Yes, this is unexpected. Anyways, while I do want to finish N-Force, I kinda got to that point where again, I wanted to take a break from writing the same MCU-style (or just action films) in general. As for the Duck fic, I'm also kinda stumped on that, considering I kinda have other ideas for that one, but I'm not ready to write it yet. Now of course, I've had this Villains idea for quite some time, and of course at first I wanted to do a Suicide Squad style story. However, again, I didn't want to do a comic book film styled fic. In fact, I wanted to do something more based on characters and episodic, which is how this story turned into this.

Yeah, this will be different from my other fics. Also, this is yet another co-op fic like N-Force.

Professor Finbarr Calamitous was putting the finishing touches on a video droid. It was the third droid he had built, for his purpose for building them was to deliver messages. These messages were to be sent to three separate villains he discovered through three separate universes. Billionaire Vlad Masters, secretly half-ghost Vlad Plasmius, the elementary school teacher/fairy catcher Denzel Crocker, and the small sea creature/failing restaurant owner of Bikini Bottom, Sheldon J. Plankton. He was able to get to these universes thanks to his new contraption, whose blueprints he stole from his young nemesis, Jimmy Neutron. As he was finished screwing a propeller to the droid, he moved away from his work desk and walked towards a stool, which was in front of a camera. He climbed up the stool, and turned on the camera.

"Is this thing on?" He asked himself, as the camera started recording. "Alright then." Calamitous cleared his throat. However no words were coming out of his mouth. "Could you pardon me? I forgot my script." Calamitous walked off the stool, then went back with a piece of paper in his hand, and started reading it. "Hello there, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Professor Finbarr Calamitous, aka, my world's most famous evil genius. I am recording this message for you, for a proposition. We may not know each other, but I am aware that we share some common interests. For example, we are all evil geniuses, and all of us desire things, such as power and domination. However, we also have enemies who are always ruining our plans to gain both of those, which is why I'm offering you my help. I have created a device that will give us unlimited power. I believe if we put all of our brilliant minds together, we can successfully get what we've always wanted, and take down those putrid brats that always get in our way! If you accept my request, we will be the most powerful villains, for all of our worlds will know us as, the Evil Syndicate!"

Calamitous ended his message with an evil laugh. Then, he turned off the camera, and pulled the tape out of the camera. "Together, we will be unstoppable." Calamitous gave his evil laugh again, as in his mind, he was about to create the multiverse's most powerful group of villains.


In the middle of the wreckage known as downtown Dimmsdale, the four heroes, Spongebob Squarepants, Timmy Turner, Jimmy Neutron and Danny Fenton, stood there, ready for whatever threat was coming next. Spongebob had in his hand Neptune's spatula, which gave him a dose of King Neptune's powers, while Timmy carried two wands with him, which he quickly spun. Jimmy was inside a giant robot suit, while Danny was floating with his ghost powers. After taking down many robot minions and ghosts, the heroes were about to finally face off with their enemies.

"You can come out now!" Danny shouted. "We know you and your buddies are hiding, Vlad!"

At that moment, Vlad appeared in front of the team. Following him was Crocker, who appeared next to Vlad, in his blue suit from his last attempt to take over the world. Then came Calamitous, who was inside an upgraded Calami-Bot suit. Last was Plankton, who flew below the villains on top of King Neptune, who was wearing a Chum Bucket mind-control bucket helmet.

"So!" Calamitous said. "It's all come down to this!"

"It's over, Turner!" Crocker boasted. "You and your friends have no other choice but to surrender and give us your FAIRY GOD PARENTS!" Upon seeing Crocker spaz out, Vlad rolled his eyes in annoyance.

"We will never surrender to you and your band of losers, Crocker!" Timmy responded.

"We have had enough of you villains!" Jimmy angrily said.

"Your little reign ends now!" Danny stated.

"You might've taken our worlds and all of our friends, but you will never break our spirit and determination!" Spongebob boasted.

"Oh, Spongeboob, when will you learn?" Plankton mocked. "We have already won! All that's left is to finish you and your friends off!" Neptune pointed his trident at Spongebob, as flames appeared on it.

