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He'll also have a one-on-one talk with a certain lieutenant so that'll be fun to know. I'm surprised no one has tried to guess who would be the one to replace Silver Surfer/Beta Ray Bill. That fight will probably be next chapter by the way, so that'll be fun. Anyway, let's begin.

Ch.2 The Monsterous Gladiator.

Zilla wasn't much of a sympathetic man. That's probably due to his father's side of things, but... he did feel sympathy for this. He stood and watched as Hiroim, Elloe, Miek, and Korg all knelt in front of the wrapped up body of Levan as Hiroim gave some sort of eulogy. The Prince had his head looking down in respect for the fallen gladiator. "We pass to next life one Levan Skee. Friend to some, enemy to others, respected by all. He died trying to unite us. We must honor his death by becoming Warbound." That word didn't sit right with Zilla. He was still unsure if he could even trust these people, but he did save them for some reason. He could give them one chance, and if they were to break his trust... God help their souls. He was almost all out of mercy.

"Warbound joins us, right?" Miek asked Hiroim in realization, "Like... Like a Hive? And Miek will belong?"

Elloe looked up to Miek. "Yes Miek," she said before holding her finger up over her lips, "now, shh. You'll have your turn."

It was then Hiroim spoke again. "My name is Hiroim the Shamed. And you shall know the truth of who I am." He then held out his arm with his hand balled into a fist.

"Sacrilege!" said a female Shadow Priest as she and three others stood up on a platform as they looked down at a younger Hiroim. "The Divine Creator has answered our prayers by delivering to us the Sakaarson."

The tallest of them then stepped forward. "Hiroim, it is written that we shall know the savior by his fulfillment of prophecy."

The one with stripes on his head then stepped forward beside the tall one. "You've seen for yourself. The Red King has struck down evil by ending the Spike Wars. He is now uniting the kingdoms."

Hiroim the stepped up a step and looked at the four in anger. "It was his Death's Head Guard that ended the war, the same guards he uses to suppress those very kingdoms. You forget, the prophecies speaks of the World Breaker aswell as the Sakaarson."

"The Shadow Priesthood must stand as one, Hiroim. Will you not join us in shepherding this new era?" the last Shadow Priest spoke up. Hiroim then looked at them with a glare before stating this; "When the real Sakaarson comes, if one ever does, only then will I herald his arrival." He then turned to walk away, and as he did, the female Shadow Priest spoke one last thing. "May the Divine Creator have mercy on your soul."

The her along with the other three priests then turned and out of the blue collared window saw the young Red King looking down to a cheering audience below.

"They stripped me of my name," Hiriom continued, "banished me from the order... and cast me into slavery." He then placed a hand on Levan's body, closing his eyes as Zilla leaned back against the door as he listened in. He then heard Elloe speak up. "Have you heard the whispers amongst the guards, Hiroim? Some dare say that Zilla might be the true Sakaarson." That got a confused look out of Zilla as he looked up at them. He has heard of that term a couple times but has no idea who or what that is. He then heard Hiroim speak. "Then they do so out of desperation."

"How can you be so certain?" Elloe asked, "He did save us after all."

Zilla then got up and walked over to them. "I may act like I'm selfish," he spoke to them, gaining their attention before he knelt down between Korg and Miek. He had been debating on telling them his story the whole time Hiroim told his, but now... he decided they were worth giving a shot. "But if you have been through half of what I have been, with so much weight on your shoulders to be so many different things. You tend to be a little selfish when you have the chance, but no, I don't care much if I get out of here, but none of you seem to deserve it. So if winning gets you all out, then so be it." They all looked to him in slight surprise before Hiroim nodded to him.

That's when Miek held his hand out similar to how the former Shadow Priest did and began to speak. "Miek's turn to bind!" the Native said, getting an amused snort out of Zilla, "Miek is Miek, and it all begins in larva time when-"

Ellow save them all the trouble of asking for the simple version when she stopped him. "Miek, not yet." He looked at her in confusion, just as Korg placed his fist over Levan's body. "My name is Korg of Krona, son of O-Korg, and killer of my brothers. You shall know the truth of who I am."

