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Sailor Moon Redemption – Black Moon Episode Two: Trial and Tribulations



Usagi Tsukino's Residence, early morning

Usagi was having a terrible time of it. Her family was being controlled by a pink-haired little monster who carried around a strange magic ball. No Matter what Usagi tried she could not free her parents or brother from its thrall nor make them see how serious their peril was. In a last-ditch effort, she transformed into Sailor revealing her secret identity. They still refused to be swayed. Her mother told Usagi to 'wake up', huh, wake up?

"Usagi, wake up! You're going to be late for school, again!" Usagi's mother yelled pulling the blankets off her daughter's shivering form.

"Ah, mom, five more minutes, please," Usagi moaned refusing to open her eyes.

"I've already given you an extra ten. Get up, you don't want to set a bad example for Chibiusa, now do you?" Usagi's mother said.

"Who cares about Chibiusa. She's a brat." Usagi said.

"She's being mean to me again," Chibiusa said unhappily.

"Usagi, don't talk about your little sister like that. You'll hurt her feelings." Usagi's mother admonished Usagi.

"Good," Usagi said finally getting out of bed. "Maybe she'll stop bothering me and my friends."

Chibiusa sniffed her eyes growing wet. "Look what you've done, Usagi. She's crying." Usagi's mother said sternly.

"You're so very rude. You've been nothing but mean to me." Chibiusa said pointing an accusing finger at Usagi.

"Run away, and you won't have to be insulted by me," Usagi said.

"Usagi you're grounded for one week. You come straight home after school, young lady." Usagi's mother said.

"What did I do!? She started it!" Usagi exclaimed wrongly. "But what about my friends, my boyfriend?"

"They're all off-limits until you learn how to behave, young lady,." Usagi's mother said. She picked up the distraught Chibiusa. "Now get ready for school while I comfort your sister." Usagi's mother walked out of the room with Chibiusa in her arms.

"Ugh, unbelievable," Usagi said. Luna wandered into Usagi's bedroom. "Luna, I want you and Artemis to find out everything you can about Chibiusa. Is she an enemy, maybe. Either way, I don't trust her. Keep an eye on her. I don't like her being around my mom while I'm away at school."

"Will do, you can count on us, Usagi," Luna said.

"I know I can," Usagi said smiling for the first time since Chibiusa's strange arrival the day before.

Luna had been with her from the moment everything started. Luna her friend, her confidant, her beloved companion. Usagi knew she could also count on Luna. She knelt to pet the cat who purred happily.

"I wonder if my cousin Ranma ever has these sorts of problems? I bet not. His life is so much easier than mine. I wish things were a cakewalk for me too." Usagi said glumly.

After getting dressed in her school uniform and collecting her backpack, Usagi hardly had enough time to grab a bite to eat on her way out the door. If she hurried she could still catch her bus. She absently noted that her mother and Chibiusa were watching a local morning news program on the family TV. What was being said by the newscaster a pretty young lady in her mid-twenties did not quite register with Usagi before she hastily shut the front door behind her. A toaster pastry stuck firmly in her mouth.

"Denji Pantomime remains the leading candidate to succeed the late governor of Tokyo Prefecture in the upcoming special election. If elected governor, Mr. Pantomime, who turns twenty years old six weeks before next year's election, will be the youngest governor in the history of Tokyo prefecture. The minimum age for a gubernatorial candidate was lowered significantly to nineteen three months ago by a controversial constitutional amendment which unexpectedly passed with the unanimous consent of the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly. Young Mr. Pantomime is running on a law and order platform. His key campaign promises include the hiring of more police, stricter penalties for repeat criminal offenders, and an end to vigilantism."

"Mr. Pantomime's campaign has received increasingly harsh criticism from his opponents, elements of the media, and academia. Many have claimed a 'carnival-like atmosphere pervades' his campaign rallies and there is little substance to his platform beyond 'fear-mongering'. Frequent chants of 'lock them up', 'we love the police', 'democracy trumps elitism' have been mainly directed at the Sailor Guardians lead by Sailor Moon. The Sailor Guardians, who have gained tremendous popularity with Tokyo's youth in recent months, are a mysterious group of costumed young women who many see as crime fighters. Mr. Pantomime has condemned the group as 'a sign of the societal rot which has infected our fair prefecture and once peaceful country'."

