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Sailor Moon Redemption – Black Moon Arc Prologue: Shadow of the Future



A park in Tokyo, afternoon

Our four intrepid heroes caught up with the small pink-haired girl and her odd contraption near a swing set. "We're not going to hurt," Minako said offering the frightened girl her hand. "My name is Minako, this is my boyfriend Kunzite, and our good friends Mamoru, and Usagi. What is your name?"

"She's Usagi?" The pink-haired girl asked looking up at Usagi.

"Yup, she's my friend Usagi Tsukino." Minako smiled.

A hard expression replaced the pink-haired girl's previous expression of confusion. She pulled out a Glock pistol which she pointed straight at Usagi! "Hand over the Silver Crystal, or else!" The girl demanded.

Thinking fast Mamoru placed himself between Usagi and her mysterious assailant. Just as quickly Kunzite pulled the gun from the pink-haired girl's hand. The gun discharged but no shoot came forth, it was a toy filled with flowers,

The girl attempted to run again but Minako caught her. "Let me go!" She squealed kicking Minako hard in Minako's stomach.

"She tried to kill me!" Usagi squeaked in disbelief. 'Am I bulletproof? If I am do I have to be in my transformed state?' Usagi could not help but wonder

"Not exactly," Kunzite said inspecting the toy. "Her weapon while it appears realistic is harmless." He tossed it onto the ground.

"Let me go! Let me go!" The pink-haired girl screamed. For someone so small, she struggled mightily in Venus' grasp.

"Who are you? How do you know about the Silver Crystal?" Kunzite asked.

"My family told me all about the Silver Crystal." The pink-haired girl answered cryptically.

"Who are your family?" Kunzite pressed.

"It doesn't matter. They're in trouble. I need to help them by saving my mom." The pink-haired girl said.

"Who is your mother?" Kunzite asked but the pink-haired girl either could not or did not want to answer. Her eyes filled with tears.

"Kunzite, that's enough," Mamoru said.

"But my lie-, um, Mamoru. She could be dangerous." Kunzite said.

"She's a little girl. I think we can handle her." Mamoru said kneeling. "Let her go, Minako."

Minako had her doubts if this was the correct course of action but she deferred to Mamoru's judgment. "Whatever you say. " Minako released her.

The pink-haired girl ran into Mamoru's embrace. "There, there, you're safe." He said stroking the sobbing girl's hair.

"Yeah, but are we?" Usagi grumbled not liking this one bit.

30th Century Crystal Tokyo, afternoon

Prince Demande of the Black Moon Clan was not happy. While his plan to overthrow the Moon Clan and conquer Earth had been a resounding success (thus far) an annoying loose end remained. The young Princess escaped his clutches and those of his minions by seeking refuge in the past, or so his sources indicated.

"Tell me Wiseman why were the offspring unaffected by our surprise attack? Is this a weakness of the Black Malefic Crystal you have concealed from me? Is it something I should be concerned about moving forward with my plans?" Prince Demande asked.

"I am unsure why they were unaffected, Prince Demande." The hooded apparition known as Wiseman rasped from deep within his hooded robe.

"If my agents had not captured and subdued the four Jr. Goddesses our plans would be in even more jeopardy." Prince Demande said. "Now only the princess and her feline companion remain at large to trouble us."

Prince Demande glanced at four chambers that help four slumbering young girls in Sailor Guardian outfits. Each chamber bore a nameplate from right to left these read - Aphrodite, Hermia (Her-Me-Ah), Phobe (Pho-Bee), and Iovo (I-Oh-Vo), Aphrodite had medium length silver hair tied in a ponytail. Hermia had spiky short brilliant blue hair. Phobe had long raven hair. Iovo had medium length brown hair.

"The princess will seek out assistance, allies. You must prevent her success, Prince Demande. Until Nemesis reaches its apogee in orbit around Earth we remain vulnerable to a counterattack which could undo all over lovely work, however unlikely." Wiseman rasped.

"What about Sailor Saturn? She could perhaps destroy us if she tired." Prince Demande mused. "Should I send my agents to intercept her before she returns from the outer solar system? Why risk such a powerful being sticking her nose in our business if we can stop her?"

Wiseman laughed a dry crackling sound terrible to behold. "There is no risk involved. Long before our time, she would have posed a grave threat to us, but not so these days. Her resolve has been fatally weakened by emotion. Sailor Saturn will dare not move against us. She adores the children especially the princess. She would never endanger their lives. Even though she knows they may be reborn if she destroys Earth with her power there is a chance they may not be." Wiseman's next sentence was filled with such venom even Prince Demande flinched momentarily. "Love is Sailor Saturn's weakness whereas hatred is my, our strength."

"I hope you are not mistaken, Wiseman." Prince Demande said. "Your advice has yet to steer me wrong. I pray for both our sake your track record remains spotless."

"Worry not, it shall," Wiseman said. "Sailor Saturn if she returns is of no concern to us. If by some minuscule chance she does dare intervene, I'll deal with her."

"Ho, ho, you are confident enough in your power to test yourself against the infamous Sailor Saturn, the guardian of destruction and rebirth? You grow bold, Wiseman." Prince Demande said with a sly grin. "Perhaps I should fear you as do some of my servants."

"I assure you, Prince Demande, there is nothing to fear. We share the same goal." Wiseman said.

"And if we didn't, Wiseman?" Prince Demande asked.

"In which case, we would not be in partnership thus such a line of thought is rendered moot," Wiseman said skillfully evading Demande's question.

"Very well, Wiseman, keep your secrets. I care only about results and you have provided those in spades." Prince Demande said.

"What of the young princess?" Wiseman said.

"Don't worry about her. I'll send some of my best minions to apprehend our little runaway rabbit. She'll be under our thumb soon enough." Prince Demande laughed.

To Be Continued

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Author's Note One -

The naming convention I used for the Sailor Scout offspring is their Greek counterparts for Mercury & Venus (who lack moons) and one of their moons for Mars & Jupiter but feminized (except for Aphrodite which is already a feminine name).

Author's Note Two -

I've always felt Sailor Saturn got the shaft (and I don't mean her weapon lol) story-wise. I figure in this alternate reality things turn out differently for Hotaru Tomoe. After Chibiusa befriends her (or is it befriended her? time travel is so confusing) in this universe things go much better for her than in canon. This is due to things going a bit differently for Chibiusa up to that point (you'll see what I mean as the story unfolds). I'll say this much, Chibiusa will trust some of the Past Scouts more deeply than she did in canon same goes for the Knights (who were not present). Saturn's past with Chibiusa is part of why she is so fond of the girl and the other children in general. Wiseman thinks this is a weakness that makes Saturn bad at her job by restraining her most destructive abilities, but I say he'll be proven wrong. Love and compassion are never weaknesses.