It was Farkle's Birthday. Bella, Maya, Riley, and Smackle were having a Birthday Lunch for him at Maya and Riley's Condo. Maya and Riley had become good cooks, but today they decided to bake him a cake, and order Chinese food to be delivered to save time.

The ladies each wore a sundress and sandals and Farkle wore a Hawaiian shirt, slacks, and sandals also. Everyone enjoyed the meal and then the cake. When the leftover food was put away and the kitchen cleaned, Bella and Smackle told Farkle that Maya and Riley each had a special Birthday present for him, and she and Bella were going back to their Condo across the hall. They both kissed him, and then Smackle turned to Maya and Riley with a big smile: "As I told you when he spent the weekend with you, take care of him while we are gone, and you can do whatever you want to do to him, as long as he is not seriously injured or permanently scarred. I'm sure I will need him in the future." They all laughed at her instructions and kissed each other as they left.

When Bella and Smackle left, Maya and Riley had Farkle sit on one of the sofas. Maya told him: "Just sit here for a few minutes while we get your presents." He nodded Yes and the two ladies went into their bedroom suite where they stripped completely and changed into their Satin Silk Short Kimono robes and they stayed barefoot too. Then they went back to the living area and Maya leaned down and kissed Farkle with passion. She then took off her robe and knelt in front of him with her hands folded in her lap and her eyes on the floor. His eyes grew large seeing Maya totally naked and kneeling before him. Then Riley did the same as Maya and knelt before him. She looked up to him: "Farkle, we are your birthday presents. We will do anything you tell us to do." "Happy Birthday!" both ladies said.

Farkle told both of them to lift their eyes so that both ladies were looking at him with a big smile on his face: "Best birthday presents ever!"

Maya and Riley stood up and each put one of her hands out to him and helped him get off the sofa. They went to the kitchen and got a bottle of champagne and three flutes. Then they walked through their bedroom suite and out onto the patio. They had him stand in front of one of the lounges and then slowly stripped him completely. Maya got the honor of pulling his boxers down and off. Riley took her Key necklace off, knelt in front of him and unlocked his Chastity Device and took his freed cock into her hands and started to rub it as she handed the Chastity Device to Maya who put it on the patio table. Farkle immediately moaned: "Oh, that feels so good, Riley." She leaned in and kissed his cock.

When Riley had his seven-inch cock hard and erect, she asked him what he wanted them to do first. He looked at Maya and asked her to choose a prime number between 1 and 23. She chose 13. He asked Riley to choose a prime number between 1 and 23. She chose 7. He was happily surprised that they remembered what he had taught them in high school about prime numbers.

He looked at Maya: "You chose the higher number, so I want you to lie on the lounge on your back." He looked at Riley: "And I want you to sit on Maya's face and let her lick you to orgasm as I fuck her pussy." Both ladies got their twinkle in their eyes and did what they were told. Riley positioned her shaved-smooth pussy on Maya's lips. Maya gave her a lick covering her whole pussy. Farkle moved into position by moving Maya's legs wide apart and putting his lips on her pussy. He just started to kiss and lick her pussy, and then added his tongue into her. And she immediately did the same things to her wife.

In less than a minute, both ladies were moaning and when Farkle added a finger into Maya's pussy she started to quiver too. Maya moaned louder and stopped licking Riley as Farkle turned her into a moaning, quivering wet mess. He added a second finger and probed her deeply. She continued to moan and started to arch her back. Riley watched her wife and rubbed Maya's breasts and pinched her pink nipples. It took only one pinch and Maya experienced an awesome orgasm, calling out Riley's name. She completely covered Farkle's fingers and face with her love juices.

Maya lied on the lounge for five minutes, trying to regain her senses. Riley helped her by kissing her and rubbing her breasts and nipples, which calmed Maya now. Farkle told Maya to change places with him and to clean his fingers and face with her tongue. And to swallow it all. She did what she was told. Riley moved over to another lounge and started to rub her own pussy as she watched Maya clean Farkle. When Farkle was clean, he told Maya to change places with Riley and told Riley to lie on him so her pussy was on his mouth and she was able to have access to his cock. He told her to suck him off as he licked and tongued her pussy. Maya started to rub her pussy as she watched the other two.

Riley quickly was moaning as Farkle licked, sucked, and tongued her pussy. And her moaning was getting Farkle's cock in her mouth harder. She sucked hard and licked his balls too. He was moaning now and started to move his hips to fuck her mouth. Maya watched and knew Riley was close. And Maya's rubbing herself had her close too. Then all three experienced an awesome orgasm and Riley called out Maya's name, just as Maya called out Riley's name. Farkle filled Riley's mouth with his cum and told her to swallow it all. She tried her best and only a small amount leaked out of her mouth. Maya moved over to her and licked her mouth clean and kissed her with passion, noticing that Riley had covered Farkle's face again. Maya moved up to him and licked him clean again.

They all stopped to rest and drank a flute of champagne.

