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The Doctor went down the street, frantically looking for her companions, and calling out to them. This wasn't supposed to happen. But almost as soon as they'd left the TARDIS they got separated. She asked a few of the living technological beings on the street if they'd seen her friends, but if those responded at all, it wasn't a good reaction.

"Yaz! Ryan!"

"Excuse me? Ma'am, who are you looking for?"

Ma'am. That's right. That was her. The Doctor turned. There was a man standing between the nearest buildings. He looked human, but he was wearing gloves, and his hat was positioned so she could only see part of his face. One of his hands was grabbing said face.

"Are you alright?" the Doctor asked, taking a step closer.

"Fine!" the man snapped. He stepped back. "Fine. My face hurts, but I'll live."

His voice had steadied, so the Doctor went back to his original question. "I'm looking for my friends." She explained the three as best as she could.

"Sounds like they'll be on the other side of the planet, with the Fermen. Your friends aren't Fermen of course, but closer to that than robots. It's kind of strange you ended up on this half, actually."

"If this planet is divided that strictly, why are you on this side?" the Doctor asked, frowning at how this planet was set up. "You're a Ferman, aren't you?"

"Well yes and no." The man lifted the hat with a grin, revealing the other half of his face was made of the black metal plating the robots had. "When I said my face hurts, I wasn't fucking around. Luckily, being a bit of both, no one can really stop me from crossing around as I wish. I can help you out."

"Who are you?" the Doctor asked.

"Name's Porter." The man extended his flesh hand.

It took a while to figure out what happened to the Doctor's companions, but they got there in the end. The three humans had apparently been taken to the Peace Council, an organization trying to bring the planet's two species together.

The Doctor was relieved to see them again. She ran up to them. Porter followed behind at a sort of leisurely pace. Then, while the Doctor and her friends were trying to catch each other up, Porter raised his metal arm, and fired at one of the Peace Councilors with it. The Ferman became an incinerated smudge on the floor. The only reason the robot next to him had been spared was because he was harder to blast away.

A few of the robots turned to blast Porter. He grabbed Graham, pulling him in front of him as a human shield.

"Oh this is not going well," Graham said.

Porter ground his teeth together, causing an unpleasant scraping sound with the metal ones. "Where is the intern?" he asked, voice sort of echoing like the robots.

"What?" one of the robots asked after a pause.

Porter tensed up, digging his nails into Graham, the red glow from his technological side seemingly getting brighter. "The intern!" he roared. "You people ripped away half my body to throw out and attached a metal half that's burning me up! You and that man I took care of were the ones in charge of the project, and you want to call yourself a Peace Council? No! You will die for this! As will the intern who tricked me into that room! So where is she?!"

"She's an intern. She doesn't belong in a place like this."


[I wanted to give a little bit of backstory on Porter, but I didn't want to write the whole plot.]