Author's Note (PLEASE READ) -

Hello to everyone who is reading this. This is a crossover I have planned for so long. I hope you all read this and please take in mind that I am not the best of fanfic writers so please bare with me for long beginnings and mistakes. This is all an alternate universe so any drastic changes are just based on the story. Please take in mind that this is also based on the TV show "The Dumping ground (2013-)" All characters from this show [along with "Stranger Things (2016) and "The Worst Witch (2017-)} I do not talk credit of. The only characters I take credit of are those we do not see one the show so please do not steal them. Hope you enjoy!

Sitting in the library, Mildred slammed the book shut as she slouched her shoulders. She has to pass the end of year exam or her future at Cackle's would not exist. Her hair is a mess, her uniform is shamefully crinkled and she looks as if she has not slept in days.

She has just finished her last lesson of the day, history, and Mildred has decided to spend her time studying, on which she could have used it to spend time with her two friends after nearly losing them last week. She is relieved that it was finally the weekend, though it did not change the fact that on Monday she has her exam on potions and spells.

She oftentimes struggles with focusing on even one spell and today is the worst. Unable to memorize the spell on page 351, Mildred finds herself pushing the books aside. She is fed up. Tired. She can't spend another minute trying to get the words to sink in to her mind.

She gathers her belongings carelessly into her satchel. Gathering the pile of books into one pile, she attempts to carry it to the bookshelf. Just when she thinks she has got the hang of balancing it, she trips over and the books topple down as she falls onto some.

"Please not a Hallow. Please not a Hallow," Mildred mutters under her breath as she attempts to gather the books and get herself off the floor. Looking up, it was Ethel. "Great." Mildred curses to herself as she knows she is in trouble.

"Watch where you're going!" The blonde hisses as she does not walk away.

"Sorry, Ethel..." Mildred apologizes.

Ethel scoffs as she narrows her eyes as she and the Hubble's eyes meet. They battle each other with a long stare. "You really are the worst witch." The Hallow walks away as Mildred continues to gather the books, dropping on after another.

"Let me help you!" Mildred hears a familiar voice as she notices Esmerelda hurry up to her, kneeling down to help her. Without a care in the world of everyone's stares, Esme helps Mildred place the books back as they should be.

"Thanks, you really didn't have to," Mildred says as she let's put a long sigh.

"No worries, I don't mind helping." Esme smiles at the brunette as she finishes placing the last book on the shelf, running her finger along the carved wooden edge. Watching Mildred smile gratefully, Esme doesn't mind but start a conversation.

"So, Mildred, how is your studying going?"

"Badly. I can't even remember one stupid spell," Mildred explains as she watched Esmerelda frown as how she called spells 'stupid'. Mildred knows straight away she should not have said that. "I am so sorry, Esmerelda. I shouldn't have said that."

"No no, it's fine!" Esmerelda chuckles.

"I better be heading off to supper, Maud and Enid will be waiting for me," Mildred explains in a rushed tone.

"Have a nice supper, Mildred." Esme smiles as she watches Mildred leave. She stands there as her smile fades, she missed studying magic and now, her chance was gone, she had to say goodbye to the place she could call her second home.

"You too!" Mildred grinnes as she happily made her way out of the library in a happy stride. Esmerelda walks down the library, towards her sister, Ethel.

Ethel has spent the last twenty minutes attempting to work on her complicated spell, she wants to impress Miss Hardbroom and Miss Cackle. Especially after everything. She clenches her fists tightly as she could break the pen in her other hand, both physically or with magic. Both ways would be from her uncontrollable nerves.

Taking a deep breath in, thoughts run through her mind foolishly. Foolish thoughts. Foolish fears. Foolish envy as she watches her older sister help Mildred Hubble, who she knows as 'the worst witch'. She is envious of Mildred, everything about her. It is like she really admired her but she snaps out of that thought in denial as her pen finally cracks, the contense of ink spilling down her hand.

Letting out an irritated groan, Ethel shakes her hands and the ink magically starts to disapparate. Now, she has no pen. She sinks in her chair. Why is it that everything she tried to do failed?

"Hey, Ethie!"

Ethel looks up at her sister, Esme. "Don't call me that," Ethel mumbles as she rummaged through her satchel. Ethel could see the dumb found look on her sister's face as she looks confused but hurt. Ethel once again sighs.

"Why are you being like that, Ethel?" Esme asks her. Esme looks at Ethel's spell book, it doesn't even belong to Ethel. It is a third year book. Esme tries to say something but Ethel slams it shut. "Did someone say something to you? Ethel-"

"Nothing, Esme! OK?!" Ethel snaps as she stands and shoves the book into her satchel. She hurries out of the library, she could sense Esme's presence. "Now leave me alone." Ethel's eyes are wide and wildly glaring at Esme, who already knows that something is bothering her sister.

"It doesn't seem like nothing," Esme comments as she follows Ethel, who feels her sanity go wild inside. She doesn't know how to stop herself from just wanting to lash out, she bites her lip so hard she's trembling. "What's wrong with you?" Hearing Esme say that, Ethel freezes in her tracks.

Ethel tries to say something as she let's put a trembling sigh before walking down the staircase, Esme following her. "You really won't leave me alone, will you?" Ethel can tell by Esme's look on her face that she won't walk away defeated. "Fine, I saw you with Mildred! Why was you helping her?!" She hopes Esme didn't see how she treated Mildred. It makes Ethel regret it as she does not want to drive her sister away.

