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Sailor Moon Redemption – Black Moon Episode One: Getting To Know You



An Arcade in Tokyo, afternoon

"What is taking everyone so long? Don't they know this is an emergency? I was quite clear when I sent the message." Usagi said flapping her arms which caused Kunzite to stifle a laugh.

"It's not funny." Usagi snapped.

"My sincerest apologies princess, er, I mean Usagi," Kunzite said.

"Where are they?" Usagi said growing ever more impatient.

"We do have lives you know outside of being, members of this club," Minako said. She was going to say 'Sailor Guardians' before she remembered they were in public.

Usagi was a bit taken aback by Minako's words. "I, I know that." She said. "But what if she tries something before the others arrive?" She pointed accusingly at the pink-haired girl.

"What exactly do you think is she going to try?" Minako asked.

"Her toy," Usagi said grasping at straws. "It could be a weapon, maybe a bomb." The pink-haired girl looked up at Usagi seemingly surprised by the allegations." I have my eye on you."

Mamoru shook his head. While he loved Usagi dearly sometimes her behavior could be a bit over the top if not downright childish. "Can I see your toy, honey?" He asked.

"S-Sure," The pink-haired girl said handing the strange cat-like device to Mamoru.

"Watch out, Mamoru," Usagi said dramatically.

"What does it do?" Mamoru asked.

"Lots of stuff." The pink-haired girl said.

"Like what?" Mamoru prodded.

"Luna-P talks to me. She can sing songs. She tells me about lots of things." The pink-haired girl said excitedly.

"Luna-P, that's an interesting name," Mamoru said.

"You know, it kind of looks like Luna too," Minako said eyeing the ball.

"I don't see the resemblance. My cat is far prettier than this thing." Usagi said stubbornly as she crossed her arms over her chest.

"Hi guys, sorry we're late. Zoisite took me to the natural history museum. They have a new exhibit on erosion, it's fascinating. Who is your friend? Isn't she a cutie." Ami said entering the arcade with Zoisite arm in arm. She knelt in front of the pink-haired girl. "What's your name little cutie?"

"She won't tell us," Usagi said. "I bet she's a spy."

"She doesn't look like a spy," Zoisite said kneeling next to Ami. "You aren't a spy are you, small one?" He ruffled her hair playful.

The pink-haired girl giggled. Her expression lite up at the appearance of Ami and Zoisite for some reason. Other than Mamoru, they were the only people the pink-haired girl seemed to like. "Nope, Unc-, sir, I'm not a spy, I promise. She's been nothing but mean to me since I came here." The pink-haired girl stuck her tongue out at Usagi.

"You brat," Usagi exclaimed sticking her tongue out at the pink-haired girl in return.

"We can't have that, now can we," Zoisite said with a smile.

"She says her family is in trouble and she needs to save her mother," Kunzite said.

"If you tell us your name maybe we can help your mother and family." Ami offered.

"No one can help them." The pink-haired girl said briefly turning away.

"I bet we can," Zoisite said. "Ami and her friends have helped plenty of people. What's your name, small one?"

"U-Usagi, but everyone calls me Chibiusa." She said.

"Hey, you two share the same name and the same hairstyle," Minako said to Usagi glancing back and forth between her and Chibiusa. "Plus, as I said earlier, that creepy sphere thing is called Luna-P and looks just like our Luna, how very odd."

"Coincidences, nothing more," Usagi said dismissively.

"Hi, everyone," Rei said entering with Jadeite.

"So, you're finally here. It took you guys long enough. You've been waiting forever. Where have you two been all day?" Usagi said with a groan.

"At the movies, why?" Rei asked.

"Huh, I thought you only tended to your family shrine and studied," Usagi said.

"And here I thought you only overslept and played video games." Rei fired back none too pleased by Usagi's rude comment.

"Speaking of Rei's family shrine." Jadeite said changing the subject. He loved Rei but he knew she had a bad temper best distract her before she unleashed her wrath on Usagi. "Rei's grandfather hired me as the Shrine's new part-time financial manager. It doesn't pay much but I will get plenty of experience which will help me find an accounting job when I graduate. In the meantime, I can help you with household expenses Mamoru."

