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Dear Diary,

College life. Sporadic, chaotic, dramatic, etc. It's like High School except, well, we're all adults now and we're actually held accountable for our actions. Instead of proms, dances, and other random silly reasons to wear expensive dresses you'll only wear once, you have keggers, frat parties, sorority parties, and random weird mixer things. Because the best way to get through college is to be hammered or stoned through most of it. Things are still cliquey like High school. Sororities are basically clubs of like-minded people, or at least for the most part. You could say the same about Frat houses, but let's be honest, every frat house pretty much boozes most of the time.

Starting off as a Freshman in college is supposed to be this exciting new journey, but if you're me, then it most definitely is not. Anxiety and social awkwardness are at the tippy top of the list of things that are desperately wrong with me. I'm also just super plain, and well, most of the times, I can just settle into the background unnoticed. That is if it wasn't for my best friend. Alice is popular. She's beautiful, charismatic, and she's easily likeable by everyone. Back in high school she was voted most likely to succeed, and most likely to be President of the United States. Little ol' Bella did not get voted most likely for anything.

When my mom died when I was a kid, I moved back to Forks, Washington to live with my dad, a police chief. When he was killed, when I was in 8th grade, in the line of duty, I was moved all the way to Mystic Falls, Virginia to live with my aunt and uncle, who had a son and daughter. Sadly, they also died and then my other Aunt came to be our guardian sophomore year of high school. You would also know all this if I hadn't lost my previous journal. Alice has a big family. Her parents adopted them all. The oldest is Emmett, he's currently a Sophomore here at Whitmore, and then Rosalie and Jasper Hale, twins that the Cullen's adopted together, and then there is Alice Cullen and then Edward Masen. They adopted Alice as a smaller child, around four or so, so she doesn't remember a lot about her previous family. Edward was a bit older than Alice when they adopted him. Jasper and Rosalie are also Sophmore's with Emmett, but Emmett took a year off to backpack through Europe. Edward, Alice, and I are all Freshman. Joy.

I can respect Dr. Cullen and his wife, who is also a doctor. They are wonderful people. Still very young, but nonetheless, really wonderful. They moved to Mystic Falls around the same time I had moved in eighth grade. Elena and Jeremy are wonderful siblings of mine. Even though we're cousins, I couldn't ask for a better sister or brother. Even though Jeremy is constantly getting in trouble.

Aunt Jenna did her best the last two years, and she's still doing her best with Jeremy now, but I do miss Aunt Miranda and Uncle Grayson. It doesn't seem like it's been three years since they died, but it has. I started to wonder if I was a curse or something because people kept dying around me that I cared about. I suppose that's why it took me a while to open up to people, which I still don't. The therapist that Aunt Jenna had us all go see, said that keeping a diary or journal helps. I don't know. Are you helping? Perhaps, but only time will tell I suppose.

"Bella," A musical voice called to Bella as she was sitting at the Old Towne Coffee shop on campus. She always sat in the back at a high-top table by the window. Bella blinked and closed her journal, looking up into the Hershey brown eyes of her best friend, Alice.

"Oh, Alice. Don't you have English right now?" Bella asked, straightening in her seat.

Alice's smile was wide. She was dressed nicely, her hair cut back in a pixie bob, and her makeup made her eyes pop with some natural earth tones. She wore some designer jeans, and a nice frilly, autumn colored top, and her brown suede ankle boots. She color coordinated everything from her shoes to her handbag, to her makeup, and it just looked like it would be exhausting getting ready like that every single day. "I do, but I came to get you." She sat down across from Bella. "So, there's supposed to be this awesome mixer tonight."

Bella groaned. "I'm not going, I don't do large crowds of people Alice."

"Pleasseeee. Elena said she was gonna go." Alice pouted, sticking her bottom lip out.

Bella stared at her. "I have to finish my paper for English, and then I have to do that other paper for Occult Studies."

"The Occult studies paper isn't due for another three weeks, and the English paper will be easy. Bells come on. You need to have fun. We have to get ourselves out there if we're going to do rush week for the sorority we want." Alice's begging was usually short lived because Bella always gave in.