"Ethel... Are you serious?" Esme's voice is calm and quiet as she looks surprised. Ethel looka at her as she then looks out of her bedroom window as they walk in. "You do realize I was helping her?"

"Yes, I know, just..." Ethel pauses as she attempted to think but she simply drops down onto her bed in defeat. She stays silent as she feels Esme sit down next to her. It is tense, Ethel can feel it.

"What? You thought that Mildred would take me away from you?" Esme asks as she could see the sheepish look that Ethel was trying to hide. Ethel's face is now a light shade of red and Esme can't help but laugh as she can see the look on Ethel's face.

"What's so funny? "

"Mildred would never do that, silly. You'll always be my sister, no matter what happens. I'll always be here for you." Esme places her hand lightly on Ethel's shoulder as she attempted to comfort her.

"But how could you? You don't have magic!" Ethel can't help but hiss. She doesn't take her eyes off Esme.

"I'll be there for you, no matter what. Listen, I'll be there. It will be alright," Esme assures as she envelopes Ethel, who instantly attempts to break through. Esme looks at her. "Ethel..." Esme mutters as she tries to grab hold of Ethel's hand, trying to not let Ethel go.

"No, it won't be!" Ethel stands up as she pulls her arm away. "It is all my fault! I tricked you into giving Agatha magic, now, you won't be here next year and how am I supposed to manage without you here too!?"

"You'll have Sybil, and I'll visit, I promise!" Esme explains with an apologetic look on her face as she watches Ethel pace the room.

"It's not the same!" Ethel explains as her voice cracks. She storms out as she slams the door behind her. She had most everything that made her happy here and it wouldn't be the same at home.

Esme sighed in defeat as she hurried out of Ethel's room. She knew how terrible Ethel must feel and Esme didn't want to blame it on Ethel. She didn't want to lose her sister, she was already slowly losing her.

The bell rings.

Hurrying to the nearest table, Mildred trips. She laughs. Maud and Enid grab her by the arm and help her up. Grabbing her bag, a chair screeches across the rough floor. "Quick! Take this table!" Enid gestures to the front table as they want a table for themselves.

"Yes!" Mildred cheers.

"Careful, you'll trip!" Maud chuckles as she sat down next to Mildred and Enid, in between them both. "This food is disgusting!" Maud says cheerfully in a sing-song tune as she rolls her eyes over exaggeratively. "Oh no, not her..." Maud said in an unsure tone. It was Ethel.

"I sit here," Ethel snapped, " Go sit somewhere else!"

"Why?" Mildred asks.

"Because I said so," Ethel said, her tone was unsteady and Mildred noticed that Ethel was somewhat upset.

"Because you said so?" Enid scoffed as she folded her arms. "No way!" Enid didn't budge as she had a smug smile. Ethel moved closer to Enid, who began to feel threatened by the tension between them. "Stuck here like glue, not moving out of here," Enid said as she tried to hold in a laugh.

Ethel groaned.

"Stop acting like children, you two, there are three seats here, what's the problem?" Maud explained as Felicity walked up to them, holding her untouched food. Sitting down at the seat, she said nothing.

"What do you think you're doing, Felicity?!" Ethel asked.

"Sitting here?!" Felicity sneered as she was annoyed.

"What's going on? Ethel?" Esme walked up to them, Ethel looking very reluctant to talk to Esmerelda, like if she was ashamed to or embarrased.

"She won't let us sit here," Enid blurted out.

"Snitch!" Enid muttered to Enid sourly.

"Ethel... Please," Esmerelda said as she pulled her sister a little farther from the girls. "I'm sorry," Esme whispered as she looked upset. Hurt.

"Esme..." Ethel muttered.

"I shouldn't have said anything or have mistrusted you," Esme explained, " Will you forgive me?" Ethel looked at her for a long time.

"Of course," Ethel muttered as she tried to smile truthfully. Esme hugged her tightly as they headed back to the table. "Do we have to?" Ethel asked Esmerelda.

"Come on! They don't bite," Esme chuckled as she rolled her eyes. They sat down next to Felicity as Ethel couldn't stop staring at Mildred, who was messily eating her food. Ethel bit her lip as she didn't want to comment anything.

"So, what's your plans for the summer holidays, Esme?" Mildred asked. Ethel sighed as she instantly felt a connection between her sister and Mildred, who obviously didn't ask her, why would she? That's what Ethel thought.

"I don't know," Esme explained as she shrugged her shoulders. "I do have a competition, but I guess that is going down the drain." They look apologetically at Esme, who smiled weakly, trying to act like she wasn't too upset about it, she didn't want to ruin anyone's mood. Though it already had.

"What are you going to do now?" Felicity asked.

"Maybe a non-magical competition. Oh! Oh! Like the one Millie talks about," Enid explained as she downed the glass of orange juice. Esme looked convinced as she turned to Mildred instantly.

"What would you recommend, Mildred?" Esme asks.

Mildred looked at her like if Esme wasn't talking to her and she looked blank. "Well... It depends what you like," Mildred mentioned awkwardly.

"Anything, it would really be nice to get something I can at least enjoy," Esme explained as she nervously bit her nails, she was nervous on asking Mildred.

"Hey, there is a summer camp in a few weeks, I am going, you want to come?" Mildred asks Esme. "There's dance, art, sports and even scientific experiments." Mildred looked the most excited out of them all.

"Maybe, I'd love to," Esme smiled. "I might bring Ethel along, if that's okay?" Mildred looked hesitant but she nodded. Mildred passed Esme a note, it was an address and a number to call. "Thanks."

They head out of the hall.