So, I did decide to switch this a week early over Heroes of Remnant, so that means more variety per week thing. Also, I want to point out that this may not last as long as my other stories. Why? Mainly this is based on a movie and the others are not. We're following the events of Planet Hulk, but with a twist. Twist number one: My OC Gojira, the human-Titan hybrid son of Godzilla, is taking the place of Hulk. Twist number two: The Justice League are taking the place of the Illuminati, meaning this is the DC universe. Twist number three: Gojira is now officially divorced from Wonder Woman (and what a way of telling someone 'I'm calling for a divorce' am I right?)

Anyway, will there be a sequel? Yeah, there will... just being straight forward about it. World War Zilla though will be way different than World War Hulk though... just saying.

Also, when Gojira is Zilla, he looks like a mini version of 2019 Godzilla, and NOT like Zilla from that one Godzilla movie. Got it? Good, let's begin

Ch.1 Arrival of a Prince

He was woken up to an explosion. It confused him greatly, as he was sure that he had forced Darkseid off world by this point. He then tried to get up, but found himself restrained to the floor of one of the larger space-going Javelins. "What the hell," said a creature that at full height would've been thirty feet tall. He was obviously reptilian with charcoal gray scales and clawed, four fingered hands. His head was the mix of a T-Rex and a iguana, with a mix of alligator. he had orange embers for eyes, and on his back was several sails that were strangely shaped, going down all the way down his back and stopping at the base of the tail. He is Zilla, a now former member of the Justice League, and the human/Titan hybrid son of Godzilla. He growled lowly as he tried to get up again, with a little more.

That's when the sound of static came into his earholes as an image of the top half of the Big Three appeared on a hologram before him. The man in the middle was dressed in a blue suit with a red cape going down his back, and on his chest was a red diamond with a red 'S' in the center of it. He also has black hair and blue eyes. He is Clark Kent, or Kal-El, but he is also the Man of Steel known as Superman. To his right was a man in black cowl that had two 'bat ears' out of the top of his head. A cape went down from the cowl, and the suit was a dark gray with a black bat symbol on his chest. He is Bruce Wayne, also known as the Dark Knight of Gotham, Batman. The last one really got an angry and confused expression from Zilla. It was a women with raven black hair and blue eyes, and a golden, armored tiara on her head. She was also wearing red armor with a golden top that resembled a 'W'. She is Diana Stevens, or Princess Diana of Themyscira, also known as Wonder Woman... who just so happens to be Gojira's wife.

'I am truly sorry for what we had to do,' Superman spoke up, 'but we had no choice.'

'When you become that monster, Gojira,' Batman spoke up, 'When you're overcome by your instincts. You are a force of nature and destruction.' Zilla growled out in anger as he struggled more forcefully to get out of his confinements. His rage starting to build up more than it's ever had before.

On the planet of Sakaar, a member of the Shadow Priest was sitting at the base of a strange rock formation. He had gray skin with black marking, and was dressed in a black robe. He was currently asking for aid in a spiritual manner. "Oh. most divine creator, I seek thy hand..." he then opened some form of container as colored sand came out of it before he spread it out across the ground. "And pray for the health of Sakaar, for we are a divided and dying world. Through the ancient prophets, you have promised us a warrior savior."

'You fear nothing,' Batman continued as Zilla began to break his restraints, 'and not even the World's Finest cannot stop you.' Zilla then gave into his rage and roared out in anger as he then broke his restraints and glared at the hologram.

"A warrior who looks into the eyes of death," the priest continued, "and stands his ground."

'The longer you fight, the more dangerous you become and there is nothing on Earth that can stand in your way,' Superman said before sighing, 'not even the Justice League.' Zilla rammed into the side of the ship as his claws scraped through the flooring.

"A warrior with boundless strength, whose power knows no end," the priest said as he released charcoal gray sand onto a scroll like sheet.

