Regulus opened his eyes slowly. It was morning and he feared that his mother will wake him up for he did not want to leave his bed. However, when he looked across from him he saw Valjean asleep by a dying fire. Regulus smiled a little at him. Even though he felt weird being in the home of a stranger but hey at least he's helping him in a way. Regulus sighed and looked around him. It was a cozy house. Regulus has never been in one that looks so welcoming. Well, other than Hogwarts of course but this was different. This house says home and hugs you whenever you got home. Regulus felt weird thinking about this, so he stopped and looked at the window it was still closed from last night. Why was it closed though? Regulus sighed and sat up. He smiled when he saw some clean clothes for him. Regulus got up, grabbed the clothes, and walked into the nearest room to get changed.

However, as he pulled off his wet shirt, he gasped at the scars that lined his body. 'Was I attacked by a werewolf?' Regulus thought running a hand over a claw mark. His heart started to beat a little faster as he looked at the ones on his hands. He closed his eyes to calm himself, but this did not work as water flashed before his eyes. Water and something else. What was it? Why can't he remember, and does he want to remember? Regulus dropped to the ground with tears formed in his eyes. 'You call yourself a Death Eater.' A voice rang in his ear. Regulus shook his head to clear that. He was no longer one in his mind, but he knows that if he gets back home he will be thrown in Azkaban and never get out or say sorry to Sirius. Regulus closed his eyes and then opened them to look at his arm. The Dark Mark was still there, and Regulus felt dizzy seeing it. Regulus closed his eyes again and stoop up. Wincing at the scars on his torso as he does so. He then pulled on the new shirt. It was old the shirt. Not old that Valjean had it for a long time but old in the fact that it was from a different time period. Regulus's heart started to beat faster again but he took a deep breath and started to go through this fact that he must have time traveled. How, was this, in fact, a dream or was he really dead? Or is this thing all real? Regulus sighed and looked at the door when he heard a knock. "In a minute," Regulus replied taking off his pants and put on the new ones. However, he stopped when he saw the scars on his legs as well. He closed his eyes when he felt dizzy again. Valjean knocked again but Regulus could not hear it anymore as he pulled on the new pants and fainted.

He had a big grin on his face. This plan was going to work. Yes, it was going to work and then everyone will know about Voldemort. Regulus smiled when he looked at his House Elf. However, as he told Regulus what to do, something grabbed his leg and pulled him to the ground. At that moment, Regulus knew that he was going to die but he did not care. Yeah, he did not care for no one cares about him anyway. Regulus looked at "Kreacher!" Regulus called. "Kreacher!" he called again as he felt the sharp claws dig into his legs. He yelled in pain. "Kreacher!" He called again but he did not see him anymore because Regulus was in the water now. "Kreacher!" He called again before water filled his mouth. He could not see anything for the world around him was just as black as the water around him. "Help!" he called before he started coughing up water. "Hel…" he tried to call out before everything black.

"Monsieur?" Regulus woke to Valjean's voice and someone shaking him. Regulus opened his eyes and stared at Valjean. His gray eyes filled with tears. "Are you all right?" he asked helping Regulus to his feet, but Regulus did not say anything as he kept his eyes on Valjean he then walked to the door. Legs a little wobbly. He, however, almost fell over but Valjean was right there to catch him.

"Thank you, sir," Regulus said in a tired voice. Valjean smiled and guided him back over to the couch that he was laying on before. Regulus took a deep breath and sat down before he put his head in his hands. "You did not need to do that you know. I can take care of myself," Regulus told Valjean who took a deep breath and sat down across from him.

"When was the last time someone helped you though young one? You just seem lost," Valjean laughed a little. "Kind of reminds me of me a few nights ago. Lost to this world," Valjean told Regulus before he stood up. "Why don't I make something to eat for us?" Regulus opened his mouth to protest but Valjean already walked out of the room. He was not used to this. He was evil, a Death Eater. He should be thrown in Azkaban or killed. Or beaten. Why was this man being so nice to him? Regulus sighed and closed his eyes but they snapped open when he saw water around him. He shook his head and looked down at his shaky hands. His scared shaky hands.

'What the hell happened to me?' Regulus thought standing up using the couch to support himself. He was going to help Valjean because he just feels wrong sitting here not helping at all. However, he still felt dizzy, but he did not care.

"Can I help?" Regulus asked walking into the small kitchen. Valjean who was getting ready smiled at him and nodded. However, he did not say anything. Regulus smiled a little, but he still felt wrong. Valjean noticed this but he decided to start cooking with Regulus helping. Regulus wondered why this man is so quiet, but he did not care, and he still did not trust him. When they were done they both sat down at the table in silence. Valjean looked at Regulus and sighed.

"I did not really want to ask this question yet and I know you don't trust me but… what was the last thing you remember before you ended up in that alleyway?" Valjean asked him. Regulus put his fork down and took a deep breath.

"I was writing a letter to whoever would have read it. Saying the things that I found out about someone that is killing people. To think that I was on his side," Regulus laughed nervously "I was going to stop him, but I don't know how or what I was doing. I'm hoping that my brother sees this but like I said he hates me. As well as his friends. I joined the wrong side and I was going to make it right," Regulus told Valjean who nodded slowly and looked at the door when he heard a knock.

"Stay here," he said standing and looking around nervously before he left the room. Regulus raised an eyebrow and sighed when he realized that his wand was in his other pants. So, he stood up and went back to get it. He didn't really care that Valjean's tone was a warning one for he felt empty without his wand.

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