"We Kronans are the Plunderers of Worlds," Korg began, "We take what we want. Nothing has ever stood in our way- Nothing until we found a little speck of a planet, green as can be and third from it's sun. We almost missed it. I wish we had." Zilla listened in on the conversation as he had a feeling he knew where Korg tried to plunder a he recalled an event five years ago. Four months before he even started dating Diana if he recalled it correctly. "We saw our first native and tried to capture it for study. But the creature had other ideas. He tore through the wall of our strongest cage as if it weren't metal... and chipped the very stone from our bodies."

'Yeah, this is that incident.' Zilla thought to himself as Korg continued on.

"We were forced to use a weapon that was built to fight armies," Korg told them. "That's when we learned... he wasn't alone. The two natives smashed our warbot like it was glass." He stopped for a moment before he continued. "Our only option was to flee. Unfortunately, one of them followed. We could not outrun the beast, and only escaped by flying into a wormhole."

'Yeah, pretty sure that's the last time Hal was seen if my memory serves me correct. Dammit you Kryptonian jackass... why must you send everyone off world you prick!' Zilla growled in thought.

Korg looked down at the body of Levan before finishing. "We crashed here, on Sakaar, and that was the last time I saw my brothers..." he then closed his eyes in sorrow, "until today."

"Oh, question?" Miek asked as he raised one of his hands. "Miek's turn."

"Almost," Ellow spoke before they all turned to Zilla, who noticed them all looking to them before he nodded and spoke. "My name... my real name is Gojira Stevens, Son of Godzilla, Grandson of Zeus, the rightful heir to the thrones as King of Monsters and King of the Gods on my home planet, Earth. You shall know the truth of who I am."

They all got quiet as they listened in. "I wasn't conceived naturally. My mother was given blood of my father, and well... I came out. I was held within a prison for my first two decades of living, and during that time, I had learned that the creature that was my father gave his life to save the planet. I also had to watch my own mother, a daughter of Zeus, die before my eyes thanks to my captives. I was then released from my confinements from the 'heroes' of the world. The Justice League."

Zilla sighed before he continued on. "I took up the codename Zilla, as I never saw myself worthy of my father's title until I took my rightful place as king. I became a hero along side those that had freed me. I even married one of the female warriors of the group. Then came the clash of the centuries. Who here has heard of either the New God of Apokolips or the Golden Demise?"

The only one to give him a look of recognition was Hiroim. "I battled them," Zilla spoke up, "and I won. I struck down the Golden Demise and ran off the New God. Though, by doing so... by finally claiming my title. I was betrayed by the three who saved me from confinement. The Bat, The Man of Steel... and my- The Amazon." He refused to even refer to that bitch as his wife anymore. "They knock me unconscious immediately after I beat the two gods and... banished me from my planet, and here I have landed."

When Zilla looked up to them, they were all staring at him with different expressions, but they all held one thing in common. A newfound respect.


Caiera turned to her king as he stood beside her and looked into the arena. "The crowd honors you, my lord."

The Red King's eyes narrowed for the gate as he knew exactly why the crowd were chanting it. "They do not chant it for me," he responded, and his lieutenant immediately knew who he was referring to. The monster.

Meanwhile, right outside the gate, Zilla could hear the crowd was cheering loudly as he stood with his Warbound as they stood at the gate. "Hiroim?" Zilla asked as the former Shadow Priest turned to him, "are you sure I'm not him?" His fellow Warbound was quiet for a moment before answering. "I may be proven wrong in time," Hiroim told him, "but it remains to be seen."

Zilla nodded before speaking; "Two more matches and then we're free right?"

It was Elloe nodded. "Yes, but do you hear that? They think that you are the savior of this planet."

The Son of Godzilla only grinned as he looked ahead. "I just might." He then changed into his more Titan form as the gate started to open up. "And here they are, " the announcer spoke as a step made the ground shake, "led by the savage gray giant," another step, "he had not only commanded," another step, "but also defeated the Great Devil Corker unscathed." Zilla then entered the light as the cheers of the crowd cheered louder. "Godzilla!" Despite the fact that they got the name wrong, for he has yet to earn the 'god' in Godzilla, he decided to humor the audience.

He then tilted his head up into the sky and unleashed his display of dominance... and lack of fear.


The crowd now cheered louder as the now dubbed 'Godzilla' turned and looked at the Red King and breathed out, steam coming out of his nostrils as he then turned to the announcer. "Now, lets see how he fares against the most lethal marauders of the Chaleen Plains," the announcer said as Zilla stood at the ready, Korg stood to his left with an axe while Miek had two shields. On his other side, Elloe and Hiroim both wielded swords. "The Wildebots!"

