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Sailor Moon Redemption – Black Moon Episode Five: When It Rains It Pours



The Moon long ago, evening

"But I want to stay with you." The green-haired little girl said an expression of profound sadness on her face.

"It's a great honor to be chosen." A black-haired woman said.

"Be proud not everyone is called upon to serve our kingdom, my daughter." A green-haired man said. "Go with our Queen, dear one. Don't keep her waiting. And do as she says."

Hesitantly, the green-haired girl took the hand of the regal silver-haired woman. "I know you are sad today child, but someday you will understand this is for the best." The silver-haired woman said. Hand in hand the little girl and Queen Serenity walked out of the house and into the night where the Queen's escort of female guards awaited.

"Goodbye, dear one, we will remember your sacrifice always." The green-haired man said as the black-haired woman began to sob into his chest.

The Realm Beyond Time six months later

"Your initiation is complete. You have passes your initial round of training with flying colors. I dub thy now and forever Sailor Pluto the Guardian of Time." Queen Serenity said with a smile. Her pleasant expression turned stern. Queen Serenity stared intently at the frightened little girl who tightly clutched the garnet rod that was more than twice her height. "Listen carefully, Pluto, there are three taboos or rules you must never break. One, never time travel or permit anyone else to time travel. Two, never leave your place guarding the Door of Time. There, and most importantly, never stop the flow of time for any reason. If you break this final taboo or break all three taboos in secession, you will forfeit your guardian of time and death shall surely find you. Do you have any questions before I leave you to your sworn duty, Pluto?"

"Queen Serenity, do I have to stay here alone? I'm scared." Sailor Pluto whimpered.

"I'm afraid you must, Pluto. The Time Door cannot remain unguarded not even for a moment, to do so would court disaster. Since the demise of the previous guardian, my loyal soldiers have taken turns guarding it, but they lack the power to truly protect it only a guardian of time can do so." Queen Serenity said. She turned to leave then stopped. "Let me show you a magic trick. Do it whenever you're lonely or frightened it will brighten your mood." Queen Serenity took Pluto's garnet rod. She twirled the rod around skillfully. "Abracadabra!" Rose petals burst from the air and rained down in a colorful, fragrant shower. Pluto's eyes lite up and she clapped her hands together with momentary joy.

Queen Serenity handed the garnet rod back to Pluto. "I must leave. I will come back to check on your progress whenever I can." She opened the Time Door and departed.

"Wait, stay, please, don't leave me, come back Queen Serenity, come back!" Sailor Pluto begged but it was already too late Queen Serenity was gone. Pluto was alone and alone she would remain for the better part of her existence.

Royal Palace Crystal Tokyo, night

"And you've been like this since the explosion? And the Queen has been trapped inside the Silver Crystal?" Kunzite asked.

"Indeed, except for the children, who were unaffected for some reason I don't understand." King Endymion said.

Tuxedo Mask found it strange and a bit disconcerting to chat with his future self but they needed answers. "Where are children? I don't see them here." He said glancing around the impressive and massive command/control chamber of the palace.

"Against my advice the Jr. Goddesses went to fight the Black Moon Clan." King Endymion said bowing his head in shame. "I haven't heard from them in hours. I fear they have been captured or worse."

"And you just let them go?" Sailor Venus said incredulously.

"I could no little to stop them in my present state." King Endymion said waving his transparent hand through the nearest console. "Believe me I would have gladly gone in their place if I could. We of the Royal Court are like one big extended happy family. The Jr. Goddesses are as dear to me as is my daughter." The heroes from the past detected that his words were filled with great sincerity.

"I'm sorry, King Endymion. I let my emotions get the best of me." Sailor Venus said. "This is a lot to take in."

"No need to apologize, Sailor Venus. You are understandably upset." King Endymion said.

"Guys we're going to get them back safe and sound, same goes for our friends." Sailor Moon said.

"You really think so?" Chibiusa said.

Chibiusa gazed up in admiration at her hero, her savior, her mother. There was nothing Sailor Moon could not do. Sailor Moon always won. Sailor Moon was invincible. Her father had told her so many times. Everything would be all right because Sailor Moon was here.

"I bet our loved ones are on the Planet Nemesis." Sailor Moon declared pointing at the monitor that contained an image of the ugly celestial body in close orbit around Earth.

"But you heard King Endymion. If we set foot on Nemesis we'll be sucked dry of our energy little that." Sailor Venus said snapping her fingers.

"If we are rendered helpless we'll be no use to them, or anyone else," Kunzite said.

Sailor Moon scrunched up her face thinking hard. If there was a way to get around being drained by the energy vampire planet she could not think of it. She wished Mercury was here. Her brainy friend always knew what to do in this type of science-heavy situation.

"Surely you must possess space suits for exploration purposes?" Luna asked King Endymion. Between Luna and Artemis stood the grey kitten Diana their future daughter as they had been told by the young feline.

