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Sailor Moon Redemption – Black Moon Episode Seven: Triumph and Trial



The Realm Beyond Time many years ago (when measured from 30th Century mean)

"What business do you have here, small one?" Sailor Pluto demanded of the intruder a stern expression on her face. She brandished her garnet rod menacingly.

"I, I'm sorry if I shouldn't be here. I saw a door and was curious." Chibiusa said griping Luna-P tightly. "I'll go."

"Wait," Sailor Pluto said. "I know who you are."

"You, You do?" Chibiusa asked fearfully.

"I do indeed. Your name is Chibiusa, but most people call you by your nickname, Small Lady. You're the Princess of Earth and the Moon." Sailor Pluto said.

"How do you know who I am? We've never met." Chibiusa said feeling somewhat at ease now that she knew this strange Sailor Scout would not immediately attack her.

"Your parents and aunt told me all about you. Only members of the Royal Family may come here." Sailor Pluto said. "Although Royals are permitted here they visited but rarely. I repeat, why are you here?" She added with a puzzled expression.

"I'm lonely," Chibiusa sniffed her eyes grew wet. "No one likes me. My friends pick on me because I'm weak and useless."

"I see," Sailor Pluto said. "What about your family, surely they love you?"

"They don't count. They have to love me. Besides my mother doesn't want me around, I heard her say so myself." Chibiusa said.

"Surely not," Sailor Pluto exclaimed in disbelief. "You must be mistaken, Small Lady. The queen would never say such a thing much less about her daughter."

"She did," Chibiusa said irritated at being doubted. "She told my dad I had to go away soon. She was crying when you said it but she went on to say there was no other way. She said something about the 'circle of time'. Whatever that means."

"Ah, yes, now I understand." Sailor Pluto said smiling. Chibiusa looked up at Pluto apprehensively. "Small Lady, you have a unique destiny one which is exceedingly important. I harbor no doubts that your mother loves you very much. She would not dream of being parted from you if there was another way for you to be the person you're meant to be."

"How would you know?" Chibiusa asked.

"Because she has told me so, many times." Sailor Pluto said with a smile. Her expression again became serious "You must go home soon. This is not your place to be it is mine and mine alone."

"Can I stay here with you? I don't want to go home." Chibiusa pleaded.

"I'm afraid that would be impossible." Sailor Pluto said shaking her head. "This place is a singularity: people occupying this point exist as an event in space but not an event in time."

"Huh," Chibiusa blinked profoundly confused.

Sailor Pluto giggled placing a hand at her mouth. "I often forget others do not possess my knowledge of the inner workings of space-time. Time as you know it, or rather experience it, does not exist here. If you were to remain here you would never progress, or change, nor would there be any chance you ever would."

"I already don't age," Chibiusa said. "What would be the difference?"

"But there is a possibility you will age someday. If you remain here that potentiality will be removed." Sailor Pluto explained. She could tell Chibiusa was not comprehending her words. "Being part of the time stream is like playing in a team sport; win, lose, or draw. Being here you are permanently on the sidelines, the ability to gain glory or failure are equally beyond your grasp."

"Like with you?" Chibiusa asked then was immediately regretful she had.

"I'm sworn to protect the flow of time, it is my sacred duty." Sailor Pluto said.

"Okay," Chibiusa said. "What's your name?"

"I'm Sailor Pluto the Guardian of Time." Sailor Pluto said proudly.

"I meant what is your real name, from before you were a guardian?" Chibiusa said.

Sailor Pluto thought hard. She furrowed her brow but could not remember. All save for the most traumatic memories of her long-ago childhood had been forgotten.

"I don't remember." Sailor Pluto admitted.

"That's sad," Chibiusa said.

"When I'm sad, do you know what I do?" Sailor Pluto said with a renewed smile.

"What?" Chibiusa asked. She was thankful for the change of subject.

"This," Sailor Pluto said. Pluto used her garnet rod and said the special word. Chibiusa then witnessed the same "magic trick" Queen Serenity showed kid Pluto ages ago. Chibiusa was in awe at the beautiful display.

"Sailor Pluto, I know I have to leave soon, but can I come to visit you whenever I need to talk or feel sad? You're really nice and interesting." Chibiusa said after the rose pedals finished raining down on both of them.

"Of course, I'd enjoy your company, Small Lady. And please, call me Pluto." Sailor Pluto said.

Over the coming years, Chibiusa visited Pluto many more times. Chibiusa shared her hopes, her dreams, and her fears with her special friend. Pluto slowly opened up, sharing her feelings with the princess. The pair grew very close.