Bella sighed. "Fine. But I'm not staying super late. Is Edward going to be there?"

"What do you think? He's all mopey after him and Elena broke up." Alice made a face.

"Of course. Does he pout about everything?" Bella asked with a little smile.

Alice laughed, her laugh so musical and airy. "Of course, he does." She leaned across the table, pecking Bella on the cheek. "See you tonight!" She said and then she was bounding away to English class, to hopefully slip in without Professor Dowling noticing.

Bella grabbed her bag and tossed her journal inside. She pulled her phone out, checking the time and saw a text from Jasper.

[Jasper]: Mixer tonight, u goin?

She didn't want to go, but she was going. Other than Alice, Jasper was her number two. If she didn't have Alice, Jasper was there to talk to about every problem she was having. When she didn't have a date to prom, Jasper escorted her. Alice went with Tyler Lockwood, jock, handsome, and his dad was the Mayor of Mystic Falls.

While she was looking down at her phone, she ran into someone. It knocked her backwards a little, and she fell straight on her butt, dropping her phone, and the contents of her bag spilling out everywhere.

"I'm so sorry," Bella mumbled, scrambling to get her feet under her, to collect all her things. She looked up at who she assaulted with her inelegance.

Green eyes stared down at her. His brown hair was styled perfectly, and he had a look of apology on his face. He reached a hand out to help her up. "I'm sorry," he said, as he helped her to her feet, and he dusted her off.

"No, no. I'm sorry. I've got this inability to keep myself upright while walking. I also don't pay attention when technology is involved." Bella said with a smile and bent down at the same time green eyes bent down. They bumped heads. "Oh, I am so sorry."

Green eyes smiled, rubbing his head and little before bending down to collect her things and put them back in her bag. He handed her the cellphone. "Not a problem. I wasn't paying attention either. You look familiar." He said, studying her.

Bella blinked at him. "Oh! You're Stefan Salvatore."

"I am. You are…you hang out with Alice Cullen, a lot. Bella was it?" Stefan asked, hesitant, because he wasn't quite sure if that was in fact her name.

"Yes. Bella Gilbert." She said with a smile. "Well thank you for gathering my things. I've got Occult Studies to get to." She said, shouldering her bag.

Stefan nodded. "Of course. It was nice running into you," He said with a grin and then he was walking over to the counter to put in his coffee order. He cast one look back at Bella as she hurried away. Her dark hair was wavy, to her shoulders and her eyes were a unique shade of brown. He remembered her being quiet in high school. Alice was always dragging her around everywhere. She was Elena's sister he believed, and he knew Elena well. They briefly dated sophomore year when Elena's parents died.

After class, Bella didn't have another until Tuesday, and it was Friday. She could spend time working on the English paper, but when she got back to her dorm, Alice was already there. Elena and Caroline Forbes were laying across Alice's bed. They all roomed together, including another girl, Bonnie Bennett. Alice was putting on a show, trying on different outfits, and Caroline was voting which would be best.

Elena looked up at Bella and smiled when she came in. "Hey, are you being forced to this thing too?"

"Of course." Bella said with a small smile and walked across the room and hooked her bag on the back of the desk chair. She plopped down on the bed. "Do I really have to dress up? Why can't I wear what I'm wearing?" Bella asked.

Alice looked at her. "Bella, you can't wear jeans and t-shirts all of your college life." She moved to the closet and took out a halter top that showed a little stomach and tossed it at Bella. It was a deep crimson color. Bella sighed, and grabbed the top and pulled her shirt up over her head and stretched the halter on. It was tighter on her, showing off her bust a little more.

"My boobs are bigger than yours, so it's super tight," Bella complained as she shifted the top around a little.

Caroline grinned widely. "That's the whole point! You look great! I think the jeans go well with it Alice, what do you think?"

Alice looked her over again. "Hmm. Well yes, the jeans can work, but I was thinking the black miniskirt." She grabbed that out of the closet and handed it to Bella. It was leather too. Bella eyed the skirt, raising a brow at Alice. "Come on Bella, you're going to look great. Live a little."

