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The trip was great. They did some rock climbing like Emmett promised, and the drive back from Colorado seemed like it was quicker than it was going there. They got back to the apartment around ten in the morning. Elena left to go to Mason's almost as soon as they got back, and Caroline and Emmett went back to his apartment, him Eddie and Jasper shared. Bonnie and Matt went on to her room, and Alice and Jake went to her room.

Bella's phone rang and this time it was Enzo. "Hey you." She said with a smile.

"You're back?" Enzo asked.

"I am." She moved to take her shoes off.

"Good, because I just pulled up at your apartment." He said and then he hung up. A few moments later he knocked.

Bella opened the door and he moved to her, kissing her. She laughed. "It was only two weeks."

Stefan looked away. He felt this pit in his stomach. She had talked to him, and asked if he was okay because he was acting a little strange. She made it clear that she didn't want any ties or strings. He sucked it up and agreed.

"Two weeks was a long-time love. Mason sent over the picture, and I have Laurent running it. He'll need your phone too." He said looking over at Stefan. "Oh right. Hey Stefan, I heard from your brother."

Bella looked surprised. "Wait, Damon checked in?"

"Yes, he finally made check in. I didn't hear directly from him, but my guy over in Quantico let me know. They lost contact with him for about three weeks, but he finally checked in. There's some really rough shit about to go down, but they have some stuff in place. He asked about you Bella." Enzo said, looking at her.

"He's okay though?" Her eyes were full of concern.

"Yes, he's okay." Enzo said with a smile and leaned in, kissing her again.

Stefan nodded. "Good. I wonder why they lost contact like that?"

Enzo shrugged. "Not sure. Undercover stuff isn't my area of expertise. Crime scenes are." His work phone went off and he groaned. "Of course." He said with a sigh. He pulled it out of his pocket and looked at the incoming message. "Yup. I caught a case. I so badly, wanted to do some very naughty things with you," he murmured in her ear before kissing her again. "I will have to see you later love."

Bella smiled. "It's fine. Go on, be careful." She said and kissed him before he left. She sighed, turning and looking at Stefan.

"You and him…you're together?" Stefan asked quietly.

"We're not. Stefan…" She said softly and Stefan moved to her, his hands sliding to her hips.

"I know what you said. But is it because you have feelings for him?" His eyes searched hers.

Bella shook her head. "I care about him yes, but he understands what it is. I'm not wanting to define a relationship. I'm not ready for that. I'm just…having fun, enjoying life. I was so closed in before, in a shell that I didn't get to live, or be happy really."

Stefan nodded. He could respect that. He sighed. "Well, can I crash on the couch until I find an apartment?"

Bella smiled. "Of course, unless Caroline and Jake end up stealing it."

"Then I have the chair." He said with a smile and leaned in and kissed her lightly. She let him before moving back away from him.

She wanted to keep it friendly with him now that the two-week camping trip was done and over with. She moved back to her room and shut the door. She decided to take a shower now. She striped and walked into her bathroom and turned on the water. The hot water pelted her skin and made her sigh. The water in the cabin was not great, and it was not hot at all. She enjoyed the hot water rushing over her. Then she heard the door open and there was Stefan. He smiled at her, and she smiled back.

He moved into the shower with her, his hands going to her hips. "Is this okay? Just this once?"

Bella looked at him. "Just this once." She said with a smile and then he kissed her, moving her against the wall, the hot water washing over them as he pinned her, thrusting inside her in quick, swift movements. She was an addiction to him, and he knew he would want more, but he had to make this one count for him. He heard her moans, her body clenching around him as he pleasured her. His movements a little rough as he drove into her a little hard. His mouth captured hers as he drank her in, pouring himself into the kiss. She tightened, the orgasm unfurling and sending her into little shudders as he pounded inside her. He was close to his finish, his final release with her. He emptied himself as he swelled inside, moaning a little as he did. He slowed to a stop and then he kissed her again, his mouth unrelenting. It made his head spin a little, but he pulled back and smiled at her. He eased her down to her feet, and then he helped wash her down, his hands caressing her as he did.

After the shower, Bella felt good. She was walking around on clouds it seemed. She got dressed as Stefan did, and they were both quiet. He smiled back at her before leaving her alone in her room. She brushed her hair, and just lounged for a little in silence before her phone dinged. She picked it up and the unknown number sent her a video. It was of her and Stefan…in the shower just then. She paled, her hands trembling. They had been inside her apartment, had put a camera in her shower. She didn't know that she was sobbing so loud until Alice ran into her room, Stefan and Jake behind her.

