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Sailor Moon Redemption – Black Moon Episode Six: Yin and Yang



Royal Palace Crystal Tokyo, night

"Mom, please wake up," Chibiusa whimpered. She had spent ten minutes kneeling before the crystal encased body of Neo-Queen Serenity, her hands clasped tightly together. Tears streamed down her face. "This is all my fault. I'm sorry I took the Silver Crystal. If I could change things I would. But I c-," She suddenly remembered the time key hanging around her neck she had borrowed from Sailor Pluto what felt like centuries ago. "Maybe things can still be changed. Don't worry mom, I can do this, I know I can. It'll work out this time. I go back, keep myself from taking the Silver Crystal. Everything will be alright." Chibiusa ran off so quickly she left behind Luna-P. Her mind raced remembering the events that fueled her ill-fated decision.

Inside her crystal recovery encasement, Neo-Queen Serenity stirred. "Don't go," She moaned but Chibiusa was already gone.

Children's Wing of the Royal Place earlier than that day, afternoon

"Give me the ball, Aphrodite! It's my turn!" Chibiusa yelled as Aphrodite, Phobe, and Iovo played keep-away with a bright red ball.

"No," Aphrodite said firmly. She threw the ball to Iovo who in turn threw it to Phobe rather than Chibiusa. "Because of you, we can't grow up. We're kids. Because of you, Ryu will marry someone else. He says he's tired of waiting for me to become a teenager, and I don't blame him. I blame you."

"Ryu won't marry you anyway, he likes Ran better," Chibiusa said sticking her tongue out at Aphrodite.

"Yeah, it's embarrassing being stuck as a small girl for centuries," Iovo said.

"We all have powers, only you don't. If you stay our leader we'll be like this forever." Phobe said.

"But if we pick a different leader, our link with you will be broken," Aphrodite said catching the ball which she then tossed to Iovo.

"And you'll be that leader, right, Aphrodite?" Chibiusa said.

"Why not? My mom was the leader of the Guardians before your mom took her place." Aphrodite said.

"I don't care who leads us, I just want to grow up. Until we have a leader who has her powers we stay kids playing stupid games like this." Phobe said.

"Me either, but I do care about being a little girl. I hate it!" Iovo said.

"Guys it isn't Chibiusa's fault she has no powers," Hermia said. "I'm sure she'll gain her powers, eventually."

"Yeah right," Aphrodite said dismissively. By this point, Chibiusa gave up trying to get the ball. "Go away, Chibiusa. We don't want to be around you anymore." Iovo and Phobe readily voiced their agreement.

"Come on, Chibiusa, we aren't wanted here," Hermia said taking Chibiusa by her arm. The pair left while the other girls glared daggers at them.

"I hate them!" Chibiusa cried wiping away tears of frustration. "Why do they have to be so cruel? I'm trying my best to be a good leader."

"No, you don't hate them. They're just upset and you are too." Hermia said.

"They're always upset with me," Chibiusa said. "They hate me too, I know they do."

"Chibiusa they're our teammates. It's our destiny to protect Earth, the Moon, and our Solar System with them as our mothers did before us. One day, we'll find our knights. We'll live happily ever after, just like other mothers and fathers did. One day you'll wield the awesome power of the Legendary Silver Crystal in place of Neo-Queen Serenity. " Hermia said a tone of deep conviction in voice along with admiration for her elders.

"Maybe," Chibiusa said. "I think I want to be alone." A plan began to form in her mind at Hermia's mention of the Legendary Silver Crystal. Perhaps it could solver her problem by jump-starting her powers? It was the source of all their powers, right?

"Are you sure?" Hermia asked. "You still seem upset."

"Nah, I've over it." Chibiusa lied putting on a fake smile.

"Okay," Hermia said giving her best friend a quick hug. "Dad is making his famous ice cream sundaes tonight. Do you want to join us for supper?"

"I'll let you know," Chibiusa said.

"See you later, Chibiusa," Hermia said skipping off.

"See you later, Hermia," Chibiusa said waving at her friend.

Outside, a short time later

Everything went crazy once Chibiusa took the Silver Crystal. A massive explosion occurred outside of the palace and everyone inside collapsed. When Chibiusa left the palace to investigate she found the citizens of Crystal Tokyo were likewise unconscious. A large jagged pillar of dark crystal glowed ominously in the silent city center.

"Why hello there, little girl." Prince Demande said appearing behind her. He flashed a sinister grin at the startled child. "What are you doing outside all alone?" Chibiusa clutched Luna-P tightly. He spied the Silver Crystal on its chain around her neck. "My, what do we have here? Give me that!" He grabbed at her neck.

"It's mine! You can't have it!" Chibiusa said desperately trying to fend him off. He struck her with the back of his hand knocking her to her knees. The blow sent her skidding along the ground several feet.