The Royal Palace 30th Century Crystal Tokyo, night

"Sailor Moon you and your team are too valuable to the timeline. We can't risk any of you being killed. My team and I will deal with Chuckles and his two clowns. Remain here with the children and King Endymion's spectral form. Protect them, should we fall they're the last hope this time has. " Sailor Sun said taking charge.

"What about her? She attacked us." Sailor Neptune asked indicating Sailor Saturn.

"I'm not working with a traitor." Sailor Uranus said.

"I'm not a traitor. I did what I did to protect the children. Wiseman threatened to kill them unless I helped him. I'm sorry, but I did what I had to do." Sailor Saturn said.

"I don't buy it." Sailor Uranus said.

"I too have my doubts. How do we know you won't betray us a second time so you can aid Wiseman?" Sailor Neptune said.

"I'll vouch for her." Sailor Moon said. "On Nemesis, she saved me twice: once when Prince Demande attacked him and then when his brother tried to kill me, my friends, and the kids. If not for Sailor Saturn, we'd be dead."

"Very well, all is forgiven. Welcome back to the Outer Squad, Saturn." Sailor Sun said. Uranus looked as if she wanted to protest but a quick look from Sun stopped her. "Pluto, come along, we'll probably need your help and you are technically a member of my squad."

"Yes, Sailor Sun," Sailor Pluto said. The Outer Squad was leaving when Sailor Moon called out.

"Wait, we're part of this too. We can't standby and do nothing while you risk your life and limb."

"Look, Usagi, I know you want to help but by coming with us you'll only make matters worse, trust me." Sailor Sun said.

"I'm Queen in the future, right. So, I outrank you. I order you to take us with you to face Wiseman and his allies." Sailor Moon said.

"Usagi, Neo-Queen Serenity outranks me but you're not her, not yet. And she only outranks because I never contested her claim to the throne. You shouldn't be so surprised, I'm a princess in my own right." Sailor Sun said to her stunned past counterparts.

"It's true." King Endymion confirmed.

"Who are you?" Sailor Moon asked astonished by these latest revelations.

"If you only knew." Sailor Sun said with a wink. "Don't worry. You'll find out, someday soon, from your point of view, if we're successful." The Outer Squad then walked out.

"We're aren't going to just stay here, are we Sailor Moon?" Sailor Mars asked annoyed at being sidelined.

"Of course not." Sailor Moon said.

"Sailor Sun won't be happy you defied her." King Endymion warned.

"Who cares," Sailor Jupiter said cracking her knuckles. "We owe Mr. Giggles and his Black Moon Circus major payback."

"We'll show these freaks what we're made of!" Sailor Venus said.

"Let's go!" Sailor Mercury said.

"Yeah," Everyone cheered in unison.


"The B Team, how disappointing." Wiseman warbled while floating several feet off the group.

"We'll teach you some respect wacko!" Sailor Uranus said. "Nobody attacks our fellow Senshi and gets away with it!"

"How uninspiring," Wiseman warbled after he giggled for a few seconds. "My dear, burn this trash."

"Gladly," The pink-haired woman giggled.

"Whoever you are you'll regret tangling with us, I promise." Sailor Sun said.

The pink-haired woman giggled. "What's the matter, don't recognize me, Auntie Sun? I used to be Chibiusa before my darling Wiseman showed me his glorious power. Now I'm Black Lady the Queen of Nemesis."

"Chibiusa, no!" Sailor Moon gasped arriving at that precise moment.

"I can tell by the expressions of horror on your faces, you disapprove of my drastic makeup mom and dad, always so narrow-minded." Black Lady said.

"Monster!" Tuxedo Mask yelled. Using both hands, he directed his Smoke Bomb energy attack at Wiseman. His Knights followed their liege's lead. Wiseman, however, shrugged off their attacks with no ill effect.

"My turn," Wiseman warbled after giggling hysterically. His eyes glowed red within his hood.

Lightning bolts of purple-black energy surged forth from the twin pillars of black crystal. Everyone not aligned with Black Moon was struck. They screamed in pain. After enduring excruciating pain they sound themselves barely able to stand. Their bodies smoked and sizzled.

"None can withstand my power! I am the God of Nemesis! Soon I'll be the God of Earth, the Moon, and this entire worthless Solar System too!" Wiseman warbled then he let forth his most intense giggling fit yet.

"Enough," Prince Demande said. Somehow he pulled off his Malefic Black Crystal earrings through sheer force of will. "I've had enough of being used!"