'Gojira,' Zilla turned to where he saw the woman that he thought loved him as he saw her lift the wedding ring he gave her three years ago off her hand before speaking. 'We picked your destination carefully, a planet filled with vegetation and game, no people for you to hurt, or for them to hurt you.' Zilla's eyes turned into a light blue as his spikes began to glow the familiar shade as the betrayal of the woman he loved hit him hard. He then unleashed the beam, letting it hit everywhere it could.

The Titan hybrid was to caught up in the betrayal to really give a damn. Besides... it's not like anyone would care if he died or not. 'Warning: Guiding System offline. Trajectory altered.' Unknown to the raging behemoth, he just caused himself to be taken to a land that was not of what he was told.

'I know you will hate us... hate me, more than anyone, Gojira,' Diana continued, 'but you always said you wanted to live in peace. May you finally-' her voice was cut off when an atomic blast shot through it and into the controls, causing the ship to go haywire as it flew through some sort of wormhole. The ship shook rapidly and out of control as it started to fall apart, with Zilla unable to do much, other than hold his breath before slipping into unconsciousness.

"And this warrior shall strike down all evil, unite all kingdoms, and through his blood, shall restore life to all of Sakaar." The priest stated as he finished with the sand he was using. "Oh, most divine creator," the man said as he stood up and pulled the hood he had over his face off. "Deliver to us our savior, the Sakaarson."

That's when a blue vortex opened up from the sky and something large came out of it. The priest gasped as out in the distance something crash landed onto Sakaar. Something that was big, scaly... and rather pissed off.

At the crash sight, the frame of Zilla began to burst his way out of the rubble that was once the Javelin. The Titan hybrid slowly looked up and around and saw that this was not the place that she had told him he would be going. She had once again lied to him. Rage took over as Zilla looked to the sky and unleashed a feral and angry roar that shook the landscape around him. Today hasn't been the best day, he had been betrayed, dumped, casted out, thrown into space, and now crashlanded onto some desert planet. What else could possibly go wrong!?

That's when the sounds of what appeared to be insects came into Zilla's range of hearing. "Good, I needed something to take my anger out on," he mumbled as he saw a small army of what appeared to be yellow skinned, four armed, ant people. The son of Godzilla doesn't even see this as a threat as he stood to his full height and growls out at his newest opponents. Then he heard something jumping from the Javelin. He looks over to see one of the ant-men trying to put a spear through his neck, but he was only grabbed in midair by the jaws of the Titan before being crushed in one bite.

More of them started to rush in, but they were quickly wiped out by a tail swipe that sends a majority of them flying. He then charged forward and proceeded to swipe several more away while he swished his tail around sending even more of them flying. Though, a few were lucky enough to pierce the underbelly of the Prince of Monsters with their spears, while others couldn't get passed the armored body of the behemoth before he killed them. As they fought, three individuals approached them, all in matching uniforms approaching while speaking in their native tongue.

It seemed to make the remaining bug men take a step back, but still had Zilla surrounded, probably because he just bit off one of their head and spat it out, but you know. He then glared at the three men, and guessing that they're the ones in charge of these ants. One then aimed something at him, and next thing Zilla knew, something was stuck to his chest and a stinging sensation was going through his body, straight to his head. Zilla shook hid head just to hear the middle man speak.

"By order of the Lord Emperor of Sakaar," said the middle man, "all debris of value that exits the Great Portal is Imperial property." Zilla growled as he got a good idea what that meant. Did these lower beings seriously believe they were going to take a Titan as property? He stood at the ready, waiting for these three imbeciles to make a move. Yet is was one of the bug men who spoke up. "Isn't right," the lead bug man spoke up, "First finders, that is the law. It belongs to us!"

"You couldn't even take me even if you had a million men," Zilla mumbled as he eyed the entire group. He has taken much worse odds, and that includes fighting both King Ghidorah and Darkseid at the same time, which was the battle that actually lead him here in all honesty. "Enough," the lead man said as he walked right in front of the lead bug. "Now kneel."

