Maxwell was good at helping people out, after he took a trip to the Luigi Circuit. However, he forgot to help these two mushroom friends give the Toad Kart some gas. Of course, this looked like a job for Maxwell to help Toad and Toadette too.

"What seems to be the problem?" said Maxwell.

"We're running out of gas for the Toad Kart!" cried Toad. "Can you help us?"

Maxwell took out his notebook and wrote "fuel dispenser", and out popped a dispenser with some fuel that pumped gasoline. He needed it to fill Toad and Toadette's Toad Kart.

"...There you go." said Maxwell as he finished pumping up some gas for the Toad Kart.

"Thank you!" said Toad, as he and Toadette drove off to the Luigi Circuit, getting ready for the race, as Maxwell watched.