"Ethel, wait..." Esme hurries after her sister. Squeezing past many other girls, she is out of breath by the time she reaches the stairs. "Ethel!" The younger Hallow didn't stop as Esme called up the staircase; her voice echoing. She didn't understand why Ethel kept running from her. It was like their relationship as sisters was fading. Esme didn't want that.

She flung the door open as it almost crashed into Ethel's wardrobe. Ethel sat on her bed, holding her small calender in her hand. "What's wrong with you?!" Esme almost yelled as she just wanted to hug her sister.

Ethel glares at her bitterly, looking as if she was holding back emotions that they both knew would end up with both of them either falling out or in tears. Either way, Esme wanted to know what the hell was going on that her sister was acting in such a way.

"Listen, talk to me," Esme explains as she doesn't bother sitting next to Ethel, simply standing in front of her as she looked at Ethel. "What's going on?" Ethel turns to look at the closed door before looking at Esme.

"Don't you know?!" Ethel states as she is trying to stay calm so no one heard them. "You out of all people ?" Ethel looks everywhere but her sister, not wanting to meet eye contact.

"What do you mean? Ethel. I-" Esme began.

"Of course you don't..." Ethel mutters.

"Ethel... Please, I'm sorry for whatever I did, please, tell me what's up," Esme asks desperately as she longs for an explanation.

"You're only apologising now? You don't even have a clue what you did... You act like if I'm longer my sister around the others," Ethel says as her voice is unstable and she is on the verge of tears.

"Ethel, no," Esme simply mutters.

"You made me sit with them and you start to talk to Mildred and accept some offer to some stupid camp thing, then you think I would want to come, no, I don't!" Ethel rants as she let it out. She is trembling as she gives Esme an angry look, she just wants the old days when they didn't argue.

"Ethel, I accepted the camp offer because you know that everything I had... The competitions, classes or Cackle's is gone! Ethel, I need something to just enjoy for once, nothing that my parents would force me- or us to do. Ethel, please, I just get along with Mildred, I help her, " Esme explains.

"You help her?! You spend any moment you have to go and talk to her, it wasn't just today, Esme. I've lost a sister now, it's all my fault. I should have never cared about that stupid scroll and Agatha!" Ethel almost yells. Esme can't stop looking at her.

"Ethel, I love you so so much, don't you DARE think that I don't care about you or don't see you as my sister. You and Sybil mean so much to me, maybe more than some silly competitions or something but I just want to try some things out. I'm not even going to be here next year, " Esme explains as she sits down next to Ethel.

"I'm sorry, I am so sorry, " Ethel cries as Esme hugs her.

"It's all going to be alright, I promise, " Esme says with a smile.

"So, batdrool can make spells stronger... like Hair growth, growth or enlargement," Maud explains as she holds the potion textbook open on her lap, clicking the pen against her chin as Enid begins to fold ripped pages from Mildred's notebook and makes a paper airplane.

"Mildred, listen!" Maud snaps as Mildred flinched and at the same time she was hit with a paper airplane. Maud groaned as Enid chuckled as she apologised to Mildred, who was clearly not listening.

"What were we up to? Light spells, was it?" Mildred asks.

"Amplifiers and types of growth spells," Maud exclaims as she sounded annoyed. "Oh, Millie!" Maud face palms in disappointment as she could see Mildred looks exhausted and clueless. Things have just gotten more serious.

"Sorry, I can't focus. I'm so going to fail either way!" Mildred complains as she is clearly so stressed that she is thoughtlessly ripping out pages from her notebook. She has dark shadows under her eyes as she can't even write any of the notes down an hour through their studying.

"You won't!" Maud holds Mildred's hand.

"Listen, you need to pass, we need you here next year," Enid explains as she turned through another page of Mildred's notes. "We'll help you," Enid adds as she placed the notebook on Mildred's lap.

"OK, again," Maud sighs.

"So, How do you make a growth spell?" Enid asks as she peered over at the textbook that Maud now holds out of Mildred's sight. Mildred already looking troubled as she searches around her room before thinking.

"So, A growth spell... You do that with Bat drool," Mildred begins.

"Not just that," Maud quickly comments.

"I know, Maud... Ugh, I wish we can do this practically, like an actual potion!" Mildred explains as she leans against the wall. She is already tired and she wants the studying to be over with.

"I know!" Enid says.

"Enid, No!" Maud snaps as she could tell by Enid's smirk, this can make them end up in trouble. "Whatever it is, we don't want to hear it!" Maud looks harshly at Enid, turning back to the textbook. "We have gotten in too much trouble this year anyways."

"I think we could try," Mildred says with a sheepish smile.

"Mildred, no..." Maud says in disbelief as she turns to look at Enid. "No, this is a bad idea, we shouldn't!" Maud refuses to let them do it, even if she hasn't hear it, it is going to cause them trouble.

