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Sailor Moon Redemption – Black Moon Episode Three: Regret



Usagi Tsukino's Residence, Late Afternoon

Usagi knocked on the closed door and impatiently wait for an answer. She hoped she was doing right. When the answer finally came she was equal parts trepidacious and equal parts relieved. With great effort, Usagi painted a huge smile across her face, even though she felt anything but happy.

"Who is it?" Chibiusa's voice said.

"It's me, Usagi. May I come in? I have something I want to say to you." Usagi asked.

"I guess," Chibiusa's voice answer after a rather long pause.

"Hi, squirt, what are you doing?" Usagi said entering the spare room her parents had given Chibiusa.

"Reading," Chibiusa said glancing up from the tablet. She was laying on the bed with Luna-P beside her.

"I guess you're still ticked off at me, huh?" Usagi said.

"I sure am," Chibiusa said not looking up from her book. "You told me to run away and never come back. Running away is what got me in this mess."

"Huh, how so?" Usagi asked.

"I, I don't want to talk about it, especially not with you," Chibiusa said flipping over onto her stomach

"I deserved that," Usagi said. "Look, I want to help you. I need to help you. Can you please tell me what is going on? What are you running away from?"

"You can't help me. Only Sailor Moon can help me." Chibiusa said ignoring Usagi.

"I know Sailor Moon. We're good friends scratch that we're best friends, two peas in a pod. If I ask she'll help you." Usagi said.

"Yeah, right," Chibiusa snorted.

"No, truthfully, we're very close," Usagi said.

"Prove it, contact her," Chibiusa challenged putting down the tablet. She stared hard at Usagi,

Although it was against her better judgment Usagi decided there was only one thing she could do. She double-checked the hallway. Good, they were alone. She softly closed the door. She clasped her broach in her hands and transformed into Sailor Moon.

"See, I'm Sailor Moon. I can help you." Usagi said smiling. Her smile, however, did not last long.

"You fraud," Chibiusa said venomously. "You're not Sailor Moon, you can't be. My mo-', Sailor Moon is intelligent, powerful, and dignified. You're bumbling, rude, and a wreck." She hopped off the bed and grabbed Usagi's broach.

"W-What are you d-doing?" Sailor Moon stammered.

"Taking away what you stole, thief!" Chibiusa said

Chibiusa plucked the broach free. A stunned Usagi reverted to her normal form. Before Usagi could stop her Chibiusa opened the bedroom door. She was out of the house in a heartbeat. She departed so fast she left behind Luna-P.

"Come back here you thieving brat! That's mine!" Usagi said racing after Chibiusa.

"Usagi, where are you going? Why did Chibiusa leave so suddenly? Were you rude to her again?" Usagi's mother said as Usagi flew by.

"No time to explain, sorry mom!" Usagi shouted over her shoulder.

"Usagi, you're still grounded! Get back here right now!" Usagi's mother yelled.

"I can't mom!" Usagi shouted.

"Usagi!" Usagi's mother yelled but her daughter was already out of earshot.

Minako Aino's Residence, late afternoon

"Then she played the leadership card. She said we aren't allowed our own opinions unless our opinions line up with her opinion. The nerve of her!" Minako vented at her boyfriend Kunzite. He had met her and walked home with her once their school days ended.

"Miky (his pet name for her) I have a serious question," Kunzite said.

"Shoot," Minako said.

"Are you upset because Usagi played the leadership card, as you put it, or because she can play that card?" Kunzite asked.

"What do you mean?" Minako said.

"You were the Sailor Guardian leader during our past lives. Could you be a tad bit envious of Usagi? She did usurp your position, from a certain point of view." Kunzite said.

"No, I would never." Minako stopped for a moment. She carefully considered his words. "You're right. I don't like it that Usagi is now in charge. I have so much more experience than she does. She isn't ready. Even in this life, I was the first Sailor Guardian who awoke. I was a one-girl band for six months. Shouldn't that count for something?" Minako frowned.

"My poor, sweet Venus," Kunzite said embracing her. He stroked her long hair gently. "You've been through so much. I wish I could have stood by your side."

"What happened wasn't your fault," Minako said putting her head on his shoulder.

"I should have been stronger. If I had been, maybe I could have resisted Queen Beryl's control. But I'm here now. You're no longer alone." Kunzite said.

"I think I better apologize to Usagi, don't you?" Minako said looking into Kunzite's eyes.

"I think so," Kunzite agreed.

Minako withdrew from Kunzite, although she would rather have remained in his arms if given a choice. Minako activated her communicator. "Usagi, this is Minako, please come in." She said. There was a crackle of static before the breathless voice of Usagi was heard.

"Minako, what is it?" Usagi's voice panted.

"Usagi, I just want to apologize for what happened at school. You're right. We should exercise caution when dealing with Chibiusa. Who knows what her agenda is." Minako said.

"Can't talk. Chibiusa stole my broach." Usagi's voice gasped.

"She has the Silver Crystal?" Minako said in alarm. She exchanged a worried look with Kunzite.

"Yeah, I'm chasing her. I could use some help." Usagi's voice wheezed. She was almost out of breath.

"Don't worry Usagi, help is on the way. Kunzite and I will be there sorry. We'll contact the others while en route. Where are you?" Minako said.

Downtown Tokyo, a short time later

Chibiusa ran as fast as her short legs would carry her. Finally, she had gained her prize. She needed only to evade her pursuer until she could use the time key.