Zilla raised an eyebrow before see all the bugs get in submission. "The talkbots have reached your brain by now, beast, which means you understand me," the man spoke to Zilla. "So on your knees." Zilla didn't even bother to move, let alone react... what does this being think he is? Thinking he can command someone that can destroy two deities on his own. "Kne-" before the man could try and order again, Zilla made his message perfectly clear.


The being then pointed his scepter towards Zilla and fired a beam of energy at the Titan, who wasn't even fazed at first, surprising the being. It then started to irritate the giant before the second figure added on which made the Son of Godzilla wince in pain. All the natives looked on in shock as the creature wasn't going down, but it wasn't long before the two nodded and went at it full power. It was really starting to sting the gray scaled behemoth in front of them. "So... this is how... you treat royalty?" Zilla growled out sarcastically as he was barely being able to stay standing, but what no one noticed, his sails began to glow, and not long after that, so did his eyes. "Let me... show you... what happens when... you fuck with the Prince." Before he could unleash his atomic breath though, the other last being also blasted the piece on Zilla's chest, and even though he remained standing for several more minutes, Zilla began to change.

No longer was he the towering behemoth, as he was replaced by a man that stood nearly seven feet in height with charcoal gray hair and was wearing only dark gray combat pants and black combat boots. He then grave a cheeky grin as he flipped the men zapping him off before falling on his back. He wasn't giving them the pleasure of forcing him on his knees. No one will ever force him to that point.

"No, no. Miek no good. Miek dies easy. Somebody break the door. Let Miek out!" Zilla began to open his eyes slowly as he began to view his current surrounding. He was once again contained... that's just great! He also notices that he wasn't alone as he sees a rock man in black shorts sitting against the wall while a black ant man similar to the yellow ones that tried to kill him was begging to get him out. "You, Brick Man, knock it open!"

The rock man's response was to push the bug off of him. "Sit down," he said as the bug then went on. "But Miek not a fighter. Miek a hider."

"Well, you didn't do a good job hiding, did you?" Zilla spoke up as he sat up from his spot on the ground before he noticed that he was chained. "You, snap out of your chains! Free us!" The Titan gave him a blank stare, it wasn't like he was going to do that anyway. "That's enough Miek," said one of those red skinned beings similar to the ones that took him in the first place. The man looked to the Titan hybrid; "You won't regain your full strength for a while - An unfortunate effect of passing through the portal. I am Levan."

"Zilla," the hybrid spoke, "Where am I?"

"Inside an Imperial transport," was the answer he got, "you've been sold as a slave."

That made the man in the chains growl, which surprisingly got deep enough many would assume he was a monster. Well, Zilla couldn't believe his luck, here he was, Prince of Monsters, about to finally take his spot as King, and well... now he was sold into slavery. "Yeah, they can have fun with that," he told them as he stood up, despite the weight of the chains and began to slowly pull on them, and much to the surprise of most, they were barely holding him there, yet they still were. "Easy," Levan spoke, "Zilla, those chains are shadow forged, they're unbreakable. You need to save your strength for the games."

"Games," Zilla asked in confusion. Levan nodded. "We are en route to the coliseum, where our deaths are scheduled for today's entertainment." He then motioned to the rest of the room. The Son of Godzilla viewed the other 'slaves' which include three other bug people, these ones yellow skinned, an android, a red skinned woman, and a gray skinned man. "Miek a hider, not a fighter."

"Today, we are all fighters, Miek, and we must stand together if we hope to survive this." Levan told the bug. Zilla couldn't help but chuckle dryly, "I go from fighting two gods at once to being a gladiator... If I ever see those three again... they are so dead." Of course he was referring to the Trinity. They were the reason he was here after all. Hell his own wife basically gave him the worst divorce present a husband could ask for. They better hope he never returns to Earth, and if he does, he'll at least know Diana and Kal-El will still be alive.