"You foolish heroes." Vlad said. "You've all led us to this. We've asked you many times to give into our demands, yet each and every time, you've refused. Now, we've accomplished something greater than that, and we refuse to give it up."

"Then we will just have to take from all of you freaks!" Danny responded.

"I believe not, Daniel." Vlad rebuffed. "For you see, we overpower all of you. You might've fought your way through all of our obstacles, but you haven't faced us yet. We are all as powerful as ever, thanks to Calamitous. Now we are giving you one final choice.."

"Oh brother, is this guy ever gonna shut up." Plankton muttered to himself, sounding completely bored from Vlad's speech.

"Surrender now or..." Vlad stopped talking, as he then turned to Plankton. "What?"

"What?" Plankton responded.

"Is there something you want to say, Plankton?" Vlad asked. Both Crocker and Calamitous were thrown off by this.

"Look, we get it. We're all powerful and evil, blah blah blah. Can we just get to the point. You're kinda dragging this on." Plankton answered.

"Dragging this on? I'm trying to drive a point to them." Vlad defended, glaring at Plankton.

"Who cares? They're not going to listen to us anyway, so why are you even trying?"

"Um, fellas, we have a fight to get to." The Calami-Bot said awkwardlyto them.

"I'm trying to tell them that their own foolish selves led them to this point! I'm boasting!" Vlad said.

"Well, could you hurry it up? We just want all four of them dead." Plankton responded.

"Wait, dead?" Crocker butted in. "Who said we wanted them dead?! How am I supposed to get Turner's FAIRIES if he's dead?"

Plankton, Vlad and the Calami-bot glared at Crocker. "You're kidding right?" Calami-Bot responded.

Vlad facepalmed. "Denzel, our goal was to eradicate these heroes. Not to try and get fantasy creatures out of them!"

"They're not fantasy! They're real! I can prove it once we've captured them! Besides, why do we need to kill them anyway? They're just kids!" Crocker argued.

"Denzel, are you forgetting these 'kids' have stopped us from achieving our goals time and time again?" Vlad asked.

Of course the heroes stood and were confused at what was going on. "Hey, are we gonna fight or what?" Timmy complained.

"Stay out of this, Turner!" Crocker responded.

"Why do you think we're fighting them now?!" Plankton shouted. "We're trying get rid of all these nitwits for good! And once Spongebob is gone, nothing can stop me from taking the secret formula!"

Vlad groaned in annoyance. "You're really doing all of this to get a recipe for a burger? Honestly, is this pathetic sponge really the only thing standing between you and world domination?"

"Hey!" Yelled an offended Spongebob.

"The fact that you are apparently unable to procure a simple burger makes me seriously question your intelligence."

Plankton glared at Vlad. "Hey, I have a lot of things working against me. What's stopping you from winning, rick boy?"

"Gah!" Crocker exclaimed in annoyance. "Once we have those FAIRY GOD PARENTS, you can have all the burgers in the world!"

The heroes still stood and watched this argument in bewilderment. "Shouldn't we be fighting them?" Danny asked.

"Actually, hold you fire. I believe I know where this is going." Jimmy smirked.

"Seriously, Crocker! All your life you wanted that ridiculous goal of taking over Fairy World, and the only reason you never got it was because-"

"What?! What do you mean by ridiculous?" Crocker interrupted.

"Seriously gentlemen, can we move along from your bickering?" The Calami-Bot suggested.

Vlad glared at Crocker. "It's ridiculous because it's completely impossible!"

"Do you have a problem with my goal?" Crocker asked.

"I don't give a rat about your goal or this little obsession of yours with catching fairies!" Vlad responded.

"AH HAH! So you do have a problem!" Crocker shouted.

"I don't care, now can we just.."

"At least I'm not the one obsessing over some boy and his mom!" Crocker insulted.

"What did you just say?!" Vlad snapped, as he clenched his glowing fists.

"You heard me!" Crocker responded.

"That is none of your business!" Vlad shouted.

"Well neither is my obsession with fairies!" Crocker shouted.