"Bella!" Alice's arms went around her. "Bella what's wrong?"

Bella was shaking. "Call Mason please." She sobbed out. Her hands clutched around her phone.

Alice nodded and did just that.

Mason and Elena got to the apartment pretty quickly. Mason walked into Bella's room, making the others leave. It was just her and him now. "Bella. What happened?"

"They were inside the apartment Mason. There's a camera in my bathroom." She said, her voice cracking a little.

"What?" He asked, looking towards the bathroom door. She handed him her phone. He played the video, and then cursed. "This is you and Stefan just today?" she nodded, covering her face with her hands.

Mason sighed, taking his phone out and calling someone. "Enzo. I need a forensics team to 1298 C Silver Street."

"That's Bella's apartment. What happened? Is Bella okay?" Enzo sounded panicked.

"There's been a break in here. We need to have it fingerprinted, and the house searched for cameras and bugs." Mason explained.

Enzo was quiet a few moments. "I'm on my way with a few guys from my team." He said and hung up.

When Enzo got there, he went straight to Bella, and Mason handed Enzo Bella's phone. Enzo looked at the video and sighed, closing his eyes. "They're stalking her now." He turned looking towards Ben and Angela. "Get this swept top to bottom. Fingerprints, look for cameras and bugs." He ordered. Angela and Ben moved, following Enzo's command.

Stefan was leaning against the wall in Bella's room. He was looking down, not wanting to make eye contact with Enzo.

Enzo walked over to him. "Are you okay mate?"

"I'm…just worried about Bella." He said, looking up at Enzo.

Enzo nodded. "I know."

"I'm sorry about-" Stefan started but Enzo put a hand up.

"Looks are deceiving. Bella and I are not in a relationship and she can sleep with whoever she wants Stefan. I don't own her." Enzo said and looked back at Mason, who was looking a little grim and then back at Stefan. "Right now, she just needs to feel protected. She's worked really hard to be strong, and right now, she probably feels like the weakest one here." Enzo looked back at Bella. "She really needs your brother." He murmured.

Stefan looked confused. "My brother?"

"Damon…knew how to handle her with her like this. See how she's closing down?" Enzo nodded towards her. "He knew how to break that."

Stefan was quiet. "Damon is good with people like that." He finally said and sighed.

Bella was still shaking a little. Everything was like white noise around her. She stood up then, making all three men in the room move forward. She just walked past them into the living room. She slipped her shoes on, grabbing her keys, and opened the front door and just walked out. She went out to the parking lot and got in her car. Enzo rushed out, opening her door. "Bella, you can't drive like this."

"Enzo. I'm not driving, just sitting in silence. It's hot out here, and I don't want to suffocate and die." She said, her voice monotonous. She started the car, and the air blew immediately.

Enzo looked at her and sighed. "We're going to figure out who did this Bella. I promise you that."

She looked at him and nodded. "I'm sure. Now, I just want to be alone for a while."

Enzo hesitated before shutting her door. He sighed and walked back inside. They found cameras in the kitchen, living room, Bella's room, and bathroom, but none in Bonnie's or Alice's or the other two bathrooms. There were some listening devices planted in some areas. They gathered fingerprints, knowing that a lot of them would be those living in the apartment, and the ones that frequented it a lot.

Bella waited until Enzo was inside to pull out of the parking lot. She just drove. She drove without a destination in mind. Why was someone doing this to her? She wasn't a bad person. She didn't deserve this. Or did she? Her mind thought about everything that had happened from the moment she went to that mixer. She was drugged by someone who had the intention of raping her. Then she was actually raped, by three different guys on campus, who they never caught. They had to be the ones that did this. She slept with Edward, and it was recorded accidentally. She slept with Enzo and developed this weird relationship with him. She slept with Elijah, and Alaric, professors at Whitmore that didn't deserve to be pulled into any of this mess. She slept with Damon…Damon. Her heart ached. He was in danger, and she feared that she would never see him again. Then she slept with Stefan…Damon's brother. Her heart sank. The video. She was a whore, a slut, or whatever they were calling her.

Maybe she did deserve all of this. She was coming around a bend, when she tried to brake, but the car wouldn't slow down. She pumped them a few times, but nothing worked. She felt very panicked as she approached the bend. She was only going forty-five, but that was too fast for this sort of curve. She couldn't slow down and then she was flipping off the curve, her car rolling, five times before it stopped. Bella was unconscious, the car flipped upside down. Blood trickled down her face as the engine smoked and the radio started playing.