King Endymion shook his head before he again spoke. "Regrettably, we do not. We use energy shields fuelled by our mystic abilities to survive in space."

"What about spaceships?" Artemis asked King Endymion.

"Those have been rendered powerless by the growing pillar of Malefic Black Crystal that has struck down our city and its citizens." King Endymion making a fist to show his impotent anger.

Their conversation was cut short by a wailing klaxon. "Black Moon has launched another attack on the city." King Endymion said tightening his phantom fist. "They are slaughtering our unconscious citizens, and I'm powerless to stop them!"

"We'll stop them." Sailor Moon said.

"Do you think such a course of action is wise?" Sailor Pluto said. "If you fall in battle your future counterparts will cease to exist. The timeline would be altered drastically."

"You stay here if you want, but we're fighting." Sailor Venus said.

Sailor Pluto sighed. "Very well, if you insist upon this rash course of action I'll come with you. Someone must safeguard the normal flow of time although I fear that might be impossible given recent developments."

"Gee Chibiusa you're friends are kind of useless." Sailor Venus could not help but say.

"Or downright treacherous," Kunzite added recalling Sailor Saturn's earlier actions.

"My friends aren't useless! And Saturn must have a very good reason for helping the bad guys! She isn't a traitor!" Chibiusa shouted defending her two friends.

"Guys that's uncalled for." Tuxedo Mask said.

"I apologize, sire, er, Tuxedo Mask," Kunzite said.

"I'm sorry too." Sailor Venus said.

"We have bigger things to worry about. Let's go save the people of Crystal Tokyo." Sailor Moon said.

Chibiusa walked behind Sailor Pluto until her father stopped here. "Small Lady, you cannot go with them." King Endymion said his voice firm yet kind.

"But dad, I need to help," Chibiusa said.

"Your presence would only put them and yourself at greater risk." King Endymion said. "You must remain here."

"Listen to your father, Small Lady. He only has your best interests at heart." Sailor Pluto said.

"It's because I'm weak, isn't it!?" Chibiusa wailed. "I can't do anything right! Everyone would be better off if I disappeared!"

"Don't ever say that, Small Lady." King Endymion admonished her.

"I'll never be good enough. I'll never be strong like mom!" In tears, Chibiusa ran away clutching Luna-P the kitten Diana hot pursuit.

"Small Lady, come back!" Sailor Pluto called. She felt terrible. Chibiusa was her only true friend.

"I'll talk to her Pluto, go help our guests." King Endymion said.

"As you command, my king." Sailor Pluto said respectfully bowing her head slightly.

Streets of Crystal Tokyo, a few minutes later

The remaining Spectre Sisters, Berthier, Calaveras, and Petz, were having the time of their wicked lives. One by one they zapped the helpless citizens of Crystal Tokyo into oblivion. They had vaporized dozens perhaps a hundred or more when our heroes arrived to stop them.

"My, My, what do we have here, sisters? The mighty Sailor Moon and her band of heroes have come to stop us. I'm shaking in my boots." The green-clad Petz laughed.

"I doubt they can, sister. These four are weak. They're not from our time they're from the past." The white-clad Calaveras said with undisguised glee.

"I care not what time-period they call home, sisters. By our time they'll be our enemies. Long have I dreamed of the day when the all-powerful Neo-Queen Serenity and her band of arrogant fools would be laid low." The purple-clad Berthier with an angry scowl. "Come let us avenge our fallen sister Koan by capturing them for Prince Demande."

The Spectre Sisters fought like cornered animals. Sailor Pluto seemingly unconcerned hung back observing the battle from a safe distance which earned her dirty looks from Venus and Kunzite. Sailor Moon, Sailor Venus, Tuxedo Mask, and Kunzite had never before battled such fierce opponents. A dizzy array of energy attacks scarred the sky. Until Sailor Pluto used her Dead Scream energy ball all seemed lost. Weakened and confused by the unexpected attack. The four warriors from the past took advantage of Pluto's opening and hit the trio of sisters with their signature attacks overwhelming their foes who were destroyed in a blast of light.

"How unexpected, you've now defeated all four Spectre Sisters." Prince Demande said. He had appeared from a swirling portal alongside the ever-present Wiseman. "But your run of good luck ends with me. Wiseman, prevent Sailor Pluto from interfering. I desire to test the skills of our friends from the past."

"At once, Prince Demande." Wiseman warbled. His hidden eyes glowed red within the confines of his hood. Sailor Pluto made ready to strike down Wiseman with a Dead Scream but found herself held in place within a bubble of black-purple energy. "You'll find escape quite impossible, my dear." He giggled.

"We can take these clowns down with or without Pluto!" Sailor Moon said. "Attack Prince Demande everyone!

Prince Demande withstood their combined attacks without ill effect or complaint. When Sailor Moon attempted her ultimate attack Moon Healing Escalation to banished the evil energy surrounding the Prince nothing happened! Sailor Moon stared at her Moon Wand in shocked disbelief. She could feel her powers ebbing away. Likewise, her allies suddenly felt weak.