Usagi's Junior High School later that day, afternoon

"Aw, you look sad. Is something wrong, Usagi?" Ami asked her friend as she, Makoto, and Minako sat outside enjoying their free period.

Jadeite had taken Rei out for a meal so she was not present. Rei usually arranged to eat her meals with the others even though her school was located several blocks away. Recently, Rei expressed interested in transferring to their school to be with her friends but her domineering father, a local politician, was resisting her request. He preferred that Rei remain in her private girls' school run by local Catholic Nuns. Her father contended it was to keep Rei out of trouble and most importantly, away from boys. He made no bones about the fact he disapproved of Rei's relationship with Jadeite, not that there was much he could do about the matter seeing how Rei's grandfather who was technically head of the family (thus he controlled the valuable family shrine and its large income which funded Rei's father's political aspirations) liked the boy a great deal.

"That little monster has my folks wrapped around her little finger. I just know she's up to no good but I can't do anything about it. I wish I knew where she came from, what her angle is playing." Usagi said slouching.

"I'm sure we'll find out the truth about her soon. You shouldn't worry so much, Usagi. It'll make you old before your time." Ami warned. "My dad says nothing comes from worry except gray hairs and wrinkles."

"Yeah, well, easy for your dad to say. He isn't living with a tiny pink-haired demon." Usagi said continuing to slouch lower. "I guess it isn't all bad. I did ask Luna to keep an eye on her with Artemis. I also have them running a background check on her."

"You made our cats spy on Chibiusa?" Minako asked. "She's only a small girl."

"A small girl with a brainwashing umbrella." Usagi countered. "Why would anyone innocent have a brainwashing umbrella, tell me that, Minako?"

"Usagi does have a point, Minako," Makoto said. "Chibiusa unique umbrella does raise a red flag, you must admit."

"Granted," Minako said. "But it doesn't necessarily mean she is an enemy."

"Why else would she have it?" Usagi challenged.

"Um, I don't know. Maybe it's for self-defense? She is a tiny thing. Anyone could hurt her if they tried." Minako offered.

"Why are you defending her, Minako? She's probably our enemy." Usagi said her words becoming heated.

"Maybe because I know what it's like to be alone and frightened. Before you guys awoke I was a one-girl act with only Artemis for company. I couldn't trust anyone with my secrets. So, yeah, I think we should give Chibiusa the benefit of the doubt. We have no idea what she is running from." Minako said.

"I agree with Minako. We should help Chibiusa if we can." Makoto said. "We're Sailor Guardians, right, helping people is what we do best."

"True, and Chibiusa certainly seems like she needs our help and maybe our protection," Ami said.

"You're only saying that Ami because she likes you and Zoisite, and Mamoru," Usagi complained. "She's done not but give me the cold shoulder and screwed up my family situation since her arrival."

"Can you blame her?" Minako said. "You haven't exactly rolled out the red carpet for her."

"I've been plenty friendly to the little brat. Chibiusa is the rude one, not me.' Usagi said turning up her nose.

"Yeah, of course, she's the rude one, not you, Usagi. How silly of me for suggesting otherwise," Minako said rolling her eyes.

"Thank for Minako for finally seeing reason," Usagi said not detecting the thick sarcasm in her friend's voice.

"Free period is almost over," Ami said checking her smartwatch. "We should head back inside. We'll meet at the arcade after school so we can discuss the Chibiusa situation in more detail?"

"I can't" Usagi groaned.

"Why ever not?" Ami asked.

"Yeah, running a background check on the kid was your idea. Aren't you interested in the results, if there are any?" Minako said.

"My mom grounded me for a week," Usagi said groaning again.

"Why did she do that?" Makoto asked.

"because of Chibiusa, naturally," Usagi said.

"Usagi, what did you do now?" Minako sighed.

"Nothing, I swear," Usagi said. "Chibiusa starting fighting with me so I fought back. I told her to run away if she is upset by my alleged mistreatment of her."

"Oh, Usagi, you didn't?" Ami gasped.

