Hello readers and welcome to the first ever transformers azur lane crossover, this is a unique one since we have our favorite Autobots and Decepticons fighting in this universe alongside their new allies. Hopefully you guys enjoy it.

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Long ago there was a planet in a distant galaxy called Cybertron filled with sentient life that are machines known as the Transformers. They're a peaceful race as with any other developed civilization went with their lives under a cruel caste system left by the predecessors of the new generation of cybertronians. This system would lead to a certain gladiator to rise from the pits of Kaon and to challenge the system for its cruel treatment of the lower class and their freedom. This gladiator would be known as Megatron as he was the voice for the lower class and wanted reformation, he was the central figure in creating a movement that would eventually lead to something bigger.

Along his rise as a prominent figure, he soon met a data clerk called Orion Pax who eventually be friends with and discuss about how cruel the current system is and how he wants it to change for many lives to improve. Orion Pax was also against the system as well as he has found someone who also agrees on the issue as the two then become brothers in changing the government. However there was some disagreements between the two as Megatron believes through violence that they can achieve the goal in changing the caste system where every cybertronian is equal and can decide their roles in society while Optimus does believe in such result, he believes that through words and understanding that they can change the system.

As time continued on, Megatron's new movement has started to gain more power and become violent as many supporters would commit suicide bombings around the planet which has caused much chaos in which could lead to war as Alpha Trion, overseer of the Hall of Records wanted to prevent it by bringing both his apprentice and Megatron to the audience to state their case.

The council wasn't very persuaded by Megatron's words as his violent approach was extreme but with Orion's calm and peaceful speech, the council was highly intrigued by the clerk that they decided to designate him as the next prime to lead Cybertron as this action has caused Megatron to be enraged and violent as he believed that this was a ploy to get Orion to become the next leader instead of him. As he cut ties with his once called brother and declared war on the Autobots with his new movement now known as the Decepticons.

This would be known as the Great War in which Cybertron was ravaged for eons by both sides with huge casualties increasing to the point that the transformer race itself would go extinct. In a drastic move to tip the balance of power, Megatron was able to obtain a large supply of Dark Energon with the help of former sky commander Starscream as the gladiator would use this dark matter to infect Cybertron of its energon supply so that the Autobots would suffer from its deadly effects while the Decepticons embrace it for their beneficial uses.

As the core of the planet has shutdown itself from supporting life, the Autobots continued fighting with what remaining energon they have left against the dark energon empowered Decepticons. Optimus Prime believed that the war is lost on their planet and must seek refuge among the stars if they were to survive.

At a desperate attempt to save remaining Autobot forces, he calls for an evacuation of the planet in which the Autobots would travel in starships to other galaxies for new homes until their planet can support life once again as Optimus has devised a plan for the construction of a massive ship known as the Ark which will board hundreds of Autobots as he leaves behind some of his remaining forces including the Wreckers to fight for what's left of the planet.

Having heard of Optimus's attempt to escape him, Megatron devises a plan to pursuit the Autobots by having the defeated titan Trypticon transform into the Nemesis and boarded in with his best warriors as he would instruct Shockwave to stay on Cybertron and eliminate all Autobots before his return. With the Ark now completed, the massive ship makes its way to an ancient space bridge that hasn't been used for centuries since the Golden Age of Cybertron as the final countdown begins with their race's future on the line and the Nemesis slowly approaching it from behind with an attempt to destroy the Ark.

The inevitable came as both ships were in battle with the Nemesis having tow cables attach to the Ark to allow troops to intercept the vessel but were destroyed by Jetfire as no more ground troops won't be able to board the ship. Meanwhile Soundwave managed to sneak past Autobot defenses in the first assault as he was tasked with sabotaging the munitions of the defense guns that were targeting the Nemesis. With them down, Decepticons launched many of their air forces as the Autobots were being torn apart by air superiority as they needed their defense guns back online. Ratchet now in control of the command center sends Bumblebee to reactivate the defense guns as the young scout succeeded. The battle continued on until Megatron sent Bruticus to destroy the Ark's fuel storage in an attempt to prevent the ship from reaching the space bridge however was foiled as Jazz and Jetfire were able to defeat the mighty combiner and knocked him away.

Through the relentless fighting, the large portal was becoming more unstable as the exterior of the Ark was being ripped apart but standing in a firm spot are the two leaders of their respective factions clashing over one another as fate would have both brothers fight each to determine their race's future. Optimus kept his ground but was heavily damaged as Megatron was dominating him with his new body powered by Dark Energon as he decides to finish the prime once and for all.

" This will do the job." he commented as he rips a turret nearby and aims it at the weakened prime.

" Even if you destroy me Megatron, others will rise to defeat your tyranny." Optimus stated while clutching his chest.

" Then I'll have to destroy you all." Megatron answers to his statement as fires a shot at him was intercepted by Bumblebee as he took the hit and collided into Optimus as the prime regained his focus and comes to his young scout's side.