"Surprised, Princess?" Prince Demande taunted. "You shouldn't be, or have you forgotten that the Planet Nemesis is overhead? The entire planet is composed of energy-draining Malefic Black Crystal." He gestured at the large crystal pillar that stood not far away. "Only those who carry Malefic Black Crystal on their person or those who are linked to Nemesis can withstand its power, but don't take my word for it. Allow me to demonstrate!"

Prince Demande used the dark eye imprinted on his forehead to paralyzes our heroes. He then opened a new portal and pulled himself and Sailor Moon through it alongside Wiseman. Freed from Wiseman's enchantment, Sailor Pluto quickly cast a spell transporting the others back to the palace before they were also dragged inside. Tuxedo Mask demanded Pluto release him so he could go after Prince Demande, Wiseman, and most importantly Sailor Moon but she did not heed his words.

Black Moon Headquarters Nemesis, sometime later

"Welcome to our world Nemesis, Princess Serenity." Prince Demande said a manic smile on his. Usagi now wearing a pure gown awoke with start. Usagi was seated in an ornate chair which resembles a throne at a long formal dining table. To her right stood Prince Demande a smile on his face. Usagi frantically felt for her broach. She breathed a sigh of relief when she discovered it was attached to her new attire.

"I only let you keep it because it's useless here." Prince Demande said. "Try to transform all you like. You're a fly helplessly trapped in my spider's web, princess. Oh, how I've waited for this moment. I finally have the upper hand. You and your equally accursed friends can do nothing to stop me. I'll be calling the shots from here on."

"W-Why are you doing this?" Usagi stammered. Her entire being gripped by fear.

"Because people shouldn't live forever. You overcame death through the power of the Silver Crystal. Within the burden of mortality gone Humanity has stagnated. Creativity and improvisation are lost arts. People are too happy, too content. When I and my followers pointed that out you, or rather the tyrant you will become, banished us from Earth." Prince Demande ranted.

Prince Demande circled Usagi's chair like a hungry jungle cat sizing up its next meal. He placed his hands on Usagi's shivering shoulders and began to massage her which made Usagi squirm in her seat. He leaned in close whispering in her ear. She felt his hot breath on her neck. Usagi choked back the bile rising in her throat.

"I loath you and everything you stand for. Long ago I decided the world would be a far better place if you and your cohorts were gone from it." Prince Demande hissed. He violently turned Usagi's chair around so she was facing him. His eyes shone with madness. "To that end, I decided there was only one course of action, Operation Re-Play. Armed with the power of Nemesis my followers will go back in time. We'll erase your kingdom from history, change things for the better! Your immoral reign will end before it begins! But not before I claim you for my own, body and soul!"

Prince Demande kissed a struggling Usagi fiercely on her lips. He slipped his vile tongue down her throat! This was nothing like when she shared a tender moment with Mamoru, this was nasty, repulsive, horrible in every way imaginable! With strength born of sheer desperation, Usagi somehow pushed him off. Painting heavily Usagi glared at her violator.

"You say my future kingdom will be immoral," Usagi said hyperventilating. "Well, Mr., I'll tell you something else that is immoral. Rape is immoral."

Enraged by Usagi's forceful rebuke Prince Demande surged forward. He slapped her face hard enough to leave behind an imprint of his hand. He pushed Usagi back into the seat and started shaking her. His hands then went to her throat!

"Stop!' A strong feminine voice ordered. The tip of a scythe encircled Prince Demande's neck. "Release her or I'll decapitate you!" Sailor Saturn snarled. Her dark eyes staring a hole straight through Prince Demande.

"So, Wiseman let you off your leash, eh, Saturn?" Prince Demande snarked.

"Hands off, I won't ask again." Sailor Saturn said her scythe pressing into Demande's flesh hard enough to draw forth a trickle of blood.

Without a word, Prince Demande released his grip on Usagi's now sore neck. He slunk out of the room glaring hatefully at Saturn the entire time. Once she was sure he would not return Saturn helped Usagi to her feet.

"I'm sorry I wasn't here sooner." Sailor Saturn said.

"H-H-How c-can y-you help them?" Usagi croaked out before a coughing fit overtook her.

"Believe me I'd rather not. Wiseman is holding the children hostage. He threatened to kill them unless I aided his cause. Here, let me get you some water." Sailor Saturn said. She retrieved a glass from the table, took a sip to make sure it was safe, then handed it to Usagi.

"T-Thank y-you," Usagi wheezed. "M-Maybe w-we c-can w-w-work together, come u-up w-w-with a way t-to s-stop Black Moon?"

"I'd like that, but how?" Sailor Saturn said.

"I-I'm s-s-sure we can t-think o-of something i-if w-we put our h-heads together. I-I'm t-tired of being their v-victim, h-how about you?" Usagi said after gulping down her glass of water.

"You're preaching to the converted, princess." Sailor Saturn said with a smile her first since this nightmare began.

To Be Continued