"You have a plan," the rock man asked as he turned his head towards them. "Yes, Korg, I do," Levan answered. As Levan went on to explain his plan to the others, Zilla thought of one simple plan. Go Titan, blast his way through their opponents, blast his way through a coliseum wall, and then get the hell out of here. With somewhere in between involving him to get this thing off his chest. He was sure that was the main reason they were all prisoners to begin with. He then heard something interesting when one of the Natives spoke. "Especially for one who has served the Red King."

"Am I allowed to ask who the Red King is?" the hybrid asked his fellow slaves. They all looked at him; "A bloody tyrant," the chick said, making Zilla nod. "have faced my fair share of those too," he mumbled to himself. Quite frankly, what hasn't he faced over the past seven yers since he had escaped Cadmus. Gods, Tyrants, Monster, Space-Warlords, Alien Collectors, Madmen, Titans... anything else? Who knows... it's a long ass list.

"The time for talking is over," Levan spoke up, snapping Zilla out of his thoughts. "We've arrived." That made Zilla slam the back of his head into the wall. "What a day," he said to himself, "what a lovely, fucking day."

"Greetings, citizens and Oligarchs. Welcome to the Crown City Coliseum!"

Zilla growled at hearing the announcer. He was never one for crowds, that much was evident during his time on Earth, but here he was, about to kill for thousands of people for their sick entertainment. Could be far worse, with an even worser group of idiots to fight beside.

"Allow me to introduce today's contestants," said the announcer as Zilla snorted while they were lowered and the ship they came from removed itself from above them. "The Gladiators! Hoping they live longer than the last ones."

"Wow," Zilla stated sarcastically with the slow handclap, "not even gonna surgar coat it are they." That's when swords were brought up from the platform they were standing on. Everyone but Zilla and Korg grabbed a sword and prepared themselves. The Titan hybrid simply just stood where he was, not even getting in a battle stance. He'd like to look at what his opponents were before he did anything. "And now. Allow me to introduce to you their opponents," the announcer said as the battlefield started to open up.

"Red hot and ready to rumble," the floor opened up to reveal lava underneath, "the Kronans!"

The crowd cheered loudly as the group of gladiators looked to the lava pit, Korg the most attentively. "No," he said in disbelief, "it can't be." That's when three rock people like Korg began to walk out of the lava, it made Korg's eyes widen in shock. "Margus?" Korg then walked off the platform and towards his former comrades. "Margus. I thought you were all dead." The response was him getting sent flying by a single punch. Zilla couldn't help but snort in amusement as the Kronans approached the group. Truth be told, he could steamroll through these guys if he wanted to, but something... something didn't feel right in him. "Shit," Zilla thought out loud before he was sent flying back by a back hand from behind.

The Titan hybrid growled as he got to his feet to see an even bigger Kronan stalking towards him. "You're big," Zilla growled as he formed claws on his hands and scales around his arms. His eyes forming reptilian slits as he stood at the red, "but I've fought bigger." He then proceeded to sidestep a hammer fist that slammed into the ground. He wasn't going to start swinging just yet, he was going to buy his time, and end this with a single blow. As he dodged the strikes from the big one, Zilla also kept an eye on the others, and quickly noticed a few things; Miek was staying out of the way, which was probably for the best, the rest of the Natives have been killed, and lastly... Levan was down, impaled through the back as it looks.

Zilla didn't know him, but they were on the same side... so that counts for something as he glared up at the mountain of a Kronan. "Guess the gloves are off," he growled as he grabbed the next fist in one hand, the force causing the ground to crack around them. With speed to fast for the Kronan to comprehend, the hybrid nailed an uppercut so powerful that it shattered the rock man to pieces. "Now that that's handled, lets see if I can get us out of here," Zilla said to himself as he walked towards the gat of the coliseum and began to push against it, making it budge. "Hurry! Faster! The Red King will see us!"