Enzo's team gathered everything they could and headed back to the station with it. As Enzo did another sweep through, just to be on the safe side.

"Where's Bella?" Elena asked, as she looked around.

"She's down in the car. She wanted to be left alone for a while." Enzo said, standing on a chair, looking in the smoke detector by the kitchen.

Elena frowned, and went out. They were on the first floor in this apartment, and she looked around for Bella's car. She rushed back inside. "Bella isn't here. Her car is gone."

Enzo cursed. "Damnit, she said she wasn't going to drive anywhere."

Mason frowned, pulling out his phone. "She doesn't have her phone on her because I have it. I'll put out a BOLO out for her car." He said and connected to the station. "This is Detective Lockwood, 9604. I need a BOLO on a 2018 White Lexus ES, plates are Charles, Lincoln, Victor two, four, eight." He nodded, listening to the other end. "Okay, thank you." He hung up.

"Do you memorize everyone's license plates?" Enzo asked curiously.

"Actually, I do. In case of emergencies." Mason said and looked at Elena. "We're going to find her."

Alice spoke up. "What about the GPS location on the car? There's a navigation system-built in."

Mason nodded. "Yeah, we could do that." He called out again stepping away.

Enzo sighed. "I should have made her just roll the windows down and taken her keys. I don't know why I'm so stupid."

"You're not stupid. You're just worried about her." Alice said with a small smile. "She'll be okay. It's Bella."

After about ten minutes Mason returned. "Okay, I have her location. She's parked. So maybe she's just taking some time."

Enzo nodded. "Yeah, but something just…feels off Mason. We should just go and check on her."

Mason nodded. "You girls stay here. Enzo and I will go check on her okay." He said and he left, Enzo with him. They got into Mason's car, and they drove off towards Bella's location.

She was only about fifteen minutes away, so she didn't get very far. When they came up on the curve, they saw smoke and Bella's car flipped upside down. Mason hit his lights, stopping his car abruptly, and him and Enzo rushed out and ran down the incline to the car.

"Bella!" Enzo yelled, as he slid down to the driver's window, and looked in. Bella was unconscious, blood running down her face. "Mason, she's in here. She's injured. Roll an ambulance," he said and reached a hand in, pressing two fingers to her neck. He got her pulse and sighed, a little relieved. The radio was playing, which he found odd, but he didn't think more about it.

Mason called in the crash, requesting an ambulance and McKinley fire to come out. He jogged over to the car, and looked around, smelling for gas. "Enzo, we have to get her out of there. Gas is leaking." He said, and Enzo cursed.

He moved around to the passenger side, and busted the window in, and reached across for her seatbelt. "Mason can you hold her shoulders like I cut the belt free, the buckle is jammed." He said and Mason held Bella's shoulders as Enzo worked on the belt. He managed to cut it free, and then he careful slid her down, careful with her head, keeping it straight as he moved her out of the car. He carried her over away from the car and lay her down gently. She wasn't breathing now, and he couldn't feel her pulse now. He cursed, starting compressions. "Come on Bella…" Enzo said, and then leaned down, breathing air into her.

Mason watched as other cops arrived on scene, and MFD and the ambulance right behind them. Enzo was still doing compressions as the ambulance rolled down the hill with the gurney. EMTs bent down next to her.

"How long have you been doing compressions?" One EMT asked.

"Five minutes," Enzo said, still compressing. He leaned down and put his mouth to hers and breathed in. She sucked in air, coughing. The EMT nodded. "There you are. Enzo let out a shaky breath. Suddenly thunder sounded in the sky, and a down pour started. They were getting drenched pretty immediately. Enzo helped them get her onto the gurney. They put an oxygen mask on her, and a collar to secure her neck as they moved her to the ambulance. "I'm going in with her Mason. Have that car towed back to CSI." He ordered and hopped up in the ambulance with her.

Bella blinked, her vision a little blurry. Her head was exploding, and her shoulder was screaming in pain, as well as her chest. She made out Enzo's face, who was looking over at her worried.

"I know your awake love, don't speak. We're almost to the hospital." Enzo said, his voice soothing.

They rolled her inside, Enzo had to wait in the waiting area as they got her situated. It felt like a lifetime as he waited. When they finished getting her settled, he went into her room. She had her shoulder in a sling, and some bandages at her head where they had to give her stitches. Her eye was already blackening. "Hey." Enzo said gently.

"The car wouldn't stop." Bella said, her voice a little raspy.

"What?" Enzo was confused.