That's when gates opened from all sides and machines that resembled different creatures came out. "They mostly target me," Zilla said low enough for the rest of his fellow gladiators to hear but no one else. "I keep them occupied, you all just take care of those who come for you. And don't die." After he said that, the titan hybrid charged forward the bots in front of him will Hiroim took command of the rest of the Warbound. "Circle! Shields up!"

Zilla on the other hand immediately got a hold on one of the machines and proceeded to rip them apart with ease before another jumped up and latched on to his side. Another tried to latch onto his head and neck, but the machines head was seized in his jaws before being ripped apart. The one latched on his side, despite it's best efforts, couldn't pierce through the scales. Zilla then grabbed it and through it onto the ground, where he stepped on the center of it, effectively crushing it.

On the stands Caiera couldn't believe what she was seeing. No creature, even one of his size, has ever taken out Wildebots with ease. "Incredible," she whispered out as she saw him tear through several others, much to the enjoyment of the crowd. When she saw his other side, she noticed great scarring on him, but it seemed to be way older than a fresh gladiator would have had. Especially that scar that is over his chest. It looked like one of impalement. It made her wonder one thing. What has this colossus been fighting before he arrived here?

With the rest of the Warbound, several machines diverted their attention from the beast towards them and started to approach. On then sent a pincer crashing into Korg's shield, but he kept it back. It was then when Hiroim yelled out, "Blades out!" as he then thrusted his blade into one of the eyes of the bot who was attacking him. Elloe then sliced through one of the hydraulic lines for another bot, causing it to stumble, allowing the former Shadow Priest to pierce it from below. "Everybody move!" he then yelled out as the bots started to overwhelm them. Korg then took one out with his bladed staff and then bashed another with his shield, with Elloe throwing another off with her shield.

Zilla, who had just taken down several other bots, turned to see his four companions moving in sync, for the most part as Miek was staying out of the way, as Korg's shield flipped one of the Wildebots into the air and upside down, allowing Elloe to slice it's head off. Another one then charged her, but she then used Korg's shield as a ramp before he bashed it into the attacking robot. She landed on the other side, to where she stabbed another in the eye, which knocked her away with his leg. She crashed into the ground, just as another one was on her and tried to impale her with it's leg, she dodged twice, and as it went for a third time, Zilla grabbed the leg in it's jaws before lifting it into the air and and sending it flying into the two that were facing Korg, Miek, and Hiroim. The Prince of Monsters then was charged by one last bot, which was then smashed with little difficulty by it's opponents massive tail.

The other four Warbound looked in shock as they saw the fifth member's battle prowess against bots that they were struggling against. "Whoa," Elloe said as they viewed the power that was in front of them.

That's when the crowd started cheering loudly with Zilla not even minding them as he looked over his group. Miek though dropped one of his shields before glaring down at the now dismembered machines. "And don't be coming back for more." Zilla only shook his head in amusement at the little bug man's dare to the dismembered machines as Miek kicked it in the head.

Up in the stands, the Red King viewed at the gladiators, in particular Zilla, in thought. He then spoke to the announcer. "Send it in."

Zilla looked to the tyrant and wondered what 'it' is, but that's when the announcer spoke. "It's not over yet, folks." The floor then opened up and a metallic centipede/dragon hybrid rose out of the ground. "I give you the King of the Wildebots, the Eggbreaker!" It then roared loudly at the five gladiators, with Zilla only blinking at it unimpressed. "Why is it called the Eggbreaker," Korg asked, and Zilla had to admit, was that seriously the best they could come up with?

"So named for it's habit of seeking out and consuming Native hatchlings." Elloe explained, making Zilla growl. So this thing eats babies? Well, not for much longer. Zilla then roared in challenge before charging right towards the Eggbreaker, only for the tail of the larger machine to slide him back a few yards before it opened it's maws and twins lasers hit the hybrid making him crashed into the wall before getting struck again by the tail. The crowd started to quiet down as their favorite was, to their view, being pummeled. In reality, Zilla was debating on if he should return the favor for those lasers.

