy Steven dated as well?

Carly: Yep.

Tori: The cops are on their way.

Jade: Good.

Beck: How are you so good at fencing?

Robbie: Yeah you were amazing.

Mrs. Benson: Thanks. That is a very long story to explain.

Freddie: You can check out my blog about it on iCarly.

Cat: Kay Kay.

Mr. Vega and Gary arrests the iCarly haters

Mr. Vega: We're going to place these people under maximum secuity.

Gary: They won't bother you again.

Tori: Thanks dad. Thanks Gary.

Carly: Alright it was great meeting up with you again.

Tori: You too.

Freddie: Those punks got what they deserved.

Jade: I hope they die in jail.

Sam: Okay I really like this girl.

Jade: Have you been arrested?

Sam: Many times.

Spencer: Let's head back to Seattle.

André: Get home safe.

Back in Seattle

Freddie: Thanks for saving us mom.

Carly: Yeah if it weren't for you, we'd still be trapped down there.

Mrs. Benson: You're very welcome.

Spencer: I'm glad Chuck and Chip are gone for good.

Gibby: They're such brats.

Sam: Let's be glad they're out of our lives.

Everyone: Here here.

The final scene is shown in LA at Tori and Trina's house

Trina: Thank god that Freddie's mom saved us.

Cat: I was starting to get claustrophobic.

Jade: I never trusted that Steven guy.

Tori: Thanks for arresting the iCarly haters dad.

Mr. Vega: You're welcome sweetie.

Robbie: What'll happen to them now?

Rex: Did you not hear that Mr. Vega said?

André: Robbie you really do need to stop carrying around Rex all the time.

Robbie: If I could, I would.

Tori: Let's be glad that Steven and the other iCarly haters are locked up for good.

Everyone: Here here.

Note: This is a direct sequel to iParty with Victorious. It also serves as a prequel to Sam & Cat since they do interact.