"The brakes. I tried hitting the brakes to slow down around the curve, and they wouldn't work." Bella said, coughing a little.

Enzo closed his eyes. Someone cut her brakes, or something. He would have Mike, his auto guy, look at it. He was better with cars and would be able to tell him what exactly happened. "How are you feeling?"

Bella sighed. "The doctor's say I have a concussion, and my shoulder is dislocated, but other than that, I'm lucky."

"You are lucky. Bella, why did you drive away?" Enzo asked as he sat down on the side of her bed gently. He looked at her, how broken she looked, and his heart constricted, and a lump formed in his throat. "I was so scared Bella." Enzo's voice was barely a whisper. "You…weren't breathing, and no pulse. I didn't…I…"

"You saved me Enzo. I know. The doctor told me." She said, and he leaned in and kissed her softly. His lips were so gentle, and the kiss was a serious one. One that meant more to him. "I'm going to be okay." She said, when he leaned back.

"Come stay at my place. Just until we get things settled and new alarms in place at your apartment." Enzo asked.

Bella sighed. "No. I'm not going to run from this Enzo. I can't run from this. They're targeting me and I don't want anything to happen to you. If they figure out about you, then you're not safe. More importantly, your career. I'm just this college girl, who has a terrible reputation. It could reflect badly on you."

"Fuck that Bella. I'm not scared of a reputation. You don't have a terrible reputation. The assholes that are doing this to you don't know you. You're not a whore, you're not a slut, you're Bella. Don't give in to them." Enzo looked at her, his eyes on fire with anger.

She stared at him a moment. "I can't Enzo. I'll be fine at the apartment."

Elena burst into the room then. "Oh Bella, you're okay!" She hugged her sister gently.

Bella smiled. "I'm fine. Sorry I worried everyone."

"It's okay. It's just awful. These people…they're stalking you and it's not okay. Come stay with me and Mason for a while." Elena said, brushing a hand over Bella's hair.

"No. I'm fine. I'll be okay. They probably were able to get in because we were all gone. With all of us back, there won't be a chance for them to get in again. It'll be okay." Bella insisted.

They left it at that, not wanting to push Bella any farther. They just wanted her to be safe, and Enzo realized in this moment, that he was falling in love with her. He knew that he shouldn't, but he was. It pained his heart to see her like that, and the fear he felt when she didn't have a pulse or was breathing was nearly paralyzing.

Two months later

"We're sophomores!" Caroline squealed with excitement. She was so happy to be back at school. They were going to able see the new freshmen rushing over the next couple months, and for once she didn't have to partake in that. Bella smiled at her friend, looping her arm in hers as they walked down to the coffee shop.

"Well, I just hope that this year is better than last." Bella grumbled. Her shoulder was still a little stiff since her accident, but she was coming along. She cut her hair off again, right below her ears, and she kept with the same highlights since she did think they looked pretty good. Dr. Cullen got a new car sent to her, claiming the insurance paid for it to be replaced. It was another Lexus, but a 2019 version, and it was a sapphire blue. Bella liked it a lot better, and thanked Carlisle a dozen times, and told him that she could pay to get her own car, in which he told her that insurance took care of it, probably to shut her up.

She ran into Alaric as they were walking inside. "Oh, hey Ric." Bella said with a smile.

"Girls. Welcome back. Bella I have you in my new class right?" Alaric asked.

"Yes, Science and Occult from Antiquity to Postmodernity." Bella said with a smile. "Looking forward to it."

Alaric smiled. "Good. How's your shoulder? I heard about your accident from Mason."

"Ah. It's okay. Just a little stiff. I'll be fine." Bella said with a smile. "Oh, where's Elijah?"

Alaric frowned. "He's on sabbatical. He had to."

Bella was a little shocked. Elijah hadn't mentioned anything to her about it. "What why?"

"I thought maybe you knew. Elijah got recalled."

"Wait, for the FBI?" Bella was confused.

Alaric nodded. "Something with a previous case he was on once. They needed him because he knew more about it than anyone else. I don't know the full details because he didn't share everything, because he couldn't."

"Did he say when he would be back?" Bella queried.

"He wasn't sure, but he took six months sabbatical. He left shortly after summer vacation hit." Alaric explained. "I'm sure he'll be okay Bella."

Bella nodded. "Yeah, just shocked is all. He didn't say anything last time I talked to him." She smiled. "Thanks Ric. I'll see you at two." She said and went to place her coffee order. Why didn't he tell her that last day? Did he now know that he was going to have to take the sabbatical?