He quickly made up his mind as when the tail came to strike again, he formed a fist in one of his reptilian arms and punched it back, badly denting it. Zilla then stepped out, some blood landing on the ground from where the lasers seemed to have cut into him. He growled as he then charged forward with the Eggbreaker charging back at him jaws opened and when the two collided, the Eggbreaker seized Zilla's entire head in it's jaws, again silencing the arena as everyone looked on shock.

The Red king though, smirked triumphantly as he looked on as what he believed would be the death of his supposed threat. "So much for their Sakaarson," he said as he leaned back. Caiera though, looked to her king before looking back and took notice of one thing that she would have never expected. A tail spike started to glow a bluish color as it then proceeded to travel up his sails and from within the mouth of the Eggbreaker, Zilla's eyes glowed the same color as his spikes. He couldn't help but smirk. "Perfect," he said before firing an atomic blast.

To everyone watching, the last thing they could've expected was a bluish beam of energy to fire through the back of the Eggbreaker's head, and with enough force it struck one of the tops of the coliseum, obliterating it. That's when the machined beast's body collapsed, revealing Zilla's glowing eyes as they looked right at the Red King who sat their contemplatively, all the while Caiera looked in awe before regaining herself and sending a glare at the beast, who snorted in amusement before winking. Though seeing he had to get his point across, Zilla looked to the sky, and in a display of power, fired an even more powerful beam into the air. When he finished he looked back at them, eyes turning to normal as he shifted back into his normal form with his arms wide open before he turned and walked away.

As he did so, the other Warbound started to follow. Though, as he turned to head to the gate, Hiroim noticed a patch of Zilla's blood, and much to his amazement, a small plant began to grow. The shock made the former Shadow Priest's eyes widen as he turned to see Zilla stop and wait for the others to enter first. Miek, on the other hand, found a small device of significance on the ground before he quickly picked it up and followed his fellow Warbound in. Once the rest of the group was in, Zilla made a move to go in, but stop. He then remembered something he seen on TV back home and he turned look over his shoulder, which seemed to have the crowds attention. He smirked as he knew what he would do next would piss the Red King off. He turned back around and immediately raised his right hand in the air in a fist. It seemed to make the crowd cheer louder as he then made his way in.

Later in the evening, the cloaked form of Caiera made her way towards the gladiators' confinement, and as she gotten closer the two guards noticed, but didn't recognize her. "State your business," the left man said, but he got no verbal response. Caiera then removed her hood, making the guards take a step back as their eyes widened. "Lieutenant! My apologies."

"Open the door," she ordered, getting shocked looks from the two guards. "But... but Godzilla!" one of the guards began before Caiera spoke again. "If he wanted to get out, he would have already done so... now open it!" The two guards then complied, not wanting to piss her off.

When the doors opened, Caiera was surprised to come face to face with the man she came to talk to. Zilla had his arms crossed and his orange infernos for eyes looked right at her. She then noticed all the scars on him and couldn't help but stare in wonder before Zilla snapped her back to reality. "My eyes are up here, ma'am," Zilla told her. Snapping back to her senses, the lieutenant walked towards him until they were three feet apart. "Come with me," she ordered. Zilla blinked for a moment, thinking of several things that would've happened, but this was not one of them. "Why should I," he asked, not trusting her for a second, even if he does sense no ill intentions. She looked sideways before her stoic look turned into a small smile, which then turned back into a stoic look. "Please," she said as she turned to leave.

"Fine," he said after a second and followed.

Moments later, they were walking onto a platform that was surrounded by lava. Zilla couldn't help himself but to ask. "Is this the part where you try to kill me or... other things?" Zilla asked this because he knew that she wouldn't be able to kill him, and he had a feeling she knew to. Another thing is that he would be lying if he said his instincts found her attractive. She's strong, and to his lineage... he just couldn't help himself. Plus it helped that she was good looking.

"What do you know of my king?" Caiera asked as she didn't even bother to turn around. The hybrid contemplated his answer for a span of two second. "He's a cowardly jackass who hides behind others instead of facing the threat himself." That caused her to pull out a sword and hold it by his neck; "He is no coward!" she shouted in defense of her king, but Zilla stood where he was, unflinching as his eyes glared right through her. "He's the savior of our planet," she told him.

Zilla couldn't help but crack a smirk. "Not the way I see it, nor is that the way I heard it."

