In the Ruins of beacon at the fall Jaune was getting out of his locker growling he knew what happened Pyrrha was dead and gone by now! The school was fucked the kingdom was fucked and form what cinder was doing magic was clearly real! He then said, "So those that mean they were trying to make Pyrrha magical too to even the playing field with that machine… magic transfer machine really jaune?" he held his chin and he said, "Let's put a fucking pin in that shit for now!"

He said getting up as he notice a strange silver band it seemed to jump around his wrist he shock to get it off but it won't come off so he sighed, "… Ok let's put a pin in this too!" he said holding his head as he walked out and heard the sound of breathing and walked over to it to see Yang laying missing an arm and his eyes widened as he picked her up, 'Don't worry I got you!"

before long he carried her, Before long they were out of the school when the ground caved in and he fell down a pit Yang waking up just in time to grab on to jaune and scream as they landed in some cave very very deep below Vale.

As yang got up she looked to her arm numb and screamed before looking to Jaune, "…. Your my hero! Well we're fucked!"

Jaune got up holding his head as he said, "And Pyrrha is a fucking corpse!" Yang jumped before she notice something it looked like a bike not made for a rider with some kind of Drone head.

The thing's eyes light up and she jumped as it changed shape it's back wheels was now a unicycle like wheel leg it's axes were arms with claw fingers and what looked like a blaster the Drone head remained in it's place.

Jaune got in to a fighting stance but he didn't have his sword as he said, "… Well that's more then meets the eye!"

the drone's eyes flashed as it said, "Master-brace match found kill and retrieve!" it then opened fired making the two Teens run for cover only to see more of the things riding in Making Jaune pull Yang in to what looked like another pit drop!"

She yelled as she yelled out, "GIVE THEM THE BRACELETE!" Jaune tried to remove it as he said, "If I could I would!"

In a moment the band Glow and a glow form deeper down the gave was seen coming at them leaving Yang's eyes to widen as another bang came and attached it's self to Jaune's other wrist knocking him back to the right!

the cycle Drones then blasted down a wall to spot Jaune and they said, "The organic has the bands he most not connect them and call out master force!"

Jaune having heard them say that did just that! In a moment it appeared he was in full grey armor with a faceless face plate with blue visor under a helmet he looked at his hands the sounds of gears made it clear this wasn't Armor, "…. I think I just became a robot!"

Yang's jaw dropped but she quickly ducked to avoid fire form the drones as they called out, "Mission kill the organic who is now the emissary so he does not unite with the transtector and become Cerebros Fortress maximus most not raise again!"

Jaune reached behind him into the backpack he had and pulled out a red blade and he span it deflecting the shots bouncing the blast back at the drones hitting them making the remaining ones turn into bikes to charge at high speed at him.

Jaune was trying to slash them but he was being hit Yang then used her weapon on her one arm to fire on them and she soon regretted it as they now were coming for her making her jump over them as she yelled out, "Hello Emissary or Jaune help!"

the new machine grabbed Yang and ran down another pit drop!" they'll need to blast through again!" he said as he saw his visor, "what's this titan master files… So that's what those things were this things those bands are all alien in nature… the files I am reading turn the wear into a cyborg state known as technorganic and with both bands I can shift with half is dominate to be human or a robot! …. I should be freaked out but I am not! I don't think I am programmed for it any more!"

Yang looked worried as her eye twitched, "… how about go back to being Vomit boy… vomit bot is freaking me out!" she said worried but Jaune looked at her as he said, "Wish I could but it's not letting me! I need to complete a mission programmed into the bands before they'll let me do such an action! I need to find Cerebros"

the blonde then said, "WHAT THE HELL EVEN IS THAT!?"

Jaune start walking as he said, "I can explain on the move while we wide form the Vehicon bikers or I can explain why we wait to die!" she followed.

After awhile Yang was recapping, "So your head has it programed that we are dealing with a race of living machines. You are a titan master a cyborg that is a parasite able to body jack the larger ones and heads the headless corpse as a transport or larger body!"

Jaune nodded as Yang continued, "And those human sized things are Vehicons this living machines who had there souls ripped out and are now near mindless zombies following orders!"

Jaune nodded again making the one armed lady say, "And there mission is to stop you form finding Cerebros to unleash something called fortress Maximus!"

the boy turned bot nodded as she yelled out, "THIS IS FUCKING CRAZY I AM GOING TO WAKE UP SOON!" that is when she jumped as they came to what looked like a City or at the very least a large battle station.

Jaune touched it, "We're here Fortress maximus A shit City, and megabot only useable by Cerebros merging with it! Come now!" he then put a hand on a panel making it hum to life through his aura a ball of light glowing in his chest as it displayed a map then image of an area the bikes were swarming around a black box like thing in the middle, "and our zombies are guarding the thing I need! If I want to go back to being Jaune I need to get there wait we might have an hand in this!"

he said as a door opened as he walked in with yang who's eyes widen at armor and weapons as he said, "this thing was downed while carrying Action masters, they took a power booster drug that rioted away there transformation gear leaving them unable to transform!"

Yang point at him and asked , "did you just say this is an armor for bots who got so high they lost there shape shifting to space robot cancer!?"

jaune nodded as he said, "horrible but yes!" he then check it out, "We are in luck one of the machines the off road cycle is still running will more like we can make a running one this bots have been using it for spare parts you'll love it it's a bike with a side car that turns into a mission and gun plate form. Only problem is set to only work for a transformer and you need a new arm

Yang was backing up looking worried as she said, "… and if I don't want to be cyborg?" She sound sheepishly and worried.

Jaune then said, "I'll have to ride in alone and you'll be sitting duck for zombie robots!" with where now riding up to them before Jaune made the door closed and blast dented it.

Yang gulped as she said, "… Ok Cyborg me!"

when the door was broken down a biker came out riding a red Bike with a side car with was firing blast on it was yang now with two arms in an armored suit that had a black body suit, yellow metal boots, yellow thigh plating, a yellow metal breast plate and back plat metal , yellow metal shoulder plates and metal yellow gauntlets. She also had on a yellow metal helmet that looked like a metal t-rex head in yellow with a red visor , it had a black plate covering the plate as she said, "…. So all I need was the arm to connect to the armor nice nice!" She hit a button making the side car detach and become a turret firing as she drove off distracting them.

She then grabbed one of her bikes axels and start shooting and driving, "Come on this better be great!"

soon enough Jaune was jumping down on top of the middle tower avoiding fire as he said, "TRANSFORM HEAD ON!" In a moment the box became a body and he it's head Cerebros was online.

In a moment the City hummed to life it's weapons firing on vehicons Yang then parked and removed her helmet and got off the bike showing the armor was very figure hugging as she walked off the side car returning to her bike as she leaned against it saying, "Ok let's see what this headmaster thing can do!" She then fell over as the city start to change into a ship and she and the bike fell into it landing in a control room were she looked up to a bot bigger then her.

she looked up she wasn't up to his foot and the robot said, "I am Cerebros now Yang!"

The new cyborg lady dropped her helmet and let out a fearful, "be who you want to be big guy!" she then gave him two worried thumbs up " so you going to return to normal now?"

Jaune then put his hand on his chest, "negative The Cerebros will not release till fortress maximums has been formed and the ship is now heading home I can't over ride it. there was then a shake and Yang almost was sent flying but Jaune grabbed her and holding her in his hand he said, "I am sorry yang but we are leaving remnant behind there is nothing I can do!"

Yang patted his pam and said, "Don't' worry about it big guy! So How long is this flight and can we at least what a movie or something!"

jaune held out his other hand making a video on the history of the transformers play.

to be continued.