"Hey," Black Lady said as Prince Demande grabbed her Silver Crystal he then took away the weakened Sailor Moon's broach. Sailor Moon reverted to Usagi.

Prince Demande opened the broach and drew the Silver Crystals ever closer. "Stop, you fool! If the past and present Silver Crystals touch the entire timeline will unravel! Everything will be destroyed!" Wiseman warned and for once he did not giggle.

"Which is precisely what I want! I'd rather not exist than be a pawn! My Black Moon Clan is gone, now we will join them in oblivion!" Prince Demande said. He broke down laughing as madness seized him.

Sailor Pluto knew what she must do. "I've failed in my duty. I might be an unworthy guardian but I can still make things right." She said as the others watched with mounting horror.

Sailor Pluto used her garnet rood to stop time. The instant time stopped, Pluto felt her life-force ebbing away. With not a moment to lose, Pluto took the Silver Crystals returning each to its proper owner. With the last of her energy, Pluto restarted time. She then collapsed gasping for breath.

Time reset, Usagi was automatically restored to her Sailor Moon form. Our heroes rushed to Sailor Pluto's side. They barely noticed a wrathful Wiseman destroy Prince Demande for his actions.

"I tried my best." Sailor Pluto said weakly before closing her eyes. Sailor Pluto the stalwart Guardian of Time was dead.

At the loss of one of her few true friends, a flood of memories inundated Black Lady's mind. "Pluto, Nooooooooooooooo!" Black Lady cried. Her cry shattered her Black Moon earrings.

The Silver Crystal around Black Lady's neck glowed brilliantly. Everyone had to shield their eyes against the intense white light. When they could see again they were astonished at what they beheld. Chibiusa was restored but there was more. She now wore a pink and white Sailor Scout outfit. On her bow was a broach which contained the Silver Crystal not dissimilar to the one worn by Sailor Moon. In her right hand, she held a pink Moon Wand.

"I, I, I did it! I transformed, yay!" The newly minted Sailor Mini-Moon said jumping up and down in excitement. "Pluto, I finally have powers. Pluto, did you see!?"

"She's gone, baby. I'm sorry." Sailor Moon said with tears in her eyes. Sailor Moon knelt cradling Pluto's head in her lap.

"Oh, Pluto," Mini-Moon said kneeling. Poor Pluto who was always lonely. Poor Pluto who suffered so much. Poor Pluto who never had a chance at a normal life. At least she was finally free. Mini-Moon thought. She gently closed the eyes of her friend. "I'll never forget you."

"Unfathomable," Wiseman ranted his eyes burned bright red. "How could deluded alien fools overcome my puppets the mighty Black Moon Clan! Bah, no matter, my destiny will not be denied!"

The air whistled as another pillar of black crystal slammed into the ground not far away. The sky became dark and stormy. Purple-black bolts of energy arced between the trio of pillars. High overhead the fiery planet Nemesis glowered like a malignant tumor.

"You're the alien here pal, not us!" Sailor Venus said.

"Wrong, girl," Wiseman warbled. He began again to giggle. "Unlike you and your female cohorts, I was never born on the Moon or anywhere other than Earth in this or any other lifetime. You are the interlopers, not I. My true name is Death Phantom. I was once the greatest so-called criminal Earth ever produced until Neo-Queen Serenity banished me to the Planet Nemesis. She wouldn't grant me the mercy of death because I was human. Alone on Nemesis, my body rotted away due to the planet's caustic energy but my mind endured fusing with Nemesis itself. We are the same Nemesis and I. Feel our true power and despair!"

The form of Wiseman dissolved into pure purple-black which short up into Nemesis. The planet moved even closer to Earth. Wiseman's eerie giggling filled the air.

"It's high time death claimed you all!" Death Phantom's voice boomed. "Neo-Queen Serenity inadvertently gifted me the greatest power source in the universe.

"If I have my say, it'll claim you first, vile, unnatural creature!" Sailor Saturn said. She raised her staff high overhead. "Silence Glaive Surprise!" She shouted.

A huge bubble of black-gray energy shot from Sailor Saturn's staff and struck Nemesis. The planet now bore an immense grinning face on its surface. Saturn's ball of death energy exploded but when the blast wave cleared Nemesis remained.

"Fool," Death Phantom laughed. "I am beyond your pathetic abilities."

"We have one chance." Sailor Moon said rising to her feet. "Everyone gathered around me, you too Mini-Moon."