She held his gaze for several moments before she pulled the sword away from him. "Then you have been misinformed," she said and was silent for a moment while giving him a glare, "because I was there."

"Then tell me," the Prince of Monsters said simply, "tell me what I don't know." She then sheathed her sword as she turned and looked into the lava. "I was thirteen years old when the spikes descended on our world." She was silent before she turned slightly to look at Zilla. "They spread quickly... infecting every living creature they touched."

Zilla could see that this was a very personal memory on her part so he just stood back and let her get it out. "Mine was the first village in their path. we were overrun within hours." She then seemed to close her eyes and remained quiet for several moments, proving to Zilla that it was still painful to think about. "I didn't understand it at first, but I had the power of the Oldstrong, and it protected me from infection." There was another pause, and well the Prince of Monsters started to think that she might be getting to deep in the memory. He was about to speak up, but she spoke again before he could. "To survive their attacks though, I... I was forced to cut down my friends... and my family."

'And here I thought that I have family issues,' Zilla thought as he thought about his 'Uncle' Ares, and the family he had that included the rest of the Greek Gods and the Titans, among other beings he saw as family. Truth be told it just gave Zilla one big headache.

"And that's when the Red Prince arrived," she continued, "with his Death's Head Guards. He was a little more than a boy himself, but he saved me."

Zilla waited a second to see if she was done and when he realized she was, he spoke. "Nice story and all... but why tell it to me?"

"Because your actions in the arena are turning the people away from their king," Caeira responded, "and I cannot allow that." Zilla then took a step forward. "Then from one royal to another... I suggest he actually shows his people why he is the king." That comment made the lieutenant glare right at him. "And what would you know about being a King!?"

That made Zilla sigh as he closed his eyes, and when they opened back up, his eyes shined with lightning. "I know for I am the Son of Godzilla, King of Monsters, and Grandson of Zeus, King of Gods. I'm full blooded royalty mixed of two different worlds. The people of my home planet, the humans, the gods, the Titans... they all knew I was the strongest, yet they still came for me... I still sent them back down! The reason I'm even here is because I had killed the Golden Demise himself while I sent the New God of Apokolips packing with his tail between his legs. I'm a banished King who still sees himself as a Prince. A God still trying to be mortal, and if your king's people turn against him in favor of me... then that's his issue, not mine."

Caeira looked at the man, or whatever he was, in front of him... he wasn't lying either when he said that. She has heard of both the Golden Demise and the New God of Apokolips, they were feared among this and other planets according to the slaves that crash land here. Beating one would make you a legend... but killing one and sending another running? That would make that individual a god. She knew she couldn't kill him, but she could at the least try to get him to leave. "I've learned that the resistance will make an attempt to break Elloe Kaifi out tonight." She then walked closer to him, a little closer than what Zilla would like, as he would like to make sure she wouldn't reach for the sword. "I can assure they escape unharmed, as long as you go with them," she told him.

"Awe, you do care," Zilla said in a semi joking, semi sarcastic tone before he got a bit more serious. "And what about this stupid thing," he gestured to the device on his chest.

Despite feeling her heart beat go faster at the attempt of humor, the lieutenant shook it off before getting back to business. "Go beyond the mountains," Caeira instructed, "you'll be out of reach there." She then placed her hand on the device as she rubbed it as if wiping a window. "It's desolate out there, but it's peaceful. You'd never have to fight again."

The Titan sighed as he gave a sad smile. "I want to believe you, believe me I really do," he then walked past her and looked into the lava, "but the last time a beautiful woman told me that... I crash landed on this rock." Caeria froze when she heard the word beautiful come from his mouth in association with her. No one has ever told her that. It was... a rather nice feeling.

She was so caught up on him calling her beautiful that she barely noticed that he started speaking again. "Let me ask you this," Zilla said as he looked over his shoulder at her. "Has your king ever look death in the face and made it blink? Because that's what he's going to have to do if he wants me dead. In the arena. If he wants to prove he is this Sakaarson… then he's going to have to kill me," the lightning then left Zilla's eyes as he then walked back towards his holding pen before deciding to add. "I also have another reason for staying, but I'll let you figure it out."

