On board the ship Yang looked at her new replacement arm it looked like the original till she bumped her fist making her action master armor and helmet appear on her as she said, "gee this is weird!" She then felt a shake as she start to fall just to lean on a wall to stop herself, "did we hit something in space?"

she then ran up to the bridge as Jaune arc still Cerebros was looking at monitors to show scrapmetals as he said, "Scrapmetals feral insect like transformers they swarm they are stupid they had crane guns that cane deploy a bayonet and they eat metal! They are eating battle ship maximus!"

Yang didn't get the point as he said, "Not only would that lock me as a bot forever yang but there is no air in space we would suffocate well you would I don't need air like this!" the blonde jumped in horror, "WE NEED A BUG BOMB!"

Jaune then ran off, "No what we need is fort Max! time to complete objective one that is locking me the reformation of fortress Maximus!"

In a moment he was in an elevator holding a two barreled box like gun in one hand and a large red sword in the other!

he was sent up on to the ship in space his robotic legs sticking to it as the swarm noticed him and jumped off the main Cannons and fired on him as he called out, "TRANSFORM HEAD ON!"

before long the ship shaked and changed knocking off the shocked swarm as they land on meteors as Cerebros changed shape into the head and plugged in! Making the change complete the massive transformer battle ship was now fortress maximums once more.

Inside yang was seeing things through jaunes eyes and looked at the massive hand and she let out a cry of ,"….. BIGGER BOT! Do you feel proud of yourself being that big man! If there is a bigger thing I don't want to see it!"

Jaune then tried to open fire on the swarm but the guns malfunctions, "First there is unicron he eats planets as he turns into one! Same with his good twin primus who makes planets and gives them life! Second going to need to do this the old fashion way the main cannons on my legs are down and the other guns won't launch I need repair work!"

a compartment on his left arm then opened and he reached in pulling one massive broad sword and Yang's eyes widen as she commented, "My sister would love this! It's the universe largest sword!"

the swarm was jumping on to him and firing he was swinging his sword slashing and destroying part of it and using his free hand to crush the ones on him like slapping a mosquito as he shivered as the gun he held as Cerebros deployed on his shoulder and shot a few as he said, "Oh one finally works! I mean this is like having ants crawling on you but worst! Yang be on alert I think one is inside!"

She then jumped when she heard chattered seeing the scrapmetal in bot mode it's shoulder weapon in blast mode firing she jumped the monitor being destroyed as she said," I AM OUT SIZED HERE!"

She said firing off shots form her armors build in copy of her old weapon as she added, "and I don't have my bike! He probably eat it!" she said as she ran only for the metal to transform change it's weapon to blade mode and charge in like a scorpion going in for a sting!

Yang flipped and seemed to land on it where her hands touched the cockpit mirror and her eyes widen as she glow and it start to as well, "Jaune….i think I just unlocked it's aura!" the metal's colors changed from red to green with it's glow as a fraction symbol of an autobot appeared on it and it transformed again knocking yang off only for the thing to grab her and set her down as he rubbed the back of his head," I am sorry but Who am I? who are you and what are you doing here?"

The blonde removed her helmet in shock, "A few moments ago like the rest of your people you where a feral animal trying to kill me and Jaune and eat our ship for no reason at all but it looks like I mistakenly unlocked your aura and gave you a brain!"

The talking scrapmetal looked down ashamed kicking the ground, "geee lady I am so sorry!" he then turned firing on a blue scrapmetal, "is that what I was? Gee lady I owe you my life! … I guess you can call me scrap and I am at your service!"

the huntress put her helmet on and she called out, "THEN GO CLOSE THE WHOLE YOU CAME IIN THROUGH SO YOUR SWARM MATES STOP COMING IN TO KILL ME!"

the newly thinking bot ran off to do just that he came to it quickly and his weapon was in crane mode and fired off what looked like cement to fill in the whole before the stuff was heat and turned into metal by a ray!

the scrapmetal that thinks then turned to it's alt mode and said, "…. I can repair metal! I am coming out to help repair you big guy!" he said as he head to an Elevator and came out and head to the main cannons and got to work using his repair powers, " I am so not going back to being one of this guys! Hay you have the same symbol I am wearing on you big guy!"

Jaune then smirked, "That means I returned Fort max to Autobots! Both objectives complete I can return to normal when this is over!"

He then got a notice, "Main cannon left leg on fire on all that aren't unit scrap!" the cannon then start blasting the swarm as Jaune reached down with his free hand and picked it up turning it into what looked like in his big hand a sawed off double barrel laser shot gun!

he then fired at the main swarm rapidly, "I think if I cut there numbers they queen of the hive will order a retreat!"

and sure enough Jaune's guess was right and they retreated, crawling off him and turning their front legs to the repulses to rocket off leaving crap on Jaune's shoulder as he said, "I am so sorry I munched on your hide man!"

Jaune nodded and said, "It's ok you can get to repairing all this bite marks as an apology!"

Some time later Scrap was crawling around on Fort max's ship mode repairing Jaune was happily back in human form, with yang in her normal outfit. He was holding his face as he said, "Oh my face how I missed it! I finally know how I am talking again!"

Yang hugged him happily making both of them blush, "finally someone I can talk to with out feeling like an ant!" That is on the spare monitor Jaune saw two things one the shatter remains of a broken metal world and a shuttle!

Jaune then broke off and hit a button as he said, "shuttle you're an autobot one so can you read me!"

on the monitor the optimal optimus form of optimus primal came on crossing his arms, "why yes, aren't you far form earth human?"

Yang rolled her eyes, "dude me and him come from planet Remnant we never heard of this earth place!" she said just shocked at it.

the Maximal leader held his chin as he said, "I heard other planets developed humans but to see it! anyway who is running that battle ship?"

Jaune touched his bands and called out, "MASTER FORCE!" in a moment he was his titan master form as he point to himself.

the leader looked shocked as he said, "Well I be! A living headmaster or titan master or who ever you translate it I never though I would see the day. But more importantly do you know what happened to Cybertron?"

Yang shock her head and said, "No this things auto pilot end as soon as we got here!"

At that point a transmetal two spider showed crawling on the wall, "Megatron is gone! Our home planet is gone! And this shuttle is out of power How about we all come abort and have a nice little chat together while heading back to prehistoric earth to retrieve the protoform survivors."

Jaune held his chin and said, "sounds good to me spider lady! Just don't jump at Scrap he looks like scrapmetal but he isn't he is a repair bot currently repairing battle ship maximus following an encounter of the swarming kind!"

Optimus nodded and said, "Sounds perfect to me I'll use my jet mode to transport my crew over one at a time so we can get start using parts form our shuttle to help speed up repairs of battle ship before I go to explore the remains of cybertron!"

At that point Yang grabbed on to Jaune's hand she was looking a little scared

to be continued.