"There's no need. As I've already told you, I can handle everything. My late parents left me plenty of money." Mamoru said. "Other than my place being a tad cramped I'm happy you four and living with me."

"Be that as it may, I prefer to help out." Jadeite said.

"If you insist," Mamoru said with a shrug. "But none of you should feel obliged. I owe you plenty. All I want is to see my friends get their lives back on track after, what happened." He chose his words carefully. He dared not mentioned their time spent as unwitting members of the Dark Kingdom in front of Chibiusa. While he doubted the girl posed any threat it was best not to take chances.

"Thank you, sir-, Mamoru, you are a true friend." Jadeite said.

"What can I say except that I learned from the best," Mamoru said with a smile.

"Sorry, we're late," Makoto said entering with Nephrite. Both were laughing about something and appeared to be very happy. "You're horrible." She slapped Nephrite playfully.

"No, you're horrible," Nephrite said slapping her back.

"Mind filling us in? What's up with the slap game?" Minako asked.

"Oh, nothing, we were just telling each other bad jokes," Makoto said

"Who is she?" Nephrite asked spotting Chibiusa.

"A big-mouthed little twerp," Usagi said.

"Her name is Chibiusa," Ami said.

"She knows about the Silver Crystal," Minako whispered to her friends.

"Wow," Makoto said in astonishment. "She really looks like Usagi. Are you two related? Maybe she's your long-lost cousin or something?"

"No, we aren't related! Perish the thought! I'm well behaved, she's an unruly brat!" Usagi yelled drawing attention from the few patrons that happened to be around. Her friends looked away or coughed awkwardly.

'How does this place stay in business?' Rei could not help but wonder caring nothing about Usagi's latest tantrum. 'It's always semi-deserted whenever I come here.'

"How can we be sure. She did know your name?" Kunzite said.

"That's right," Minako said snapping her fingers. "She asked if you were Usagi Tsukino before she pulled her toy gun on you."

"She did," Mamoru confirmed for the others.

"Where are you from, Chibiusa?" Zoisite asked.

"Somewhere nicer than here. I hate this place. All people do is ask me questions." Chibiusa her eyes filling with tears. "I want to go home, but I can't. I did something bad."

"There, there," Ami said. "You can tell us when you are ready Chibiusa, okay?"

'Okay," Chibiusa said.

"In the meantime, how about Ami and I take you for out for ice cream?" Zoisite said.

"No one ever takes me out for ice cream," Usagi grumbled.

"You mean it?" Chibiusa chirped happily wiping away her tears.

"Of course," Zoisite said. "Ami and I will take you to the big ice cream parlor at the mall before my evening shift there starts."

"You work at the super nice ice cream place, since when?" Usagi asked.

"Since yesterday, when I applied for a part-time after school job there," Zoisite explained.

"I'm so proud of my Zoisite. He's already a junior manager." Ami said.

"It was the job I applied for, it isn't as if I earned a promotion," Zoisite said blushing from embarrassment due to Ami's bragging of his mediocre accomplishment.

"He's so modest." Ami beamed in admiration

"Careful Zoisite, Jadeite, you'll make the rest of us seem lazy in the eyes of our girlfriends if you keep being go-getters." Nephrite chuckled.

"Guys we're getting sidetracked," Usagi said. "We need to find out what Chibiusa is up to."

"And we will, in time," Ami said. "I don't know about you, but I could use some ice cream right now. How about it everyone, want to tag along?"

"I can get us a discount," Zoisite said.

"Count us in," Minako said raising her hand. Kunzite raised his hand after Minako gently elbowed him in his stomach.

"Count us in too," Makoto and Nephrite said in unison.

"Sure, why not," Rei said when Jadeite looked at her with his begging puppy dog eyes. She could not say no to him however much she might try.

"Coming?" Mamoru asked Usagi when Chibiusa placed her small hand in his much larger one.

"Please come with us for ice cream, Usagi," Chibiusa said innocently.

"I'll come, but only so I can keep watch over her," Usagi said.

Zoisite checked the time on his smartphone. "We better hurry so we can catch the next train. My shift starts in under an hour."