"It can't be that bad," Mildred claims, though she is unsure even though she looks like she doesn't mind what Enid has in mind.

"So, I have a cauldron in my room," Enid explains, " we go to my room but first, we head to HB's classroom and we take some ingredients, she won't notice if we take one of each, will she?" She looks at Mildred, then at Maud, waiting for their opinion on her idea/plan.

"No, we're not allowed our own cauldrons in our room without permission. Of course HB would notice, she's not blind to notice the mess we'll make!" Maud explains.


"-No! We're not doing it that way, we'll do it the sensible way for once!" Maud explains.

"Maud, don't you want Mildred to pass?! It's our only way, Maud!" Enid explains.

"I do, but it's not cool. We're not going to steal, it sounds like something Ethel would do!" Maud defends her point. She rolls her eyes as she passes Mildred her sticky notes as Mildred starts to write something but she is too busy looking up at her two friends, who are arguing about her. She ends up having wrote a sentence that has bent down like a messy slope.

"Ethel?! You're comparing us to her?" Enid scoffs.

"I didn't mean it like that!" Maud snaps.

"Yeah you did!" Enid snaps back to Maud.


"Stop it, you two!" Mildred almost yells as she silences the two. After a few long moments, Mildred sighs heavily. "I think we should at least try Enid's idea, it would be so much easier and We'd finish in no time!"

"But how do we hide the fact we are going to STEAL?" Maud asks. Mildred shrugs her shoulders helplessly. Maud groans. "We're so doomed!"

"Not if we hide the evidence, I mean, If we leave the rest how it is, she won't notice. I mean, we can trick HB easily!" Enid claims as she smiles smugly.

"No way!" Mildred and Maud funnily say at the same time.

"Come on, let's do it!" Enid explains as hurried out of Mildred's bedroom.

"OK! I am spy 1, Mildred's spy 2 and you're spy 3," Enid whispers to them as they hide in the entrance hall, which is empty. Enid pokes her head around the wall as she watches HB transfer as she turned the corner. "Coast is clear, we have around..." Enid looked at her empty wrist. "10 minutes?"

"Is this necessary?" Maud asks. Mildred chuckles.

"Just come on!" Enid hisses as she chuckles, rolling her eyes. They open the door as quietly as possible as they wince at the quietest of creaks. "Holy Shit, that was close," Enid mutters as they sneak inside.

"Quick, we'll get caught if we stand here," Maud hisses as she pokes her head out around the door as she looks at the empty corridor. "Hurry up!" Maud jumps up and down in panic as she watches Mildred try to stable the toppling bottles as Enid panics.

"OK, I've got a hang of it," Mildred whispers as she places everything back, struggling at where exactly it was placed. "We're so dead if HB finds out," Mildred mutters with a sigh.

"Oh yeah," Enid chuckles nervously as she shoves the small jars into her bag. "Now, where's foxglove," Enid mutters stressfully as she searches the shelves.

"Felicity?" Mildred frowns.

"The plant, you... Ok, sorry, err... Where is it?!" Enid whispers as she shakes a few bottles as they inspect every label. "I think it's over here," Enid tells herself as she hurries towards the secret door that is behind one of the shelves where they can see a door handle.

"It's a secret door," Mildred gasps.

"Hurry up, you two, we don't have all day. HB will be back any moment," Maud says as she leaves her position on guarding the door. She watches them push the shelf to the side until there is a wide enough space to open the door. "What's even in there?"

"One way to find out," Enid whispers.

"We should get going," Mildred explains as she tries to make Enid change her mind. "It's potions storage, not some weird sci-fi stuff in the films." Mildred turns to look at Maud as they run to the door.

"It's open!" Enid alerts them.

She gestures for the two to join her but they hesitantly watch Enid roll her eyes, walking in on her own. "What's even in there," Maud asks Mildred, who shrugs her shoulders as she walks towards where she can hear Enid clutter some stuff.

Mildred peers inside and it isn't much as they expected, it is just potions ingredients and a few empty bottles and flasks. It is dusty as Enid quickly hurries out in disappointment. Both Maud and Mildred are wondering what Enid had expected in there.

"Just some stupid storage," Enid mumbles grumpily.

They hear footsteps.

"Down! Down! Down!" Maud hisses as they are now on their knees, crawling out of the strange area and they find themselves sneaking around, hiding as they watch HB walk in and stare suspiciously at the clearly moved shelf.

They watch as Miss Hardbroom moves the shelf back to it's place; blocking the door to storage, which is mainly for these situations; where students decide to steal ingredients, but this time, they managed to figure it out.

"What do we do?" Mildred whispers to Maud and Enid.

"I told you to not do this!" Maud explains harshly.

It is only a second later they find themselves caught, when Enid's shoe makes a screeching noise against the floor. There they are, sitting guiltily on the floor as Miss Hardbroom towers over them, angry.