Bella sighed, taking the skirt, and changing out of her jeans. She pulled it on. It was also tight over her butt, but her legs did look great. She admitted that she felt pretty hot. A smile actually cracked on her face when she looked at herself in the mirror.

"There you are!" Elena said smiling big, getting up from the bed and looping an arm around her shoulders. "You look hot."

Alice squealed with excitement as she dashed to the bathroom and got her makeup bag. She sat Bella down, even though Bella whined and grumbled. She applied some heavy smokey eye and mascara. It made Bella look exotic, her eyes becoming this mesmerizing prison. Alice finished up with deep crimson lipstick. Bella's poutier lips looked amazing with this shade.

"Damn…" Caroline said, looking at Bella. "Bella…you are absolutely sexy."

Bella looked at herself in the mirror and was a bit taken back. She was sexy. She didn't realize that she could look this way. "I…" She turned to Alice. "You are an artist Alice Cullen." She finally said and then Alice was hugging her.

"Okay, Caroline you're up with the hair." Alice said and took a step back and started applying her own makeup. Elena got up, pulling on some short shorts that were frayed at the ends, and pulled on a sapphire blue halter top, except it didn't tie around the neck like Bella's. Hers was strapless.

Caroline pulled out her straightener. She did Bella's hair straight, with a slight curve at the bottom. "There. All done. Perfect." She said, smiling, and moved Bella to the mirror to take a look.

"I don't even look the same." Bella said in awe of her friends' work. Maybe tonight wouldn't be so terrible after all. She smiled, feeling sort of good about herself.

After another couple hours, and Bella's nails were painted to match, and the other three girls were all dolled up, they made their way to the mixer. It was being held by one of the fraternities.

Walking up, you could hear the loud music shattering the air, and there were large groups of people outside and inside. You could hear splashing in the back where people were using the pool already. It was still warm out with it being September. Which reminded Bella that she was turning twenty in about a week.

Bella didn't recognize anyone as she moved through the people to the alcohol station. She wasn't a big drinker at all. Elena surprisingly was the one that could drink a lot. In high school Bella had to go and pick Elena up from a few parties without Aunt Jenna knowing. She watched as her three friends mingled flawlessly without problem. She was still anxious, and didn't do well with large social gatherings, so she felt her chest hurt as she avoided people's eyes. She got herself a beer and sipped on it. She didn't really like the taste of beer, but she did it so she could blend in better. She watched as her friends danced to the music with a group of guys, who were totally into them, and she was sure they were probably Juniors or maybe even Seniors.

Someone tapped her on her shoulder, and she turned and was starring straight at Stefan Salvatore. "Oh," She said.

"I thought maybe it was you. You look different." Stefan said close to her ear.

Bella nodded. "Yeah, Alice and Caroline. They transformed me," She made a gesturing motion to her face. She smiled a little. Stefan was someone she knew, but he looked up, his eyes landing on Elena, and he excused himself and walked over. Elena looked up at Stefan and a wide smile was on her face. They dated briefly for about four months sophomore year, but the breakup wasn't harsh like her and Edward.

Bella sighed and picked her drink back up and took a drink. She made a face at the taste and decided to try one of the wine coolers they had available. It tasted much better. She finished that and then there was a girl dressed in a bikini with rabbit ears passing out some mixed drinks. She handed one to Bella and walked around passing them out to whoever would take one. It smelled fruity, and it was a misty blue in color. She sipped it cautiously, and when it didn't taste horrible, she drunk it down. She felt a little tingling in her nose, and she felt like she was just really light. She realized that this is what tipsy or drunk felt like. It felt nice, no pressure on her chest. The anxiety at bay for now.

It was getting a little warmer inside since there were so many moving bodies that Bella needed to get fresh air. She somehow managed to get outside, stumbling a couple times over her feet. She had drunk three of those mixed drinks the bunny went around with. So, it was safe to say that Bella was completely drunk, and she was a light weight as well. She was feeling a bit sick too, as the world spun a little, she managed to not throw up, yet. She had lost sight of the other girls, and she was thinking about just heading back to the dorm and just sleeping this all off.