"I'll enjoy watching you die, brat!" Prince Demande said. A swirling ball of energy formed in his right hand.

"Get away from my daughter, you monster!" Neo-Queen Serenity ordered running to where the pair stood. She stared defiantly at Prince Demande.

"Good, the mighty Queen has come down off her throne and graced us, mere commoners, with her presence. You're the one I want. I'll kill you, then her." Prince Demande threatened. He zapped Neo-Queen Serenity with his orb of gathered energy.

An extraordinary thing happened. When the energy touched Neo-Queen Serenity she became encased in a huge Silver Crystal that seemed to protect her but put her into a coma-like state. A backlash of energy threw Prince Demande over a kilometer away but left Chibiusa where she was.

Operating on pure instinct, Chibiusa ran back towards the castle and inside. Once inside, she hurried to the Door of Time. She told her long-time friend Sailor Pluto what happened. After much begging from Chibiusa, she convinced Pluto to give her a time key so she could bring help from the past.

The Realm Beyond Time, now

"Why won't it work?" Chibiusa said.

Chibiusa's time key took her to the ruins of the doorway but no further. No matter how many times she said the incantation she could not leave nor could she find a path backward or forward. She stood there alone while a building storm of wind and lightning raged around her. She was scared. Maybe this was a bad idea after all.

Chibiusa thought she heard a faint giggle. "Hello?" Chibiusa said. "Is someone there?"

Wiseman blinked into existence a few feet away from her. He hovered there regarding Chibiusa without comment or complaint. "You, what are you doing here? You're a bad guy." Chibiusa said. She fearfully backed away.

"Am I?" Wiseman warbled. "Or am I misunderstood?" He giggled eerily.

"I, I should go," Chibiusa said. She turned to leave if only in mock gesture.

"You'll never leave here without my help. The Doorway of Time is damaged, its guardian absent." Wiseman warbled between giggles. "I know you're lost, confused, unhappy. I can give you something, something no one else can give you. Something that will help you become what you've always desired to be."

"W-What c-can you give me?" Chibiusa stammered out of curiosity. Despite her fear, she turned around to face her unnerving companion.

"Power," Wiseman warbled."I offer you power, you simply must take it."

"Why w-would you o-offer, me, power? I'm nothing. I'm the only one in my generation who never became a guardian. I'm a worthless weakling." Chibiusa said bitterly.

"We need each other, you and I. Unlike the others, unlike your friends, your family, I appreciate you. I see your hidden greatness, what you can become. You only need a little help, a shove in the proper direction, to achieve what no other ever could." Wiseman warbled his usual giggling at a minimum. "Accept my offer. Fulfill your true destiny, at my side." He offered Chibiusa his gnarled hand.

Black Moon Headquarters Nemesis

Saphir had enough. He watched Usagi disrespect his brother from the shadows of a hallway. This must end. He waited until Sailor Saturn was long gone. In the meantime, he quietly gathered several passing cult members to him and gave them instructions.

"Hello, Princess Serenity. I'm Saphir, Prince Demande's younger brother. I could say it's a pleasure to meet you, but I'd be lying. We're going on a little trip." Saphir said while four Black Moon Clan followers grabbed Usagi who kicked and screamed by her arms and legs.

"Take your hands off me! Where are you taking me!?" Usagi yelled.

"To your doom," Saphir said. "My brother went insane because of you and everything you represent. I think it's high time we were rid of you and your equally contemptible friends."

Usagi was taken down a level. Usagi found herself in a large chamber dominated by an enclosed shaft of pulsing purple-black energy. She was deposited roughly on the floor.

"Open the gateway," Saphir commanded. A cult member did as he ordered. "Bring in the prisoners. Let's do this quickly and orderly."

Usagi's expression brightened considerably when she save the missing Sailor Scouts and Knights hustled into the chamber followed by four young girls. They were semi-conscious and each had to be supported by one or more cult members. If only she could get to them.

"Who goes first?" Saphir asked Usagi. "Which should I dispose of before the rest? Which do you value least or perhaps most is a better measure?"

"What do you mean?" Usagi said. She had a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach what his answer would be.

"I mean to toss them followed by you into the fusion reaction that is the heart of Nemesis. I mean to be rid of you all forever!" Saphir said.

"Please, I'll give you anything you want! Don't kill my friends! Please, let the children live! They are innocent!" Usagi pleaded.

"You're right," Saphir said after a moment of consideration. "You should die first!"

Saphir grabbed Usagi. He pulled the struggling teen to her impending demise. "Any last words, Princess who will never be Queen?" Usagi spat in his face, "farewell."

Saphir made ready to throw her in but it was he who instead fell into the maelstrom. Sailor Saturn's staff flew through the air slicing off his legs at the knees. With a scream of agony, he toppled forward when Usagi pushed him away from her.

