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Sailor Moon Redemption – Black Moon Episode Four: Future Tense



Rei's School, late afternoon

Sailor Moon was rendered temporarily speechless. Chibiusa's extraordinary claim could not be true, could it? No, the very notion was ridiculous but then there was Chibiusa's toy to consider, the shortened version of Chibiusa's name Usagi, and as much as Sailor Moon was loath to admit it, the pink-haired girl bore an uncanny resemblance to Usagi herself. Sailor Moon noticed something around Chibusa's neck glint in the dying light of the setting sun. "Can I see your necklace?" She asked her anger had evaporated.

Chibiusa looked uncertain. She glanced at Sailor Mercury and Zoisite for direction. A pang of guilt passed through Sailor Moon. 'If she is my daughter, she doesn't trust me. She's afraid of me, not that I can blame her. I've been but a brat to everyone since she arrived. ' She thought with regret.

"I won't keep it. I just want to look, okay?" Sailor Moon said.

"Go ahead," Sailor Mercury urged.

"You're safe, none of us will harm you," Zoisite said.

Hesitantly Chibiusa took off her necklace. There were two items on a gold chain one was an old fashioned key the other a beautiful round piece of flawless crystal. The crystal vibrated when Sailor Moon brought it close to her broach which contained what she now knew to be its twin. Sailor Moon suddenly knew without question that letting the two crystals touch would be a bad idea so she handed the chain back to a visibly relieved Chibiusa.

"Your crystal is the future Silver Millenium Crystal, isn't it?" Sailor Moon stated more than asked.

"Yeah," Chibiusa said putting the chain back around her neck and tucking her treasures safely away beneath her blouse.

"Hold my broach, please." Sailor Moon said handing it to Tuxedo Mask. Sailor Moon flickered then reverted to Usagi.

Everyone was silent not knowing what to expect as Usagi knelt. Usagi surprised everyone when she reached out and embraced the child. Chibiusa momentarily flinched but then melted into her embrace.

"I'm so sorry, baby. You came to me seeking help but I've given you only more pain, that stops today." Usagi said. Chibiusa cried on Usagi's shoulder.

"Everything that has happened is my fault. I took the Silver Crystal because I thought it would give me powers like you. I want to be like you so badly. All the others have powers, I'm the only one who doesn't. I'm weak and useless. I'm sorry mommy. I didn't mean to hurt anyone." Chibiusa cried her emotional dam broken beyond repair.

"Hush, baby, I know this isn't your fault. The people who took Mars and Jadeite are after you and the Silver Crystal, aren't they?" Usagi said.

"Yes, they're members of the Black Moon Clan, villains from the future. Prince Demande their leader attacked my home, Crystal Tokyo. Somehow he defeated all the adults. The others stayed to fight while I came here to get help." Chibiusa explained.

"If the adults have been defeated who are these others you speak of?" Sailor Venus asked.

"Kids my age, your kids," Chibiusa said looking at the Sailor Scouts and their Knights. "Unlike me, they can transform into scouts too. My closest friend among them is Hermia. Hermia and her parents have always been very nice to me. Hermia is the future daughter of Sailor Mercury and Paladin Pisces."

"Who is Paladin Pisces?" Zoisite asked a bit taken aback by the news that a stranger would steal his Ami away at some point.

"You are Paladin Pisces, Uncle Zoisite, or rather you will be someday," Chibiusa said.

"Interesting, this explains why you look to us for protection." Sailor Mercury said.

"How did you get here, to our time?" Sailor Jupiter asked.

"By using this," Chibiusa said taking the chain from her blouse and removing the key from t from its chain. "Its a space-time key."

"Can you use it again, take us to your time?" Usagi asked finally releasing Chibiusa from her embrace. She wiped away a few tears from her eyes as stood up a smile on her face.

"I think so," Chibiusa said. "You should transform before I try, just to be safe."

"Sure thing," Usagi said to her broach back from Tuxedo Mask. She transformed into Sailor Moon.

"Everyone, hold onto me," Chibiusa said.

Chibiusa invoked the power of Chronos the God of Time. A swirling vortex appeared overhead. Soon they were sucked inside. Just before this happened Luna-P bounced into Chibiusa's waiting arms.

'How did it find us? Does it have a computerized brain or something, or is it magical, or both?' Sailor Moon could not help but wonder before they vanished inside the vortex.

The Realm Beyond Time

"Follow me, hold on," Chibiusa urged. Slowly our group made their way through a maelstrom of sound and light until they reached a calm patch. Not far off stood a closed doorway. "We have to go through there," Chibiusa said indicating the doorway. They had no more than approached within a dozen feet of it than a tall female figure appeared seemingly from out of nowhere.

"Halt. whomever you may be! I am Sailor Pluto the Guardian of Time! In the name of Pluto, I will punish you if you attempt to meddle in the affairs of time!" The green-haired young woman in her green and white Sailor Guardian suit proclaimed loudly. She wielded a fearsome-looking rod which was as long as she was tall. A grim expression on her face told that offered no quarter.