Somewhere in Milan, Italy

Damon sat at the small table outside a little bistro that served some of the best food he's ever eaten. "When they said they were sending someone for backup, I didn't think it was going to be you." He said, as he looked across the table at Elijah.

"Hmm, well they thought I could be of some assistance. You went dark for two weeks. Was everything okay?" Elijah asked as he sipped some tea.

"Yeah, I wasn't able to call in at that point. Three years I worked on this thing, and then when they swept in and arrested us all, I thought that was the end of it. Luckily, my undercover wasn't blown or burned. So here we are." Damon said with a sarcastic tone.

A dark-haired man approached, wearing an expensive looking suit. "Buongiorno signore." Translation: Good morning gentlemen.

Damon looked up. "Ciao, possiamo aiutarti?" Translation: Hello, can we help you?

Elijah watched Damon, at how poised he was, and how flawlessly he spoke Italian back to the man.

"Seguimi." Translation: Follow me. The dark-haired man and turned and started walking off across the street.

Damon looked at Elijah and raised a brow. They got up from their table and started off after the guy. "Stay close. Don't make sudden moves, and if it starts going sideways, try not to blow our cover, and get the hell out."

Elijah nodded, as the entered a side street, and then an ally. Damon felt uneasy about this, and when the guy turned around and faced him, he was holding a gun, pointing it at the two of them.

"Whoa, metti via la pistola." Translation: put the gun away. Damon spoke. His hands up in a surrendering fashion. "Non siamo pericolosi." Translation: We're not dangerous.

The man eyed them. "You are American yes?" His voice heavily accented.

Damon tilted his head. "I am, he's British." He said nodding to Elijah. "What is you need from us?"

"Nothing. We know who you are." The man spoke, his words choppy.

"You know who we are. Who are we then?" Damon asked.

The dark-haired man eyed Damon and Elijah. "FBI."

Damon sighed. "That's it. Cover's blown." He muttered and then him and Elijah moved, drawing their weapons from their backs as the guy opened fire. Elijah took cover, as did Damon, and fired back. The man had backup, and soon there was more bullets flying.

Elijah watched Damon get tagged in the chest, and shoulder, and he shouted at him. He cursed and firing as he ran across and grabbed Damon's other arm and dragged him back out of line of fire. "You were hit."

Damon sucked in a breath as he pulled his shirt open, revealing his bullet proof vest. "It hit my shoulder." Damon groaned out. His chest burned like it was on fire, and his shoulder was screaming in pain. Elijah fired a few more times and hit two of the guys firing. Elijah took out the third and fourth guy and crouched.

"There were four, I hit all four." He said and pulled his burner phone out. "Green swan requesting an exfil." There was a pause and then Elijah nodded. "Copy." He hung up and looked at Damon. "Yeah it got you in your shoulder good. They're sending someone to retrieve us. We need to get to that one hotel that smells like rat urine."

"Oh great. " Damon muttered, and groaned out as Elijah took his shirt and wrapped it around his shoulder. He hefted him up to his feet.

"Can you walk?" Elijah asked.

Damon nodded. "Let's just get the hell out of here. Our cover has been blown, and three and a half years is down the drain on this one." He sighed and they made it back to the crappy hotel.

Back in Virginia- a week later

Damon's arm was in a sling, his shoulder surgery to remove the bullet went well. His chest had this massive bruise on it from the vest stopping the bullet. Elijah was back stateside too. He had taken a sabbatical to come help Damon, but it was for nothing. He went back to Whitmore and spoke with the Dean about it, and she was understanding. He would be able to start up classes in October, for those late starters that they got sometimes.

Damon made it back to the station that he was still the liaison for in McKinley. He walked in, seeing Mason. Mason looked up at him. "Well you look a little worse for wear. What happened to you?"

"I got shot." Damon grumbled. "How's Bella's case going?" He asked.

Mason frowned. "It's gotten worse man. They're full out stalking her." He said and motioned for Damon to come to his desk. Damon went to Mason's desk and frowned, looking down at the computer.

He showed him the pictures from the mixer, and what they were labeled. "We can't trace where they're coming from. Whoever is doing it, is crazy good with technology. Then…I know this isn't something you want to see, and Bella is already feeling really vulnerable about this next one, and so is your brother."

"My brother?" Damon looked confused and then Mason started the video. "Is that in her apartment?"

"Yeah. Her bathroom." Mason said and sighed.