"Actually, it kinda is, since you yell about it all the time!" Plankton answered.

"Stay out of this, Plankton!" Crocker shouted.

"Stay out of this? I'm in this fight too!" Plankton shouted.

"You two are really choosing now to vent about this?" Calamitous complained.

"You shout about it all the time like some child throwing a tantrum! How could it not be our business?" Vlad asked.

"Hey! What about him?!" Crocker shouted, pointing towards Plankton. "90% of the words that come out of his mouth is shouting!"

"WHAT?!" Plankton jumped off of Neptune's shoulder. "I do not scream that much!" Crocker and Vlad then glared at him. "Oh come on, if you were the size of a toe, you would be screaming all the time too! Besides, it can't be any worse than all of Vlad's whining."

"Whining?!" Vlad snapped. "Oh please! I've had to put up with you two all day!"

"Well maybe you should've done this plan all by yourself! I'm sure you'd be completely fine without us!" Plankton shouted sarcastically.

"Oh please, I probably would've!" Vlad shouted. "You two are the biggest jokes I've ever had the displeasure of working with! You couldn't come up with a stable plan if your life depended on it! And you!" Vlad pointed towards Crocker. "Don't even get me started on you! We've had to hold off our meetings because you were too busy playing puzzles with your mother!"

"Hey, would you rather have me take her to the base?!" Crocker asked.

"BUT YOU DID!" Plankton shouted. "And she posted pictures on the internet! We had to change to another base because of her!"

Vlad groaned. "You know what? I've had it! When we're finished with these guys, I'm going to just take my share and get out of here! You two are completely insufferable!" Vlad shouted.

"And I believe that's what I'll do too!" Plankton shouted.

"Me three!" Crocker said, raising his hand. "But I thought of it first!"

"THAT TEARS IT!" Calamitous screamed. At that moment, the Calami-Bot's chest opened up, and Calamitous angrily stormed out of his mini-mech. "This plan is OVER!" Calamitous pulled a remote out of his coat, which had one button on it. As he pressed the button, the beam causing the chaos turned off, and the clouds were now back to normal. He then pulled another remote, which opened a green portal. "You win, Neutron! You and your buffoons! Now don't bother me for the rest of the day!" Calamitous snapped before walking through the portal.

"Calamitous, what gives?!" Plankton shouted, as he, Vlad and Crocker, who jumped out of his suit, followed him.

As the portal closed, the heroes stood in their destroyed city. "What just happened?" Spongebob asked.

At that moment, the bucket helmet broke off of King Neptune's head. "Where am I?" he asked.


The four villains entered Calamitous' lab.
"Calamitous, why did you do that?!" Vlad snapped.

"You ruined everything!" Plankton shouted.

"I ruined everything?" Calamitous said quietly, as he turned to face the villains. "I RUINED EVERYTHING?! ARE YOU FOOLS THAT STUPID?!"

"Stupid?! Who are you calling stupid?!" Crocker responded with his arms up.

"We were about to finally win and stop those fools, and you three decided to choose THERE OUT OF ALL TIMES TO VENT?!" Calamitous snapped. "What is wrong with you all?!"

"Don't blame me! Vlad's the one who started it!" Plankton argued.

"Only because you decided to play peanut gallery!" Vlad snapped.

"I don't give a flying rats behind who started it! You three have ruined this whole plan with your foolishness, and I've had to put up with it this entire time! And the more I realize it, you three are embarrassments to villainy! When I started this syndicate, you were all the same as me, and now, all I see are three whiny babies! Just what happened?!"

Calamitous walked to Vlad. "You're just as rubbish as them, with you and your ego pretending you're the leader of my team! Newsflash, I have always been the leader, not you!"

"Well you've never seemed to act like a leader!" Vlad argued.

Calamitous turned to Plankton. "You! You're no better either, because…you're annoying and you never live up to your mistakes!"

"Oh neither do you, shorty!" Plankton shouted.

He then turned to Crocker. "You are the worst of them all! You're loud, obnoxious, immature, childish, and a complete fool! Why did I even ask you to join the Syndicate anyways?! You're not even close to being the villain I thought you were! I mean you're constantly throwing fits!"