Then Farkle told them he wanted to watch them lick, suck, and finger each other. He told them he wanted to see how they made love to each other. Maya and Riley got into position, with each other's pussy on her lips. Maya was on top, and both had their legs spread wide. Then they began making love to each other. Farkle moved behind Maya whose butt was in the air and started to rim her butt with his tongue, then he started to lick her asshole. The ladies loved making love this way and seemed to forget that Farkle was watching and rimming Maya. They were completely consumed in making love. They continued for twenty minutes until they both covered the other's face and fingers with their love juices. And Farkle stopped what he was doing to Maya. After they rested enough, Maya and Riley licked each other clean and looked to Farkle to hear what he wanted them to do.

He told them he was going to fuck Riley, and he wanted Maya to get a dildo from Toby and then rim Riley's butt, and then fuck her ass with the dildo as he was fucking her wife. Maya got a dildo from Toby and stood behind Riley who was on top of Farkle. All three of them enjoyed what they were doing. Farkle was slow and gentle with Riley as he moved his cock into her pussy. When he completely filled Riley's pussy with his cock, he started to fuck her until he filled Riley's pussy with his cum. Maya stopped what she was doing too. He told Maya to switch places with Riley and he told Riley to rim and fuck her wife's asshole as he fucked her wife. Again, they all experienced an awesome orgasm. And he told the ladies to clean each other, then clean him.

They all rested and drank more champagne.

They decided to take a shower, then get into the Jacuzzi tub and relax. The warm water of the Jacuzzi helped keep them feeling sexual, and Maya and Riley let Farkle finger-fuck them again in the bubbling water. As he was fingering them, Riley stroked his cock too. They finally got out of the Jacuzzi, and Riley and Maya towel-dried his naked body. Then he watched the two ladies dry each other's naked bodies.

They moved to Maya and Riley's bed and lied down, with Farkle between them, lying on his stomach. Both ladies started to gently rub him starting with his feet, then legs, then his butt and asshole, then his back and finally his shoulders. He was so relaxed when they finished, and he seemed to have fallen asleep. And the ladies were relaxed too. And hearing Farkle's regular breathing they fell asleep too. When they awoke, Farkle had an arm around each of them.

Maya looked at Riley and asked: "Are we going to do the experiment?" Riley nodded Yes and got up and got her Wizard Wand. Maya moved Farkle and pulled him on top of her without waking him. She wrapped her legs around his and her arms around him to hold him tightly. Riley moved onto the bed and positioned herself to start the experiment. She remembered that Second Level Intermediate Wizardry was a combination of Thinking the Magic Phrase 'Mentis Imperium,' then Thinking of the Action she wanted to happen and then waving her Wand correctly. As she checked that Maya had Farkle wrapped in her arms and legs, she thought the Magic Phrase 'Mentis Imperium,' then thought the Action she wanted to happen and then waved her Wand correctly. Instantly, she had a seven-inch erect penis which she positioned at Farkle's asshole.

Maya started to awaken Farkle with small kisses and he smiled and kissed her back. She then tightened her hold on him with her arms and legs and Frenched kissed him to hold his tongue down. She then mouthed to Riley: "3, 2, 1 and yelled Now!" Riley pushed her 2-inch round penis into Farkle's asshole as deeply as she could. Both ladies then yelled: "Happy Birthday Farkle!"

Farkle's eyes opened wide, fluttered, and stared at the ceiling as his whole body stiffened. Then 5-nanoseconds later every nerve in this body activated and he tried to scream. But Maya held him tightly and had his tongue secured with hers. Now all that his eyes saw were stars and blinding light, as his nerves continued to stay activated. Then tears started to roll down his cheeks and he started to quiver. Maya loosened her hold on him, and he collapsed onto the bed still too shocked to move. Riley pulled her penis out of his asshole and waved her Wand. Her penis disappeared and she moved to hold Farkle from his back. Both ladies held him tightly and he started to relax, then fell asleep again. They moved Farkle so they could get off the bed and let him sleep. They went into the kitchen and drank a flute of champagne, then put their robes back on and sat on the sofa. They kissed each other with passion and discussed how successful their experiment had been.

Later that night, Farkle awoke and slowly sat up, feeling his whole body ache. He slowly stood up and balanced himself, then finally walked into the kitchen, still naked. Maya and Riley came over to him and helped him sit down on his very sore ass. Maya poured him a large glass of orange juice and Riley started to rub his shoulders. He drank the juice and tried to speak, but nothing was heard. Maya gave him a glass of water and he was finally able to ask: "What the hell happened to me?"

Maya sat down on this left as Riley sat down on his right. They both took one of Farkle's hands and they kissed his cheeks. Riley spoke softly: "We gave you a Birthday present, just like what you gave us many years ago in your Dominate Days." His mind immediately flashed on the day he had been so cruel to them. He lowered his head and mumbled: "I deserved it, then." Maya squeezed his hand: "And it was an experiment too. We tried out our new Wizard skills." Riley added: "And our Experiment was a success!"

He sat there a few minutes trying to understand what they meant. Then he slowly began to smile and looked at them. Each of them kissed his lips and smiled back at him.

He then asked: "Is there any cake left?"

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