"Pluto, they're with me! They're here to help! Please don't attack them!" Chibiusa yelled running forward.

Everyone was surprised when this hardened warrior scooped Chibiusa up into her arms and smile warmly. "Small Lady, I've been worried sick. I never should have let you go. Time travel is strictly forbidden. By allowing you to go to the past I broke one of the commandments that govern my guardianship." Sailor Pluto said.

"Is she your friend?" Nephrite asked Chibiusa holding back the attack he had readied.

"Pluto is one of my bestest friends," Chibiusa said happily.

"Is your bestest friend going to let us pass, or not?" Sailor Jupiter asked.

"I shouldn't. Normally I wouldn't." Sailor Pluto said sternly. She continued with a deep sigh. "Alas, this is an unprecedented event. I sense the Black Moon Clan is a threat to the entire timeline, not just the era of Crystal Tokyo. They must be stopped at all costs." Sailor Pluto placed Chibiusa down. She stepped aside. "You may pass."

But before our heroes could enter the doorway Sailor Saturn appeared along with Wiseman who floated next to her. "Are these two more of your friends?" Kunzite asked Chibiusa.

"Hooray, Saturn is here! She'll help us set things right!" Chibiusa shouted joyfully.

"I'm sorry, Small Lady. I love you." Sailor Saturn said. She wore an expression of profound sadness mixed with anger.

"Welcome, Moon Princess to your doom." Wiseman's odd high pitched voice warbled between giggles. His eyes glowed menacingly within the dark confines of his hood.

"Is he Prince Demande?" Sailor Venus asked Chibiusa and Pluto,

"No, he isn't. I've never seen him before." Chibiusa said fearfully.

"Destroy the Time Doorway Saturn, or you know what will happen. Meanwhile, I'll deal with these pests from a soon to be defunct past." Wiseman's voice warbled between giggles.

All hell broke loose. The remaining past Sailor Scouts, Knights, and Tuxedo Mask unleashed their attacks on Wiseman who easily brushed these aside. Meanwhile, Sailor Pluto and Sailor Saturn hurled energy attack after energy attack at each other until Sailor Saturn jumped away from Sailor Pluto. Sailor Saturn grasped her staff with both hands holding it in front of her.

"Silence Glaive Surprise!" Sailor Saturn shouted.

A ball of rapidly expanding navy blue energy surged forth towards the doorway. Sailor Pluto did all she could to repel it but her efforts were in vain. Rolling aside Pluto commanded the time door to open displacing inside everyone except for Wiseman and Sailor Saturn who vanished, once the former realized what was happening, just as the door frame cracked. The archways shuddered then imploded burying the doorway of time under a small mountain of debris.


"W-What happened?" Sailor Mercury groaned rubbing her sore head.

"I'm not sure," Zoisite said helping Mercury to her feet. "The last thing I remember Sailor Pluto pulled us through the time door before Sailor Saturn's could destroy it."

"If the time door is gone, are we stuck here?" Sailor Jupiter said helping Nephrite regain his footing. "Wherever here is."

"Where are the others?" Nephrite asked glancing around. They were in some sort of dark chamber made from some type of craggy rock.

"Rei!" Sailor Mercury gasped spotting the prone forms of her friend and her friend's boyfriend who lay not far away.

"Jadeite!" Zoisite yelled.

"We have to help them." Sailor Jupiter said.

"Help them, as if," The voice of Rubeus cackled along he was nowhere to be seen. "You aren't even able to help yourselves."

Without warning the four felt extremely weak. They collapsed before they walked more than a few steps. Within seconds they were unconscious. Sailors Mercury and Jupiter reverted to Ami and Makoto.

"Welcome to Nemesis. I hope you'll enjoy your stay because it will be permanent." The voice of Rubeus said darkly.

Crystal Tokyo, night

"What happened? Where are we?" Sailor Venus said glancing around at her unfamiliar surroundings. She noted Kunzite, Tuxedo Mask, Chibiusa, and Sailor Pluto were with her. Wait, where were the others?

"Sailor Moon, Usagi, where are you!?" Tuxedo Mask called out frantically but there was no answer.

"She isn't here. I felt her and the others slipped from my grasp before I could bring us here." Sailor Pluto said.

"Where is she!? Where are the others!?" Tuxedo Mask screamed in Pluto's face grabbing her by the front of her uniform. "What have you done with them!? Answer me, damn you!"

"I have done nothing. The one called Wiseman took them. He is working with the Black Moon Clan. I tried to stop him but I could not." Sailor Pluto said pulling free with great effort.

"So that's what the creepy hooded guy's name is?" Sailor Venus asked.

"Yes," Sailor Pluto replied.

"Where did he take them?" Tuxedo Mask asked his voice only slightly calmer.

"I suspect to his planet, Nemesis, but I can't be sure." Sailor Pluto said.

"How do we get there?" Tuxedo Mask said.

"Going there isn't a good idea." Sailor Pluto said.

"I'll be the judge of that." Tuxedo Mask said. With a flourish of his cape, he turned his back on Pluto. He was about to storm off when he remembered he had no idea where he was or which direction would take him outside if there was outside here.