"How DARE YOU!" Crocker shouted. "How can make you horrendous assumptions about me?!"

"Assumptions?! You HAVE been throwing fits over the most foolish of things!" He then started to mock Crocker in a childish manner. "Where are my fairies?! I want to use the weapons! Why isn't my name first on the plan? We're out of Purple Flurp! I only got enough tickets for a sticky hand instead of that stupid toy airplane!"

"When did I ever something as stupid as say that?!" Crocker denied.

"YESTERDAY!" Calamitous shouted.

"Look, can we just forget about this and get back to the plan?" Vlad asked. "Hopefully, we can reclaim.."

"NO!" Calamitous interrupted. "Forget the plan, because we are never working with each other ever again! I'd rather go back to the Cretaceous Era than spend another minute with you four!" A robot then programmed the universe portal. "All of you, get out of my lab!"

"Calamitous, does this mean…?"

"Yes, Plankton!" Calamitous answered. "The Evil BREAKING UP!"

"Breaking up?" Vlad asked. "We're not a band, you know!"

"What?! But you can't break us up! This is the closest I've ever gotten to getting Turner's FAIRIES!" Crocker shouted.

"Are you joking? We're a joke of a villain team!" Calamitous shouted.

"So that's it? All this was for nothing?!" Vlad complained. "Fine then! I'm better off without you three!" He then walked through the portal.

"You know what?! Forget you! I'm not going to take it from an elderly short man who can't even finish his own plans! I'm not the joke here, YOU ARE!" Crocker shouted, as he left through the portal. He then poked his head out again. "Mark my words, I SHALL HAVE MY VENGEANCE!"

Plankton lingered behind, giving Calamitous a somewhat regretful look. "You can't be serious about this, Calamitous."

"I am." Calamitous said.

Plankton frowned bitterly at Calamitous, who had his back towards him. As soon as he walked through the portal, Calamitous sighed. "Thank heavens, that stress is out of my life." Calamitous said. "I need a drink!"

Suddenly, someone was banging on the door. "This is the police! Come out with your hands up!" A voice said outside the door.

"Oh poo, I forgot. I lost!" Calamitous then looked at the portal. "Well, they can't catch me if I'm not here!" Calamitous ran through the portal, only for it to shut off at the last second, as Calamitous struck the wall. "Can you turn on the machine again?" He asked the robot, annoyed.


Crocker arrived back in Dimmsdale, in front of his messy house. "What do those fools know?! I'll show them! I'll show all of them! I'll conquer the world by myself, without the aid of those jerks! In fact, the moment I get home, I'm going to plot my next plan against them, Turner and everyone who has WRONGED ME!" Crocker then broke out in insane laughter.

However, his next door neighbor opened up his window. "Hey, can you just shut your trap for once in your life? Everyday it's the same thing for you, and it is annoying! Why don't you just stop with this stupid evil take over the world fairy nonsense?!"

"Hey, I just took over your world minutes ago!" Crocker snapped.


Crocker didn't respond. "Either Turner mind-wiped the world or this man doesn't step outside!" He told himself.

"Clearly, you're not so good at being a villain, and you probably never will be, so why don't you just shut your trap, go mope about it to your mommy, and for once, get a life?!" The neighbor slammed the window.

"What does he know?" Crocker asked, brushing his words off. "What does he take me for, a chi-"

"OW!" Plankton screamed, as Crocker stepped on him. Crocker was startled by this, as he checked the bottom of his shoe.

"Plankton?! What on Earth are you doing here?" Crocker asked, as he pulled Plankton off of his shoe.

"I accidentally followed you here!"

Plankton answered. "Now I'm stuck here until I find a way back! By the way, mow your lawn! It's a mess!

Crocker growled in annoyance. "Haven't you critizised my life choices enough today?!"

"Probably not." Plankton said plainly.

"Well I'll show you! I'll take over my world by myself! And then I'll...I'll..." Crocker calmed down as a depressive look appeared on his face. "Oh, what's the use. I've been hunting fairies for years and I've gotten no where. I can't take over the world alone."