"I sure did. The little brat had it coming. She cried and everything, or pretended to, I think." Usagi said with smug stratification.

"I thought our princess was a nice caring person, the type of person who would never victimize anyone weaker than her, guess I was wrong," Minako said.

"Hey, she started it," Usagi said taking offense at Minako's rebuke of her childish behavior.

"She's just a kid. A little girl, Usagi, a frightened, likely sad, little girl who has lost family somehow. What you said to Chibiusa was, was, atrocious." Makoto said.

"Makoto, I-," Usagi said.

"How could you be so heartless, Usagi? I thought you weren't such a heartless person. After everything we've been through, everything we've lost, and almost lost, you need to grow up." Ami said.

"Guys, you don't understand. She's making my life a living hell. She's insulted me. She's inserted herself into my family like an insidious weed. I'm the victim here, not her. How can you side with Chibiusa over me? I'm your leader, remember? You take commands from me. I'm in charge of our group." Usagi said. Chibiusa was an annoying pest. Usagi owned the brat nothing, right?

Minako bristled at Usagi's last order like comments as did Ami and Makoto. She glanced around to make sure they were alone. Good, the courtyard was deserted. "Exactly, you're the mighty Sailor Moon the protector of the downtrodden. You should know better than us lowly guardians how to treat a child who comes to you seeking help, Princess Serenity. We are no longer permitted to express our opinions if they clash with those of her majesty. Let's go girls. Our fearless leader has more decrees to issue. I'd hate if we got in her way."

"I didn't mean it like that, please wait! I'm sorry guys!" Usagi called but the others were already gone. They had quite enough of her immunity for one day.

Usagi sat alone for several long minutes. Were the others right? Had she mistreated Chibiusa? If so, could she correct her mistake, make it up to the mysterious pink-haired girl somehow? Why was life so hard? Why could her problems never be simple ones?

30th Century Crystal Tokyo, night

Sailor Sun the leader of the Outer Sailor Guardians did not like this one bit. When she arrived on Earth with Sailors Uranus and Neptune they soon found everything quiet far too quiet. There were no enemies about, neither were there any allies. Where was Neo Queen Serenity, King Endymion, the Inner Sailor Goddesses, The Paladins of Lights? Something was very wrong here.

Crystal Tokyo was a graveyard strewn with the corpses of its citizens as was every other city they visited. The only thing that set Crystal Tokyo apart was the slowly expanding pillar of jagged dark purple crystal. It dominated the landscape like a misshapen cancerous tumor. Even a kilometer away from the thing hovering in the air they could sense its unwholesome energies.

Sailor Sun brushed a stray burnt orange hair from her face Most of her long tangerine locks were tied into a long French braid. She wore the standard uniform of the Sailor Guardians - a white shirt, elbow-high white gloves, and knee-high boots which were colored orange as was her skirt and the trim on her gloves. Orange was her distinctive color.

"Sun, I see someone approaching our position." Sailor Uranus said squinting at the distant horizon. She was the sharpest eyed among their number. "It's Saturn. Perhaps she knows what has transpired here?"

"Perhaps," Sailor Neptune hoped.

"Hail, Saturn, have discovered the cause of this catastrophe?" Sailor Sun asked.

Sailor Saturn stopped about a dozen feet away from her fellow Outers. Her weapon clutched tightly in her hands. "I'm sorry." She said softly.

"What are you sorry about? Are Serenity and her family in trouble? Answer me, I must know." Sailor Sun said. She felt a chill grip her heart. She feared the worst. Dear Serenity couldn't be dead, she'd have felt it, wouldn't she have?

"Shroud of Silence!" Sailor Saturn shouted.

Sailor Sun managed to dodge the unexpected attack. Uranus and Neptune who happened to be closer were not so lucky. They found themselves unable to speak or hear. As with every Sailor Guardian, most of their signature attacks were dependant upon their voices. Furthermore, they were temporarily so discombobulated they could hardly float without falling to the ground far below. Saturn effectively crippled them with her opening salvo.

"Saturn have you taken leave of your senses? Why do you attack us, your sister Sailor Guardians?" Sailor Sun demanded as she prepared a counterattack.