"She's right." Said a voice identical to Tuxedo Mask's but older, more refined. A transparent white-clad form of Tuxedo Mask stood before the group. Sailor Pluto fell to one knee, her head bowed while Chibiusa smiled happily. "Allow me to introduce myself. I am King Endymion of Crystal Tokyo. We have much to discuss."

The Moon

Usagi awoke with a splitting headache that only slowly abated. "Huh," She groaned.

Somehow she had reverted to her human form. Blinking her blurry eyes Usagi saw she was alone on the lunar surface. She beheld the deserted spires and empty walkways of the once-great civilization which she had called home in another lifetime. How had she gotten here and where were her friends, her new daughter, her precious Mamoru?

"Hello!?" Sailor Moon shouted wandering around the barren landscape. "Can anyone hear me!?"

"I hear you, Usagi." Said a voice that sounded very familiar.

Usagi blinked then blinked again. She knew she could not be seeing what she was seeing yet she was. How could this be possible? Before her stood Sailor Moon! Usagi checked for her broach, it was missing!

"Surprised to see me, Usagi, you shouldn't be." Sailor Moon said. "We both know you never wanted to be me. You're better off without me, right?"

"That's not true!" Usagi protested.

"Lair!" Sailor Moon growled. "You'd rather be at home playing video games and looking for funny videos on the internet. You despise me and the responsibility I brought into your life."

"And you despise me, your past self." Another figure said this one was Princess Serenity! "You detest what I stood for. I was nothing but a 'useless flower' who failed those she cared about."

"I have no right to judge you, it was a different place and a different time," Usagi said.

"Yet you do judge me." Princess Serenity said.

"She judges us both, just like she judged Chibiusa her daughter." Sailor Moon said.

"I'm sorry. I'm young. I make mistakes. I'm still learning." Usagi said.

"Then let us help you." Princess Serenity said. "Accept your past."

"And your future." Sailor Moon said.

"Become complete," Princess Serenity said.

"I want to be complete, I do. But I'm afraid of losing myself. Usagi Tsukino deserves a chance to be herself. I deserve a chance to live my own life determined by me, not outside forces." Usagi said.

"Very well, prove your worth!" Sailor Moon said launching an energy attack at Usagi which she barely avoided.

Princess Serenity zeroed in on Usagi. The pair exchanged kicked and punches. Luckily for Usagi, Princess Serenity was a worse fighter than she was, not so Sailor Moon. An energy attack hit Usagi in her back bringing her to her knees.

"Will you cry now, give up?" Sailor Moon taunted.

Usagi saw Princess Serenity aim a kick at her from out of the corner of her eye. "No, but you might soon." Usagi jumped out of the way allowing Princess Serenity to collide with Sailor Moon. Usagi grabbed Sailor Moon's broach pulling it free.

"We can work together or we can fight each other forever. Our loved ones need us." Usagi said to the heap at her feet. She put the broach on her shirt. "We're stronger together than apart." Sailor Moon and Princess Serenity took her outstretched hands. Dual surges of energy entered Usagi as the two aspects of her were reintegrated into the whole.

"Well done my, daughter." The spirit of Queen Serenity said. She appeared clapping her hands.

"Queen Serenity," Usagi said happy to see her past life mother despite the trying circumstances. "Was this a test?"

"In a way it was. You were plagued by doubts. You needed to come to terms with who you are." Queen Serenity said with a gentle smile.

"How do I defeat Black Moon?" Usagi asked.

"By believing in yourself." Queen Serenity said. "I shall send you to Crystal Tokyo where the next chapter of your destiny awaits. And I shall send two friends there to greet you. I sense you'll need their help before all is done." She paused for a moment. "A word of advice. My daughter, do not underestimate the powers of the one called Wiseman or you may suffer a defeat so total our dream of a new Silver Millennium will die and darkness shall prevail forever." Usagi gasped in horror at the words of Queen Serenity. "Remember the Silver Crystal is a light that shines brightly even in the darkest of places."

Crystal Tokyo

Usagi appeared along with two feline friends. Tuxedo Mask and Chibiusa ran over and hugged her. They never wanted to let go again.

"What in the world!?" Artemis exclaimed. One minute he and Luna were in the Command Center trying to figure out where the others went the next minute they were here in this strange place.

"Things just get stranger and stranger," Luna sighed.

"You're back!" Sailor Venus said happily.

"And this time I'm determined to set things right. If you'll excuse me for a moment. I think a change is in order." Usagi said the others stepped back as she transformed into Sailor Moon. Okay, where are the others?" Sailor Moon asked noticing four of her friends were missing along with Mars and Jadeite who remained unaccounted for.

"They are most likely on the Planet Nemesis with the Black Moon Clan." Sailor Pluto said.

"How do we get them back?" Sailor Moon said. No one answer. "Okay, what exactly is going on? I need to know what we're up against before I can create an action plan."

"I think I can help with that," King Endymion said. "My story is a long one, but I think you will all find it most enlightening for your future."

To Be Continued