Plankton sighed. "Well as much as I hate to admit it, I'm probably the same. I've lost count of how many times I've tried to get the formula."

"You know, maybe working with Calamitous and Vlad wasn't so bad after all!" Crocker said. "We need to form the Syndicate back together! They're our only chance of getting what we want!"

"For once, I agree, though, to be honest, I could do without Vlad!" Plankton agreed. "We gotta find Calamitous and tell him we want the team back!"

"Indeed, there's only problem!" Crocker stated.


"I don't have a teleporting-universe whatever it's called machine!" Crocker responded.

"You serious?" Plankton asked. "Don't you got a teleporter in that cave of yours?"

"That's only for Fairy World...but it doesn't work!"

"Well, what are we going to do now?!" Plankton complained. "Unless, you have a better suggestion, a machine like that could take weeks to build!"

"I know! I'll go look it up on the internet!" Crocker suggested, running into his house.

"The internet?!" Plankton growled, following Crocker. "Crocker, no loon would have plans for a machine like that on the internet!"


Calamitous failed to escape the police, and was once again thrown into Retroville Prison. At the moment, Calamitous was being led to his cell. "Hey check it out, it's shorty again!" an inmate shouted, pointing at the villain.

"Oh dang, you again?" Another one of the inmates asked. The guard opened up the cell, and Calamitous was then thrown into his cell, as the guard then slammed the cell door.

"Hey, guys." Calamitous greeted in a defeated tone.

"This is like the fourth time this month, man!" The inmate told Calamitous. "I'm surprised they still lock you up over here!"

"You know, you should really get some buddies to help you win for once, Calamitous!" Another inmate suggested.

"I did try that! It's why I'm even here!" Calamitous argued. "I swear, when I bust out of here, I'm never trying it again!"

"Aw, come on! You can't just give up after one bad experience!" One of the inmates responded.

"But it was an agonizing experience!" Calamitous responded. "They were all loud and they never got along with each other! Besides, this is my second team. Last one wasn't so pleasant either."

"Sounds like you were working with the wrong people, amigo!" One of the inmates stated. "You shouldn't just give up after finding the wrong team! You just have to find a better one!"

"What is it with you all and this whole rubbish about teams?!" Calamitous whined. "All they ever do is hold you back from your plans!

"Yep, it definitely sounds like you're getting the wrong people!" An inmate said.

"Besides, you need a crew because you always need somebody behind your back, man!" Another inmate responded. "That, and even villains need friends, man!"

"Friends? I don't form teams for friends!" Calamitous denied.

"Whatever, you still always gotta have a crew!" The inmate responded. "I mean that's how your enemies win, don't they?"

At that moment, Calamitous began to hear the sound of a helicopter over the prison. The helicopter landed on the roof of his cell, which Calamitous and all the inmates heard.

"Guys, I think the prison is about to get raided!" An inmate shouted.

"Aw man, it was chili night!" Another inmate whined.

Suddenly, Calamitous was startled as a laser cut through the wall in front of him, which was cutting through the wall in a circular shape. "Nothing to worry about boys! It's just my ride!" Calamitous stated. As the laser formed a circle, the large round chunk of wall fell into Calamitous' cell, which the villain quickly dodged, making him shriek.

Then, a black suction cup was shot onto Calamitous chest, yanking him out of the cell. As Calamitous was outside of his cell, the cup dangled him from the ground, making him both swing and spin slowly like a teddy bear glued to a chandelier. Calamitous was able to see who was holding him, who was a person dressed in a black suit, with their face covered by a black mask. "Ow!" Calamitous groaned, as each time the person climbed up, Calamitous head kept getting hit by the metal ladder.

On a nearby watchtower, one of the guards spotted Calamitous on his binoculars, laughing at the sight of Calamitous, along with the other guard by him. "Wait, they're breaking out." The guard said.

"Oh yeah." The other guard realized. "TURN ON THE SIREN!"

