This is an AU of DDLC soooo thats is out of the ways o lets get in to this *a normal ddlc run up until sayoris *thing* and when natsuki is about to*
WHAM natsuki and mc are horified when a kid bout 9 with a masive word embedied in his cheast that says DELETENATSUKI when the kid speaks he says :kill her for me-e: then he fade to dust natsuki is passed out and mc is horrifed when he sees monika looking shocked mc sayss:do you know who he was: monika didint respound when WHAM they forget him including monika...
*then when monika is about to delete the others*
a NO is heard then IT appred the kid with 2 deletes in him the kid says:im NOT leting you hurt them not again: then when he about to die NO im not dieing I VITROL WILL KILL YOU ONCE AND FOR ALL then a bright as f*ck light appris out of it appars a lizerd with a spear in his hand YOUR GONNA HAVE TO KILL ME FIRST TO HURT THEM he says