Chibiusa was almost to the nearest subway entrance when a pair of strong hands embraced her. "Oh, no, you don't," Nephrite said. He and Makoto appeared from out of nowhere.

"Let me go!" Chibiusa cried. She kicked Nephrite hard in his midsection causing him to double over in pain.

Makoto tried to grab Chibiusa but Chibiusa stomped on her foot. "Ouch," Makoto yelled jumping up and down on her good foot.

Chibiusa ran in the opposite direction. Not watching where she was going she bumped into Zoisite and Ami. She made a quick beeline around them only to be cut off by the trio of Minako, Kunzite, and Mamoru. It was Mamoru who pulled her up into his arms kicking and screaming.

"Let me go! Let me go! Let me go!" Chibiusa screamed. She reached for her collapsible umbrella but Mamoru slapped it from her hand.

Several onlookers gazed at the scene. "Uh, ah, my little sister is throwing a tantrum. She wanted a new toy." Usagi said panting for air. "Kids, what are you going to do, eh?" The onlookers turned away.

"I believe this doesn't belong to you," Mamoru said sternly. He took away Usagi's broach from Chibiusa. He handed the broach back to its rightful owner.

"Thanks, Mamoru," Usagi said reattaching her broach to her outfit.

Her plan undone, Chibiusa started crying. "Now I'll never see my family again. I've failed, a second time. I'm just not strong enough, I'll never be strong enough." She sobbed.

"You're plenty strong, kid," Nephrite said rubbing midsection. "You pack quite a wallop."

"You sure do," Makoto said. The feeling was slowly returning to her foot.

"Usagi, Rei is in serious trouble at her school." The voice of Luna crackled over Usagi's communicator.

"She's been attacked by a mysterious foe and only has Jadeite for backup." Artemis' voice said.

The cats must be in the Command Center, Usagi reasoned. "We're on it," Usagi said.

"What about her?" Mamoru asked holding Chibiusa firmly.

Usagi considered abandoning Chibiusa. Let the ungrateful little kleptomaniac go back wherever she came from, well good riddance. But the words of her friends from earlier rang in her eyes. Dammit, Sailor Moon is a hero. Sailor Moon helps people, even those who do not deserve her help.

"We show her who we are," Usagi said.

Rei's School, not long afterward

Black Moon Clan member Koan one of the Spectre Sisters regarded her foes with mild disdain. Sailor Mars shared her flame-based abilities but Mars was an unworthy counterpart. Mars was sentimental and weak. Furthermore, Mars' mate was of a similar sort. Defeating these two would be oh so very easy.

"You shouldn't have inferred Knight. Your beautiful warrior had already lost when you arrived. I would only have taken her, now I'll take you both." Koan snickered.

Jadeite unleashed an energy attack at Koan who suffered no ill effects after dissipating most of it with an energy blast of her own. Rather than counter-attack Jadeite, Koan blasted the already weakened Mars with an impenetrable surged of blue flame.

"No," Jadeite said. He ran over to pull Mars free but instead he was sucked in as well.

"Off we go," Koan said jubilantly.

"Stop," Sailor Moon said.

"Hi, more fodder, how nice," Koan said.

Koan attempted another attack but the Sailor Scouts were ready for her as were the Knights and Tuxedo Mask. Koan was peppered by their signature attacks, in rapid succession including Tuxedo Mask's Smoke Bomb which he had recently been made aware of by his Knights. Sailor Moon finished Koan with her Moon Healing Escalation. Koan disintegrated under the assault.

Sailor Moon turned her attention to the trapped Mars and Jadeite. She tried to free them without success. The others were about to join in when a new member of Black Moon arrived through a portal that quickly closed behind him. He hovered in the air about a dozen feet above the group.

"Bravo, what a performance. I've never been so moved." Rubeus said clapping his hands in a sign of mock applause. "Unfortunately, it was all for nothing." He opened a portal and whisked Mars and Jadeite away. "Don't despair. You'll all join them, soon enough." He then vanished via yet another portal.

"MARS! JADEITE! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Sailor Moon cried in anguish. She fell to her knees. Tears streamed down her face.

She had failed her friends utterly. How could this be? If only she and the others had arrived earlier perhaps this tragedy could have been prevented. If only there was someone she could blame.

"We'll get them back." Venus offered.

"You, you did this!" Sailor Moon growled. She glared at Chibiusa as she got to her feet. She pointed an accusing figure at the frightened child. "I bet you're a spy!"

"I'm not a spy, I'm not!" Chibiusa wailed backing away.

"Who are you, answer me!" Sailor Moon said.

"I'm, I'm," Chibiusa stammered.

"Sailor Moon, maybe you should cal-," Sailor Mercury began only to be cut off.

"No, Mercury, she arrives then they arrive and abduct our friends! There is a connection! I know there is!" Sailor Moon said. "I'll only ask you once more! Who are you!? Answer me, or I won't help you!"

"I'm your daughter from the future!" Chibiusa screamed at the top of her lungs her face stained with tears. Everyone fell silent.

To Be Continued

Author's Note One -

A short chapter but an impactful one nonetheless. How will events change with everyone knowing the truth about Chibiusa sooner than in canon? Stay tuned for the exciting answer.

Author's Note Two -

The reason I skipped the fair held at Rei's school is that I hate repeating whole canon storylines verbatim. The fair pretty much went down the same as it did in canon (Crystal). Unless I have something original to add I typically gloss over such events. I see no point repeating things exactly as they were in canon, doing so is boring.