When no one else was looking Chibiusa stuck her tongue out at Usagi. Usagi fumed inside but said nothing. She swore she would prove to her friends that this mysterious, semi-homicidal brat was up to no good if it was the last thing she ever did.

Near Usagi Tsukino's Residence several hours later, night

"I don't understand why the brat has to stay with me? Why can't you or someone else, anyone else, take her? I'm begging you, please." Usagi complained.

"No one else has enough room. Plus, if Chibiusa stayed with any of us she'd be alone during the day, which isn't fair to her." Ami said. "Chibiusa isn't a criminal who should be punished."

"Not that we know of at least," Usagi said loud enough to earn a glare from Chibiusa.

"I heard that," Chibiusa said.

"Yeah, so, what, it's true. We know hardly anything about you, Chibiusa. If that is your real name. " Usagi said.

"You're a nasty person," Chibiusa said.

"So are you," Usagi said. "Maybe I'd be nicer if you hadn't pulled a gun on me when we first met, brat."

"It wasn't real," Chibiusa said brushing off Usagi's legitimate all be it grossly exaggerated gripe.

"Didn't anyone ever tell you it's the thought that counts," Usagi said.

Usagi and Chibiusa continued to argue as they walked down the dark street with Ami. Ami had decided to walk home with Usagi because she lived relatively close. Everyone else had long since departed for their own homes.

"Ami, how am I supposed to explain Chibiusa to my parents?" Usagi said. "I can see it now. Mom and dad can the weird little pink-haired kid who fell from the sky and who might or might not be a threat stay with us? She can stay with us, why thank you so much, mom and dad, you're the best."

"Tell them she's my sister but my father doesn't have time to look after her during the day," Ami said.

"They won't buy that. They'll contact your dad to verify our story." Usagi said. "How about this. She's my foster kid from Africa?"

"Usagi, I doubt that will work," Ami said.

"It's a good cover story. Why wouldn't it work?" Usagi said.

"Well, for starters, she doesn't look very African," Ami said looking at the pink-haired, red-eyed girl in her distinctly Japanese style dress.

"Ah, I've got you there. I'll say Chibiusa is from South Africa. Her family who died in a tragic safari accident were Dutch." Usagi said. She was proud of her powers of reason.

"I'm not sure, Usagi, she doesn't look Dutch either," Ami said.

"You're really stupid," Chibiusa said.

"I am not stupid! It's a good plan. I'll show you both. It'll work." Usagi said. "Hush up now, we're here."

They had arrived at the Tsukino Residence. Usagi's parents and brother were waiting for them. It was getting late and her parents were worried. They opened the front door ready to admonish their daughter for her tardiness.

"Why were you out so lady, young lady?" Usagi's father demanded.

"We were so worried. Why didn't you call or text us?" Usagi's mother said.

"You're in big trouble, sis." Usagi's brother taunted her.

"Dad. mom, I can explain. I was at the airport collecting my foster daughter. I want you to meet, Chibiusa. She's African, South African." Usagi said pushing Chibiusa forward. "Chibiusa will be staying with us for a while because her orphanage burnt down, hee, hee."

Chibiusa rolled her eyes. From one of her pockets, she pulled forth a collapsible umbrella. Usagi and Ami watched in shock as Chibiusa sprayed Usagi's family with pink smoke from her umbrella.

"I knew you were bad news," Usagi said tackling Chibiusa to the ground. Luna-P rolled away when Chibiusa dropped it.

"Usagi, get off her!" Usagi's dad said pulling Usagi off of Chibiusa.

"It isn't her fault you stayed out late. You're the oldest." Usagi's mother said. "You could have hurt your little sister by roughhousing."

"Little sister, what!?" Usagi said to which Chibiusa now back on her feet smirked.

'Get inside," Usagi's father said. "We'll decide on your punishment for breaking curfew later."

"Did mean old Usagi hurt you Chibiusa?" Usagi's mother asked helping the pink-haired girl up.

"A little," Chibiusa said feigning injury by rubbing her head.

"But, I, but-," Usagi sputtered at a loss for words.

