Big Time Rush is driving to Hollywood Arts High School

Logan: I can't believe we got transferred to a new school.

Kendall: I didn't like our school anyways.

Carlos: Yeah it was too lame and boring.

James: Hey Kendall, what's the name of our new school again?

Kendall: Hollywood Arts High School.

Carlos: I've heard of that school.

Logan: Yeah it's for talented kids.

James: That school is perfect for us.

We now cut to Hollywood Arts High School; the gang (not Trina) are by their lockers

Tori: Did you guys here we're getting new students today?

Jade: We know Vega.

André: I can't believe Big Time Rush is coming to our school.

Trina overhears the conversation

Trina: Big Time Rush is coming here?

They try lying to her but of course, she's not buying it

Robbie: No.

Tori: Big Time Rush is not coming here.

Jade: Yeah they parted ways.

Trina: I got to go put on my makeup.

Trina runs back inside

Beck: Why is she so obsessed with rock stars?

Cat: I'm obsessed with Big Time Rush.

Rex: Robbie has a poster of them in his room.

Robbie: Rex?

Jade: Why do you have a Big Time Rush poster Robbie?

Robbie: Uhh...

School bell rings

Tori: Time to get to class.

Cat: It's okay Robbie. I make a ton of fanfiction stories of Big Time Rush.

Robbie: I know. I read them.

Big Time Rush has arrived at Hollywood Arts

Kendall: We're here.

Carlos: This school looks nice.

James: Yeah they even have graffiti on the walls.

Logan: Well let's go in.

They walk inside and they run into the principal Helen (from Drake & Josh)

Helen: Hey, you must be the new students.

Kendall: Yes I'm...

Helen: I know you people. I love all of your songs. Here's your schedule.

Helen hands them their class schedules

Logan: We all have the same classes together.

Carlos: Sweet.

James: Well let's get to first period.

They walk down to Sikowitz's class

Sikowitz: Alright class it looks like we got some new students today. Give a warm welcome to...

Cat runs up to them

Cat: Big Time Rush!

Carlos: Oh great another fan.

Tori: We love your songs so much.

Jade: I have a whole playlist on my PearPhone.

Beck: So do I. She forced me too.

Kendall: I'm Kendall.

James: James.

Logan: Logan.

Carlos: Carlos.

Tori: I'm Tori. These are my friends André, Robbie, Cat, Beck, and Jade.

Kendall: Why does glasses have a puppet?

Tori: That's Rex.

Robbie: He doesn't like to be called a puppet.

Rx: No it's fine. I love Big Time Rush.

Logan: Okay how is he talking without him moving his lips?

Jade: No one knows.

Sikowitz: Well Big Time Rush we all would like to welcome you to Hollywood Arts.

Beck: You're going to love it here.

Cat: It's the best school ever.

André: The best school in the whole world.

Tori Vega: TheSlap Update: Big Time Rush is attending my school. This is so awesome. FEELING: Happy

It's now lunch time

James: We get to eat lunch outside?

Tori: Yeah.

Kendall: This school is awesome.

Trina runs up to Big Time Rush

Trina: Hi Big Time Rush. I'm Trina. I'm such a big fan of your music. Can I get selfies with you?

Logan: Uh sure.

Trina gets a selfie with the Big Time Rush members and she cuts off a piece of their hair

Carlos: Hey you cut off a piece of our hair.

Trina: I'm putting this in my scrapbook.

Tori: Trina stop being creepy.

Rex: Yeah that's Jade's job.

Jade rips off Rex's right arm

Robbie: Jade?

Rex: Dang girl, why you got to be so aggressive?

Kendall: Uh do you know this girl?

Tori: She's my sister. She is totally obsessed with you.

Trina: Who isn't. I have all of your songs loaded on my PearPhone GX.

Trina runs away all happy

Beck: Watch out for her.

Trina Vega: TheSlap Update: I just got selfies with Big Time Rush and I cut off a piece of their hair. I love them so much. FEELING: Swag

André: So are you 4 enjoying your first day at Hollywood Arts?

Kendall: Yeah.

Logan: This school is so freaking awesome.

Carlos: So much better than our old school.

James: We love your lockers.

Beck: That's one of the rules here.

Cat: Everyone has to decorate their locker.

Tori: I had trouble at first but then I finally decorated it to say Make It Shine.

A lot of girls including Trina along with Sinjin and Burf, are running down the stairs

Lindsey: Oh my gosh. Trina wasn't lying.

Sinjin: Big Time Rush really is here.

Trina: I told you I wasn't lying.

James: Who's this?

Cat: That's Sinjin.

Jade: Another weird person here.

Sinjin: You have a lot of fans here.

Burf: They all love your songs.

Tori: They're not wrong.

Cat: Everyone loves you.

Jade: You're popular.

Beck: They'd go crazy if One Direction came to our school.

Trina: It's true.

André: Well at least they're not as crazy as my grandma.

Cat: Is she still afraid of everything and yells?

André: Oh yes.

Kendall: This is going to be one heck of an adventure for us.

Logan: But we're all going to get through this together.

James: I'm going to enjoy it here at Hollywood Arts.

Carlos: Me too.

Tori: We're glad you like it.

Robbie: Any person would like this school.

Jade: It's the best school in the entire universe.

Cat: Once you get to know Sikowitz, you'll love him.

Kendall: I think we do.

Carlos: Who knew acting would be so much fun.

James: This is going to be the best school year ever.

Logan: Agreed.