He turned to see Miek staring at him, "Red King? Where?" Miek pointed up to a section of the stadium that just screams loyalty to the Prince. ""There. This is his planet. We just living here." Zilla only snorted as he continued to push his way out. "If I was at full strength, we'd be out of here," he said to himself mostly.

"Well sire?" questioned the announcer as he spoke with the Red King himself, who sat on a throne with dark red and gold attire with a woman on each side of him. The king looked to the gladiators before his eyes landed on one in particular. "Not bad," he said before his locked his gaze on the charcoal haired man in the battlefield, "but what about the gray haired one there? Does he not fight?" That also got the attention of the Red King's lieutenant, Caiera, as she looked towards the man in question, who actually dared to look right up at them without any hint of fear or anything of the sort.

He may prove to be a problem for the king.

"Oh, did you not see him take on the biggest of the Kronans, sire?" the announcer asked, "But have no worry, he'll fight more."

Zilla growled, despite not having as enhanced hearing as you would say, a Kryptonian, his hearing was acute enough to know exactly what they were saying, and who they were talking about. "So, he's the boss," the Titan hybrid growled as he left the gate and walked towards their direction. "What!?" Miek asked in surprise as Zilla walked past him. He remained quiet as he kept walking right towards them, he knew he couldn't walk right up to them, they were way to high up for that, but that didn't mean he couldn't surprise them.

As he walked towards them, the announcer spoke again. "A stunning upset, yes. So it's time for a brief educational interlude." The announcer then turned towards the gladiators, most notably Zilla, who growled at him. "Let's explore the feeding habits of our planet's most ferocious predator, the Cavaranthus Mazorus, more commonly known as the Great Devil Corker!" As he said this, giant tentacles started to rise out of the lave, gaining all the gladiators attention as they turned to see what was rising out. When Zilla turned, his instincts told him to change, the brief fight with the Kronan has given him enough adrenaline to transform. Normally he could at will, but with his strength lacking... he would have exhausted himself.

Not now.

"Oh fratz," Android said before he was immediately taken out by a swipe from the Devil Corker, killing him as it roared out. It then quickly grabbed Korg, Elloe, and Hiroim, but before it could go for the kill, a loud roar silence everything. To the surprise of all, it came from Zilla. Adding to that surprise, he changed into his Titan fom. He was now a thirty foot tall, reptilian behemoth, and he was glaring right at Sakaar's apex predator.

"Put. Them. Down." Zilla growled out, and to the surprise of both the gladiators and that's when the crowd was scared shitless as the creature actually obeyed. It sat the three gladiators down gently and they looked at Zilla, who's gaze was directed on the Great Devil Corker. "If you want to fight," he told the native beast as he got in a battle ready stance, "I'm your opponent." It roared at him before getting ready to charge out of the lava, but Zilla was ready as he leaped into the air, and with little difficulty, landed on top of the head. It crushed the Great Devil Corker, and in Zilla's opinion, gave it a more peaceful way to go. He did make it quick.

He turned and looked over his shoulder to see the Red King smiling in enjoyment as the crowd cheered loudly. The look made him sick as he growled a little louder. He then gave a much louder roar than he did to silence the arena, one that was not of a gladiator, but of an angry Prince. The king got to his feet and clapped his hands slowly, "Impressive display, monster. I'll have Primus throw an extra bone in your cage tonight."

Little did he know, that just set him off as Zilla then took another inhuman leap, right towards him. Before he could land on the platform though, Caiera performed an open palmed strike the was strong enough to knock Zilla back down to the ground. He landed on his feet, but it didn't stop him from growling challengingly at the lieutenant. He was daring her to fight him. "Permission to execute him, my lord," Caiera asked as she pulled out her double bladed staff, ready to accept the challenge of the beast.