As the guard set off the siren, it began to sound off the entire prison. However, at that point, it was too late, as Calamitous was now safely inside the helicopter, which took off and flew away from the prison, at the same time all of the guards made it to the roof. Calamitous then removed the cup off of his chest, and threw it to the side of the helicopter. "Did you really have to use that?!" He whined. "That was really embarrassing!"

The person then took off their mask. It was none other than Calamitous' own daughter/former assistant Beautiful Gorgeous. "You're welcome! I didn't have to bail you out, you know!" She responded in annoyance. "Since you're in prison again, I'm gonna guess Neutron busted your plan."

"It wasn't busted, I surrendered." Calamitous responded.

"Surrendered? That doesn't sound like you, old man." Beautiful said.

"I told you not to call me old man!" Calamitous complained. "Also I didn't surrender to Neutron, it was because of those idiots! I disbanded the Syndicate!"

"Can't say I didn't see that coming." Beautiful Gorgeous smirked.

"What is that supposed to mean?" Calamitous asked.

"I mean, it's just like when you left the League!" Beautiful Gorgeous answered. "You gotta accept it! You're just bad with teams!"

"This is different from the League!" Calamitous argued. "The men in my Syndicate were all incompetent, immature morons!"

"Hmm, that sounds exactly what you said after leaving the League." Beautiful smirked.

"It's different this time! These ones were even more obnoxious!" Calamitous defended. "I don't need teams. I'm a strong, independent villain who doesn't need a team! From now on, I'm going solo!"

"I'd love to see how that works out." Beautiful smirked. "I already picture your future, and it just screams the words lonely and pathetic!"

"Do you always have to be so blunt?" Calamitous whined.

"Seriously, just find another team!"

"Ugh, what is with everybody thinking I need a team?!" Calamitous shouted. "Like I told those inmates, all they ever do is hold you back!"

"Then find some better villains!" Beautiful Gorgeous suggested. "You're always teaming with weirdos. Why not try and find some REAL villains?"

"What do you mean 'real villains'?"

"You know..." A sinister look appeared in Beautiful Gorgeous' eyes. "Real villains. Guys that aren't messing around if you know what I mean?"

Calamitous thought about it for a moment. In hindsight, both members of the league and the syndicate were rather silly. "You may have a point. Maybe I just need to find some villains that are level." He gave his own evil smirk.


The two villains headed to a hotel in Retroville. Calamitous stroked his chin in thought. "Somehow, I don't think I'll find the villains I need in this universe."

"Can't say I disagree on that one." Beautiful smirked, as she was eating a sundae. Next to her was a cart filled with dirty dishes.

Calamitous gave Beautiful an annoyed look. "Did you use my credit card?!"

"Maybe." Beautiful said.

"If I see a large bill for this on my card, so then help me..!"

"Calm down!" Beautiful said. "Just go find other villains in other universes then. Sure someone out there can help you."

"That's a splendid idea!" Calamitous agreed. "Loving daughter, we have to head back to the lair!"

"We?" Beautiful whined. "Who said we? I'm staying here, old man! Call a cab or something!"

Calamitous looked annoyed. "You are very unreliable sometimes, you know that?"

At that moment, a portal opened up in the hotel room, startling the two. Stepping out of it was both Crocker and Plankton, with the latter standing on the former's hand. The portal was opened by a small remote in Crocker's hand.

"Huh, I'd never thought I'd see anyone post plans like those on the internet!" Plankton said.

"Oh boy, I can already smell drama." Beautiful commented.

"Oh, hello Beautiful." Plankton awkwardly waved, thinking back to the Globulous' attack.

"Crocker? Plankton? What are you two doing here?!" Calamitous shouted.

"We've come to make amends, Calamitous!" Crocker answered.

"We want the Syndicate back together again!" Plankton added.

"No way! I will not allow that!" Calamitous declined. "You two are utterly useless!"

"Look, we might've screwed up on the plan, but we were just tired!" Plankton argued. "It was just one bad slip-up, it will never happen again!"

"Plankton, the damage has already been done!" Calamitous responded. "Besides, I'm already in the process of making my own team! And I don't need you fools in the way like last time!"

"Look, we're sorry!" Plankton apologized. "It was just one or two slip ups. We can make this work."