"Usagi, say goodnight to your friend and come inside. Don't take long." Usagi's dad warned. Usagi's family went inside with Chibiusa, her mesmerizing umbrella, and Luna-P. They shut the door behind them.

"That brat," Usagi said stomping her feet.

"Well, no need for a backstory. They've accepted Chibiusa. One problem solved." Ami said.

"Ahhhhhhhhhh," Usagi screamed into her hand to muffle the sound. Could things get any worse?

30th Century Crystal Tokyo, night

Sailor Saturn made short work of dozens of Black Moon dolls along with several long-low minions. She was on her way to the Crystal Castle so she could hopefully set things right when Wiseman appeared. Saturn directed a hard glare at the wraith.

"Begone foul demon or join your equally foul creations in oblivion. Unlike Neo-Queen Serenity, I shall not hesitate to destroy you." Sailor Saturn said brandishing her staff-weapon threateningly.

"You speak in haste, Sailor Saturn. Surely you of all the Sailor Guardians are aware that even I can be redeemed. What makes you think your judgment of me is more valid than was Neo-Queen Serenity's?" Wiseman taunted.

"Serenity showed you mercy and for it, she has suffered greatly as have countless innocents. I shall not repeat her error. You are corrupted beyond salvage." Sailor Saturn said.

"Ha, such certainly but it is born of arrogance. If you knew the bitter price of my destruction you would be plunged into doubt." Wiseman said confidently.

"Of what do you speak, demon?" Sailor Saturn said a sliver of fear wiggled through her mind.

"Behold your precious Jr. Goddesses." Wiseman said. The hovering entity showed Saturn an image of the slumbering Aphrodite, Hermia, Phobe, and Iovo."We have captured them. If you touch me, I'll use my magic to swiftly kill them. You'll witness them puff out like candles in the wind."

"You bluff, demon. It is an illusion." Sailor Saturn hoped.

"They are no illusions. They are as real as you or me." Wiseman said. "Allow me to demonstrate."

Sailor Saturn watched in horror as the children choked and gagged in their tubes. She could sense their life forces rapidly being drained away by Wiseman's vile magic. If they perished in such a way Saturn was unsure if they would be reborn into new lives if she later destroyed Earth. She could not take the risk for it was too great.

"Stop, please stop," Sailor Saturn pleaded.

"I trust you've seen enough?" Wiseman said.

"I need no further demonstration of your dire abilities nor your ill intent. What do you want from me, demon?" Sailor Saturn

"Specifically, you'll see. At present, a pledge of alliance shall suffice." Wiseman gloated.

Although she was seething inside Sailor Saturn held her rage in check. Exercising immense self-control, Saturn dropped down to one knee. She bowed her head respectfully although she felt anything but respect for this child threatening monster. "I, I will do whatever you ask of me, save for killing innocents in your name. Do not harm the children. They are dear to me. I could not live without them." She said her voice cracking.

"Serve me well, and no harm shall befall them. Betray me or my followers and you shall watch them die I promise you." Wiseman said. "Your first test of loyal will be when your fellow Outers arrive. I've learned the others shall come to stop me. Your inaugural mission as a new member of Black Moon is their defeat, by whatever means necessary."

"Nay," Sailor Saturn said shaking her head. "I shall not, I cannot stand against my fellow Sailor Guardians." She added as a single tear rolled down her cheek, "never again."

"You disappoint me Saturn. You have grown soft, weak," Wiseman said. Behind him, in the image bubble he had created, the children violently convulsed. "Do as I command or they die now!"

"No!" Sailor Saturn shouted jumping to her feet. "Please, let them live!"

"Will you stop the other Outers from interfering in my business?" Wiseman said.

"I, I, yes, I shall." Sailor Saturn forced herself to say.

"Yes, you shall, who?" Wiseman hissed.

"Yes, I shall stop them, master." Sailor Saturn said bowing her head in a sign of submission. The very words seemed to burn on her lips. She hated saying them, but what choice did she have?

"Good, good," Wiseman rasped.

Everything was proceeding as Wiseman had foreseen. Soon, he would destroy all his enemies and gain his rightful vengeance against the Moon Clan and the people of Earth. Then he would conqueror time itself by changing the past.

To Be Continued

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