When the world stopped spinning for her, she started walking again. She pulled her phone from the pocket on the skirt and looked at the time. It was already one in the morning. She sighed, and then ran into something or someone. It knocked her backwards, her balance not the best thing while sober, and it was way worse, drunk. She felt a little weird, like her body was really just tired, and she couldn't get her feet under her.

"Sorry," She slurred as she sat on the ground, her phone laying beside her.

Dark eyes looked at her curiously. "It's not a problem." The voice said. His accent was…English? He reached down and helped her up. She was still wobbly, and her legs weren't wanting to work. She frowned, her eyes closing. She was trying to fight to stay awake, but she passed out, her body going limp. Dark eyes caught her frowning at her unconscious state.

Another man walked over. "What's wrong?" his voice called.

"She passed out, I think she may have been drugged inside." Dark eyes said. "I'm sure she's a student here."

The other man looked down at her. "Hmm. Yes, she's in one of my classes. Bella Gilbert." He studied her a moment. "She normally doesn't dress like this. We should take her to the hospital to have her checked out. I'll call and have the mixer shut down. If there are drugs involved, we need to protect the other students." The other man said and took his phone out.

Dark eyes agreed and walked with the unconscious Bella to his car down the street a little way. They weren't too far away from the main campus and he was there late grading some stuff and was walking to his car when he ran into her. He got her situated in the backseat and then drove to the hospital.

He got there, and he carefully carried her inside. He looked at the nurse at the front counter. "Hi, she's a student at Whitmore University. I believe she was drugged at a college party."

The nurse got up, hitting a button and couple other nurses came with a rolling gurney. He placed her on the gurney and then watched them take her.

"Sir, what is your name?" The nurse asked, sliding a clip board to him for admission paperwork.

He blinked at her, turning his attention back to her. "Dr. Elijah Mikaelson."

"Doctor?" The nurse asked.

"Oh, right. Professor of Mythological studies." He said and started filling out the paper. "I don't know all of her information. She's not one of my students."

The other man walked in then. "Ah Elijah, you get her checked in?"

Elijah turned to the other man. "Do you know more of her information Alaric? Age, family, whatnot?"

The nurse smiled. "It's quite alright, just fill out what you can." She disappeared down the counter to answer the phone.

Alaric looked at the papers. "Uh, I think she has a sister and brother. She's from Mystic Falls. Isn't that where Niklaus lives?"

"Yes. I doubt he knows everyone that lives in Mystic Falls though." He said and pulled out his phone, calling his brother.

"Brother, you're calling extra early in the morning. It's nearly two in the morning." Klaus' voice sounded over the phone. He didn't sound like he just woke up, which meant he was already awake.

Elijah nodded. "Well, I was calling about something important. Do you know a Bella Gilbert?"

There was a brief pause. "I imagine she's related to Jeremy Gilbert. Kol and him are friends. They go to school together. Why?"

"Well, I'm at the hospital with her, and I'm trying to fill out this paperwork and don't know very much about her." Elijah explained.

"Hold on," Klaus said and then there was some movement and then you could hear Klaus mumble talking to someone. "Hello?" Jeremy's voice sounded over the phone.

"Hello, I'm Elijah, Klaus' brother. I have your sister here at the hospital in McKinley. Bella?"

Jeremy was quiet a moment. "Is she okay?" He was used to people thinking that Bella was his sister. They all favorited each other, and they never corrected anyone because they basically were siblings.

Elijah sighed. "Well, she was at a college party and I believe she was drugged. I brought her here because she was unconscious. I don't know any of her information to fill out the paperwork."

"Drugged? Bella doesn't do parties. Why would she be at a party?" Jeremy's voice sounded worried.

"I'm not sure Jeremy. I'm here with her, so there's no need to worry, I'm going to make sure she's taken care of, but I need her birthday information, any medical history you might know." Elijah said and then started writing down what Jeremy was telling him.

"She broke her arm once when she was little. I'm not sure about allergies. Dr. Cullen is our doctor. Alice goes to Whitmore with Bella. They're best friends. She would be able to get ahold of her dad and maybe he could get medical records sent to the hospital?" Jeremy asked.

Elijah nodded. "I'm sure that could happen."