"I have no choice." Sailor Saturn said hesitantly "Please, forgive me, my leader, for I do what I must." She added bowing her head slightly.

"Then I shall do what I must." Sailor Sun said an angry expression on her face. "Solar Flare Surge!"

Burning orange-yellow energy formed around her fists. Clapping her hands together, Sailor Sun directed a large shaft of blinding heat and energy at Saturn. With considerable difficulty, Saturn summoned a bubble of black-gray energy to protect herself, it barely withstood the onslaught.

"Yield Saturn, or I'll be forced to employ more drastic measures." Sailor Sun threatened.

"I can't. Yet I don't want to harm any of you. You must believe me. Please, I beg of you Sailor Sun, my wise leader, take the other Outers and leave this place before we spill each other's blood." Sailor Saturn said.

"And leave Earth and our loved ones to their fate, never! How can you ask such a thing of me, Saturn?" Sailor Sun said.

"I do not ask for myself rather for others. I ask because I love them too and I desire their protection." Sailor Saturn said a somber look in her eyes. "I can say no more except that you must trust me, please."

There was something in Sailor Saturn's expression and the tone of her voice that gave Sailor Sun pause. "Very well," She said after a moment of consideration. We shall withdraw, for now. Uranus and Neptune require time to heal. We shall return once they are in fighting shape. Be advised your cowardly tactics will not avail you a second time, we'll be ready. If, in the meantime, we sense anything has changed for the worse here on Earth I shall immediately intervene, regardless of their condition."

"Understood," Sailor Saturn said, "thank you."

"Don't thank me. I'm not doing this for you, Saturn." Sailor Sun said sternly. "If we all survive whatever this is, you'll have much explaining to do."

"You may not believe me, but I truly hope I get the chance." Sailor Saturn said.

"You're right, I'm not sure I do believe you. Either way, we'll see each other again, soon." Sailor Sun said. She collected Uranus and Neptune. She flew off into the night.

"A splendid show, my dear Sailor Saturn," Wiseman said appearing from out of nowhere. "Prince Demande doubted me when I told him of my desire for your services. He thought you are too wild to ever be tamed, he was wrong as I foresaw. You, Saturn are one of our creatures now as thoroughly as are our dolls. You are our toy Saturn, now and forever, hee, hee, hee."

Sailor Saturn wanted nothing more at that moment than to whirl around and crush the vile shadow. She hated her tormentor. Oh, how she despised her puppet master. But fear stayed her hand and her staff, fear born of love. She dared not attack him. She would gladly die before she allowed any harm to befall the children.

"Where is the princess?" Sailor Saturn asked. The fate of the missing princess weighed heavily on her heart. The princess was not with the Jr. Goddesses, hopefully, that meant she was safe.

"Her fate is none of your concern," Wiseman said. "Perhaps she is with us, perhaps she is not. I'll let your imagination run wild. A good card player never tips their hand, hee, hee, hee."

Sailor Saturn narrowed her eyes. Her free hand formed a fist. If Wiseman noticed her threatening posture, he gave no outward indication. Wiseman merely continued to find mirth in her misery. His cackling laughter rang out unabated.

How dare he use her against those she held dear and everything she had sworn to protect. She was no one's plaything. Sailor Saturn silently swore she would rid all existence of this wretched thing when the time arrived. Until then, she would play her part. She would lull Black Moon into a false sense of security. The moment the Jr. Goddesses were safe and the princess accounted for, she would strike down every member of Black Moon only then with his plans in ruins, his comrades dead, would she pour forth her full wrath on Wiseman.

To Be Continued

Author's Note One -

I've decided to go with the Western convention for writing Romanized Japanese names - proper name followed by surname (or family name). Thus, our dear Sailor Moon is Usagi Tsukino rather than Tsukino Usagi.

Author's Note Two -

Sailor Sun is not an OC created by me, rather she is based upon a fan character who has been around for quite some time. I'll give a shout out in the next chapter to anyone who correctly guesses her civilian identity (either leave a review or drop me a personal message).

Hint - You don't need to look far. I'd be a bit more specific but that would make this woefully easy. And no googling it lol, just kidding.