"It's worth a shot." Sailor Sun said.

Fighting against the whirling wind everyone gathered around Sailor Moon. They placed their hands on Sailor Moon's arms. Those who had weapons touch those weapons to Sailor Moon's Moon Rod. Mini-Moon touched the tip of her rod to Sailor Moon's.

"I'm Sailor Moon! These are the Sailor Guardians of the past and the future and our companions the Prince of Earth and his Knights. In the name of the love and the Moon, the Earth, and the Solar System, we will destroy you, Wiseman, or Death Phantom, or whatever you call yourself! Begone evil one! Ultimate Moon Combo Cleansing Power!" Sailor Moon shouted.

"Your doom arrives, fools!" Death Phantom's voice boomed.

Enormous streams of white and purple-black energy clashed. Both Death Phantom and our heroes poured everything they had into this final battle of wills and raw force. The beams struggled mightily neither gaining an advantage. This struggle continued a full minute without resolution.

"Come on, we have to believe in ourselves! We can't falter now! We can do this everyone!" Sailor Moon urged.

With one last exhausting push, the blistering torrent of white energy overcame the burning torrent of purple-black energy pushing it back. Slowly, intractability, the white energy engulfed Nemesis. Death Phantom's voice moaned in agony. Within moments, the supposedly invincible Nemesis began to crumble. The process continued accelerating until Nemesis vanished from the sky with a mighty explosion. Sailor Moon's wand likewise blew apart as did her broach but not the Silver Crystal within. The three pillars of Black Malefic Crystal were reduced to dust as unconsciousness claimed our heroes.

"This isn't over. When next we meet, I'll win." Sailor Moon heard or thought she heard Death Phantom's voice trail off before it faded away.

The Royal Palace many hours later, morning

"Did we win?" Sailor Venus asked. She noticed they were in the throne room.

"Indeed you did." Neo-Queen Serenity said next to her stood King Endymion flesh and blood King Endymion.

"Neo-Queen Serenity!" The Scouts and Knights exclaimed surprised to see the future Usagi before them.

"Where are Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Moon?" Kunzite asked.

"They are convalescing in a separate wing of the palace along with Sun and her squad. For many reasons I should limit my interactions with my past self." Neo-Queen Serenity explained. "It is you eight who I wish to talk to. You have done well but you'll need to do better. Many grave challenges lay ahead. Sailor Guardians. I shall now bestow upon you new planet powers." Neo-Queen Serenity. She lifted her Royal Moon Scepter which glowed brightly. "Sailor Mercury the Guardian of Wisdom. Sailor Mars the Guardian of War. Sailor Jupiter the Guardian of Protection. And Sailor Venus the Guardian of Love. May these new powers allow you to fight alongside Sailor Moon for centuries to come."

Once she finished upgrading the Sailor Scouts, Neo-Queen Serenity turned her attention toward the Knights of Heaven. Her Royal Scepter again glowed brightly. "To compliment your Sailor Guardians I knight thee the Knights of the Zodiac. Zoisite you will henceforth be Pisces the Knight of Water. Jadeite you will henceforth be Sagittarius the Knight of Fire. Nephrite you will henceforth be Gemini the Knight of Air. And Kunzite you will henceforth be Libra the Knight of Justice. Use your new powers wisely." Neo-Queen Serenity paused after bestowing these new titles and the abilities that came along with them. "I must take my leave. I thank you for saving my daughter and my kingdom." King Endymion remained behind chatting with the Knights and Sailor Scouts.

Another part of the Royal Palace, a short while later

"Mom, you're alright!" Mini-Moon said jumping into her mother's waiting arms.

"I am indeed alright. And you've taken a major step in my absence, Small Lady." Neo-Queen Serenity said.

"Yup, I've unlocked my powers," Mini-Moon said.

"As I always knew you would." Neo-Queen Serenity said.

"But Pluto is dead." Mini-Moon wept.

"Fear not, you'll see her again. I'll make the arrangements once I've spoken with Sailor Moon." Neo-Queen said.

"You're going to bring Pluto back, mom?" Mini-Moon said. She was happy beyond words.

Yes," Neo-Queen Serenity said. She placed Mini-Moon on the floor. "Run along now. I must have a private word with Sailor Moon."

"Okay, tell her goodbye from me, okay, mom?" Mini-Moon said.

"I will indeed." Neo-Queen Serenity said. Mini-Moon left with Sailor Sun and the rest of the Outer Scouts who were waiting for her alongside Tuxedo Mask who wanted to say goodbye.