"They put cameras in her apartment." Damon said, looking away from the video. He didn't want to watch his brother having sex with her. It made him feel weird inside. He didn't know what to think or feel about it.

Mason nodded. "Yeah, Enzo did a sweep through with his team, and they recovered all the cameras and bugs. We put up surveillance cameras in the hall there at the apartment, and a security system has been installed as well. Enzo is there most nights. Jake Black is Alice's boyfriend, and he's a football player here at Whitmore, has moved into the apartment and is usually there if Enzo isn't. Stefan crashes on the couch most of the time, and Emmett Cullen spends a lot of time there too. I've stayed a night or two as well. Then the worse part."

"There's more?" Damon was shocked.

"Yeah, Bella went for a drive that night, and her brakes failed. We thought someone cut them, but someone hacked her car." Mason said grimly. "She was lucky it didn't kill her. She dislocated her shoulder and she got a severe concussion from it."

Damon took a breath. "Is she okay? How long ago did this happen?"

"Couple months ago." Mason said.

"I'm going to go check on her." Damon said, and turned and left. She went through so much while he was away six months.

Damon got Bella's schedule from student registration and then went and waited for her outside her Calculus class. When it was done, she walked out, the last student like normal. She was looking down at her phone and wasn't paying attention to Damon that she walked into him. "Oh, I'm sorry," she said and looked up. Her mouth dropped, and tears sprang to her eyes. He was here, standing there in front of her. She threw her arms around him, and he winced, and she pulled back. "Oh my god. I'm sorry. You're hurt! What happened?" She was going through a bunch of emotions right now.

"Let's go somewhere private." He said and moved her down the hall to an empty office. He pulled her inside. Her hands were a bit shaky.

"It's really you." She breathed. She hugged him gentler this time.

"It's really me Bella." He sighed, and hugged her back, kissing the top of her head. He didn't realize that he missed her this much. He was so focused and mission oriented that he hadn't thought much about her after the first month there in Italy.

Bella sniffed. "What happened?"

"I got shot. I'm okay. Look at me. Hey," He said when she started crying again. "I'm okay. I'm alive. It was just a gunshot Bella."

"Just a gunshot? You could have died Damon." Bella wiped at her face.

Damon nodded. "But I didn't. I was wearing my vest."

She leaned up, her mouth reaching his and she kissed him. Tears streamed down her face as she kissed him. His free hand went to her waist, as he drew her closer. Their mouths sliding over each other. Her hands went to his pants and she started to unfasten them, and he stopped her. "Wait. Bella." He breathed as she stopped and looked at him quizzically. "I just wanted to check on you, see if you were okay. Mason brought me up to speed and-"

"You saw the video." Bella's voice was tiny. She shrunk back away from him now.

"I saw the video, Bella. It's okay. We're going to find who did this." Damon reassured her.

She covered her face with her hands. "I…" She let her hands drop, and she looked away. "I've got to get to class." She said and grabbed her bag from the floor and started to leave, but he stopped her.

"Wait Bella…"

"Damon, you saw the video of me and your brother. None of which was planned, and we aren't a thing. It was a two-week fling while camping this past summer." She explained herself and didn't know why. Enzo didn't look at her like that when he saw the video. For the first time, someone looked at her, like she was this filthy being, like she did something terribly wrong. "If it makes me a whore, then so be it. I'm not going to apologize for having fun and trying to be happy."

Damon sighed. "That's not what I was thinking at all Bella. I…was shocked yes, but I don't think any differently of you. It's not like you're mine. Bella, look at me." She looked at him, tears about to spill over. "I'm worried about you. You got into a car accident; you have a stalker that is harassing you with pictures of yourself. Nothing is wrong with how you want to live life Bella. You're not what they say you are, and don't believe the words that they're saying."

Bella stared at him a moment, her heart aching. He was injured, and he almost didn't come back, and she was standing here acting dramatic. She sighed and then went to him, resting her head against his chest. His free arm hugged her. "I'm sorry."

"It's okay. A lot has happened. I'm sorry I left you. I'm sorry I wasn't here." He said, kissing the top of her head. He cared a lot about her. He was trying to not be upset about his brother. It was more than just the shower thing, and that somehow ate at him, but he would be okay. She wasn't his. That was just it. She wasn't anyone's. He realized that he did want her to be just his as they stood there. When he was shot, his first thought was her. The first time in five months her image flashed into his head, and it was at the moment that he got shot that he thought about her, and how even though he left her after…being able to show her how he felt, he didn't get to tell her properly.