The lieutenant watched him leave. She knew he wouldn't try to escape. Divine Creator knows that he could. Especially with the power he has been seen with and the power he just told her he possessed. Though, there was something else going through her mind... something she normally brushed to the side. Most men think that since she's so close to the Red King that they tend to have... intercourse. Truth be told they don't since she's always only viewed him as her king and nothing more. This Zilla though... he's different.

It may seem that she is growing enamored with his power, and it may seem he has some form of attraction towards her aswell. Yet, her loyalty to the Red King came first, so if Zilla was going to try and dethrone him... she would have to face him. And by some miracle of the Divine Creator kill him.

"Close it! Close it!" one of the guards yelled out in panic as Zilla reentered the barracks, gaining the rest of the Warbound to look at him expectedly. "Zilla, what did she want?" Hiroim asked as he got to his feet as Zilla walked to him. "Nothing much, but if there's something out of the usual tonight... don't leave this room," he told them in a very straight forward tone, "it won't end well for anyone if you do."

Zilla then laid down facing the wall, and he laid there for several moments, trying to fall asleep, only for someone to tap his shoulder. "Miek," he stated a bit irritably, "it better be important or I'm gonna kick your ass." He then sat up to face the bug, who was hoping that the Titan hybrid would think this important. "Miek giving this for you," Miek said as he showed a blue and silver circular device on a chain that looked big enough to go around the neck of Zilla's base Titan form, but also adjustable to fit around his 'normal' self.

"What's this," the hybrid asked as he looked it over. "Eye of the Eggbreaker," Miek explained, "Prophets say that the Sakaarson will look into Eyes of Death and stand ground. To Natives, Eggbreaker is Death. Zilla is savior." Miek then placed the necklace around Zilla's neck before leaving the larger being alone. The Prince of Monsters looked to the necklace and then nod to himself. He had to hand it to Miek, he had an eye for accessories.

Later in the night, Zilla was woken to the sound of the gate opening, making his eyes widening as he saw the guards on the ground. "Shit," he whispered as the others woke up. "What is this?" Horoim questioned as he then looked to Zilla, who's eyes were widened. Elloe though explained what it was. "It's our way out of here," she told them as several rebels entered the room. The hybrid was the only one to remain on the ground as he knew what would happen once they leave this room. "It took you long enough," she commented as the lead man then took his face cover off. "My apologies, Lady Elloe."

"Felan, it's you!" Elloe said happily as she placed on her helmet. She then turned to the rest of the Warbound; "Come on everyone we're leaving."

"Did you not hear what I said earlier, you leave this room, and it's not going to end well for you," Zilla spoke up as they all turned to him, but Elloe wasn't believing him. "No! Not if we leave now. Hiroim?"

Hiroim looked to her and then to Zilla, and knew he had to trust the hybrid. "He spoke with the Shadowguard, Elloe," the former Shadow Priest said, "and he said if anything unusual happens... we should remain in this room."

"He's a stupid brute! With glory going to his head! He knows nothing! This is our chance! Korg?" Elloe argued. Zilla couldn't help but chuckle dryly, "And here I thought we were getting along swimmingly." Korg, who had been questioned on if he is going or not, spoke up; "If we win tomorrow, we're free anyway," he said, trying to help reason with Elloe.

"And if we don't!?"

It was Miek's turn to try and reason. "Zilla is new Sakaarson. He saviours us." Elloe scoffs at that, but before she could retort one of the rebels spoke up. "Lady Elloe, we're out of time. We need to get to An-Sara." Elloe gave them all one last hard stare before she and the rebels left, the door closing behind them. And almost immediately after it closes... the sound of gunfire goes off, snapping the for remaining gladiators towards the door. Zilla was up and one his way to the door as Hiroim and Korg were trying to bash it open. It was the scream of Elloe that made Zilla snap into action and with one punch bursts the doors open, and what the three saw made their blood run cold before the door swung closed due to the force of the hybrid's punch. They all tilted their heads down in respect before Hiroim placed his hand on the door. "Divine Creator, fold their souls gently into the Embrace." They all four remained quiet, but Zilla was inwardly seething in rage. He knew this would happen. He should've put more of an effort to stop her, but... but he didn't. He was pissed now... pissed at himself... pissed at the Trinity for sending him here... pissed at Diana for divorcing him without having the courage to say it to his face... and pissed at the Red King.

Zilla promised himself one thing... the Red King was going to pay... and he was going to make sure of it.

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