"Mr. Mikaelson…don't tell Aunt Jenna. She's…she's really stressed out right now, and I don't want her to worry." Jeremy nearly begged.

Elijah was quiet a moment, he looked at Alaric. "I'm sure everything is fine. I'll let you know how she is when she wakes up." He said and hung up. He sighed and signed the bottom of the papers, and then presented his credit card for the nurse.

A doctor came out and looked from Alaric to Elijah. "Bella Gilbert's family?"

"I'm her teacher." Alaric said and nodded to Elijah. "He's a professor as well at Whitmore University. Is Bella okay?"

The doctor nodded. "She's awake, really out of it. Her rushed tox screen came back positive for GHB. No physical signs of assault. We did a rape kit, but without her consent, I can't share those details with you. But you both can go see her for right now."

Alaric and Elijah nodded, following the doctor to the room. They looked at Bella, who was semi-conscious now. She was hooked up to an IV, so they were pumping her full of fluids to help with the alcohol effects. Elijah smiled a little. "Hey, are you feeling okay?"

Bella blinked at Elijah. "Hmm. I'm a bit whoozy. I passed out, didn't I?" She felt really tired. The doctor came in and she realized that she was at the hospital and wasn't sure what happened. She was told two professors from the university brought her in. They said that she was drugged. Her brain was still fuzzy because she could still feel the affects of the alcohol.

"You did. You ran into me while I was walking to my car." Elijah said and smiled a bit.

Bella looked over at Alaric. "Ric, I'm sorry. I didn't work on my paper tonight."

Alaric chuckled a bit. "It's quite alright Bella, it's not due for another few weeks. Were you with anyone at the party?"

Bella thought about it. "Yeah. Alice…Elena…Caroline." She slurred a little bit and frowned. She heard herself slur and it was weird sounding.

Alaric nodded. "Do you remember how much you drank?"

"Um…three…. three of those drinks bunny brought, a half…beer and then a wine cooler thing." Bella managed.

Elijah raised a brow. It wasn't very much; he had seen students drink way more than that and still manage to turn in finished papers the next day. "We called your brother, he didn't know much about your allergies, so I filled out your paperwork the best I could." He said.

"Oh. Thank you." She said and looked up at the doctor who walked back in.

"Ah, Bella, you feeling better?" He asked and looked at the IV fluids and wrote something down.

Bella shrugged. "Yeah. Was…um. You did that kit."

The doctor looked towards Alaric and Elijah and then to Bella. "Would you want some privacy?"

"Oh, no. They're fine. I don't think I should be alone." She murmured.

The doctor nodded. "Well, your results were fine. It doesn't appear that you were sexually assaulted or partook in intercourse. Someone probably planned to by drugging you, but Mr. Mikaelson found you first."

She didn't know why she teared up, but she did, and she nodded. "Thank you," She said to both the doctor and Elijah.

Elijah smiled softly at her. It was a relief that she hadn't experienced any trauma. He was glad that Alaric was able to get the party shut down when he did. "Well we'll let you rest for now." He said and looked to Alaric and they left the room. "She's a quiet girl, isn't she?"

"She is. She's an exceptional student. Parties aren't really something she frequents. She hangs out with Caroline and Alice, they're more outgoing. Alice and Caroline are both in my class. They're all freshman." Alaric explained as they made it to the lobby.

"Explains why I've never seen her. Mythological studies aren't typically a Freshman course, but neither is Occult Studies." He said, raising a brow at Alaric.

Alaric shrugged. "My class can be taken by freshman, it's just not common. But Bella was interested in it and so Alice and Caroline went along with it. I think they all have pretty similar classes." He looked at his watch. "I'm going to go ahead and head back to campus and fill out a report for the Dean. She'll want to know what happened." He said and patted Elijah on the shoulder, leaving to go to his car.

The next morning, Bella felt a lot better. She was afraid that she would have a terrible hangover, but apparently whatever the doctor gave her was preventing that. She looked over and saw Elijah sitting in a chair, his hand propped under his chin and his eyes were closed. She sighed, reaching over on the table, and grabbing her phone. She had several missed calls, and texts from her friends.