He tilted her face up to his and he kissed her softly. Very innocent, small kisses. He broke away. "You have Occult studies part 2 next?"

"Yeah. At two." She murmured.

"That's what, an hour?" He asked and kissed her again.

"Mhm." She kissed him back.

Damon's free hand slid up her shirt, his hand on her bare skin, making goosebumps rise to the surface. He moved it back down to her shorts and unbuttoned them. She helped him get them off, sliding out of them as she helped remove his jeans. She moved him over to sit down in the empty chair and he eased down as she straddled him. She felt his erection push against her, and she kissed her heavily, careful not to hit this shoulder. She raised up a little and slide down on him. He groaned as he entered her. It had been six months since he felt any release.

"Bella…it's been a long time." His voice a little strained.

"Mmm. It's okay." She said in his ear and moved her hips against his slow at first. His free hand gripped her waist as she twisted her hips over his, dancing against him in a perfect rhythm. She felt him swell inside her, close to his finish, she picked up her pace, coming down on him fast. He moaned lightly, his face buried in her breast, as he grew closer and closer.

"Bella…I'm about to- "He groaned as she twisted her hips and she shattered around him, cumming over him as she shuddered, feeling the pleasure roll over her. "God, Bella." He sucked in a breath as she washed over him, clenching around his tightening erection. He couldn't hold back anymore as he orgasmed hard, her hips grinding his as he came. It was like perfect bliss as they melted together.

She kissed him as she slowed to a stop. "Feel better?" She asked as she leaned back.

"Much better." He said, kissing her softly.

She smiled, lifting off of him and getting dressed. She helped him get dressed, even when he protested. She leaned in and kissed him. "I'm glad you didn't die."

"I'm glad I didn't die either." He smiled, brushing the hair back from her face, and cupped her chin, leaning in, kissing her again. His heart fluttered a little more in his chest. "Bella," He murmured against her lips.


He was quiet a moment. What was he going to say to her? That he…was in love with her? Was he even that far? "Nothing. Let's get you to your next class."

She smiled. "You okay?"

"Yeah. I'm fine. I'm just worried about you. The stalker thing." He played it off.

She nodded. "Yeah, well. Enzo hasn't really let me stay a night by myself since then. Then the guys are typically at the apartment, and Stefan stays over a lot, and Mason."

Damon nodded. "So, Enzo huh?" He knew that they had been together, it wasn't a secret. He didn't know how serious it was for them.

"Yeah. He's…different." She sighed. "Damon, I don't think you want to stand here and talk about the men I've slept with…do you?"

"No, I just. Enzo is a good friend. He's a bit…eccentric sometimes." He explained.

She nodded. "He's a character for sure. He takes his job seriously though, like you. He…" She stopped. "When I had my car accident. He had to do CPR to bring me back. I think…"

Damon was quiet. "Mason didn't tell me that part. You died?" He didn't know how he would feel if he found her in that state and had to do CPR like Enzo did.

"Technically. I was without a pulse for about five minutes total. He wouldn't stop CPR until I took a breath." She recounted the events.

He was silent again. "He's not okay then. Bella, have you talked to him?"

"I have. He's actually pretty scared for me to drive myself. Laurent did something with me new car though, and he would know if it got hacked again, or at least he's supposed to."

"Good." Damon nodded.

Bella studied him a few moments. "Damon, is there something that's on your mind that you're not telling me? You got shot in your shoulder."

"I got shot in the chest too. The vest stopped in. Big bruise there right now. He lifted his shirt, showing her. She gasped a little. "I'm fine though. Elijah was there with me, and he pulled me to safety before I could get hit again. He took out the enemy himself."

"Elijah was with you?" Bella frowned.

He nodded. "Yeah, he's back here at the University now. He's coming off sabbatical early."

"He's back here? Why didn't he tell me?" She sounded frustrated.

"Are you okay?" He asked, raising a brow at her.

She sighed. "Yeah. He just…didn't tell me he was leaving and then he didn't say anything when he got back. I guess, I'm just…" She looked away. "It's better that way." She murmured and shouldered her bag again. "Anyways, I'm going to head to class. You are going to rest and not worry about me. I'm okay. Promise."

Damon studied her. He just let it go and opened the door and they walked out of the office. They walked out of the math and science building and walked towards the history wing.

Later in the day, Enzo got to campus when Bella was leaving Alaric's class, he smiled, walking over to her. "Hey, how was first day of Sophomore year?"

She smiled. "Well, I think it was great. Learned a lot of syllabus type stuff. "

"Sounds fun." He teased. "Want to do dinner?"