Neo-Queen Serenity made her way to a small chamber where her past self was finally getting out of bed. "Hello, Usagi, I have something to give you." Neo-Queen Serenity waved her Royal Moon Scepter. A new broach formed around Usagi's Silver Crystal. "Your abilities are fully restored and upgraded. Oh, and my daughter says goodbye. She'll miss you."

"Thank you, so very much, and I'll miss her too," Usagi said. "Um, this is sort of weird, you know, talking to my future self."

Neo-Queen Serenity chuckled. "Indeed, talking with my past self is also awkward."

"Anything you want to tell me about the future, any warnings? Stuff to watch out for, you know." Usagi said.

Neo-Queen Serenity looked thoughtful for a moment. "Only this, your darkest hour shall end when the hidden sun rises." Neo-Queen Serenity said. "Sorry, but I can't be more specific."

"Ah, shucks, well, it was work a try." Sailor Moon said.

Neo-Queen Serenity smiled. "One last thing." She said.

"What?" Usagi questioned.

"Wake up, Usagi," Neo-Queen Serenity said tapping Usagi's head with her Royal Moon Scepter. Everything went black for Usagi.

Tsukino Residence 21st Century Tokyo, early morning

"Wake up Usagi. You're going to be late for school again if you don't hurry." Usagi's mother Ikuko warned.

"Uhhh," Usagi groaned rolling out of bed. "I guess I'm back home." She mumbled to herself.

"What was that?" Ikuko asked.

"Uh, nothing mom, just morning talk." Usagi lied.

"Remember, your aunt and cousin are coming by tonight. They'll be staying with us until their new house is ready in a few months. They've both been through a lot recently so no drama." Ikuko warned.

"Got it, no drama. You can count on me, mom." Usagi said with a nod.

Usagi made her way to the bathroom, took a quick shower, then had an equally quick breakfast. She was dressed and on her way out the door when she froze. Chibiusa was back!

"Chibiusa what are you doing here?" Usagi asked. 'We sent you back to the future, didn't we?' Usagi thought.

"Duh, I live here meatball head," Chibiusa said sticking her tongue out at Usagi.

"Usagi, stop bothering your little sister. You can't afford to be late again. Your brother has already gone to school and his younger than you are." Ikuko shouted from the kitchen.

"Okay mom," Usagi said. "We'll talk later." She whispered at Chibiusa.

"Whatever," Chibiusa said.

It was a cloudy sullen day. Usagi had to walk several blocks after missing her bus. She encountered Mamoru and his knights on the way. They pilled into a car and were headed to high school. Usagi tried to get their attention without success, how strange. They must not have seen her. She sure could have used a lift.

Tokyo Junior High School, late morning

Usagi made it to her school just in time for the first period 'Drat,' She thought. 'I better lay low. I don't want any of the teachers to stop me before I come up with a believable excuse.' She spotted her four friends at a picnic table enjoying a meal and chitchat. They each gave her a strange look when she sat down.

"Hi, girls," Usagi said plopping down between Rei and Makoto. "You wouldn't believe the morning I've had. Guess what, Chibiusa is back, odd, huh? Oh, can I have some?" She reached out to take some of Makoto's crackers & cheese. Makoto slapped her hand away. "Ouch, what was that for!?"

"Excuse me, what do you think you're doing?" Makoto said.

"And who are you?" Rei asked.

"I'm Usagi your good friend," Usagi said.

"Girl, we've never seen you before in our lives," Minako said.

"You are very rude, sitting at our table uninvited," Ami said.

"You're all pulling my leg, very funny," Usagi said. "You can stop acting. I'm not falling for it."

"Let's get away from this, weirdo," Rei said.

"Good idea," Makoto said.

The four girls got to their feet. They began to walk away. Unsure exactly what was happening, Usagi got up. She touched Makoto's shoulder. Makoto flipped Usagi onto her back.

"Sorry, weird girl, but you shouldn't have touched me, my martial arts training kicked in," Makoto said helping a shocked Usagi get up from the cold hard ground.

"We've wasted enough time with her, come on," Rei said.

Usagi was left alone as it began to rain heavily. Soon she was soaked, not that she cared. Her friends had somehow forgotten her. What was going on? She only hoped Luna and Artemis were unaffected and that they could help her change things back, the sooner the better.

To Be Continued

Author's Note -

I made Kunzite the Knight of Justice or Knight Libra because no element goes along with Venus' power set, unlike the other Scouts. I feel Love & Justice do compliment each other fairly well, however.