" Bumblebee!" he yells as he tries to see if his young friend was still alive but wasn't showing any sign of movement as a large wound was made on the side of his chest.

" What a waste of energon." Megatron grunts as he tosses the empty turret away.

Optimus carefully lays the young scout on the ground as he looks up at his arch nemesis with his eyes filled with anger. " After eons of conflict I finally see the truth of your words Megatron." he states as Megatron approaches him closer with his Dark Energon sword ready at hand.

" And what might that be Optimus?" Megatron wonders while unfazed of his words as he delivers the final blow but was stopped by Optimus's hand in the way which prevented him from swinging.

" This universe, no matter how vast, will never be big enough for you and I to coexist." was prime's defining statement as he swings his other arm in an uppercut into Megatron's chest, sending him flying a few meters away from him. The Decepticon leader grunted as he manages to barrel roll to the side from Optimus's incoming strike of his energon sword.

Both leaders with swords in their hands began their duel as they fought with every little strength they had left while the exterior of the Ark was being torn apart by the vortex of the portal as the Ark continues to get closer with the Nemesis still towed to it. They continued clashing as both have received critical wounds from their weapons and even having to bring out their shields to keep up with one another's attack. Their duel was coming to a climax as Optimus Prime was able to have the upper hand over his arch-nemesis even when his body is powered by the matter that has corrupted their planet.

" You call yourself a PRIME? You were a records clerk when I found you, you will be dust when I'm through with you!" Megatron taunting him with threatening words along with it.

" Your gonna talk or fight Megatron?" disowning his words as he had enough of Megatron spouting threats.

The two clashed for one last time as both their blades clashed and their strength being pushed against each other as they grunted to push back one another. Optimus manages to break the clash as he forces Megatron back and under swings his sword into the con, sending him into the air and landing on his back. This was the time as Megatron had been weakened badly as he couldn't get back up on his feet as the prime approaches him with his sword facing backwards to deliver the final blow. Slowly bringing the sword over his head in a stabbing position, Optimus brings it down with both hands on the hilt as the blade pierces through Megatron's abdomen as in return was him letting out a painful cry.

He has finally defeated Megatron, things couldn't be settle as the Ark was so close to the portal that the unstable power of the vortex was causing the ship to spin out of control along with the Nemesis as the two leaders were blown away and were struggling to keep ahold onto what exterior parts that remain on the Ark.

" NO, the portal." Megatron comments as he struggles to hold on to the surface of the ship.

" The vortex is tearing this ship apart!" Optimus explains as he and Megatron continue to clash but with who can hold on as Megatron was sent back away a few feet from the prime.

" NO! I will not be denied!" Megatron yells in anger as he intends to bring the Autobot leader down with him as Optimus suddenly lost grip and was sucked into the portal along with Megatron.

Both starships were flying out of control as they soon were also sucked into the portal with everything that was also in its range. After the chaos, the portal disappeared with the endless space silent as Cybertron was still in place with battles continuing and no more life support at the time. Fate may be cruel but can be unpredictable as it would bring the two warring factions to a place that will change everything.


A beautiful planet flourished with life as 70 percent of the surface is water while the remaining 30 percent was land inhabited by another sentient race known as humans. A species of organic life forms who function as a civilization with their own conflicts but one that puts them in jeopardy as another extraterrestrial race seeks to wipe them out with a war between factions of navy ships that were once an alliance. However the tides of this war would change as outside interference would serve as the biggest disruption to the plans of the extraterrestrial race and that their defeat is forseen.

Back to the present, somewhere around the Pacific Ocean are many scattered islands that have been isolated from the rest of the world. The waters were calm and peaceful, the sun blazing in the sky, and the palm trees being blown by the wind. Things were calm until a disturbance appeared as a small comet impacted onto one of the islands. The result of the comet's impact was a large crater made with the sand cleared away as in the middle was a man in his early twenties with short dark blue hair, fair colored skin. His attire comprises mostly of a gray shirt beneath a bright red coat with a faction symbol on the upper right side of the cost where the chest is , dark blue pants, and blue shoes. The stranger is currently hurt as he struggles to move an inch of his body with his eyes trying to open.

The eyes revealing to be a light blue as they were slowly opening and looking at the bright sun as the stranger tries to get glimpse of his surroundings. He was no longer in space but on an unknown planet as he questions about how he actually got here but couldn't think anymore as he was hurt and tired from his previous battle. His hands moved a bit as they felt the grainy sand as the substance slips through in between his fingers. " W-W-Where... am I..." he asks weakly as the tiredness overridden him of moving as his eyes were closed once again and went into a sleep.

Unknown to him, a few figures from the horizon of the ocean are approaching the island as they have seen the mysterious comet land into it. As the come closer, the stranger can only hope that the rest of his comrades are still alive.

And that's the first chapter, who are these figures that will come to the prime's rescue. Also to add that the autobots will have different looks and designs from other transformers series so that they're at least different instead of looking the same. Stay tuned!