Bedlam ensued, Sailor Saturn was swarmed by every cult member present. She held her own dispatching them with her returned staff. Rubeus then appeared with a scowl on his face.

"I knew you'd be trouble. But, Saphir was a fool. You did us a service by riding us of him. Allow me to rid us of you and then your friends." Rubeus said.

Sailor Saturn raised her staff to protect herself but Rubeus began using his Black Malefic Crystal earrings to channel the nearly unfathomable power of Nemesis. Being so close to the heart of the malignant world, Saturn fund herself weaken quickly. Within seconds the forcefield she created around her body broke. she fell to her knees barely able to hold up her head. Her eyelids felt heavy as did her limbs. Her guardian form flickered then slowly faded.

"Soon there will be one less Sailor Guardian to worry about." Rubeus laughed. He created a huge ball of crackling purple-black energy between his hands.

Usagi knew she had to save Sailor Saturn who had saved her not once but twice (not to mention the others), somehow, but how. Out of desperation, Usagi grabbed a hold of her broach which contained the Silver Crystal. Usagi prayed for all she was worth, and a miracle happened.

Usagi somehow transformed into Sailor Moon. The pure energy spread to Ami, Rei, Makoto transforming them into their Sailor Scout forms. Finally, Jadeite, Nephrite, and Zoisite were fully re-energized.

Sailor Moon knew there was no time to lose if they wanted to help Saturn. "Everyone, gather around me! We must combine our attacks! Hit him with everything you've got all at once!" She said.

The others did as she said. They placed their arms on her arms. Sailor Moon used her wand to unleash a powerful, devastating composite attack at Rubeus. Having no time to prepare or any effective defense if he had, Rubeus was blown away spectacularly.

"This can't be! But, Nemesis is invincible!" Rubeus groaned in disbelief before meeting his fate.

Sailor Moon felt her power began to ebb away at an alarming rate. "We need to get out of here!" Sailor Moon shouted.

"You have the power within you, Sailor Moon, concentrate on the Palace in Crystal Tokyo." Sailor Saturn said having recovered somewhat from her ordeal. She herded the kids around Sailor Moon.

"I'll try." Sailor Moon said holding her broach with both hands.

Royal Palace Crystal Tokyo

Sailor Sun arrived with Sailors Uranus and Neptune who had recovered from their earlier less than friendly encounter with Saturn. The three had contacted King Endymion after Sailor Moon's abduction. They regarded Tuxedo Mask, Sailor Venus, and Kunzite with passing interest.

"Let me see if I have this right. They have Sailor Moon and most of the past Inner Sailor Scouts and Past Knights, in addition to the children." Sailor Sun said with a sigh.

"I'm afraid so." King Endymion confirmed.

"And just when I thought things couldn't get any worse they do." Sailor Sun said.

"The Door of Time has also been damaged, perhaps beyond repair." Sailor Pluto said.

"Of course it has." Sailor Sun said. "Okay, before we do anything else, we need a rescue plan, one that will work."

While everyone pondered their next move Sailor Moon and the others appeared in a flash of brilliant white light. There was no time for rejoicing, however, almost immediately Diana ran into the room. Once the tiny feline caught her breath she said.

"Chibiusa used the time key. I tried to find her but I couldn't before she used the key. I saw her right when she vanished."

The entire palace shook. On a monitor, they witnessed another pillar of Black Malefic Crystal slammed into Crystal Tokyo not far from where the first landed. Wiseman soon appeared on every monitor. To Wiseman's left stood Prince Demande who appeared more demented than ever. To Wiseman's right stood a mysterious statuesque woman with long pink hair who could not stop giggling.

"Come outside, I have a surprise." Wiseman warbled. He broke into an intense giggling fit as did his female comrade. Once the fit passed he continued as his eyes glowed blood-red within the confines of his hood. "If you rebuff my invitation, I'll summon another pillar of Black Malefic Crystal, followed by another, and another, and another until this world burns to ashes. What say you, Sailor Moon?"

"We're on our way." Sailor Moon said. What other choice did she have?

"See you soon." The mysterious woman giggled waving at them through the monitors. Her lopsided grin sent a chill down their spines.

"I'm sure we'll have a historic encounter." Wiseman warbled before another giggling fit overcame him and the mysterious woman. Prince Demande stood by stoically, "toodles." The monitors all went blank leaving everyone in a state of apprehension of what lay ahead.

To Be Continued

Author's Note -

I did not cover Chibiusa's friendship with Sailor Pluto in detail because it unfolded much the same as in canon. I avoid reprinting whole storylines verbatim if nothing changes unless said scenes are vitally important to the overall series plot (the death of Frieza in Dragon Ball Z, for example). Considering how this story diverges significantly from canon in many important ways such occurrences will be a rarity.