"Maybe. I could probably eat. I didn't eat lunch." She remembered.

He frowned. "You have to eat, love. You can't just go all day without eating." He said and took her bag from her and shouldered it. He leaned in close to her, and leaned in and kissed her, right out in the open.

She kissed him back. "Well, I'll try to be better next time." She said and followed Enzo over to his car. "I drove you know."

"I know. I can swing back by here after dinner for you to get your car." He smiled. He pulled her close to him, his lips brushing hers again. He didn't know what had gotten into him.

Bella smiled, leaning back, and glancing up and seeing Damon. She looked away, feeling sort of guilty, when she really didn't need to be. "Um. Maybe not dinner tonight."

Enzo frowned. Something changed in her. "Is something wrong?" He tilted her chin up to look at him. "Bella, love. Are you okay?"

Damon walked over then, to stop making Bella feel so awkward and interrupted. "Hey guys."

Enzo looked up. He understood then what made Bella change awkwardly. "Hey mate, glad you're back in one piece." He moved over and hugged his friend gently. "I was worried about you."

Damon smiled, nodding. "Yeah, it was close. I'm still desk duty until the shoulder heals."

Bella looked down at the ground. Why did she feel so…? guilty? Enzo wasn't her boyfriend. They weren't in a relationship, but why did she feel so damned guilty? "Listen, I'm just going to head back to the apartment, Enzo. I'm not feeling up for dinner really. I'll see you later." She took her bag from him and just walked away.

Enzo looked after her confused. "Bella…" He frowned. "Did I do something wrong?" He looked back at Damon. "I don't know what's with her lately. She's been…. weird."

Damon sighed. "Enzo, she's confused right now, I think. She got weird as soon as she seen me, right?"

"I don't know. When did you walk up?" Enzo asked.

"I saw you guys kissing, and she saw me." Damon said, sighing.

Enzo didn't know why that would make her feel weird. "I don't understand why that would make her feel weird. I've kissed her in front of her other friends, including Stefan and Alaric."

"You two aren't…dating?" Damon asked.

"I mean. No. We're not dating, not in a relationship. We just have wild sex a lot." Enzo said and sighed.

Damon was quiet. "She got weird because me and her…. we…"

Enzo looked at him. He couldn't say he was surprised really. "I think she cares a lot about you Damon. She was asking about you for months. If I'd heard anything, or if Mason had. It was everyday for a while. We've talked a lot about relationships, and for some reason she doesn't want to commit. She doesn't want anything with strings. She keeps saying she's living her life, and having fun. Something that she never did before when she was so closed up in her shell. Stefan asked for her to be his girlfriend. They went camping for two weeks in the Rockies with a whole group of them. He sort of fell for her a bit hard, and he's sort of doing okay now. He's okay with her being a friend I suppose, but she didn't want to lead him on, especially after the video. She was more upset that you would see it. I think that she's not really okay, and she's experimenting with guys like she is to fill some sort of void in her honestly. She keeps saying that maybe the stalker is right about her, and it takes me and Jasper to calm her down sometimes. She's been closing herself off more in conversations too."

Damon listened quietly, and then leaned against Enzo's car for a bit more support as he was hurting a bit with his shoulder and back. "I don't think you're completely wrong. She was more worried about me when I seen her today. She didn't want to talk a lot about what happened to her. It was almost an immediate, let me take your pants off." He sighed. "Enzo, I thought about her the first month I was there in Milan, and then I got so mission focused. When I got shot…images of her flashed in my mind, and I honestly had so many regrets. I just wanted to make it back home to see her. Maybe I'm going crazy…maybe I'm just feeding into all her emotion."

"Nah, mate, I don't think you're crazy. She's influenced a lot of us. You know me. I don't show emotion or get attached to a female. I'm not usually so overly invested, but she makes that come out of you. I worry about her constantly, that it hurts. I think she's managed to make me love, and…I don't know what to do about it. It's obvious that there's never going to be a commitment and I keep telling myself to walk away, but I…can't." He looked at Damon. "But I will if you want me to."

Damon looked at Enzo confused. "Why? What do I have to do with anything?"

"Because she loves you mate. I think that's why she's been acting weird. Why she acted weird a few moments ago. She loves you. She's afraid to say it out loud." Enzo explained.

Damon shook his head. "I don't think so. I think you're wrong on that one man. For now, I'm heading back to the station and seeing if Laurent is finished running that new software."

"I'll give you a lift back." Enzo said and Damon got in and drove to the station with Enzo.