[Alice]: Bella!? Are u ok?

[Caroline]: u left without sayin anything, r u ok?

[Jasper]: I tried callin u, but u didn't answer. Alice is worried.

[Jeremy]: Mr. Mikaelson called. He said ur in the hospital. I love you sis. Feel better. Call me when you wake up.

[Elena]: I called u a few times, and u didn't answer. Jer called and said that ur at the hospital. Mr. Mikaelson is with u. call me in the morning. Love u.

Bella sighed and sent a group text to everyone that called her.

[Bella]: I'm okay everyone. I passed out drunk and apparently, I was roofied, but Mr. Mikaelson found me before anything bad could happen. Love you guys. 3

Elijah stirred, stretching, and looking over at Bella, who had woken up and was looking at her phone. "Do you feel any better?"

Bella looked up and smiled. The nurse had cleaned her face up for her, removing the makeup while she slept. It was a gentle touch, and very much appreciated. "Oh, yes. I feel better. Thank you for bringing me here. You didn't have to stay overnight. You have classes to teach."

"I sent my teaching assistant a message already, she's going to handle my classes this morning. I spoke with your brother again and let him know you were okay. "Elijah said and looked up when the doctor came in.

"Ah, you're awake. Everything feel okay?" He asked, while writing some things down on the clipboard.

Bella nodded. "I feel fine actually. Thank you."

"Good. We'll go ahead and discharge you then. I'm sure you are aware of safe party habits, but be careful of your drinks, never take your eye off them, don't take random drinks from people you don't know." The doctor rambled off and signed off on the discharge papers. "Other than that, you're free to go. Take care Bella." He said and left the room.

Bella nodded and sat up, feeling slightly woozy because she moved too fast. Elijah was there helping her. "Thank you."

"It's no problem. I'll be at the front desk signing some papers while you change." He said with a smile and left her alone for some privacy.

Bella pulled on her clothes from the night before and she sighed. She wanted to cover up more. She was pulling on her shoes when Elijah knocked on the door. "Come in." She answered.

Elijah walked back in and looked at her. He shrugged his suit jacket off and put it around her shoulders. He smiled and bent to help lace up the boots that she was wearing. She sat in silence as he knelt, helping her. He stood, smiling at her still. "You'll have to tell me where your dorm is."

"Oh, right. Thank you. You don't have to go through so much trouble. I'm not even one of your students." She said with a nervous laugh as they left the hospital, heading towards his car.

"Just because you're not in one of my classes, doesn't mean you're not my student Bella. You were left vulnerable last night, and I'm glad you ran into me. I can't imagine what could have happened, and if it wasn't for Alaric, I wouldn't have known who you were, but you're okay, and I'm guessing parties aren't really something that you frequent a lot of." Elijah said, opening the passenger door for her.

She nodded. "I don't go to parties ever. Alice dragged me out saying we needed to have fun. Which she's not wrong, I work a lot and my studies."

"You have a job?" He asked as he started his car and started back towards campus.

"I do, I'm a tutor. I tutor English mostly." She said with a smile. "Most of my students are junior or seniors in high school."

Elijah nodded. "Interesting. Is teaching a passion of yours?"

"I wouldn't say it is. I just know what I'm good at. I'm not really talented, and my clumsiness works against me so I do what I can to not impede others with me gracelessness." She said, looking out the window as they drove.

They were quiet a moment and then he was pulling up on campus. He got her over to her dorm and shut off the car. He got out and went around and opened her door. He helped her out and then he walked with her up the stairs to the dorm lobby. It was a coed dorm. Which meant that the floors were staggered according to gender. They got on the elevator together. "Which floor?"

"Oh, three, thank you again. I'm sorry this has caused a hiccup in your day." She apologized again.

"No need to apologize Bella. I'm happy to help." He said with a smile. They got to her dorm door and she opened it by hitting the numbers on the keypad and the door swung open. Elijah stayed just outside the door. "Get rest, Bella."

Bella looked back at him, she smiled and then watched him walk away. She closed the door and then sighed, walking over to the dresser, and pulled new clothes out. She would shower and work on her paper some for the day.