Argo's Eyebrows
I'll bet you all just love the title of this fic. ^^ Lol, anyways, this is
a short story thing about what Nastasha thinks about Argo's eyebrows.
Weird, huh? His eyebrows bother me greatly.
I seriously can't keep a straight face when I see his eyebrows. They look
Disclaimer: THANK GOD I DON'T own Argo's eyebrows. Lol. Literally.
I look at your eyebrows
And I wonder
Did you ever shave them
As a child?
They say that if you shave
The hair comes back thicker
If that's true, you must have shaved
A little too much
Your eyebrows sit there
In all their bushy glory
Waving in the wind
Like happy little fairies
If I had to tell you
What I think they look like
I couldn't possibly pick
Enough things
They remind me of logs
Brown and thick
Used to build a house
To keep everything inside safe
Your eyebrows are like grass
That has grown too long
They need to be plucked
Before they grow any more
Like twin caterpillars
Your eyebrows sit
Bushy and fat
Like the hair on my grandmother's feet (sorry grandma)
I'd say that if your eyebrows grew
Any thicker than they already are
They might resemble little beards
Hanging from your eyelids
Sometimes they're creepy
And sometimes they're cute
It doesn't matter too much
At least they're not on your foot
I used to fantasize
About taking a pair of tweezers
And plucking the hair's out
One by one, till there were almost none
Have you ever thought
About what you would look like
Without any eyebrows at all?
You'd look dumb
I used to dream about washing
Out your eyebrows
You could probably use hand towels
To wrap them up in
Have your eyebrows ever
Fallen into your eyes?
I'd think that they would be
Hard too see through
They are like curtains of hair
Falling from over your eye
Silky and black
But kind of spiky
Could I touch your eyebrows
Only for a moment?
I'll store their texture in my memory
For future reference
Even though your eyebrows
Are kind of creepy
It doesn't bother me at all
Cause I still love ya!
What did you think? Strange, huh? Told ya! ^^ I thought this would be
fun to write! And it was! ^_^ I'm going to continue this, but each poem
(free-verse I hope) will be from one person to another talking about one
persons bad traits. Lol, the next one will be from Shirley to Chibodee
about CLOWNS. ^^ Lol, can you guys give me any more suggestions?
::Kitten Kisses::
I want to wash out his eyebrows and wrap them up in a towel.