Calamitous chuckled. "It was foolish of me to ask for your help in the first place. I should have known better to enlist the help of a school teacher and a failing restaurant owner. I'm way out of both your league!"

Crocker and Plankton now looked furious at Calamitous. "Mark my words, Calamitous!" Crocker said. "You are going to regret this, because you will never find any villains better than us!"

"Ooh, how original!" Calamitous mocked. "It's not like I haven't heard those words before! Face it, how can I expect either of you to take over the world when you can't even take control of your lives! You're married to a computer and you still live with your mother!"

"Oh ho! Burn!" Beautiful chuckled.

"I am serious about this, Calamitous!" Crocker shouted. "Because…" Crocker then tried to think of something, as at that moment, an idea popped up in his head. "We were planning our own Evil Syndicate!" Crocker bluffed.

Calamitous and Beautiful didn't know how to respond to this. "You're kidding right?" Beautiful said.

Calamitous began to laugh at this. Plankton then squeezed out of Crocker's hand. "Crocker, you moron, what are you doing?!" Plankton shouted.

"I'm sorry, but you two, starting a syndicate?!" Calamitous laughed. "You couldn't even get along with us! What makes you can start your own team?"

"You'll see, Calamitous!" Crocker threatened. "Our team will be much more powerful than yours will ever be! YOU'LL SEE!"

"You know what? I'll give you a headstart!" Calamitous said. "I'm going to give you something for this little team of yours."

"Please don't say me!" Beautiful annoyingly said.

"No, the name!" Calamitous said. "You are now the Evil Syndicate!"

"Wait." Plankton said, sounding suspicious. "Why are you giving us your name?"

"Because I always hated it! In fact, I didn't even come up with that name!" Calamitous confessed. "I had to come up something fast before the deadline, so I just took it from an Ultra Lord cartoon!"

"You mean this entire time, our name came from a CARTOON?!" Crocker screamed.

"Yes, and that name shall reflect both you and the cartoon! Outlandish rubbish!" Calamitous mocked.

"You know what, Calamitous?" Plankton responded. "We'll take the name Evil Syndicate, and we will create a better one! We don't need you or that Vlad loser! Together, the two of us will become greater villains than you ever will be!"

"Oh, we will see!" Calamitous said, as Crocker and Plankton gave an evil laugh, as they walked back through the portal.

As soon as the two left, police car sirens began to sound outside of the hotel room, as the two were able to see the lights from the window. "Oh lord, they found us!" Calamitous stated nervously.

"I mean, we're still in the middle of Retroville and the helicopter is parked on the roof, so clearly we had a chance of getting away with this!" Gorgeous smirked.

"I told you to wear the disguises, but you said NOOOO!" Calamitous mocked.

Gorgeous held her disguise up, which was just a moustache and a pair of sunglasses. "Who'd even fall for this? Do you think this is still the forties?!" She complained.

"Just go back to the helicopter!" Calamitous ordered, pushing Beautiful out of the room.


The two were now back inside Crocker's basement. However, as Crocker continued to laugh, Plankton stopped and immediately grabbed Crocker's cheek, and slapped him with his tiny fingerless arms. "You idiot! Why did you have to drag me under the bus?!" Plankton complained.

"I wasn't going to have him believe we're not better off without him! I wanted the final laugh!" Crocker said.

"Well thanks to you, Calamitous thinks I'm working with you!" Plankton shouted. "And I don't want him to have the final laugh either! So now WE have to form an actual team! Thanks a lot!"

"Oh come on, forming a team will be easy!" Crocker responded. "Will it?"
"The stupid part is, I kinda want to do this!" Plankton said. "I do want to form another team! But not with you!"

"Sorry Plankton, but the truth is you need me!" Crocker said. "Do you want to prove that Calamitous right?!"

Plankton sighed. "Alright, I'll join you. But we both got one problem."

"What is that?" Crocker asked.

"Do we even know how to run an evil team?" Plankton asked.

"No, not really." Crocker said, as the two were silent. "This is going to take awhile."

Yes, I'm doing this kind of story. So yeah, I do hope I do spark readers on this one.