The Red King raised his hand, motioning her to halt. "No, wait. I'll take care of this one myself." Zilla grew a big smirk as he heard that, and backed up challengingly, giving this king a chance to get down before roaring at him. That's when the Red King landed in front of him, in a big golden armor with a red robe for some reason, along with a sword in hand, which was ready to combat the Titan hybrid. "What is it with bald guy and making armored suits that expose the head," Zilla asked himself as he prepared to fight.

"The choice is yours, monster." the Red King spoke, unknown that Zilla's tail started moving rather quickly. "Die on your feet, or-"

The Red King didn't get to finish as he narrowly dodged an tail swipe courtesy of Zilla. The spped and force of the strike made the entire arena shake along with crack the ground around where the strike landed. The Red King looked at it with scared surprise as he the charged forward and kicked the beast in the head, only successful in sending him sliding back a foot or too. He then slashed his sword, aiming for the head, but instead got the shoulder, which drawn out a bit of blood which landed on the ground not far from the other gladiators before a tail swipe sent the king flying into the wall.

Zilla would've continued forward, but it was then when Caiera jumped down in front of him. "Loyal aren't we," the hybrid commented as the woman charged him and went for his chest, but despite being about twenty-plus feet taller and weighing about as much as double that of a T-Rex, Zilla dodged with little difficulty before he lunged at her with his jaws, something she took advantage of as she leaped to the side and slashed the side of his head, making him roar in annoyance. "You're strong slave," Caiera complimented before adding, 'but you're no match for me." Despite the size difference, she has fought bigger, but Zilla has also fought being that were just as skilled as his current opponent.

"Come back when you've fought two gods simultaneously and won," Zilla shot back with a smirk as he lunged forward again. This time going for a swipe, but it was blocked by his opponent with her holding back the clawed hand with her blades. She was barely keeping it back, but before Zilla could swipe with his other arm, he was blasted by a beam of yellow energy. Both he and Caeira turned to see the Red King, with his armor heavily damaged by that single blow, and nearly a dozen guards with their staffs aimed at Zilla.

The hybrid growled as he turned to them, only to be fired by all at once, which, despite being in great pain, only caused Zilla to slide back into the wall. He then did something that shocked all. He began to walk forward, growling like a rabid animal as he got closer to his newfound enemies, but before he could get any closer, the pain got to much before he collapsed on his side before he shifted back to his human side. The blasting stopped soon after, but Zilla was still conscious, if trying to climb to his feet proved anything. Before he could get up though, he was kicked back down by the Red King, causing him to go back down on his back. The crowd booed this as the announcer hovered down next to the Red King.

"Finish him, my Lord," he said as the Red King aimed his blaster towards Zilla, who was still conscious, just unable to move much. The king though, had a better idea. "No. No. The people would think their king unfair." He then spread his arms out and addressed his subjects. "Behold! Your Emperor grants this gladiator his life so that he may continue fighting for your entertainment."

Zilla couldn't help at chuckling when he heard that. Something the Red King didn't take notice of as he walked away. Caeira though noticed, but she first needed to address her king. "He wounded you, sire, in front of the crowd. Is it wise to let him live?"

"Who said anything about letting him live?" The Red King asked as he walked on, with his lieutenant looking back to see Zilla finally sitting up against the wall, with a sinister look on his face. 'He's going to regret that,' she could've sworn he mouthed to her, and something told her he was right. The power behind his strikes, he was going easy. Whoever, or more like whatever, he is... he is strong, stronger than any being she's faced, Divine Creator help them if he was to get loose.

Meanwhile with Zilla, he was being dragged out of the arena with the dozen men all aiming their weapons specifically at him. He couldn't help but grin to himself. He now knows to some extent what the enemy is capable of. The funny thing is this... they haven't even scratched the surface with him.

So this is my newest story idea, I had just finished watching the 2010 movie Planet Hulk and well... it gave me the idea for this. Anyway, like I said on the top, Zilla is The Hulk in this story, and well... he's more active and less moody. I think? Anyway, this will be different from the movie, some of said differences already noticed. Also, how do you think this will go? Would you all like a sequel to this?

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